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Best and Unique Places to Stay in Panchgani


Best Places To Stay In Panchgani

About the activity: Experience the serene and tranquil landscape of Panchgani with your loved ones and enjoy the amazing facilities of the Hotel Millenium Park. During your stay here, you will experience high quality hospitable services and amenities that will help you get that relaxed holiday you need.There are several indoor and outdoor activities here and the rooms are of top notch quality, guaranteed to make your stay worth the money that you spend.
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About the Activity:A perfect nesting place for nature lovers, enjoy taking in the panoramic views during a relaxing economical stay at Exotic Homestay in Panchgani with your loved ones! Exotic Home Stay has a nice cozy bungalow for you to rest and rejuvenate in before you go back to your work filled with energy. There are 4 bedrooms in the ground and first floor, a common hall, kitchen, and well-maintained lawn all for you to enjoy!All rooms have the balcony that is overlooking the valley/ farm nearby and are equipped with Satellite LCD television and tea/coffee maker and instant power backup.A
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About the Activity:Property is just located 13 KM from Mahābaleshwar and 2 KM from Panchgani.Reach the property at around 12:00 noon and check in to these one of a kind unconventional igloos.The property boasts a uniquely designed camp featuring themed housings and activities.The tent can accommodate 2 adults and offer various activities.During your stay indulge in on array of activities like rock climbing, camp fire, jungle trekking and dance to the tunes of a DJ.Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the morning before checking out of the camp at around 10:00 AM.
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Traveller Tales From Panchgani


Giri Ahuja

23 November 2015

My wife and I booked it for our 4th anniversary. This is a good place all couples. Very romantic. Farm stays were never something that I thought as romantic, but definitely this was too romantic and awesome. I had a great time with my hubby here. It was a relaxing, rejuvenating, and an amazing weekend. I loved it totally. It was quite awesome. I suggest this to all couples out there.


Ahalya Talwar

17 November 2015

Great place...I planned a complete family outing her, all of us just wanted a calm place to relax our strained bodies and glad we picked this place. The entire resort was so calm and we loved the entire experience. it was also very good for the kids, as they organise special bullock kart ride for them so we all had an amazing time together.Great place!


Gopaal Devar

09 October 2015

We took a farm stay package in Panchgani. The advantages of taking this were that it was inexpensive, we can’t call it cheap but it was totally cost-effective, the stay and food essentials were all taken care of so no extra charges, and the food was decently fine. The stay was more of personal stay with no group activities. It would have been nice if the stay was like a camp with a camp leader and organizers explaining much on significance or history of Panchgani. It was necessary for people like us who have never been to this part of India. In short, it was good trip, but could have been lots better in my opinion.


Shridevi Dhawan

10 December 2015

Panchgani is a paradise for nature lovers. This is a place that one can sit back and relax. I wanted to take a relaxing weekend away so chose to stay in the estates. It was a worthy and amazing experience. It was very refreshing and pleasant to stay in a farm instead of normal hotels. My mother always wanted to visit here. She had once visited after her wedding, and was insisting to visit here again. As camping was not good for her health, we took a farm stay. When I came across this package, I was very happy and the reviews looked promising. After the trip, I have already recommended this to a lot of people.


Gautam Deshpande

23 February 2016

WOW! Yes, this was amazing. A great stay with parents. My dad retired recently and wanted to go on a nice family trip. He always prefers taking packages for stay and I am not a big fan of it. When we both sat and discussed on this package, I was sceptical, but agreed. However, after the trip, I am happy about this. The place had great ambiance. The stay was pleasant. The cost was not very expensive too. The only drawback was that the food was not that great. If they rectify it, this is a killer deal.


Bilwa Kaur

30 October 2015

Panchgani is one of the most beautiful hill stations in close proximity to Mumbai and is known for its beautiful scenic views. Finding an economical homestay in this area for a relaxing weekend felt great and we were all very excited for the experience. Once we reached we were not let down by what we discovered. Located amidst beautiful surroundings the house was very cozy and comfortable. At night we lit a campfire and were completely relaxed. One of my best weekend experiences.

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Girika Prajapat

10 January 2016

This trip was fun when even as I saw the itinerary. It was relaxed with a farm stay. However, most of my co travelers were intending on having bonfire and games that people would sit and play. It was good, but I was not that interested, but had to abide as my friends wanted to do it.. Most of the times, I felt as if I was with the wrong gang. However, the trip organizer guy was enthusiastic like us and were giving us good company. it was a good place to chill at just that i wanted someting else otherwise a very nice place to go with your friends.


Gajabahu Dubashi

12 October 2015

Too much things to do, but very limited time. Either they should have extended the time or reduced the activities. Farm stay itself had lots to explore and they added too many activities. I guess not everyone can be zealous and over enthusiastic like teenage gang of kids. The food was good and some of the activities were really enjoyable still better organization would have made it more lovable is what I feel. Otherwise, I have no issues. In fact it was quite a nice experience overall.


Aanandaswarup Chopra

21 August 2015

This is the best weekend getaway for Mumbaites. No matter if you want a laid back weekend or a little adventurous one, Panchgani is just the best. However, the farm stay was more of a laid back one. So choose wisely on what you want. Food was good and we have some great co travelers. I am happy to have chosen this trip deal. The only regret was that there were not much activities to do during the trip.

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