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Traveller Tales from Satara


Vishwamitra Khatri

19 July 2015

Over the 2 days of this camping near Wai village, I along with the other group members had immense fun. There were a lot of interesting activities and as all the group members took active part, the fun for the day just got doubled. Nature walk and river crossing on the first day was an eye-opener to the immaculate beauty of the nature. Trekking on the second day also gave such an experience.

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Sumitra Nehru

07 September 2015

The Wai camping was a brilliant experience that I encountered in my life. The camping experience was exquisite and brilliant to say the least. My most favourite aspect was that the camping had a swim which was inexplicable experience. It was really a soul thirst quenching swim that we had there. This camping is enjoyed if you go with a gang of friends. Especially, if you are still in college, then this camp is a must vacation. We were three grown-up adults who had this much fun, if you are a bunch of youngsters, you get to enjoy even more as with this camp, it is more the merrier.


Anal Kaur

25 March 2016

Smitten by nature. Yes that's excatly what I can say about this awesome place. Little did we know that our overnight campaing at Kaas Plateau would leave an indelible impact on our minds. This spectacular floral paradise situated in the Western Ghat Sahyadri range, 22 kilometers from Satara city in Maharashtra riddled with an occasional welcome gust of wind refreshed our minds like anything. With a campfire going on in one of the comfy places two of my friends and I perched ourselves in the cradle of nature and indulged in music and an ethereal natural beauty like never before.


Gudakesa Chaturvedi

09 August 2015

Among everything we got to do and enjoy in this amazing camping adventure, I liked the raft building activity the most. I mean, there was everyone so much involved into it and were supporting their teams in the best ways they could. We were given only some barrels, log pieces, tubes, ropes and strings to make the rafts. Everyone's creativity was at the peak during the activity. Even the evening barbeque and the musical sojourn was also very heart warming. Both the days were equally exciting.


Rajan Mukhopadhyay

13 March 2016

Kaas Plateau Sightseeing, Satara has been an amazing getaway for us. Being in Mumbai, we have a lot of getaway options, but with a couple of friends coming from Pune, we wanted something midway to both the places. So, Satara was pretty much a favourable option. Overall, the experience of sightseeing was awesome. The planning was professional and we loved being part of this wonderful trip. Even cost wise it was indeed very cost effective.


Drona Nayar

17 January 2016

All I should say is 'wow'! This is the perfect place to come face-to-face with the Mother Nature and revel on her meticulous beauty. Not every day we get to see so many colours of the nature! Each moment spend on this plateau will etch a memory in your mind. All the thanks should go to our guide who helped us a lot in booking and completing this amazing sightseeing experience.


Giriraaj Somayaji

17 December 2015

I enjoyed everything about this camping experience. The activity that we enjoyed the most however , was the raft building one! We all pretended like we were characters from 'Lost' and the organiseers too joine din the fun! Excellent and comforting living spaces.


Esha Trivedi

07 March 2016

Swear, you cannot miss anything on this sojourn. If you want to enjoy the very best of nature, you must hike up to the Kaas plateau and look up to its magical beauty.


Kumuda Patel

23 February 2016

We really enjoyed this a lot and had exciting moments during the hike. In addition to the beautiful views, the arrangements and the service were really warming.

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