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Kolhapur is situated at a distance of 228 km from Pune, and 373 km from Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. According to Hindu mythology, Kolhapur is a town named after the demon Kolhasur. There are multiple versions to the tale as to how he was killed, but the stories have a common end where his death wish was to have a city named after him and thus emerged Kolhapur, where pur is the Sanskrit term for ‘city’. 

For the history buffs and archaeology fanatics, Kolhapur has a lot to offer. Having a vivid mythological correlation, the city is visited by young and old alike, and has a repertoire of ethereal beauty to offer. The spiritual aura of the place is complemented due to the very many temples established.

The Kaneri Math Temple is the most religious site in the area. It is a Lord Shiva temple showcasing the rural occupational lifestyle coupled with ornate structures of various Hindu gods. While this is a purely religious site, Kopeshwar Temple offers a different outlook on the culture. It is intricately inscribed with ancient architectural forms of construction and is enshrined with Lord Vishnu in one of his incarnations called Dopeshwar. There is a shivling honoring Lord Shiva too. There are several other monumental attractions like the Siddhagiri Museum and Rankala Lake. 

If you want to wander through nature and explore the exotic animal life here, then the Dajipur Wildlife sanctuary inhabits various species of flora and fauna and offers safari rides within the jungle for those excited at the thought of exploring the wilderness. Trekking is yet another popular activity, along with historic exploration of the various temples, and their archaeological structure.

Kolhapur experiences extreme humidity before and during the monsoon. Summers are extremely hot over here with a temperature ranging from 24 degrees to 35 degree C. The winters here are comparatively warmer and hence people mostly resort to visit this place during this season
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