Pashan Lake Overview

Enjoy a surreal evening at Pashan Lake in Pune away from the clamor of city life. It is a man-made lake and one of the most picturesque places to visit in Pune. Dating back to the British times, this lake was built as a water reservoir to meet the needs of water in the neighborhood. The place can be visited for a picnic to enjoy the natural scenery and the cool breezes. Boating and fishing are other popular activities that one can enjoy at Pashan Lake

Pashan lake boasts of hosting many beautiful migratory birds and has become a popular spot for bird watching in Pune. One can see many rare and exotic birds here like a gray heron, little egret, white-breasted kingfisher, open billed stork etc. With the great landscape replete with greenery and natural surroundings, Pashan Lake is a wonderful bird sanctuary which you can visit in Pune.

  • Location: Pashan Lake is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Pune city center

  • Best Time to visit: The months from December to February are the best for visiting Pashan Lake

  • Entry fee: No tickets are required to enter Pashan Lake

  • Timings: The timings are 8:00 am to 11:30 pm

Located in Pune, Maharashtra, Pashan Lake happens to be a man-made lake created close to the Pashan suburb. This lake was developed during the British rule over India with the purpose of accommodating the neighborhood’s water requirements.

Featuring 15 square miles of catchment area, the water of Pashan Lake was used for drinking purposes by the people of Pashan village. However, recent urbanization in the area has affected the water quality of the lake to a great extent, turning it unfit for consumption.

In modern times, Pashan Lake has gained a lot of popularity as a major tourist spot in Pune. The beauty and serenity offered by this lake captivate and lure a host of photo fanatics and bird lovers to visit the place frequently. In addition to tourists, the pleasant atmosphere and green surroundings also propel many migratory birds to the lake each year.

A beautiful bamboo plantation at the lake allures these birds and offers them a comfortable place to stay in. Some of the birds that flock here are Jungle Babbler, Cattle Egret, House Crow, White-Breasted Kingfisher, Cotton Teal, Coot, Mahratta Woodpecker, and Purple Moorhen.   

Tourists flocking to Pashan Lake indulge majorly in photography, boating, and bird watching. A number of benches are provided at the lake for the travelers to sit comfortably and experience the feeling of tranquility offered by nature. A footpath of 300 meters has also been constructed alongside Pashan Lake by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to offer a suitable track for walkers and joggers.

How To Reach

Pashan Lake is located at a distance of about 18.1 kilometers from the Pune International Airport. Once you land at the airport, you can either take a local taxi or hire a cab to reach Pashan Lake. You can also reserve an auto-rickshaw that can take you to the spot directly from the airport.

Best Time To Visit

December to February is considered to be the most ideal time to visit Pashan Lake. After the cease of the monsoons, many migratory birds flock to this water body. The winter months are the only period when you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful migratory birds. Hence, if you are a bird lover, plan your tour to Pashan Lake during winters.

Other Essential Information

Location: Pashan Lake is located at a distance of around 12 kilometers from Pune.

Timings: Pashan Lake can be visited by travelers from 6 AM to 11 AM and 4 PM to 6 PM, throughout the week.

Price: There is no entry fee to visit Pashan Lake.

Tips to Follow at Pashan Lake :

Some tips that you can keep in mind while visiting Pashan Lake:

1. Pashan Lake is getting increasingly polluted due to the effect of modernization. So, as a responsible citizen of the country, it is your responsibility to keep the lake clean. Hence, make it a point not to litter in and around the lake.

2. Avoid urinating in and around the lake. Make use of the toilets provided for the purpose.

3. Do not try any other perilous activities while boating in the lake as this can be very dangerous and can lead to mishaps.

4. Do not try to feed the fishes inside the lake or indulge in overfishing.

5. If you are visiting Pashan Lake in the summer months of April and May, consider carrying a pair of sunglasses, a water bottle, and sunscreen lotion as the place remains very hot during this time.

6. Be careful while using your smartphones, cameras, and other mobile devices when boating, or you may end up losing your belongings by accidentally dropping them inside the lake.

7. Have enough time to explore all the exciting things to do at the lake and admire the place to the fullest. If you are in a hurry, you may not be able to experience the true colors of this charming tourist spot.

Places to stay near Pashan Lake:

If you want to stay for the weekend near the lake, here are the options for you:

1. JW Marriott Hotel Pune - Located at a distance of around 3.2 kilometers from Pashan Lake, JW Marriott Hotel is one of the most reputed and popular places to stay in Pune. Packed with every luxury amenity, the rooms of the hotels are totally elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable. The cost of rooms at the JW Marriot Hotel Pune starts from INR 10,300 per night.  

2. Ramee Grand Hotel Pune - Located at a distance of around 5.0 kilometers from Pashan Lake, Ramee Grand Hotel is a well-equipped, 5-Star hotel in Pune. Known for its palatable cuisines, entertainment avenues, and comforting hospitality, the hotel offers cozy rooms starting from INR 5000 per night.

3. Treebo Trip Lotus - Situated at a distance of about 4.0 kilometers from Pashan Lake, Treebo Trip Lotus happens to be a budget-friendly and elegant hotel in Pune. This property is suitable for all kinds of travelers including couples and families and offers rooms starting from INR 3700 per night.

4. Deccan Rendezvous - Boasting a classy ambiance and comfortable suites, Deccan Rendezvous is a popular hotel located at a distance of 4.9 kilometers from Pashan Lake. Packed with all the basic as well as luxury amenities, the rooms of the hotel start from INR 3400 per night. 

5. The E-SQUARE Hotel - Situated at a short distance of about 3.7 kilometers from Pashan Lake, The E-SQUARE Hotel offers its guests a lavish stay in the city of Pune. Featuring extreme elegance and comfort, the rooms of the hotel start from INR 4400 per night.
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