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Puneet Sinha

16 April 2015

Konkan Diva Fort Trek Near Pune is a great and an interesting trek. The trek was complete fun and it was interesting. I loved the whole trek. I never thought Pune is such a nice vacation spot. All I thought about Pune was that it is a nice spot to hang out watch movies, drink, and have fun. However, within some kilometres of drive from Pune, there are a lot to explore and have fun with. I totally loved this travel filled Pune that surprised me. This trek is something that shouldn’t be missed.


Giriraaj Shah

01 June 2015

It was pure fun and delight for the three days. There were a lot to enjoy in these days. Sightseeing tours were so detailed and the guides too were very skilled. All the arrangements were made accordingly and things went very smoothly. Nice trip to revisit history.


Advaya Bhattathiri

14 January 2016

Konkan Diva Fort Trek was suggested by my colleagues. I was wanting to take this trek for few months now, but it kept on being postponed. Finally, I did happen to go here for a tiny honeymoon with my wife. We didn’t have enough leaves left for a proper honeymoon so we ended up going here instead, but nevertheless we couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon. To start with it was off-beat and not the cozy romantic kind which both of us hate. Also, this was quite exciting and adventurous. We suggest everyone to take this trek to have a really interesting and different travel experience.


Gobinda Asan

13 October 2015

Konkan Diva Fort Trek is in Pune. Although this is not exactly in Pune, it is in a short drive distance from there. We had a great time here in this trek. The beauty of this trek lies in the rustic beauty of the nature and the hills around. The fort seems brilliant and one might actually want to stay here totally. The forts could have been well-maintained. This was my only concern through the trip. The food, stay, and the trek was all well organized, and there was no complaints on that front. I really hope forward to do more fort and/or night treks soon.


Jitendra Khatri

18 February 2016

I had a lot of fun with this trek. The trek was indeed different and unique. After moving to Pune, I kept hearing about fort treks a lot. I was initially not so interested with the idea, but gradually wanted to try. When my friends suggested this, we did try and to my surprise, I did agree with them. Although initially I was sceptical about the trip, this trip did seem to be very interesting and I had a great trek to say the least. Fort treks are double the fun as normal ones and half the tediousness. What else could we ask for?


Bhudev Reddy

17 January 2016

Konkan Diva Fort Trek is by far the best trek that I have ever been. Well, how shall I start? I am a huge fan of trekking and adventure activities. Mostly treks are surrounded by lovely green landscapes or backdrops. However, I always wanted to trek that is either filled with snow or with rustic rocks and this trek falls in the second category. I loved the fact that this trek was simple, moderately challenged, and fun.

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