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Rajmachi Fort Trek with Kondane Caves, Lonavala @ 1290 Only

Rajmachi Fort Trek with Kondane Caves, Lonavala @ 1290 Only

5.0 443 Reviews
Sunrise Trek to Kalsubai, Igatpuri @ 1040 Only

Sunrise Trek to Kalsubai, Igatpuri @ 1040 Only

5.0 540 Reviews
Visapur Fort Trek, Maharashtra @ 1064 Only

Visapur Fort Trek, Maharashtra @ 1064 Only

5.0 307 Reviews
Trek to Andharban, Pune @ 1240 Only

Trek to Andharban, Pune @ 1240 Only

5.0 210 Reviews
One Day Trek to Tikona Fort @ 875 Only

One Day Trek to Tikona Fort @ 875 Only

4.0 40 Reviews
Trek to Rajgad Fort @ 899 Only

Trek to Rajgad Fort @ 899 Only

4.0 359 Reviews
Trek at Vikatgad Peb Fort, Neral @ 890 Only

Trek at Vikatgad Peb Fort, Neral @ 890 Only

5.0 31 Reviews
Sandhan Valley Trek with Rappelling, Igatpuri @ ₹1250 Only!

Sandhan Valley Trek with Rappelling, Igatpuri @ ₹1250 Only!

5.0 234 Reviews
Pawna Lake Camping | Book @ ₹ 999 Only!

Pawna Lake Camping | Book @ ₹ 999 Only!

5.0 2545 Reviews
Kundalika Rafting Camp with Adventure Activities @ 1850 Only

Kundalika Rafting Camp with Adventure Activities @ 1850 Only

5.0 1039 Reviews
Camping and Rafting at Kolad @ 2250 Only

Camping and Rafting at Kolad @ 2250 Only

5.0 603 Reviews
Camping at Igatpuri near Lake @ 1150 Only

Camping at Igatpuri near Lake @ 1150 Only

3.0 55 Reviews
Bhandardara Camping | Book @ ₹ 949 Only!

Bhandardara Camping | Book @ ₹ 949 Only!

5.0 397 Reviews
Trip to Tapola Iin Maharashtra @ 1350 Only

Trip to Tapola Iin Maharashtra @ 1350 Only

5.0 144 Reviews
Hilltop Camping in Panchghani Flat 20% off

Hilltop Camping in Panchghani Flat 20% off

0.0 34 Reviews
Camping in Wai, Pune @ 1349 Only

Camping in Wai, Pune @ 1349 Only

5.0 162 Reviews
  • Top Places for Trekking in Pune

    1. Rajmachi Trek - 75 km from Pune, Starting from Rs. 1290/- 
    2. Sinhagad Trek - 50 km from Pune, Starting from Rs. 999/- 
    3. Raireshwar Trek - 80 km from Pune, Starting from Rs. 995/- 
    4. Korigad Fort Trek - 80 km from Pune, Starting from Rs. 1575/- 
    5. Lohagad Trek - 70 km from Pune, Starting from Rs. 900/- 
    6. Kalsubai Peak Trek - 176 km from Pune, Starting from Rs. 1040/- 
    7. Torna Trek - 60 km from Pune, Starting from Rs. 800/- 
    8. Raigad Trek - 50 km from Pune, Starting from Rs. 899/- 

    The adventure buff must be always searching for some places for trekking in Pune. Pune has been another favourite destination for all. With the scenic views and the amazing surroundings, this place has been attracting a lot of tourist around the world. A flourishing and energetic Pune is a hub of academia and industry that outlines ‘New India’ with its baffling blend of economics, spiritualism, tradition and modern lifestyle.

    Limited Offer
    Visapur Fort Trek, Maharashtra @ 1064 Only

    Long-standing bastion of the Maratha domain and home to the incredible Raja Shivaji, the Pune area is set apart by eminent land and ocean fortresses, a declaration to its radiant past. It has heaps of spots to unwind additionally which can make you surprise that how nature has favoured this waterfront city with such a variety of clear scenes from the amazing hills.

    Trekking near Pune is one of the best activities preferred by individuals running overall finished India. Sahyadri mountain extend display in Pune is brimming with areas for trekking and forts built by Shivaji Maharaj arranged along the western side Maharashtra. What could be a better way to spend your weekend among the vast greenery of nature? Pune has lovely and exceptionally sentimental atmosphere consistently, which makes it one of the green city, encompassed by moving slopes and lavish green forest alongside the number of posts and trekking places. 
  • Treks near Pune within 100 Kms

  • 01Rajmachi Fort Trek

    Rajmachi Fort Trek

    A fort adjoining a historic trade route, Rajmachi (2,710ft) is one of the most exciting and enduring trekking trails around Pune. An 18km trail one way is nothing short of adventure with ancient Buddhist caves, waterfalls, lush greenery, temples, fort ruins that make this place a sought after trekking destination.

    A stronghold that has witnessed conquests of Shivaji Maharaj and Mughals stands perched atop two mountain peaks - Shrivardhan and Manoranjan. Rocky routes, panoramic views of the Konkan plains and the backwaters of Shirota Dam are a few of the high points. Friendly locals and camping options at two caves within the fort premises make Rajmachi trek worthwhile.

    Distance from Pune: 75km

    Starting Point: Udhewadi is the base of Rajmachi trek and the activity can be started from Tungarli near Lonavala or Kondivade Village near Karjat.

    Difficulty Level: Very easy

    Trek Length: 4-5hrs

    Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

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    Rajmachi Fort Trek with Kondane Caves, Lonavala @ 1290 Only

    Rajmachi Fort Trek with Kondane Caves, Lonavala @ 1290 Only

    NNNNN443 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlLonavala


    Starting from


  • 02Lohagad Fort Trek

    Lohagad Fort Trek

    This is one of the most scenic and picturesque treks around Pune. The hike to the fort is a rage for its ease, accessibility, and excellent surroundings dotted natural beauty throughout.

    An ideal destination near Pune for a one-day trip (more so because of it being one of the few forts accessible by train), Lohgad is a picture-perfect option if considering the very first attempt with trekking. This is recommended as a monsoon trek.

    Distance from Pune: 70km

    Starting Point: Malawi Railway Station, Lohagadwadi Village

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Trek Length: 2½ hrs

    Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

    Lohagad Fort Trek, Lonavala | Book @ Flat 30% Off!

    Lohagad Fort Trek, Lonavala | Book @ Flat 30% Off!

    NNNNN350 Ratings

    d1 DaylLonavala


    Starting from


  • 03Visapur Fort Trek

    Visapur Fort Trek
    Image Credit : Vinay Nair - Flickr

    Among the many places to visit in Lonavala, Visapur Fort is a twin of the Lohgad Fort. It is situated higher than Lohgad at a height of 3,556ft and much larger than its twin. Visapur Fort hides within its campus the Bhaje Caves and alluring water holes.

    The strong stone walls of the fort evident from the base are magnetic screaming out to climbers to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One of the well-maintained forts, the place is also known to be hideouts for bison and wild boars making it a backdoor option for trekking near Pune.

    Distance from Pune: 70km

    Starting Point: Malawi Railway Station, Lohagadwadi Village

    Difficulty Level: Medium

    Trek Length: 1½ hrs

    Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

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    Visapur Fort Trek, Maharashtra @ 1064 Only

    Visapur Fort Trek, Maharashtra @ 1064 Only

    NNNNN307 Ratings

    d1 DaylLonavala


    Starting from


  • 04Trek to Andharban, Pune @ 1240 Only

    Trek to Andharban, Pune @ 1240 Only
    • d1 Day
    • lLavasa
    • NNNNN210 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator

    Why Andharban should be your next trekking destination this monsoon?

    Imagine yourself in the middle of dark jungles, finding routes, viewing valleys and crossing Ghats, sound adventurous?? Yeah!!!! You’ll be doing all this at Andharban – The Dark forest Trek. The Andharban trek is majorly based on descending from the peak. It is one of the most stunning treks and there are lots of things to explore. You will be walking on ridge that gives a scintillating view of the Kundalika Valley, Bhira dam and the various mountain ranges of Tamhini ghat.

    While you’re trekking through the jungle of Andharban, there will be coverage of evergreen forests which covers you with a relaxing shade in first half of the trek (6-8 kms). The trek then descends down in Konkan to reach Bhira (4 kms). The same valley is the origin of the Kundalika river famous for its white-water river rafting and other adventure activities

    About the Activity :

    When was the last time you engaged in an exciting adventure with all your buddies? This weekend, head for an exciting trek to Andharban with your best buddies and all your loved ones to engage in a fun and exciting time! Andharban, by its name means a dark dense forest. This trek is primarily based on descending from the peak. It is one of the most beautiful treks and there are lots of things to explore. You will be walking on ridge that offers an awesome view of the Kundalika Valley, Bhira dam and the mountain ranges of Tamhini ghat. During your trek, there will be scores of evergreen forests which covers you with a relaxing shade in first half of the trek (6-8 kms).The trek further descends down in Konkan to reach Bhira (4 kms).The same valley is the origin of the Kundalika river famous for its white water river rafting and other adventure activities.

    Trek Details:

    Location: Mulshi

    Base Village: Tamhini Ghat (Pimpri)

    Height: 2,100 feet

    Grade: Easy to Moderate

    Endurance: High

    Best Time to Visit: June to Sep


    • Hypnotic Kundalika Valley View

    • Visit Tamhini Ghat

    • Bhira Dam start point

    • Walk through dense and dark jungle of Andharban

    • Surreal greenery and blissful environment while Andharban trek

    • Panoramic view of several mountains

    • Mesmerizing views.

    • Breathtaking beauty.

  • 05One Day Trek to Tikona Fort @ 875 Only

    One Day Trek to Tikona Fort @ 875 Only
    • d1 Day
    • lLonavala
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 5136536

    Pune is one of the biggest city of Maharashtra, but most of the famous attractions of Maharashtra are in the proximity of Pune. Pune has a bag full of amazing weekend getaways from majestic forts to thrilling adventure sports. Many forts are located at a high altitude, so you can also get a taste of trekking near Pune.

    About the trek

    Tikona fort is one of the most picturesque forts in Maharashtra. It is also known as Vitandgad fort as it was the nerve center of many activities of Malwa Pawna regions. The small hamlet close to the fort is Tikona Peth. The major attraction of the fort is its majestic entrance.  Apart from the architectures, the fort also encloses a lake, Satvahan caves and the temple of Trimbakeshwar Mahadev. Trek through all the difficulties and reach the top to witness the breathtaking view of Pawana dam, Kothligad, and the beautiful valley.

    An expert guide will assist you through the whole trek to make your trekking experience memorable. You will also be served breakfast and lunch during the trek. Try the Pithala Bhakeri from the local cuisine. 

    How to reach:

    Transportation from Mumbai to Mumbai and Pune to Pune is also included in this package. 

    Departure/Return Point:
     Kamshet Railway Station OR Deccan for Punekars And Dadar railway Station for Mumbaikars.
    Departure Time:
     6:00 am (Please arrive 15 min before the departure time).

  • 06Trek to Rajgad Fort @ 899 Only

    Trek to Rajgad Fort @ 899 Only
    • d1 Day
    • lPune
    • NNNNN359 ratings
    • Ajaysinh Lakhe
      Ajaysinh Lakhe

    Pune has a wide variety of natural getaways in its proximity. There are a bunch of natural resorts away from the hustle bustle of the main city. From majestic fort treks to calm resorts, Pune has everything in its proximity.

    About the trek

    Rajgad fort, also known as King of forts is set at an altitude of 4182 feet. Located at 40 km away from Pune, this fort offers a breathtaking view with amazing trekking experience. The fort can be divided into four different parts based on Geographical terrain and fortification, and each part has its significance and history. This trek is perfect for monsoon season, as the surroundings get raffishly green. The trek starts from the village called Gunjavne. An experienced guide will assist you to this trek and will let you know about the history behind it. Apart from the thrilling trekking experience, you will be served Pithala Bhakeri, which is a famous dish from the local cuisine. Apart from this, you will be served a delicious lunch and breakfast
    How to reach

    Pick up and drop off facility is available from Mumbai and Pune.

    Departure/Return Point: Deccan for Pune And Dadar railway Station for Mumbai.
    Departure Time: 6:00 am (Please arrive 15 min before the departure time)

  • 07Torna Fort Trek

    Torna Fort Trek

    Torna is the tallest fort in Pune. Also known as Prachandagad due to its massive size, it offers a beautiful sight all along the trail. The narrow trails from Velhe Village pass through endless beds of wildflowers and seamless greenery making it one of the most delightful treks for any nature lover.

    The once-powerful fortress with its mega-sized ruins is a true testimony of some the finest of Indian history tales. Barring a couple of mischievous spots the trail to the top is rewarding. The mystical area around the fort has great viewpoints like Budhla Machi and Zunjar Machi.

    Distance from Pune: 60km

    Starting Point: Velhe Village

    Difficulty Level: Medium difficulty

    Trek Length: 3½ hrs (base to top)

    Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

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    Torna Fort Trek in Pune

    Torna Fort Trek in Pune

    NNNNM263 Ratings

    d1 DaylPune


    Starting from


  • 08Duke's Nose Trek and Adventure Activities in Lonavala

    Duke's Nose Trek and Adventure Activities in Lonavala
    • d1 Day
    • lLonavala
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9786380

    About the Activity:

    • Also known locally as Nagphani, the cliff is named after a certain Duke's pointed nose by the British.
    • The breathtaking views from atop the cliff draws trekkers from across the country.
    • A visit to the Mahadeva temple at the summit is simply unmissable.
    • Arriving at the summit, rappelling and valley-crossing are bound to enthrall trekkers looking for an added adrenaline blitz

    Length of Rappelling: 300 feet

    Distance for Trekking: 250 feet

  • 09Raigad Trek

    Raigad Trek

    Best known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's capital city, Raigad fortress is now an excellent trekking spot. Located 2,700ftabove sea in the Sahyadri Ranges, the trek to the fort ruins makes for an endearing experience. There are various activities to do in Pune that you will love to do once you visit this place.

    A moderate climb especially for beginners, the trail is of interesting twists and intriguing turns. With a breath-taking view of the mountainous landscape, it is best covered during monsoons when the vistas exude the brilliance of nature. For those who wish not to explore the outdoors, there is a ropeway from the base to the top. The fort offers several sights to see and is ideal for a camp out as well.

    Distance from Pune: 50km

    Starting Point: NH17 and NH4 routes from Pune lead to Raigad

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    Trek Length: 1 ½ hrs (base to top)

    Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

    One Day Monsoon Trek to Raigad Fort, Pachad

    One Day Monsoon Trek to Raigad Fort, Pachad

    NNNNM36 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlRaigad

    Starting from


  • 10Sinhagad Trek

    Sinhagad Trek

    A favourite destination for trekking in Pune, Sinhagad (lion fort, 4,400ft) is a fascinating fort engulfed in several stories from the regal rule of Shivaji Maharaj. An easy trek with an option to drive up as well, once atop the fort the scenic view is extremely attractive. There are various places to visit near Pune but this place is unique in its own way.

    The fascinating structure has various points like the 'Kade lot', the cliff from where prisoners were thrown off and 'Hawa Point’, which truly depicts its name with wind literally blowing everyone away. Being Pune's tourist-friendly place, food and refreshments at the end of the trek are not a worry. One of the must-have is the zhunka bhakri, a local delicacy to conclude the trek experience. Camping is not allowed.

    Distance from Pune: 50km

    Starting Point: Katraj Ghat (most preferred route)

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Trek Length: 2hrs (base to top)

    Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

    Katraj to Sinhagad Night Trek Flat 23% off

    Katraj to Sinhagad Night Trek Flat 23% off

    NNNMM28 Ratings

    n1 NightlPune


    Starting from


  • 11Trekking Expedition to Vichitragad

    Trekking Expedition to Vichitragad
    • d1 Day
    • lPune
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9786380

    About the Destination:

    Most popular among trekking enthusiasts both young and old, the Rohida- Vichitragad is located amongst the beautiful forests of the Sahyadris and is one of the most exciting trekking trails. Located at about 70km from the nearest city of Pune, it is a fort that is rich with history of the Yadava, Maratha and the Moghul empires who all tried to capture the fort at some point in history.
    Verdant greens and thickets of forests with pretty hamlets dotting the way is what you can hope to experience on this one of a kind trekking experience!

    About the Activity with Details: 

    Your adventurous Trekking Expedition to Rohida begins with your arrival at Bhor at 09.15AM (Approx.) strengthen yourself for the expedition ahead with some breakfast at a local eatery. Thereafter, post a short travel to the base camp of the fort which is at Bajarwadi, you can commence on the trek at 10.30AM. Pass through various stunning pathways through the thick monsoon vegetation that is at its prime during this time. Behold the wonderful valleys that surround you during the Trekking Expedition to Rohida and let nature enchant you with its charms.
    Explore the ruins of structures while trekking in Sahyadris, including a beautiful Rohideshwar temple and differently shaped bastions that are a relic of history and congratulate yourself on finally summiting the fort.

    After taking in the beauty around you while trekking in Sahyadris, embark on the trail downwards at around 02.00PM and reach the base camp at Bajarwadi. Embark on a return journey from Trekking Expedition to Rohida to Pune taking back the memories of this wonderful trekking expedition.

    Highest Altitude: 3660ft

  • 12Waterfall Rappelling and Trekking in Lonavala

    Waterfall Rappelling and Trekking in Lonavala
    • d1 Day
    • lLonavala
    • NNNNN64 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 4420402

    About the activity :

    • Lonavala, a gorgeous hill station located at a close distance from Mumbai and Pune has emerged as a popular and enticing weekend getaways for all city dwellers.
    • The activity site is located midway to the famous Rajmachi Fort and is only 7km from the main land of Lonavala. Arrive at the trekking site at a little around 09:00 AM and kickstart this amazing experiences.
    • Walk around the paths through lush foliage and thundering falls.
    • The waterfalls cascade down the ridges of Sahyadri Ranges and offer captivating views of the valley below
    • Climb up the forest trails and rappel down with a harness through the refreshing falls.
    • Day gets over at 4:30 PM
  • 13Kothaligad Trekking Expedition

    Kothaligad Trekking Expedition
    • h15 Hours
    • lKarjat
    • NNNNN39 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9786380

    Kothaligad, also known as the fort of Peths is a popular climbing spot close to Karjat in the city of Mumbai. An engineering marvel, the fort was in fact used as a watchtower to keep an eye on the advancements of the army in the surrounding areas. The mysterious cave paintings on the summit date back to the 13th century, but not much was known about them until the 18th Century.

    The easy climb at Kothaligad Trekking alongside beautiful environs make it a favoured destination for enthusiastic trekkers. The unique architecture and engineering is a proof of the talent of the Maratha warriors. The chimney like structure on top resembles a lighthouse and was a major advantage for all those who captured the fort at various times, including the British and Maratha empires!

    About the Activity with Details:

    Embark on an unforgettable Kothaligad Trekking that will engulf you in its stunning architectural prowess. Your expedition begins as you embark on a drive to the base of the fort. Meet your trek mates at the pre-decided location of Fergusson College main gate. Munch on a fortifying breakfast and refreshing tea and start making your way towards the top of the fort. The easy inclines will eventually bring you to the mysterious summit where you can explore and discover the lighthouse like structure that is carved with staircases from the inside. Let a delicious lunch calm your muscles and explore the area around.

    Relax for a while and start descending back to the base village, eventually reaching the Aambivali caves that are rich with carvings and paintings dating back to the 13th Century. Watch ancient stories unfold in front of your eyes as you make way through the pathways lush with greenery of the approaching monsoons.

  • 14Korigad Fort Trek

    Korigad Fort Trek
    Image Credit :  wikimedia

    Korigad Fort (3,050ft) is a beautiful hill fort around Pune, near the hill town of Lonavala. The strong fortification embracing the surrounding beautiful valleys coupled with a fairly simple hike makes this an ideal trek for beginners. Other attractions around the stronghold include stoic cannons, two large ponds, couple caves adjoining the fort, and a few temples, which even today display excellent carvings and paintings.

    The view of the Ambi Valley Resort from atop the fort is mesmerising too. Though the structure offers a few places for an overnight camp out, food and water supply is absent.

    Distance from Pune:

    Starting Point:
     Peth Shahpur Village

    Difficulty Level:

    Trek Length: 

    Best Season: 
    All year round (best to avoid during monsoon)

    Check out
    : 45 Best Resorts near Pune 

    Ghangad to Korigad Trek

    Ghangad to Korigad Trek

    NNNNM38 Ratings

    d1 DaylLonavala


    Starting from


  • 15Raireshwar Trek

    Raireshwar Trek

    This is a fairly simple trek ideal for a day’s outing, easily lending itself to an overnight camping near Pune out as well because of nearby villages, Raireshwar Fort bears historical significance too.

    It was here at the Raireshwar Temple that Shivaji Maharaj had taken the oath of Swaraj. The present path does not have too many eating options, therefore advisable to be well stocked with food and water. Other spots to view around here are Gomukh Lake, Aswal Lake, and Pandav Leni.

    Distance from Pune: 80km

    Starting Point: Bajarwadi

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Trek Length: 2hrs

    Best Season: Monsoon and winter

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    Trek to the Raireshwar & Kenjalgad Fort

    Trek to the Raireshwar & Kenjalgad Fort

    NNNNM30 Ratings

    d1 DaylPune

    Starting from


  • Treks near Pune within 200 Kms

  • 16Kalsubai Peak Trek

    Kalsubai Peak Trek

    Kalsubai (1,646m) is the highest peak in Maharashtra. Invariably a fort well balanced atop this cliff calls for adventure and magnificent views. The trek takes just over 4 hours from the base village, with well-marked trails thanks to frequent trekkers and pilgrims visiting the small temple of Kalsubai.

    The perfect climate to scale the peak is all through winters when the post-monsoon weather carpets the ambience with wildflowers. It is safe to camp at the fort and a clear night sky makes for an exotic frame for avid photographers.

    Distance from Pune: 176km

    Starting Point: Bari Village

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Trek Length: 3-4hrs

    Best Season: Winter

    Explore: 35 Best Places to Visit near Pune Within 200 Kms

    Sunrise Trek to Kalsubai, Igatpuri @ 1040 Only

    Sunrise Trek to Kalsubai, Igatpuri @ 1040 Only

    NNNNN540 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlIgatpuri


    Starting from


  • 17Fireflies Trek to Bhimashankar Forest

    Fireflies Trek to Bhimashankar Forest
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lPune
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    One of the most offbeat and exciting adventures in Maharashtra are the fireflies trek. Taking the trekker to some of the most amazing night views of the wild, all lit up by the hundreds of fireflies around, these treks are a huge hype in the area. Many offbeat locations in and around the Sahyadris are a great spot to see some mesmerizing views of these amazing creatures when the time of the year is right. 
    This trek from Pune leads the traveler to the Bhimashankar Forest while sightseeing for fireflies in the areas around the small village of Padharwadi. Located in the Sahyadris, the place is replete with scenic views and great photo ops. Add to that the charm of this Fireflies event and you have an amazing getaway waiting for you. You will stay at the home of a local and will go firefly sightseeing in the surrounding areas, making for an unforgettable experience as summer is the best time to see these creatures at their best. 
    About the activity:
    - Start by arriving at the designated pickup point in Pune at around 6 PM
    - You will be driving to reach the village of Padharwadi, where you will stay in a homestay.
    - Immediately after that, you will leave in the search of fireflies around. You will resume firefly sightseeing after dinner, including an experience of the wildlife in Bhimashankar Forest
    - Wake up early in the morning and have your breakfast before trekking to the Bhimashankar Temple. After spending time here, get transferred to Pune to end the trip. 
  • 18Trek at Vikatgad Peb Fort, Neral @ 890 Only

    Trek at Vikatgad Peb Fort, Neral @ 890 Only
    • d1 Day
    • lRaigad
    • NNNNN31 ratings
    • Jatin maru
      Jatin maru

    Vikatgad, located on the west side of Neral, is an ideal spot for a super thrilling trekking adventure. The mesmerizing scenic view and heat-treating beauty of several mountains along with its panoramic view make it a hotspot for nature lovers. The Historical references of the location and the chain of caves is a must to visit and explore in this monsoon season.

    About the trek

    The Vikatgad trekking lets you experience the perfect combination of the mesmerizing beauty of the greenery and the panoramic scenic view of the blissful mountains. This first trek of the rainy season implies to limitless eye-pleasing views and adventurous experiences like scaling the thrilling peak of Maharashtra. The trek takes you to a historical journey at Fort Peb that is famous for its supposed shape of the Elephant-headed God, Lord Ganesha. The Vikatgad trek with moderate difficulty level shall be carried out with trained and certified experts who are sure to guide you with maximum support throughout your journey.

    This trek of approx 2100 feet above MSL gets you the best lifetime monsoon experience with never degrading weekend memories. The trek has been scheduled on Sunday for the following dates in order to get you maximum flexibility with time management and 0 hassle for work days.

    How to reach

    Vikatgad, popularly known as Fort Peb is based at a distance of 3-4 km towards the west of Neral. The Vikatgad trek provides you with transportation facilities from Neral and drops you back to Neral with no additional charges.

    Group size: 20
    Age-limit: 14-45 years
    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    Day: Saturday/Sunday


    Trek leaders’ decisions will be final and binding.
    Participants or Members are responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.
    Team reserves all the right to change/deviate/cancel the plans without prior notice.
    There is no freshen up / washroom facility at the top. There is only a toilet at the base village.
    Floaters and Sandals are not allowed, please wear sports shoes or trekking shoes of good quality.

  • 19Harishchandragad Trek

    Harishchandragad Trek
    Image Credit :  Nagraj Salian

    Trek to Harishchandragad is a real great expedition involving the crossing of seven hills. Definitely not for the faint-hearted as the trail is strenuous and some sections cut into almost vertical rock faces.

    Standing at 4,691ft, this fort is one of the finest trekking destinations along the Sahyadri ranges and is known for its spectacular valley views filled with an unbelievable natural tapestry of wildflowers blooming everywhere. Moreover, one can visit various popular hill stations near Pune along with their family and friends.

    An obvious sight during monsoons, the trek is best done in the season as it’s filled with waterfalls, mist clad mountains, and unexpected showers adding to the charm. Harishchandreshwar Temple atop the fort ruins lies nestled in such pristine surroundings. 

    Distance from Pune:

    Starting Point: Khireshwar Village

    Difficulty Level: Difficult

    Trek Length: 6hrs

    Best Season: Monsoon and winter.

    Couple Special: 10 Best Romantic Places in Pune for Couples

    Camping Behind the Waterfall with Harishchandragad Trek in Malshej Ghat @ 1720 Only

    Camping Behind the Waterfall with Harishchandragad Trek in Malshej Ghat @ 1720 Only

    NNNNN127 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlAhmednagar


    Starting from


  • 20Nature Trail in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

    Nature Trail in Sanjay Gandhi National Park
    • h8 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 8154176

    About the Activity:

    Fixed Departure: 12th February, 2017
    • Start your activity around 07:15 AM, after you arrive at the parking gate of the Sanjay Gandhi National park and wait till the gate opens.
    • Then take a taxi or your own vehicle to reach Kanheri caves and get briefed about the trek by an instructor.
    • Take the trail which rewards you with an invigorating walk, sightings of rare birds, a feel of the jungle and oneness with nature.
    • End the walk near a water stream where you can refresh yourself with a vegetarian breakfast.
    • Post breakfast, resume your trek and reach the highest point for a delicious lunch with stunning views.
    • Post lunch, descend towards Kanheri Caves and end your trek at 03:30 PM.
    • One of the major national parks situated close to a metropolis, the dense forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park draw enthusiasts over a weekend with friends and family.
  • 21Trek to Bhairavgad Moroshi in Malshej Ghat

    Trek to Bhairavgad Moroshi in Malshej Ghat
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lPune
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • Adventure Club Pune
      Adventure Club Pune

    Located in Malshej Ghat, Bhairavgad is one of the most thrilling adventure treks in Maharashtra. It is well defined by a rock face called dike. The fort towers at a height of 1145m and is a spectacular façade of immense beauty. 


    This trek is going to be your once in a lifetime experience as you will be taking the adventure to the next level. Traveling along the Malshej Ghat road, you will be noticing a sharp pinnacle of Bhairavgad which is separated from the main range. The trek start to increase steeply from the Kankan plains and is rather tricky to climb a prominent and unique fort. The initial hike is through loose soil Followed by rock-cut steps. Not only trekking but you will be doing rock climbing also. Once you reach the top all you will be left mesmerized by the scenic beauty around you you will be able to see NaneGhat, Malshej Ghats and many prominent peaks like Ajoba and Harishchandragad. This package will satisfy the thirst of adventure inside you.

    Grade: Medium to Difficult

    Endurance: Medium


    You will be given healthy breakfast and then you will be served with delicious lunch.

    Departure/Return Point: Deccan for Punekars And Kalyan railway Station for Mumbaikars.

    Departure Time: 11:00 pm (Please arrive 15 min before the departure time)

  • 22Vasota Fort Trek

    Vasota Fort Trek

    While considering trekking in Pune, Vasota Fort makes the list because of it doubling as an adventurous trek through dense forests of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary in the Sahyadri ranges. Remotely located, distanced by hills and the mighty Koyna River, this stronghold during the supremacy of the Maratha era served as a recuperation ground for the army.

    From the base village, a boat ride of couple hours across the Shivsagar Lake leads to the base of the fort. This side of the Sahyadri is a natural habitat for several wild denizens like leopards and wild bears making it a special trek for wildlife enthusiasts. Spectacular views of the jungles barely give a feeling of a long trek. There are two forts here, navin Vasota and juna Vasota. Juna Vasota is inaccessible.

    Distance from Pune: 140km

    Starting Point: Bamnoli Village, Satara

    Difficulty Level: Easy to medium

    Trek Length: 1 Day

    Best Season: Post monsoon

    Vasota Trek in Maharashtra

    Vasota Trek in Maharashtra

    NNNNM334 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlPune


    Starting from


  • 23Trek to Kaas Plateau a Valley of Flowers, Satara @ 1799 Only

    Trek to Kaas Plateau a Valley of Flowers, Satara @ 1799 Only
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lSatara
    • NNNNN24 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 5136536

    Why one should visit Kaas Pathar ??

    Kaas Pathar also known as Valley Of Flowers is situated on the high hills of Sahyadri range in western ghats, 22 kilometers from Satara City in Maharashtra state of India. It is known as Maharashtras valley of flowers. The area of plateau is approximately 1,000 hectare. The plateau is laden with wild flowers during the months of September and October. The whole plateau looks like a carpet in various colors. These flowers bloom on their own and stay for about 23 weeks (depending on the monsoon and other weather factors). It has been declared as Biodiversity World heritage site by The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Its a unique place for flora researchers, nature lovers, and photographers.

  • 24Jungli Jaigad Trek

    Jungli Jaigad Trek

    Jungli Jaigad as the name suggests is a fort hidden in the dense forests around the famous Koyna Lake and Dam. A part of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve coming under the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, the trek to this fort exposes an enthusiast to several spectacular views and brilliant natural beauty.

    Rated among the best spots for trekking near Pune, this jungle corridor is a habitat for varied species of wild animals, reptiles, and snakes. Not safe for camping, the trail ends at one of the most beautiful forts remains in Maharashtra. However, there are many more exciting things to do in Pune with family and friends.

    Distance from Pune: 170km

    Starting Point: Navaja Village

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    Trek Length: 2hrs

    Best Season: Winter

    Jungli Jaigad Trek

    Jungli Jaigad Trek

    NNNNM23 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlKoyananagar


    Starting from


  • 25Shivneri Trek

    Shivneri Trek

    Shivneri is a popular destination for trekking in Pune. Yet another Fort backed by the magnificent history created by Shivaji Maharaj, this is an ideal getaway near Pune for picnic. A celebration spot for the annual Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti, Fort Shivneri is one of the difficult ones to trek. For sightseeing near Pune this place is really a perfect destination.

    Apart from a tar road up to the seventh gate of the fort, it makes for an adventurous trek with a route known to play mind games. Around the Shiverni Fort there are many sightseeing options such as the Lenyadri Ganesh Temple, which makes up for one of the Ashtavinayaka Temples. The trek also exposes the beautiful landscape of the Konkan plateau.

    Distance from Pune: 100km

    Starting Point: Junnar Village

    Difficulty Level: Moderately difficult

    Trek Length: 1hr

    Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

  • 26Sudhagad Fort Trek

    Sudhagad Fort Trek

    Sudhagad Fort is a replica of the famous Raigad Fort. Being large in nature with an enormous perimeter, it holds several lakes, temples, and captivating view spots like Bhoreshwar Temple, Panchchapur Darwaja, Takmak Tok, and Dindi Darwaja.

    Temples within the fortress spell of intrinsic cravings. Mapped with multiple secret paths, Sudhagad fort trek is one of the easiest trails located at a height of 2,030ft above sea level. This is highly recommended for beginners as an option for trekking in Pune.

    Distance from Pune: 130km

    Starting Point: Pali Village near Khapoli

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Trek Length: 2hrs

    Best Season: Monsoon and winter

    Famous Read: 25 Best One Day Trip Near Pune

  • 27Prabalgad Fort Trek

    Prabalgad Fort Trek

    Trek to Prabalgad Fort is thoroughly enjoyable with endless vistas of natural beauty and an exciting trail with small and large rock mounds. Prabalgad is a naturally formed fortress and does not have a man-made touch to it. The route is dotted with rock-cut Ganesh and Hanuman Temples, caves along the Kalavantin Fort, and with hamlets belonging to the local Thakur tribals.

    There is a large pond atop the fort. Exploring the fort exposes to trekkers to the strong Kalavantin Fort. From the Prabalgad Fort one also gets views of Matheran amidst several hill ranges of the Sahyadri. Pune is surrounded by tremendous natural beauty.

    Distance from Pune: 130km

    Starting Point: Thakurwadi Village, Prabalgad & Kalavantin Durg

    Difficulty Level: Medium

    Trek Length: 2hrs

    Best Season: Monsoon and winter.

    Must Read: 55 Best Weekend Getaways near Pune

    Trek to the Prabalgad Fort @ 820 Only

    Trek to the Prabalgad Fort @ 820 Only

    NNNNN130 Ratings

    d1 DaylMumbai


    Starting from


  • Treks near Pune within 300 Kms

  • 28Overnight trek to Ratangad fort

    Overnight trek to Ratangad fort
    • d2 Daysn2 Nights
    • lNashik
    • NNNNN103 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 1684582
    About the Activity:
    • Meeting point - Dadar (E) at 2300 hrs on Friday
    • Embark in thies exciting overnight trek to the Ratangarh fort and witness the mesmerizing beauty of this region.
    • Start your tour after reaching the your locality and get ready for the trek.
    • Trek to the famous Amruteshwar Temple at Ratanwadi and admire its beautiful architecture.
    • Explore the caves and the forts at the top of the mountain and spend thie night camping in the cave.
    • Witness the water cisterns which are filled with water a good thing for the trekkers.
    • Enjoy the view of the Rani Mahal and the Katrabai and Ajoba fort very close on the southern side.
    • Pass through the dense forest on this trail and feel the thrill while trekking in the strong winds.
    • Hike to the Khutta Pinnacle via Trimbak Darwaja where your trek ends.
    • End this exciting trek with lots of memories. 

  • 29Sandhan Valley Trek with Rappelling, Igatpuri @ ₹1250 Only!

    Sandhan Valley Trek with Rappelling, Igatpuri @ ₹1250 Only!
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN234 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator

    About the Sandhan Valley Trek:

    Experience the true essence of adventure with a trek to
    Sandhan valley and camping experience in Igatpuri with your friends and family! Sandhan Valley Trek is a unique experience combining adventure activities such as rappelling, trekking, and many other adventure events!

    Sandhan is located near Bhandardara region village called Samrad and is a deep narrow rock floored ravine between the two high walls of a mountain range. Sandhan valley is one of the greatest canyons in the Sahyadri mountain ranges.

    You will get to make a descent towards the Sandhan valley which will make for a memorable outing and overnight stay under the sparkling sky, along the reservoir side! Explore temples from the 7th century, the Peshwa temples, and the natural gorge called Sandan! 

    Trip Location:

    Trip Starting and Ending Point: Kasara

    Min number of people required to book:- 1

  • 30Trek to Harihar Fort @ 1050 Only

    Trek to Harihar Fort @ 1050 Only
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lIgatpuri
    • NNNNN46 ratings
    • Satya

    Nashik has a wide range of treks that take you through dense wilderness and open up a bird's eye view of the city and the surrounding hills. And, out of them, there is one best trekking spot that will involve lots of thrill and adventure.

    About the trek

    As monsoon is knocking at the door, so it's time to delight in this enthralling trek to Harihar Fort, Igatpuri with friends and family. The most interesting thing about this fort is that it looks like rectangular in shape from the base village and built on a triangular prism of rock. The edges of this stunning fort are absolutely vertical that adds uniqueness to this stunning ancient fort.

    The rock-carved staircases lead you to the fort. You will surely embrace surreal greenery and blissful environment while trekking through mesmerizing landscapes accompanying you throughout your Harihar Fort trekking. Feel your heart racing as you climb these stairs while enjoying the panoramic view of several mountains.

    Once you reach the hilltop, charm in the beauty of the elongated plateau which holds a small temple of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva. There is A small pond in front of the temples and water from it can be used for drinking. Enjoy the pleasing beauty of this land with a trek to Harihar Fort, Igatpuri.

    The difficulty level of the trek is medium and there will be a professional guide with you, who will assist you while trekking to Harihar Fort.  


    There is no freshen up / washroom facility at the top. There is only a toilet at the base village.

    Avoid carrying heavy weight for the trek.

    Floaters and Sandals are not allowed, please wear sports shoes or trekking shoes of good quality.

    Entry fees are not included in the package.

    Mineral water/cold drinks are not included in the package.

    Category: Trekking
    Location: Igatpuri
    Duration: 1 Night & 1 Day
    Difficulty: Medium


    Morning breakfast-tea


    Pick- up points

    Meeting Point: Chitra Cinema, Dadar

    How to reach?

    You can reach easily at the mentioned pick-up points via public or private transportation.

    Difficulty Level- Medium

    Some basic details related to trek

    Height: 3500 feet Approx.

    Type: Hill Fort

    Region: Nashik

    Grade: Medium

    Best Time to Visit - June to August for Monsoon Trek,

    Duration: 1Night / 1 Day.

    Age Limit: 14-40 Years.

  • 31A Trek to Panhalgad

    A Trek to Panhalgad
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lKolhapur
    • NNNNN28 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9786380

    Rich with history and lore the tale of the capture of Panhalagad is famous throughout the pages of history. Located in the towering ranges of Sahyadri Ranges near the city of Kolhapur, Trek to Panhalgad is one of the most strategic vantage offering views of the Bijapur trade route, an important route in the times of Maratha and Mughal empires.

    The fort itself is an awe inspiring structure built in the 12th Century. With various historical monuments gracing its top, Panhalgad trek is a treat for all the history buffs. The monsoons lend their special caress to the beauty of the fort to transform it into a green and serene paradise. Embark on this offbeat Monsoon trek and let history come alive!

    About the Activity with Details:

    Relive the inspiring history of the Panhalgad Fort and a pay your homage to the brave souls who laid down their lives for its capture by the Maratha Empire as you Trek to Panhalgad. The expedition and adventure starts as you depart Pune with your group to reach Panhala Fort early in the morning. Thereafter, as you arrive at the fort next morning, take in the serene natural beauty and embark on the trail as you continue the Panhalgad trek. Observe and admire the pretty hamlets that dot your way and pay your respects at the Veer Baaji Prabhu Deshpande Tomb, in honour of the martyr who laid down his life fighting.

    Your memorable excursion of Trek to Panhalgad comes to an end as you depart for Pune early next evening, carrying with you the warm feeling of having witnessed a moment in history.

  • 32Monsoon Trek to Kulang Fort

    Monsoon Trek to Kulang Fort
    • d1 Day
    • lNashik
    • NNNNN32 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 3955030

    About the Activity:

    • Reach the Kurungwadi hamlet at around 06.00 AM for a filling breakfast, and embark on this enthralling trek after a briefing by the instructors.
    • Hike through the lush environs, overcome the uneven terrains and witness all the bounties of nature on this 5-hour trek.
    • Explore the historic Kulang Fort, and explore the glorious ruins!
    • Lunch is soon served, and following the return trek back, depart and reach Dadar by around 11.30 PM.
  • 33Monsoon Trek at Kohoj Fort Flat 15% off

    Monsoon Trek at Kohoj Fort Flat 15% off
    • h16 Hours
    • lKarjat
    • NNNNN30 ratings
    • Travel Trikon
      Travel Trikon

    Karjat is a city near Mumbai, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Its steep Ulhas Valley is lush in the rainy season, with a full river and waterfalls. Bahiri Cave, overlooking the valley, is a Hindu pilgrimage site. The ancient Kondeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

    About the Trek:

    Situated not too far from Mumbai, the Kohoj Fort sits in the backdrop of a heart-shaped lake forming a beautiful scenery. Its reflection in the water is not to be missed, as the trail takes you by the saltwater lake’s edge, around the fort, and to the top. Kohoj fort was one of the 23 forts surrendered by Shivaji under the Purandar Treaty that he signed with the Mughals in 1665. The Vaitarna river flows by at a distance, while the rest of the area is covered under nature’s green carpet during monsoons. Two huge stone structures, that roughly look like human figures, can be seen at the top as if still guarding the fort. The tour duration is 16 hours. 


    Morning breakfast and evening snacks will be included in the package. You need to take your own packed lunch along with you.

    Start point & End point: 

    Your tour will start from Dadar at 6.00 am and end at 9.00 pm, Dadar (Mumbai).

    Pick up:

    You will be picked from  Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM, near Dadar (E) station, Andheri Bisleri Factory and Borivali National Park.

    How to reach:

    You can easily reach Dadar by public or private transportation. 

  • 34Lingana Trek in Maharashtra

    Lingana Trek in Maharashtra
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lPune
    • NNNNN357 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9786380

    About the Destination:

    Located between Raigad and Torna, Lingana is the highest point of Sahyadris. Resembling the shape of a 'Linga', this pinnacle attains a towering height of 2,969ft and entices trekkers from across the country.

    Located in this pinnacle is the historic Lingana Fort that was built by Shivaji Maharaj in and around 1648 and was later conquered by the British. Offering enthralling tekking routes, it has now started gaining the attention of adrenaline junkies and has become one of the most sought after adventure destinations around Pune. Among the other activities, one can also enjoy rock climbing, rappelling and sightseeing near the Lingana pinnacle.

    About the Activity with Details:

    Originating from Pune, the enthralling Lingana trekking expedition will take you to the summit of the Lingana pinnacle. Short, yet adventurous, one needs prior climbing experience before taking up Lingana trekking trial. Involving a lot of challenges, the trail takes around 5-6 hours to get completed and on completions it offers stunning and rewarding views of the nearby locales. Also, while on this trail, you can join a moonlight trek to Railing plateau and experience the best of nocturnal trekking near Pune.

  • 35Prachitgad Trek in Maharashtra

    Prachitgad Trek in Maharashtra
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lRatnagiri
    • NNNNN266 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9786380

    About the activity

    • Journey through the village of Shringarpur to reach the ancient Prachitgad fort in the Sahyadris mountain range. 
    • Located on the western end of Chandoli Wild Life Sanctuary this fort had become inaccessible due to the original forest being part of Forest Reserve. Reopened to trekkers through the Shringarpur route, a trek to this fort promises an enigmatic journey for all trekkers. 
    • Trek through the Konkan side, through thick forest, Karvy Thickets and experience an unusual Prachitgad trek jam-packed with adventure and thrill. 
    • Maximum Altitude: 3842 ft.
    • Temperature Range: 17–34 °C

Adventure in Pune

Trekking in Pune

Day outs in Pune

Camping in Pune




Situated close to the famous hill station of Lonavala, Lohagad is one of the most magnificent places to visit in Pune. Located on a beautiful hillock near Malavali, this place is one of the favourite destinations for trekking enthusiasts in Pune. Dating back to the 18th century, this place is an interesting visit to appreciate the charm of ancient architecture nestled in the midst of natural beauty.

Lohagad Fort offers an exciting trek where people can look forward to an adrenaline filled day. Surrounded by beautiful green hills, it also offers various delightful opportunities for photographers and nature lovers to appreciate the panoramic views all around.

  • Location: Lohagad Fort, Lohagad Trek Rd, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: The best time to visit Lohagad Fort is during Monsoon season when the surroundings are most spectacular due to the rains and presence of dark clouds without the scorching sun.  

  • Entry fee: There is no entry fee to visit Lohagad Fort

  • Timings: One can visit the Lohagad Fort from 9 am to 6 pm


Pawna Lake

Enjoy the wonder of nature by paying a visit to the exquisite Pawna Lake when you are in Pune. Its paradise location is something that you will not be able to forget anytime soon. The setting at Pawna Lake is made beautiful with the presence of various tourist attractions like Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort and Visapur Fort. Its refreshing ambience makes this place a beautiful destination near Lonavala and Khandala to enjoy an idyllic weekend.

It was created as an artificial water reservoir and offers a soothing time to relax with nature. People keep flocking to Pawna Lake for its postcard-perfect landscape. The place is known for its wonderful climate and offers a serene retreat away from the noise of usual city life. Pawna Lake is also known to attract nature lovers due to the number of flora and fauna which can be seen around the lake. Some of the activities which you can look forward to enjoying at Pawna Lake are camping, paragliding, sightseeing etc.

  • Location: Pawna Lake, Pune

  • Best Time to visit: The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon season

  • Entry fee: There is no entry fee for visiting Pawna Lake

  • Timings: This place can be visited from morning till evening.


Sinhagad Fort

Literally meaning the Lion Fort, Sinhagad Fort is one of the most famous historical places to visit in Pune which is believed to have been built about 2000 years ago. It is getting more beautiful as it is ageing and rain adds more to its beauty. Being at its best, a hot cup of coffee with your loved one amidst the mist surrounding this magnificent heritage in rain would be perfect.

Many trekking lovers also flock the place for an enterprising day to complete a one day trek from the village to the fort. Some notable attractions which you can see inside the fort are Tanaji memorial, the tomb of Rajaram Chhatrapati, a Kali temple, some military stables and a brewery.

  • Location: Sinhagad Ghat Road, Thoptewadi, Pune, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: The months of winter and monsoon season from July to February are the most preferred time to visit this fort

  • Timings:  Tourists can visit here between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m


Raigad Fort

Raigad Fort is a majestic fort in Maharashtra which you can see in Sahyadri mountain ranges of Western Ghats. The fort is a symbol of Maratha pride and one of the great reminders of the history of Marathas. It was named as Gibraltar of the East by the British due to its strategic location and one of the most important landmarks in the city of Pune.

Some main attractions of Raigad Fort are the Hirakani Buruj, Maha Darwaja, the King’s Durbar, Takmak Tok, Jagdishwar Mandir etc. The fort has become a major tourist spot for its trekking opportunities where one needs to climb up to 1737 steps and enjoy a breath-taking view of the landscape. For those who wish to give trekking a miss, there is a splendid ropeway ride to give you goosebumps as you move through the winds with an exquisite aerial view of the landscape. The place has been dubbed as one of the most exciting Pune tourist destinations for history lovers and adventure freaks.

  • Location: Raigad Fort, Raigad, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: The best time to visit Raigad Fort is from November to March

  • Entry fee: The cost of an entry ticket for Indians is INR 10 / USD 0.15 and for foreigners, it is INR 100/ USD 1.54

  • Timings: Tourists can visit Raigad Fort from 10 am to 6 pm every day


Panshet Dam

Also famous as Tanaji Sagar Dam, Panshet Dam is one of the top places to visit in Pune for adventure enthusiasts.  Perched beautifully in the Sahyadri Ranges, Panshet Dam is a visual delight with a surreal landscape that offers a soothing retreat. Panshet Dam is encompassed by luxuriant hills and a number of thundering waterfalls that makes it a perfect place for nature lovers too.

Tourists here can look forward to savouring an adrenaline rush by partaking in a number of water sports. Some of the popular water sports enjoyed here are kayaking, boating and few rides like the banana ride and water scooters. Other activities which you can enjoy here are trekking and camping in the midst of nature.

  • Location: Panshet Dam, Ambi River, Pune District, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit:  The best time to make a visit to Panshet Dam is during the monsoon days or in the evenings of the winter season

  • Entry fee: During the weekdays the entry fees for an adult is INR 250/USD 3.75 and for a child is INR 170/ USD 2.62. For the weekends the entry fees for a child in INR 230/ USD 3.54 and for an adult is INR 300/ USD 4.62

  • Timings: Tourists can visit here from 10:00 am in the morning to 6:00 pm in the evening.


Shinde Chhatri

Dedicated to the Maratha leader Mahadji Shinde, this place is a popular tourist attraction in Pune. Being an important reminder of the Maratha rule in India’s history, this place is hailed as a significant landmark. There is a memorial devoted to the great ruler Shinde and the place also houses a temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and built by Shinde himself.

It boasts of an interesting architecture replete with intricate carvings and beautifully aligns Rajasthani design with Anglo style. The splendid designs have withstood the passage of time and still considered to be one of the gorgeous pieces of architecture in Pune. The place was constructed following the Vaastu Hara rules and represent a fine amalgamation of two beautiful cultures. Shinde Chhatri is now maintained by Shinde Devasthan Trust, Gwalior and attracts many lovers of art and history in Pune.

  • Location: Shinde Chhatri is located in Wanawadi in Pune

  • Best Time to visit: The months from July to February are the most preferred time to visit here

  • Entry fee: The entry fees at Shinde Chhatri is INR 5/ USD 0.07

  • Timings: The timings to visit here from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm


Saras Baug

One of the most scenic attractions in Pune, Saras Baug is a great place to plan a visit with your friends and family. This place is popular its beautiful 25-acre park and the famous Talyatla Ganpati temple. Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, this temple attracts a number of devotees who come here to pay their respects and seek God’s blessings. It is one of the ideal Pune tourist places if you are visiting with children or looking for a relaxed spot for picnicking in the city.

Saras Baug offers a refreshing experience as you are surrounded by a lush green landscape and indulge in various rides like giant wheels to bring out the kid in you. Another attraction of this place is the presence of a wide array of eateries which are just a delight for foodies in Pune. One can look forward to enjoying some lip-smacking dishes outside Saras Baug like pav bhaji, bhelpuri, panipuri etc.

  • Location: Saras Baug is located within a radius of one kilometre from Swargate bus station and 3.6 km from Pune Railway Station.

  • Best Time to visit: Anytime throughout the year is great for visiting Saras Baug in Pune.

  • Entry fee: There are no entry charges to enter Saras Baug in Pune.

  • Timings: The garden remains open for tourists from 9 am to 6 pm every day.


Vishrambaug Wada

A resonating reminder of Pune’s rich cultural heritage, Vishrambaug Wada was built in 1807 as a mansion for Peshwa Bajirao of Pune. It boasts of its majestic design and architecture with cypress-shaped columns, decorated ceilings and imposing verandahs. The place can be visited during a heritage walk in Pune that is organised every Sunday and offers an entertaining musical performance to the public.

The place is replete with its historical charm and leaves a lasting impression on everyone’s mind. It is one of the most interesting Pune tourist places that will take you back to the times of Peshwa rule in the erstwhile Maratha kingdom. The place has been undergoing constant renovations and houses a post office and some other offices of Pune Municipal Corporation.

  • Location: RB Kumthekar Rd, Perugate, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: Anytime throughout the year is great for planning a trip to Vishrambaug Wada

  • Entry fee: The entry fee at Vishrambaug Wada is INR 5/ USD 0.07 Per Person

  • Timings: Vishrambaug Wada can be visited by the tourists from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Krushnai Water Park

If you’re looking for a nice hangout place to enjoy some memorable time with your friends and family then Krushnai Water Park is a wonderful place to go in Pune. Spread over an area of more than 10 acres, it has emerged to be one of the most popular Pune tourist places if you are fond of recreational activities.

When visiting Krushnai Water Park, tourists can supplement their visit by seeing other notable attractions like National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla Dam, Sinhgad Fort and Panshet Dams. It offers a perfect weekend retreat where people can enjoy a cottage stay too. Moreover, there are various activities to keep you engaged throughout the day and bring out the inner child in you. Some popular activities held here are water sports, adventurous bull ride, net cricket, video games, kid's favourite tom & jerry, rain dance, artificial bridges, wave pool, cyclone, lazy river, octopus etc. 

  • Location: Krushnai Water Park, Gat No. 186, Donje Gaon, Sinhagad Base, Pune, Maharashtra  

  • Best Time to visit: Krushnai Water Park can be visited anytime throughout the year

  • Entry fee: Tourists need to spend INR 500/ USD 7.7 to gain entry here on weekdays and INR 600/ USD 9.23 during the weekends

  • Timings:  The timings at Krushnai Water Park is from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace in Pune is a wonderful landmark of India’s history and has many great events and personalities associated with it. It was constructed in the year 1892 by Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan III. It was in Aga Khan Palace where Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi imprisoned and now it is famous as the Gandhi National Memorial Society.

It is one of the prominent attractions in Pune and people here can enjoy a fascinating visit seeing the personal belongings of Mahatma Gandhi in the room where he stayed. One can also see the collection of pictures of many other freedom fighters associated with Indian Freedom Movement against the British at the museum here. It is now hailed as a monument of national importance and also boasts of interesting architecture.

  • Location: Gandhi National Memorial Society, Aga Khan Palace Road, Pune, Maharashtra 

  • Best Time to visit: Tourists should plan a trip here during the months from October to March

  • Entry fee: The entrance fee for Indians is INR 5/ 0.07 USD and for the foreigners, it is INR 100/ USD 1.54

  • Timings: The visiting time at Aga Khan Palace is from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm


Pataleshwar Cave Temple

One of the fascinating sightseeing places in Pune, Pataleshwar Cave Temple is an important temple in Pune dedicated to Lord Pataleshwar who is the God of the Underworld. Dating back to the 8th century, Pataleshwar Cave Temple is renowned for being carved out of a single rock and been announced by the government as a protected monument in Pune. Along with its architectural brilliance, Pataleshwar Cave Temple is also known for its unique sound of bells.

Pataleshwar Cave Temple offers an interesting glimpse of rock-cut architecture in India and dedicated to Lord Shiva and Nandi. At the main shrine of the temple, pilgrims pay their respect to the imposing Shiva lingam which is built there. One of the astounding features of Pataleshvar Cave Temple is that its construction was never completed and thus one can witness that there is no specific entrance to the temple. Pataleshwar Cave Temple is a great visit both for spiritual reasons and appreciating the art and culture the region.

  • Location: Jangali Maharaj Road, Revenue Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 

  • Best Time to visit: The best time to visit here is from the month of June to February

  • Entry fee: You are not needed to pay any entrance fees at Pataleshwar Cave Temple

  • Timings: The timings at this temple are from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm


Osho Ashram

Savour a slice and peace and rejuvenation when you visit the Osho Ashram in Pune. If you are seeking a place to get away from the worries of life and discover your inner peace, Osho Ashram is a perfect place for you to visit in Pune. Osho Ashram was founded by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a popular spiritual leader, and a famous public speaker. The place has been renowned as a meditative retreat where people can appreciate the serene atmosphere and enjoy a peaceful stay with luxury resort facilities. The place boasts of many facilities like a swimming pool, jacuzzi, tennis courts and a spa. People here can indulge in various meditation activities and therapies and look forward to an exciting visit as there are a number of activities to keep you engaged all the time. Osho Ashram in Pune offers an awesome retreat to channel your inner energies and make a meaning of your life.

  • Location: 17, Koregaon Park Road, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 

  • Best Time to visit: It can be visited throughout the year

  • Entry fee: The entry fees at Osho Ashram is INR 870/ USD per person for a day

  • Timings: Osho Ashram is best visited between 6:00 am to 10:30 pm


Khadakwasla Dam

Known as one of the most renowned places for group outings in Pune, Khadakwasla Dam offers a relaxing getaway. It draws in a number of tourists who wish to indulge in some adventurous activities or just relax and unwind in the company of nature. The place boasts of great vibes and always packed with crowds. It is built across the Mutha river and one of the integral sources of water supplied to the city of Pune. Some of the other famous attractions near Khadakwasla Dam are Kudje Village, Peacock Bay and Neelkanteshwar Hill. 

People here come with their loved ones to enjoy the natural scenery and indulge in some gastronomy with the help of food chowpaty serving lip-smacking bhelpuri and bhutta here. The monsoons offer the best experience at Khadakwasla Dam as it makes the landscape look mesmerising.  The place boasts of many interesting activities and keeps the tourists abuzz with its exuberant ambience.

  • Location: Khadakwasla Dam, near Khadakwasla Village, off Sinhagad Road, Pune, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: Monsoon season is the best time to visit the dam.

  • Entry fee: No entry fees are required to visit here

  • Timings: The timings for tourists at Khadakwasla Dam is from 6 am to 6 pm


Adlabs Imagica

Embark on a day filled with adventure and excitement by visiting Adlabs Imagica in Pune. This is a 130-acre theme park that will help you relax and refresh unlike any other place in Pune. Adlabs Imagica offers wonderful fun and enjoyment for people of all ages and makes for a recreational getaway from Pune. It is divided into three parks which are a theme park, water park and snow park.

One of most thrilling places in Pune, Adlabs Imagica boasts of fantastic rides, pool, gym and many restaurants to keep your day filled with various activities. Due to its so many premium offerings in recreational adventure, it has been hailed as one of the most preferred retreats for families near Pune and Mumbai

  • Location: 30/31, Sangdewadi, Near Khopoli, Pali-Khopoli Road (State Highway 92), Off Mumbai-Pune Express Way, Taluka Khalapur, District Raigad, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: The months of monsoon and winter season are considered the best time to visit Adlabs Imagica

  • Entry Fee: The cost of a regular ticket at Adlabs Imagica is INR 1500/ USD 23 per adult during the weekdays and INR 1900/ USD 30 during the weekends and holidays.

  • Timings: It is open from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm


Mahatma Phule Museum

Founded in the year 1890, Mahatma Phule Museum is one of the must-visit Pune tourist attractions for history buffs. Earlier established as Lord Ray Museum, the museum was renamed as Mahatma Phule Museum in the year 1968. The museum makes for an interesting trip as one can see various collections of industrial products, agricultural items and handicraft pieces in this museum.

Although the place has been about 118 years old now, it presents the old-world charm in the most amazing way to the tourists. If you wish to know more about the unique culture and rich heritage of India, Mahatma Phule Museum is a very educational experience for the tourists. Other notable and interesting collections which one can see here include brassware, stone carvings, marble statues, oil painting, textiles, body samples of animals from seals to elephants and so on.

  • Location: 1204/10, Ghole Road, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: The museum can be visited by the tourists throughout the year.

  • Entry fee: There is no entry fee to visit the museum

  • Timings: The timings are from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. The museum remains closed on Wednesdays.


Birla Ganpati Temple

Boasting of one of the biggest idols of Lord Ganesha in the city of Pune, Birla Ganpati Temple is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pune. For all those who seek a spiritual retreat away from the hustle and bustle, Birla Ganpati should be on your wish list. Encompassed by natural beauty and greenery, this temple attracts a number of devotees who come here to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

One of the most striking features of this temple is that is not very much commercialized and offers tourists the peace of mind they are looking for. The imposing statue is one of the most beautiful idols of Lord Ganesha you’ll see in the region and tourists can be enthralled to see the glorious view from the top. The views can be best enjoyed when you go to the temple by climbing the steps and witness the spellbinding landscape filled with a blanket of greenery and gorgeous flowers.

  • Location: Birla Mandir, Revdanda-Murud Rd, Salav, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: Tourists can visit Birla Ganpati Temple anytime throughout the year

  • Entry fee: There are no entry fees for entering this temple in Pune

  • Timings: The timings for visiting Birla Ganpati Temple is from 5 am to 10:30 pm every day

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