30 Best Camping Places near Pune - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

Camping places near Pune include Pawna lake, Kundalike river, Torna fort, Wai, Lonavala, Bhandardara lake, Rajmachi fort, Kambre, Shirota lake, Panchgani, Revdanda beach, Karnala, Bordi beach and many more exciting places.

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Camping near Pune is a very handy leisure activity as the city offers some amazing options for camping to escape the monotonous hustle and bustle of the city. Loaded with the magic of beautiful hilly terrains, give a lot of scope for good camping which could be adjacent to a beach or lake.

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You could plan for camping amidst jungle or a fort. Be it a day camp or an overnight camp. You can even get adventurous enough to camp inside a cave. Camping could be easily customized according to the budget, time and place you wish to hit. You name it and Pune has it.

Here are some of the best places for camping near Pune:


Lake Camping beside Pawna Lake (57 km from Pune)

Lake Camping beside Pawna Lake (57 km from Pune)

The beautiful, unexplored Pawna Lake campsite is one of the ideal location for an amazing weekend getaway for both locals of Pune and Mumbai. Not so crowded by tourists, this destination is for the people who love to spend lone time. It is a tailor made destination to enjoy nature at its best. Camping at this lakeside campsite has its own perks. 

Just a dip or a dive into the waters here can refresh and rejuvenate you in no time; perfect for a relaxing break amidst nature! During the day, you can swim, relax and enjoy the surroundings and at night get set to light up the spark in you and party hard alongside the bonfire lit up at the campsite. All of these make Pawna Lake camping near Pune, an experience of a lifetime!

If you don't prefer camping then you can try some resorts near Pune that will just amuse you with their beauty.


Camping on the Banks of River Kundalika (150 km from Pune)

Camping on the Banks of River Kundalika (150 km from Pune)
The hub of adventure, River Kundalika is known for being a home for river rafting near Pune, if you are planning to camp besides it. Beautiful night sky, cool breeze that flows from the spell binding green carpet around the place and the soft noises of water flow trickling your ears; what more can you ask for during a camp? Do the regular with double excitement and while you are all set to camp at this wonderful destination. Camping besides this mesmerising countryside is a blissful blend of both nature and adventure.

Unravel the adventurer in you and try out some of the most exclusive water sports like boating and river rafting at this camping spot. Alongside all the fun and adventure, also live the cheerful atmosphere of this picturesque location. A good blend of everything, this campsite is definitely the best weekend camping near Pune you could ask for!
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212 Ratings Ratings
Riverside Camping near Pune with Trekking
  • 2D/1N
  • Pune
  • 2D/1N
  • Pune
₹2,000 ₹1,800
Discover the not so known but the worth visiting Rayling Plateau. The place is also known as the as on the famous fort Lingana. Experience the beauty of western hills and feel the nature with riverside camping near Pune. The place is not too far from Pune and Lonavala and you can easily reach here. 

What to Expect:

Perfect Mixture of Camping and Offbeat
Experience the amazing riverside camping near Pune with trekking to Rayling Plateau. The place is perfect for thrill-seekers and nature lovers. The package offers a riverside camping with meals and activities. Rappel down a natural cliff of 45 ft with experienced guides and safety gears. 

Enjoy guided Rappelling and Trekking
The package offers camping experience with two options of trekking and rappelling. You can avail of two packages in which one offers the camping and rappelling experience. The second package offers riverside camping with rappelling and trekking to Rayling Plateau. 

Panoramic View Of Nature Around
As the campsite offers the best views of Shadri mountain ranges it is the best place for nature lovers. There are several trekking points so the place is also best for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers. The campsite is located on the riverside so you can just sit and relax. 

Breakfast and BBQ Dinner included
The riverside camping near Pune offers the mouth-watering BBQ and homemade authentic local food. Both packages offer dinner, evening tea, and breakfast. You have the option of choosing veg and non-veg food in BBQ.

Know Before You Go:

Check-in: 05.00 pm
Check-out: 02.00 pm

Insider Tip:
Adventure Day Out With Rappelling to your itinerary to experience a day-out with rappelling.
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764 Ratings Ratings
Camping and Adventure Activities Near Wai - Flat 25% Off
  • 2D/1N
  • Satara
  • 2D/1N
  • Satara
₹4,667 ₹3,500

About the Activity:

  • Indulge in array of  activity at camping resort in Wai, situated right in the midst of the beauty of nature, at the foothills of Kate's Point.
  • Reach the campsite around 12 noon to get checked into the camp and freshen up for a briefing session, followed by an introduction.
  • Spend the day outing in the open and indulge in some activities like never before for a fun day with family. 
  • Indulge yourself in an array of activities like cycling, kayaking, rifle shooting, barring trail, star gazing and camping.
  • Experience the lush greenery enveloping the hills, that will add an extra dose of fun and excitement to your adventure. 
  • Get away from the city and enjoy the sight of millions of twinkling stars in the night staying in a retreat tent or in a quechua tent 
  • The next day enjoy the delicious breakfast and depart from the camp site around 11:00 AM 

Check-in Time-12:00 PM
Check-out Time- 11:00 AM

How to reach-
The campsite is located approximately 150 km away from the Pune.


Camping at Lonavala (67 km from Pune)

Camping at Lonavala (67 km from Pune)

Lonavala is one of the famous tourist spots near Pune and is also the most beautiful one around it. It is best explored in the rains and the mystic atmosphere of this beautiful hill station near Pune will leave you spell bound with its beauty. The lush green valleys, hill tops and bewitching terrains of this place hypnotise the visitors in no time. 

This camping destination is best known for trekking and cycling and alongside that, you can also engage yourself in activities like hiking, zorbing and quad biking. The destination is also extremely famous among youngsters as it is a place that has both tranquillity and adventure. Lonavala hill station camping is one of a kind experience; unleash and let yourself lose to the winds of this wonderful place near Pune. 

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64 Ratings Ratings
Bhandardara Lake Camping
  • 2D/1N
  • Ahmednagar
  • 2D/1N
  • Ahmednagar
About the Activity:
  • A time that secures your comfort even at the basic level of facilities is camping but in today's scenario a lakeside camping is something necessary to keep aside the day to day humdrum.
  • Near Bhandardara, you are getting a peaceful ambience throughout with the gurgling noise of the lake on your side. 
  • Indulge your heart with the non-stereotypical activities such as star gazing and watching star constellation and many other adventure activities near the camp.
  • The event starts at 05:00 pm and concludes at 10:00 am, the next morning.
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884 Ratings Ratings
Trekking Expedition to Rajmachi Fort from Lonavala
  • 1D/1N
  • Lonavala
  • 1D/1N
  • Lonavala
₹1,699 ₹1,199
About the Rajmachi Trek:

Rajmachi and Kondane Caves trek takes you on a tour through tranquil hidden landscapes of Maharashtra. This ancient fort of Rajmachi is located in the Karjat region and is a perfect example of lost beauties in today’s hustles. These beautiful forts were built by Shivaji Maharaj during the 17th century and strive for a favourite trekking destination amongst ardent adventure seekers.

Delight in this awe-inspiring quaint Rajmachi fort which provides you with pleasant views of Borghat, a historic trade route located in this region of Maharashtra. Admire the beauty of Shrivardhan Fort and Manoranjan fort crowned at the pinnacle with this amazing Rajmachi fort trek. This stunning ancient beauty can be reached via two ways, while Kondivide village route might get tricky at times, however, the most preferable route is from Lonavala as it is much easy and provides the best of the views.

Standing amidst the dense forests, Rajmachi and Kondane Caves trek provide you with some amazing sceneries, this stunning place is a beauty to the eyes especially in the rainy season as you will be witnessing random waterfalls and lush greenery at every turn while trekking. Rivet in this amazing experience with friends and family like never before!

We meet sharp at 17:20 hours at Lonavala Railway station

Suggested train to the board is the 11009/Mumbai CST-Sinhagad Express, timings are:

14:30 CST
14:40 Dadar
15:08 Thane
15:28 Kalyan
16:08 Karjat
17:08 Lonavala

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Camping in Wai, Pune @ 1349 Only
  • 2D/1N
  • Pune
  • 2D/1N
  • Pune
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About the Camp:
The campsite offers a lake side view and mountain view at the same time and can be reached easy as is located approximately 25 km away from the Pune-Mahabaleshwar Highway.

About the Activity:
Check In Time: 4:00 PM
Check out Time:11:00 AM

- Arrive at campsite in Sahayadri ranges and enjoy some sightseeing while relaxing at leisure away from the city noise. Indulge in activities like Boat Ride,Speed Boat Ride, Horse ride,Rifle shooting etc. Let yourself calm out in the here and enjoy bonfire with music & snacks as dusk rises.
- Stay in tents overnight after spending some time in gazing stars and taking a meal.
- After having delicious breakfast, indulge in some games like cricket, badminton next day and trek the nearby areas. Before you check-out, collect some memories and relish them forever.

How to reach?
The property is in the interior regions amidst nature. Public Transportation may not be easily available. Guests should come in their own vehicles or hired vehicles to the place. Once you book, detail directions guide will be shared to reach the place.

Min number of people required to book:- 1
Max number of people:- 28
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164 Ratings Ratings
Camping in Kambre, Pune - 17% off
  • 2D/1N
  • Pune
  • 2D/1N
  • Pune
₹2,300 ₹2,000

About Kambre:

Kambre is around 74 km from Pune and as it is present near to the natural beauty, it attracts thousands of getaway seekers from a regular metropolitan life. The camps, vast open lands and plethora of activities welcome all with utmost love and happiness.

About the camp:
The camp will make you fall in love with itself as it is a simple yet beautiful place which reminds you that basic roots can make you happier as well than modern life. It is so because camps are very comfortable and surrounded by chirping of birds and greenery around.

About the stay:
The stay encompasses 10 tents which can be accommodated on double sharing basis easily. The comfort in the tents are pretty good with en-suite toilet. Moreover, the campsite can take 20 people at a time for a perfect weekend camping..
Check-In Time: 11:00 AM
Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM 

About the activities:
The activities include indoor games like chess, carom, outdoor games like badminton, football and nature walk around the site. You will also be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked in home style.

How to reach?
The campsite is about 75 km at a distinct location in the woods. You can easily reach here by cab or taxi and will be given exact details right after the booking confirmation.

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37 Ratings Ratings
Camping Experience near Shirota Lake, Lonavala
  • 2D/1N
  • Lonavala
  • 2D/1N
  • Lonavala
About the Experience:

  • Though Lonavala in Mumbai is overflowing with offbeat locations, Shirota Lake is a spot every nature lover would love to explore again and again. 
  • Here is a camping package that is extending a hearty welcome to all those special people who are looking for a total change from their daily life scenes. The campsite is perching at an elevation from Lonavala passing through the jungles and is situated near the famous Shirota Lake.
  • Check-in at the camp around 04:30 PM and explore the peaceful, alluring beauty of the lake which lies so majestically across a vast area.
  • A lake view camping experience in the accompaniment of delicious dinner and fun will definitely uplift you, emotionally and physically.
  • Also, a time-bound campfire at night would be arranged where you can leave your worries and tiredness away as well as indulge in a night trek to the nearby jungle to experience the bizarre interiors of an unfamiliar habitat.
  • Check-out of the camps next morning around 10:00 AM after breakfast. 
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628 Ratings Ratings
Camping in Panchgani
  • 1D/1N
  • Panchgani
  • 1D/1N
  • Panchgani

About the Activity:

Welcome the adventure and excitement with Panchgani camping! Located amongst the vast reliefs of land, it is best suited for those who want to experience nature at its best. The prosperous plant and wildlife of the region make it even more beautiful in the monsoon season when they are in full bloom and zenith. Camping in Panchgani shows you the exquisite and various adventure pursuits, all of which are guaranteed to excite you!

As you arrive at the campsite by noon, check-in and have a great spread of lunch served to you. Thereafter, you are free to indulge in any of the activities that capture your imagination like Ziplining, Commando Crossing, 12-item Obstacle Course, Learner’s Rock Climb, Rifle Shooting, Tent Pitching and many more. You can also try your hand at rappelling, rock climbing or the more exciting, waterfall rappelling. You can also explore the surrounding hilly area on foot by trekking or use the cycles at the campsite.

Check-in: 12:00PM and Check-out: 10:00 AM


Camping at Revdanda Beach (157 km from Pune)

Camping at Revdanda Beach (157 km from Pune)
You don’t have to think twice when you know it’s a beach camping destination! Not so far from Mumbai and Pune, Revdanda is a small picnic spot near Pune that locals and Mumbaikars can look out for. Yet in its untouched and raw form, Revdanda is one of the least explored beach destination which is also known for camping in Pune.

This makes it all the more perfect for camping over a weekend. It is a small fishing harbour that will excite your stay. You can explore the old fort at Revdanda and enjoy the mystic surroundings as you walk alongside the never-ending sea. The stretch gives you a beautiful outlook of the place that will add on to your camping experience at Revdanda.

This unexplored beach camping site is also known for not being crowded; that makes it a good spot for those of you that love to spend some time in tranquil atmosphere. Stargazing and wetting your feet to the surreal atmosphere of this place will definitely leave you mesmerised!

Camping in Karnala (122 km from Pune)

Camping in Karnala (122 km from Pune)

If you have forgotten what outdoors actually looks like, or want to get back in time to your childhood and experience the fun all over again; here is Karnala camping ready to offer everything that you are looking out for over the weekend. A perfect destination for camping with your family, Karnala camping is the experience that you cannot afford to miss. Nested in the arms of Mother Nature, engulfed in the palm and coconut groves, this place is a refreshing recap of what most of us thought an ideal picnic spot would be like.

 Trek, hike, cycle, play, campfire and relax in the beautiful atmosphere in and around this wonderful location. You can also visit the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and indulge in some bird watching activity. The soothing locales of this place are the best and they also make this spot one of the best camping sites near Pune.


Bordi Beach Camping (286 km from Pune)

Bordi Beach Camping (286 km from Pune)

The best comes first! The bewitching view of a calm and serene beach itself is enough of a soothing experience to have; now imagine camping beside one, how amazing! In the nest of feet tickling sands, you can pitch in your camp and relax at the mystic atmosphere like never before. 

Group camping will be the best kind at this campsite as you and your group are sure to get lost in the beautiful camping experience at Bordi Beach. This beach is also one of the best places to visit in Pune to chill and have fun.

On reaching this surreal destination, you can relax for a while as you sink in the beauty of this place and then get going to visit the locals of Bordi Beach. The beach campsite is surrounded by sapodilla orchards and old bungalows along the stretch which can be visited in the evening. Party hard at night alongside the bonfire and enjoy stargazing at this mesmerising camping destination near Pune.

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151 Ratings Ratings
Stay Experience at Camp Temgarh in Maharashtra
  • 2D/1N
  • Lavasa
  • 2D/1N
  • Lavasa

About the Activity:

  • Just 30 kms from Pune along a winding road, amidst gathering clouds, tucked away in a little village of Mulshi taluka, is a nature retreat.
  • Spend some time surrounded by lush green thickest like never before with your loved ones.
  • Sleep under a blanket of stars with a crackling bonfire keeping you cozy for the night!
  • This quaint camp is a tranquil escapade away from the daily grind.
  • Engage in an exciting fishing experience in the river, partake in mountain biking along the rustic terrains of Temgarh.
  • Indulge in delicious homemade meals, after having a go at an array of indoor and outdoor games.
  • Idyllic cottages which are splendidly furnished, or the Swiss tents are tailored for the sheer comfort.


Camping at Vasind (190 km from Pune)

Camping at Vasind (190 km from Pune)

Unleash and unwind at this nature’s deck and get set to experience the most calm and serene weekend as you pack your bags to explore the untouched beauty of Vasind. Nested in the middle of mountains, the place is a delightful treat to your eyes and the panoramic view it offers is nothing less than a bliss! One of the most quite places to spend your weekend, Vasind is a must do for those of you who seek a break from the nonstop chaos of the city life.

Experience the wonderful sunrise and sunset at this destination and rejuvenate yourself for the coming week. Trekking and hiking is the most practiced activities at this destination. Vasind is an easy getaway and perfect for you if you want to just lay yourself in the arms of Mother Nature. This should definitely make it to your best camping experiences and also the most memorable one. 

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Excellent 171 Ratings
171 Ratings Ratings
Weekend Riverside Camping near Pune
  • 2D/1N
  • 2D/1N

A historically important town, Wai is situated in the Satara District of Maharashtra and on the banks of Krishna River. A scenic wonder, the town is home to the amazing camping ground by the River Krishna, where picnickers come to pitch their tents facing the river and enjoy some of the best activities around the river. This camping experience brings to you the amazing opportunity to take your people and camp on the riverside by Krishna, including many outdoor activities like air rifle, archery, bamboo rafting, swimming, and group motorboating.

About the Activity:

  • Wai is one of the calmest and historic places for camping near Pune and is an exciting fun-packed weekend getaway destination. 
  • Plunge into the clear waters of River Krishna and indulge in an exhilarating bamboo rafting or swimming.
  • Also spend time by engaging in Barbecuing, campfire, and music along with luscious food.
  • Engage in some activities such as Air Rifle, Archery, Bamboo Raft building to make your day eventful.
  • The package includes food, accommodation, and fun activities.

Check-in - 
4 PM
Check-out - 11 AM
*Note- This package is available in two variants; 1) Only Camping and 2) Camping with Activities

Camping at Murud

Camping at Murud

Murud, a picturesque location near Pune which is also a tiny fishing hamlet is also one of the best destinations for camping near Pune. Enthral in this nature’s nest with friends and family and experience a delightful camping at the wonderful Murud Janjira. Unleash yourself in this scenic escapade and an ideal off beat destination to make best of memories with your friends and family. Enjoy the delightful experience of camping in the lap of Mother Nature, right on the top of a hill where you will get a perfect view of the Arabian Sea. 

The panoramic view of this place is sure to captivate you for a lifetime! Get set to smash the ball while you indulge in a volleyball match, one of the best things to do at this nature’s abode. Enthral in a trek to Eidgah, an ancient open roof mosque. Capture the best of shots in your mind and camera. Cycle around the campsite and add more experiences to your camping. Take a break at this vicinity and get-set and go for an astounding camping in MurudJanjira!

Outdoors is the best stress buster after a hectic week and camping is like the icing on the cake! Camping in the wilderness of nature is an experience that one can never get over. It is a therapeutic pleasure of finding peace and calm amidst the continuous unrest of city life. Camping is an amazing stress buster that will refresh our minds, relax our souls.

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Very Good 26 Ratings
26 Ratings Ratings
Forest Camping in Mandangadh
  • 1D/1N
  • Ratnagiri
  • 1D/1N
  • Ratnagiri
About the Activity:
  • Embark in this exciting forest camping activity in Mandangadh and witness the stunning beauty of this region.
  • Start your activity after reaching the camping resort amidst the green forest and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the surroundings.
  • Reach the sunset point at Mandangarh fort and get captivated by the amazing sunset.
  • Trek through the river and the jungles while enjoying the scenic beauty of the place.
  • Freshen up with a swim in the waterfall. Indulge in some fun filled activities like raft building, boating.
  • Make your evening special with a campfire and a barbeque dinner.
  • Rejuvenate yourself with a yoga session and feel the thrill with some activities like treasure hunt, fishing and crabbing.
  • End this exciting camping tour with lots of memories.

Trek and Camping in Torna Fort (70 km from Pune)

Trek and Camping in Torna Fort (70 km from Pune)
Image Credit : Shrikant - Flickr
Hill top camping, sun kissed to feel the delight of the bewitching scenery around you is something that  will be in store for you if you plan to camp at Torna fort near Pune. The magnificent fort camping is on the hill top, leaving you spell bound with the appealing scenic beauty of the place. Torna fort camping is a tailor-made destination for travellers that want to explore something new and also spend time amidst the nature.

You can also trek amidst the surplus greens at this camping destination. Get over the week’s stress and dive into the relaxing mood while camping near Pune and enjoy your stay here with bonfire and stargazing. Early morning wake to the beautiful outlook of the mesmerising sunrise from the hill top that will make you feel like you are one among the clouds. 
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Superb 324 Ratings
324 Ratings Ratings
Overnight Camping at Kaas Plateau
  • 2D/1N
  • Satara
  • 2D/1N
  • Satara

About the Activity:

  • Blooming with over 850 varieties of flowers each monsoon season, the beauty of Kaas plateau that lies near the district of Satara, is unparalleled.
  • A perfect weekend getaway, it is located around 130km from Pune and 270km from Mumbai.
  • Pitch your tents in the stunning environs of this naturally beautiful getaway and feel the nature's beauty all around you.
  • You can also engage in classy photography experiments, trekking and sightseeing around the plateau.
  • Check in at the wondrous campsite at around 03:30 PM and enjoy the revelry till 10:00 AM the next morning.

Camping in Harishchandragad (172 km from Pune)

Camping in Harishchandragad (172 km from Pune)

Get over the regular perception of a camping experience, think much beyond just the barbeque night and bonfire and experience the rest at this exquisite camping destination near Pune. Everything right from trekking to hiking, rock climbing and valley crossing can be ticked off your checklist in just one camp; at Harishchandragad! The beautiful hill top campsite offers not just the scenic view of the pristine terrains around it but also has a number of activities for you to take part in. 

Enjoy the entire day out trying your hand at these activities, return to the campsite in the evening and lay down and get soaked in the beauty of this place. Fall asleep in the arms of twinkling stars and wake up sun kissed to the beautiful sunrise you witness from the hill top. 

27 Ratings
Superb 27 Ratings
27 Ratings Ratings
Falyan Jungle Camp
  • 2D/1N
  • 2D/1N
About the Activity:
  • Pack your bags for something crazy and different on your next weekend. If your are ready, then check this package out which brings forth an exciting camping amid the thick jungle canopy in Falyan, Maharashtra.
  • This 2 day 1 night camping is happening at a location called Falyan near Jambhulpada, 30 KM towards Pali from Khopoli. Falyan in Raigad is filled with plenty of greenery giving away its visitors an awesome time.
  • It is not just about camping but differing adventurous activities are on the list like rope course, rifle shooting, archery, night trail, river visit, trek to Murg Fort etc. These activities would fire the night on to reach another level of excitement.
  • Enjoy a BBQ session as well to make your adventurous night more eventful.
  • Check-in at the campsite around 04:00 PM and check-out around 11:00 AM after the camping.
  • The package promises you welcome drink, BBQ, dinner and breakfast during the camping.

Camping Amidst the Greens at Mulshi (44 km from Pune)

Get ready to rest in the nature’s deck and fall in love with Mother Nature all over again while you are amidst the greens at Mulshi. Located in a valley, this campsite has the privilege of being a witness to the breath-taking view of lush greenery, a tranquil lake and the much known Mulshi Dam. A complete package for those of you that love to be around a water place during a weekend. This places is perfect for sightseeing in Pune because of its mesmerizing beauty.

Enjoy trekking through these tiny trails of the valley in Mulshi, be a witness to the pristine environment and have maximum fun with your friends and family while you are here. Count yourself in for a few adventure activities like rock climbing, angling, rappelling and so on at Mulshi. With its more than exciting list of amazing view and thrilling activities, Mulshi is the place to be after a hectic week.


Camping at the exquisite Malhargad Fort (31 km from Pune)

Camping at the exquisite Malhargad Fort (31 km from Pune)
Image Credit : wikipedia.org

Feel and do the royal as you say hi to a wonderful camping experience at the Malhargad Fort. Located at a close proximity to Pune, Malhargad Fort camping is one of the easiest to plan over the weekend and get going without any second thought. Trek through the rocky trails of the hill, explore the surroundings of the fort, enjoy the tranquil environment and have a relaxed and soothing experience at this fort. 

Cycling and trekking are the best activities that you can head out for Pune. The soft and serene atmosphere itself calms you down and refreshes you from the chaos of the city life. This camping experience is all-in-all the most relaxing and tireless one you can feel while you are heading out to enjoy your weekend. 


Camping at Ghangad Fort (101 km from Pune)

Camping at Ghangad Fort (101 km from Pune)

Fort camping experiences are the most exquisite and raw experiences you can have! Sightseeing and a couple of activities at Ghangad Fort are accounted to be the most relaxed kind of camping experience. This is not entirely false; you will live the same if you plan to pack yourself off to the rustic Ghangad Fort. Located in the heart of the Tamhini Ghat, the camp location provides a visual treat to its visitors. It is also a famous destination for trekking near Pune.

The trek through these terrains seems a bit tough but it is quite simple for any trekking enthusiast. The top of the fort offers a glorious view of the surroundings leaving you mesmerised with its untouched beauty. Get grooving to the sound of wind that hum in your ears and be sun kissed as you witness the best of sunrise here at the Ghangad fort. A day or two out at this nature’s deck is the time you must have been asking for ages now!


Camping at Karjat (102 km from Pune)

Camping at Karjat (102 km from Pune)
Image Credit : Abhijit Tembhekar - Flickr
Get into your sports shoes and get going on a thrilling adventure experience while you are in Pune. Surrounded by lush greenery, Karjat is a camping destination that is sure to allure both nature and adventure lovers. Karjat camping destination near Pune is surrounded with charming landscapes, attractive terrains of lush greenery. This is for those who seek to be on a peaceful weekend getaway.

The nearby River Ulhas, caves of Kondana, Bhivpuri waterfalls all add to your experience of a perfect camp at Karjat. From doing the regular like nature’s walk and barbeque party to adventure activities like hiking and white water rafting in the river, Karjat has it all in store for you. These multiple activities make this destination one of the favourites for all the camping lovers and hence is also known to be a one stop destination for camping near Pune.

Camping in Peth Kotligad (128 km from Pune)

Situated at a close proximity to a small village near Pune called Peth, Peth Kotligad is famous for a one day trip near Pune. Nested on the hill top, the campsite offers a good view of the surrounding villages. The greenery around will enthral you beyond delight. Peth Kotligad is best explored during the monsoon as you can trek through the fresh lush greenery and experience nature in its raw form.

The picturesque destination is one of the best camping places near Pune as it has everything to make your trip amazing. Camping in Pune is sure to be at its best when you get going to explore such surreal forms of untouched nature’s beauty. All in all, this campsite is also one of the most preferred campsites among travellers and tourists that visit Pune. 

Camping at Bhor (54 km from Pune)

Camping at Bhor (54 km from Pune)
With the views of Bhatghar Dam Reservoir in Bhor, you can enjoy camping where you will be provided with well-equipped tents with amazingly delicious food. With a number of outdoor activities like cricket, volleyball and football you will have a good time indulging in team-building activities.

Besides this, outdoor sports like hiking, trekking and zip-lining would also be arranged to put your strength to test. A camp is incomplete without a barbecue, so you will get to enjoy sizzling veg and non-veg grilled food which you can enjoy sitting near a bonfire. After singing and dancing around the bonfire, you can finally go to sleep in your tents.

Camping in Uttan (182 km from Pune)

Camping in Uttan (182 km from Pune)

Edging the banks of Gorai Beach, Uttan is a very beautiful place for camping near Pune with amazing weather, exquisite seafood and the views of forested hills. Camping is all about spending time in the lap of nature but here in Uttan, we change the meaning a little bit.

You don’t only get to camp in the lap but also under nature. The clear sky of Uttan lets you enjoy your camp under the stars to its ultimate potential. You can spend a good quality time here and enjoy good food, majestic music, warm bonfire and a rejuvenating session of dancing and singing. Moreover, you can also hike through the rural town and get some pure oxygen in your lungs and good sights in your eyes.

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  5. What is the best time to visit Pune?

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