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Traveller Tales from Karnala


Dhana Verma

05 May 2016

This Campsite falls in karnala, close to the bird century, surrounded my mighty shayadri hills. We drove to this place and reached within the stipulated time. We had to wait for some time for the rest of the team to gather. After which, we were taken to our tents to dump our bags. we went around the camping site and vsited the bird sanctuary. we had a lavish dinner by the campfire, and a star gazing session. It was great to doze off looking at the amazing sky.


Shubha Bharadwaj

03 June 2016

To have a fun evening away from the city , we took a camping deal. It was quite a steal deal really. We had an amazing time. I personally loved this camping experience, and I feel this was the best camp that I have ever been on. It was no different from other camps. The same old way of camping, but it was nicely organized in a jovial way so it was fun. I recommend this camp to all of you as it is cheap, worthy, fun, as well as a little adventurous, and relaxing too.


Purnima Varma

18 May 2016

Camping at Karnala in Mumbai was a good one. It was quite interesting and worthy too. I initially thought that this was quite expensive for a camping. Well, I still feel it was costly, but at least we had fun. The beauty of this camp like any other natural beauty cannot be explained in words. Only if you have been there you will recognize the perfect getaway experience with your friends or family. It was quite great and enjoyable too.


Dhanvin Mahajan

23 April 2016

Karnala is a beautiful place near Mumbai. This place is a beauty of its own.This place is a treasure gifted to us by nature. With greeneries all around and high class lush beauty that is natural, it was a treat to our eyes. The only bad thing about this camp was that it ended soon. I wish they arrange some week long camps or something so that we can have a nice vacation here.


Chakrika Kaniyar

25 April 2016

I never believed that there are so many camp sites near Mumbai. It was amazing thing for us to do by taking a camping near Mumbai. It was awesome. We had a really great time camping here. I loved the whole concept of camping. It was in fact interesting and an enthralling experience. I loved the camp site that was set up by these organizers. It was indeed awesome.


Sumitra Dwivedi

23 April 2016

The whole trip was a nice experience. After our visit to Nashik, we took this camping to relax and unwind for the night, and it was amazing. I had a really great time here. It was quite a worthy camping here. This is affordable, well-planned, and one of the best camps in Mumbai. in all a avery good camping site to chill!


Chandramauli Iyer

05 April 2016

The visit to this place was good. campfire was lousy and chilling. we were jamming next to bonfire sipping some drinks, good eveing spent with friends. However, it was good in general, and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Good Way to spend your weekend .


Kirti Achari

03 April 2016

The trip was awesome. Yes. I enjoyed it to the core. It was super fun, amazing, and lovely. The travel to this place is tough and crazy. Despite the fact that this is near Mumbai, reaching to this place is quite a tough task.


Balagovind Mehra

31 March 2016

It was a really nice camp near Mumbai at Karnala that I took recently. It is worth every penny spent. I suggest more and more people to take this. This is highly recommended. I wish that it was more nicely organized.

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