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Peacock Bay, Pune

  • Peacock Bay is a spectacular place to visit in Pune when you are touring National Defence Academy. It is adjacent to the lake at Khadakvasla Dam and owned by the National Defence Academy. With a large number of peacocks which could be spotted in the area, Peacock Bay got its well-deserved name. Along with the peacocks, the place has been known for offering glimpses of various flora and fauna like deer, Lion-tailed monkeys, and civets.

    Peacock Bay has been famous for hosting a number of challenging competitions and activities of NDA. The place has many facilities which range from sailing boats, windsurfers to different whalers and dinghies. Peacock Bay offers a surreal ambiance and offers a wonderful visit distinct from many other places to visit in Pune.

    • Location: Peacock Bay is located at National Defence Academy in Pune

    • Best Time to visit: The ideal time to visit Peacock Bay is from the month of July to February

    • Entry fee:  Tourists are not required to pay any entrance fees for visiting Peacock Bay

    • Timings: Although there is no specific time to visit this place, it is advisable to plan your visit in the morning or evening.