25 Places to Visit near Hyderabad | Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad
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Day Out In Hyderabad
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Experiences In Hyderabad

Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad

Warangal, Bidar, Nagarjunasagar, Mahabubnagar, Karimnagar, Srisailam, Kurnool, Guntur, Gulbarga, Mantralayam and many more

Immersed in history and culture but also thriving with modernity, Hyderabad is a captivating place to be. And if you have already explored places like Charminar, Hussainsagar lake and every other nook and cranny here, maybe it’s time to step out and explore the most tranquil tourist places near Hyderabad. There are several places like scenic hilltops, archaic monuments, as well as the ancient towns to explore. 

With the option to explore the diverse weekend getaways near Hyderabad, you can make for an exhilarating outing by visiting places like the eco-rich Guntur, the historic Bidar, and the scenic Kurnool. Apart from these, if you love some natural surroundings around you, Mahabubnagar is a great place to gawk at the beautiful waterfall in the heart of its forests. You can even immerse in the historic and holy town of Srisailam by visiting the Mallikarjuna temple on a hilltop or taking a dip in the sacred Patala Ganga.   
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Places to Visit Near Hyderabad (Within 200 Kms)


Warangal - 148 Km from Hyderabad

Warangal city was once ruled by the Kakatiya Dynasty which constructed several monuments like an imposing fortress, stone gateways, the Swayambhu temple dedicated to Shiva, and the Ramappa temple situated near Ramappa Lake. These attractions make it a perfect place to visit near Hyderabad that transports you back in time.

The historical Bhadrakali Temple, dedicated to the eight-handed goddess Bhadrakali, lies in heart of the city and has a huge lake nearby. Warangal Fort, with its massive stone gateways called Kakatiya Toranas and many pillars surrounding the Swayambhudevi Aalayam temple, is a must-visit attraction here.

The star-shaped Thousand Pillar Temple, located quite near the station, is an ancient heritage site that represents the sculptural beauty of Kakatiyan heritage.

Marvel at the splendorous architecture of temples like Bhadrakali, Ramappa and Thousand Pillar. Wildlife spotting can be indulged in at the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary on the banks of the river Godavari is a great attraction in this tourist place to visit near Hyderabad. Bird watching, photography and boating can be undertaken at the Pakhal Lake which is about 50km from the city centre.

 148km to the northeast of Hyderabad


Best time to Visit:
 October to March

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Bidar - 147 Km from Hyderabad

Bidar, although an urban dwelling now, has prehistoric origins with several dynasties ruling it in succession over the years. Known for its Bidri handicraft products crafted out of metals like silver and other alloys, Bidar has a rich history waiting to be explored during a one day trip from Hyderabad.

A popular tourist spot here is the Bidar Fort, one of the biggest forts in India, which is built in Persian style. Within it are the Gagan Mahal, Rangin Mahal, Takhat Mahal, Chaubara and Solah Khamba Mosque.

Religious sites like the Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib (one of holiest places for Sikhs), Papnash Shiva Temple and Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple can be part of your itinerary during a weekend getaway from Hyderabad. Domed tombs of Bahmani and Barid Shahi rulers can be found on various locations around the city and have captivating paintings and stucco work done inside them

Take a walk in the Bidar fort complex where you can spot various monuments constructed in differing styles. Visit the Bahmani tombs, Chaukhandi and Chaubara to get a peep into history. Enjoy shopping for Bidriware including water jugs, hookahs, candle sticks, cosmetic boxes, dishes and flower vases.

In the north-eastern part of Karnataka, just near the Andhra Pradesh border.


Best time to visit:
October to February

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Nagarjunasagar - 165 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Abhinaba Basu - Flickr

A dam constructed on the Krishna River, Nagarjunasagar stands on a site which was once a capital of an old dynasty and the centre of Buddhist teachings in South India. Buddhist monasteries and other monuments found here have been relocated to Nagarjuna’s Hill which is now an island in the middle of the reservoir.

During a one day trip from Hyderabad, you can look forward to viewing panoramic scenery around the dam which is one of the tallest in the world. The lake created by the dam is the third largest manmade lake. Nagarjuna Konda, where the ancient Buddhist excavations have been relocated, is in middle of the waters of Nagarjuna Sagar and can be reached by boat.

This tourist place near Hyderabad is flocked by hoards of visitors during the monsoon season when all the gates of the dam are opened and splendid views of the water falling through the 26 gates from a height of over 100 meters make it a great place to visit  with your friends.

On the Krishna River, on the border of Nalgonda and Guntur districts of Andhra Pradesh


Best time to visit:
August to February


Mahabubnagar - 134 Km from Hyderabad

Once known as Palamoor, Mahabubnagar is named after a former Nizam of Hyderabad. Legendary source of the Golconda diamonds (which include the famous Kohinoor), this town has numerous religious and historic sites situated in and around it, making it an ideal weekend getaway near Hyderabad. It has some of the ancient temples in India.

There are quite a few temples in the surrounding area of the town which includes Umamaheshwaram, Alampur, Jetaprolu, and Srirangapur. Another tourist attraction is a 700-year-old banyan tree whose extensive branches cover nearly 3 acres.

A waterfall named Mallelatheertham in the heart of the Nallamala forest region is among the most beautiful waterfalls in India and can be included in your trip to Mahabubnagar for a family picnic.

Go for a day outing to the Jurala and Koilsagar reservoirs which are quite close to Mahabubnagar. Visit the many religious places which were beautifully constructed ages ago and have myths and legends associated with their origins, placing it into a must visit list of tourist places near Hyderabad.

Mahbubnagar town is the main town of the district of the same name. The district has two rivers namely Krishna and Tungabhadra flowing through it; and it is surrounded by the Nalgonda, Hyderabad, Kurnool, Raichur, Yadgir, and Gulbarga districts of Andhra Pradesh.


Best time to visit:
 December to February

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Karimnagar - 164 Km from Hyderabad

A well-known pilgrimage centre with many ancient temples located here, Karimnagar was once the hub of Vedic learning. Part of the district of the same name, this weekend getaway from Hyderabad has been inhabited since pre-historic times as proven by several archeological excavations. 

Barely 16km from the city centre, on the banks of the Manair River is the Elgandal Fort which is historically significant and can be visited during a one day trip from Hyderabad. Devout travellers can pay obeisance at Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple, Dharmapuri, Kondagattu and Mukteshwara Swamy Temple. The lower Manair Dam and Deer Park are other popular sites in Karimnagar.

Silver filigree work from Karimnagar is a striking craft that was started here more than 400 years ago. Still practiced by skilled craftsmen, one can purchase jewellery and other household items made in filigree style, from the many handicraft shops located here.

On the north-western part of Andhra Pradesh, on banks of the river Manair which is a tributary of Godavari.


Best time to visit:
October to March

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Places to Visit Near Hyderabad (Within 300 Kms)


Srisailam - 213 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Subash BGK - Flickr

The historical town of Srisailam has had a prominent place in the Hindu religion since ancient times. Located in the centre of Nallamala forest in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, this town has one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples dedicated to Shiva within its precincts which makes it one of the most important places to visit near Hyderabad. 

On a two day trip from Hyderabad to Srisailam, one can visit the Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple on top of the Nallamalai Hills. Many devotees take a dip in the Patala Ganga which is considered to be holy and can be reached by a ropeway. Another major attraction here is the Akkamahadevi Caves, an hour-long boat ride away from Patala Ganga.

Take a jeep ride to the Ista Kameshwari Temple which is located 16km deep in the forest and the path to which is very tumultuous. Ista Srisailam-Nagarjuna Sagar Tiger Reserve is the only tiger reserve in Andhra Pradesh and one can go for wildlife viewing here.

In the heart of Nallamala forest, on the banks of River Krishna


Best time to visit:
November to March


Kurnool - 221 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Iqbal Mohammed - Flickr

The former capital of Andhra, Kurnool city has strong imprints of its historical origins. Being sited on the edge of the river Tungabhadra, Kurnool has a tropical climate and has the Hundri and Neeva rivers flowing through it. 

This Amazing place near Hyderabad is known for Belum, the centuries-old caves which are the second largest and longest caves in the Indian subcontinent. History buffs can head to the Konda Reddy fort built in the 14-16 centuries and which have ancient Persian and Arabic inscriptions.

Natural rock formations at the Oravakallu rock garden present a stunning sight and one can go there for a day picnic amid striking surroundings.

The place also boasts Ummamaheshwara temple in Yaganti, housing a statue of Nandi, Lord Shiva's mount, which is recorded to be growing an inch every 20 years. the place has attracted tourist from all over the world due to it being one of the wonders of India.  

One can explore the Belum Caves and view the stalagmite and stalactite formations inside. Bird watching and wildlife viewing at the Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary is a great place to visit near Hyderabad. It can be reached by travelling 40 Kms from Kurnool. 

To the south of Hyderabad, on the banks of Tungabhadra River


Best time to visit:
December to February

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Gulbarga - 231 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Kalyan Neelamraju - Flickr

Also called as Kalburgi, the city of Gulbarga was once part of the Hyderabadi Nizam’s dynasty. Hence, it is dotted with many shrines and domes built in Islamic style.

Gulbarga's old fort, though in ruins now, can be visited to see the number of interesting buildings inside its premises. Amongst these is the Jama Masjid which was built during the late 14th century and has a huge dome along with four smaller ones at the corners and 75 tinier ones spread around.

A number of grand tombs of Bahmani kings, a shrine dedicated to Syed Muhammad Hussaini better known as Khaja Bande Nawaz and the Sharana Basaveshwara Temple are other tourist places to visit near Hyderabad.

Chandrampalli Dam, constructed on River Bhima is not too far from Gulbarga. Near it is an island where activities like camping and trekking are enjoyed by tourists. One can also climb a flight of steps along an adjoining hill which has a Hanuman temple on the top. it is one of the famous temples in India and a sacred place to visit from Hyderabad.

To the east of Hyderabad, in the state of Karnataka


Best time to visit:
October to March


Guntur - 267 Km from Hyderabad

The bustling city of Guntur is where historically significant monuments can be found in the midst of industrial and business activities. There are several parks, museums, nature conservation sites, forts, resorts and caves and some great places to visit near Hyderabad.

Uppalapadu, a village near Guntur city, is a reputed bird sanctuary and home to around 40 species of migratory birds from Siberia including pelicans and white ibis. Kondaveedu Fort, with 21 stupas, many temples, impressive entrance gateways and pillared halls is built on a hilltop which you can even trek up to.

Undavalli caves, built in 4th-5th century, have been carved out of solid rocks on a hillside. These caves comprise of temples dedicated to Anantapadmanabha Swamy and Narisimha Swamy. With so many destinations to explore, visitors to Guntur would need at least two days to cover all of them.

 Go on shopping in Plaza, Bazars and malls, Explore bird Sanctuaries, experience caving in Undavalli and go to different pillared halls and gateways and many more

On the eastern coast in Andhra Pradesh


Best time to visit:
September to February


Mantralayam - 275 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Wiki Commons

Also known as Manchale, Mantralayam is a town noted for the burial place of Guru Raghavendra Swami, an influential Hindu saint. Hoards of devotees flock this place to view the Vrindavana (burial place) each year.

The Raghavendra Swamy temple complex along with other religious sites like Anjaneya Swamy temple, Manchalamma temple, Alampur and Kowthalam are the attractions one can visit in Mantralayam during a two day trip from Hyderabad.

Visit Different temple and religious sites, Archaeological sites, monuments and many more.

On the banks of the Tungabhadra River in Andhra Pradesh, bordering the neighbouring Karnataka.


Best time to visit:
October to March

Places to Visit Near Hyderabad (Within 600Kms)


Dandeli - 597 Km from Hyderabad

Dandeli is a small town in close proximity to the Anshi National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. It is known as an eco-tourism destination since a wide variety of birds and animals are found here.

Around 25km from Dandeli are the Kavala Caves, the entrance to which can be reached by walking down a thousand steps. There are signs to show that these ancient limestone caves were once inhabited by humans during prehistoric times. These caves are one of the best places to visit in Dandeli.

Activities to do in Dandeli:
  wildlife safaris that are conducted within the Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve is among the best things to do in Dandeli. You are likely to catch sight of some of its over 300 bird inhabitants along with animals such as elephants, tigers, sloths, deer, civets etc.

During a longer weekend getaway from Hyderabad, adventure tourists can indulge in white water rafting in the River Kali that flows nearby and is an active rafting destination throughout the year.

In the Western Ghats region of North Karnataka


Best time to visit:
October to May

Where to stay: 
Best resort to escape from the city life in Dandeli.

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Hampi - 377 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Roehan Rengadurai - Flickr

The village of Hampi is placed inside the remains of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and among the best places to visit near Hyderabad since it houses the ancient Virupaksha Temple along with several other monuments belonging to the bygone era and holds great regards in historical backgrounds. It remains an important religious centre till date. 

Attractions in Hampi:
This popular tourist place near Hyderabad has several Hindu temples with Vedic mythology on display inside. The most prominent of these are Achyutaraya Temple, Badavi Linga, Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy temple and Chandramauleshwara Temple.

The Hazara Rama Temple Complex, although ruined, is famous for its intricate carvings & inscriptions depicting the story of Ramayana. The Vittala Temple Complex is the most renowned among the Hampi ruins with the stone statue in its grounds forming the symbol of Karnataka Tourism.

Activities to do in Hampi:
Hampi’s temples are perfect locations for pursuing photography and appreciating ancient architecture. There are huge boulders on the edge of the River Tungabhadra which flows adjacent to the village border. This region is frequented by adventure tourists to practice rock climbing and bouldering since the granite rocks are ideal for their exploratory activity.

In the northern part of Karnataka with Hospet being the nearest major town.


Best time to visit:
October to February

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Visakhapatnam - 588 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Amit Chattopadhyay - Flickr

Visahkhapatnam, or Vizag, is a port city that has the only natural harbor of India. It has one of the most beautiful beaches in India, extensive hill ranges and lush greenery along its entire coastline. Put Vizag into your list of places to visit near Hyderabad, if you like the idea of relaxing on a cosy beach. 

Ramakrishna Beach and the adjacent Lawson’s Bay Beach are the most popular among residents. Kailasagiri Hill has a temple and a big park on its top and one can choose to either drive up or take the ropeway to reach it. Submarine museum, located on the RK Beach, is housed inside a real submarine which was decommissioned years ago.

Go for drive along the coastline up to the Rishikonda Beach on the city’s outskirts. Take a walk on the promenade along the RK Beach. Go to the zoological park which is spread over 625 acres. One can escape to the hill station of Araku Valley and also explore the Borra Caves which are not too far from Vizag.

Coastal Andhra Pradesh, north of the state


Best time to visit:
October to March


Belum Caves - 329 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : harikrish.h - Flickr

With a length of 3229 metres, Belum caves are the longest in the plains of India. Its long passages, large chambers and smooth walls make for interesting viewing as you venture into their interiors.

There is a huge Buddha statue on a hillock near the Belum Caves. A part of the caves known as ‘Meditation hall’ was used by Buddhist Monks earlier. Patalaganga is a perennial stream deep inside these caves. Different formations of stalactites and stalagmites can be seen which appear surreal and some of them even produce musical sounds. 

Exploring the caves’ interiors and appreciating the natural beauty of these formations is sure to engage you during a trip to Belum caves. As one views the various structures that were also once inhabited by monks, one is filled with awe at the spiritual ambience of the place.

To the south of Hyderabad, in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh


Best time to visit:
August to December

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Machilipatnam - 340 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Jagadeesh SJ - Flickr

The port city of Machilipatnam stands at the mouth of the Krishna River, just before it enters the Bay of Bengal. It was once a flourishing centre of sea trade and fishing place near Hyderabad.

Various temples and religious places are located in this city, which include Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Sri Nageswara Swamy Temple¸ Sri Ramalingeswara and Sri Ranganayakaswamy Temples. Pilgrimage sites like Dattashram, Panduranga Swamy temple, Anjaneya Swamy temple and Sivaganga Temple are visited by thousands of devotees each year during religious festivals.

One can head to the Manginapudi Beach which is a fishing hamlet on the city outskirts. Its waters are shallow and the scenery in the backdrop is relaxing, just what one looks for on a day outing.

Coastal Andhra Pradesh, south-east of Hyderabad

340 km

Best time to visit:
October to March

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Pattadakal - 398 Km from Hyderabad

A World Heritage site, Pattadakal stands on the banks of the Malaprabha River. This village in Karnataka is an important tourist destination due to its famed Chalukya monuments and temples which display amazing craftsmanship.

There are a series of ten temples, including a Jain sanctuary, in Pattadakal built in different architectural styles. The largest of all the temples here is Virupaksha temple which is full of intricately made sculptures – a sight to behold for their splendor and magnificence.

History buffs, photography enthusiasts and travellers with a keen eye for ancient architectural marvels as well as spiritual souls will have plenty to keep them occupied during a long weekend getaway from Hyderabad to Pattadakal.

Karnataka’s Bagalkot district, 22km from Badami


Best time to visit:
January to April


Adilabad - 303 km from Hyderabad

Adilabad is a small town of Andhra Pradesh and is home to a multicultural society. This tourist place lies North of Hyderabad.

Mavala Lake, built during the Nizam period, is just on the outskirts of Adilabad and has a park next to it. Kuntala and Pochera Falls are natural attractions in this region. Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary is around 66km from here and one can spot marsh crocodiles in the River Godavari flowing here.

Other sanctuaries located in the area are Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary and Pranahitha Wildlife sanctuary which is apt choices if one wishes to sight wild beings.

Stroll around lakes, Explore flora and fauna in wildlife sanctuaries, Visit parks and waterfalls and many more.

North of Hyderabad

303 km

Best time to visit:
October to March

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Rajahmundry - 399 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Venkataramesh Kommoju - Flickr

This urban tourist spot is a major pilgrimage site with many temples built on the Gadavari River’s edge, and boasts of being listed in the best tourist places to visit near Hyderabad. Rajahmundry is also considered the cultural capital of Andhra since the state’s language, Telugu, is said to have originated here.

The River Godavari, with its three long bridges and several ghats and parks on its banks, is the prime attraction here. ISKCON temple, Markandeya temple and Kotilingeshwara temple are all sited on the river’s edge and can be visit during a day trip to the city.

Go for a boat cruise on the Godavari River to get a different view of Rajamundry. 

Eastern coastal Andhra Pradesh, on the banks of River Godavari


Best time to visit:
December and January

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Badami - 418 Km from Hyderabad

Previously known as Vatapi, Badami is famed for its rock cut temples and is located in a narrow valley at the foot of a rugged, red sandstone projection that surrounds the Agastya Lake. Badami is well-known for its 4 sandstone cave temples which differ architecturally from each other.

There are several striking, stone carved temples found here including the Bhutanatha temple, the Dattatreya temple, the Mallikarjuna temple, temple of Banashankari, Agasthya Tirtha, temples of Goddess Yellamma, Mallikarjuna, Datttreya and Virupaksha – all built over several centuries.

There is also a dargah, a Buddhist cave, and a Jain temple situated here. Apart from these, you can visit the Badami Fort situated on top of the hill which provides the entire view of the ancient town below.

During a longer weekend getaway from Hyderabad to Badami, one can look forward to seeing cave temples, gateways, forts, inscriptions and sculptures. This site is sure to leave its visitors spell-bound with its unmatched architectural uniqueness. 

In Bagalkot district of Karnataka


Best time to visit:
September to February

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Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram - 430 Km and 451 Km from Hyderabad

Both Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram are well-known picnic spots due to the waterfalls that are located here. These cascades brim with rain waters soon after monsoons and are located within forest areas, making it a pleasant outing to head with friends and family.

Jalatarangini, Amrutdhara and Swarnadhara waterfalls near Maredumilli are quite popular attractions with groups of tourists. Rampa waterfalls and a Shiva temple nearby are the popular destinations in Rampachodavaram.

East of Hyderabad, near the coast

430km and 451km

Best time to visit:
Soon after monsoons

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Andhari Tiger Reserve, Chandrapur - 450 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Shaunak Modi Flickr

Maharashtra’s oldest and largest national park, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in the state’s Chandrapur district. Andhari River and Kolsa Lake are major water bodies here where birds and animals head to for splashing around. The Nationaal Park is a must see place to visit near Hyderabad for wildlife enthusiasts on a weekend getaway and one can spot them easily at this site, which makes it a popular place for photography.

Tigers are the major attraction of this animal park. Other than these, there are several species of wild flora and fauna to be sighted here.

Jungle safari in open-topped jeeps and mini-buses is possible for those visiting this national park. There is a high likelihood of spotting a large number of unique birds around the Kolsa Lake. 

Central India, near Nagpur in Maharashtra


Best time to visit:
February to May

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Horsley Hills - 534 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Fulcrum35 - Flickr

The picturesque Horsley Hills is a hill station that stands at a height of 4,312 feet above sea-level and with its cool climate, its perfect for a weekend getaway around Hyderabad. Fresh air, stunning views of the surrounding hillocks and thick forests that are a natural treasure trove of deciduous flora and fauna - Horsley Hills offers these and a quiet escape from the city life.

The main tourist attractions around Horsely Hills are the Gangotri and Mansarovar Lakes, Highview Point, Gaalibanda, Environmental Park and the Horsley Hills Museum.

Adventure activities like zorbing, rappelling and trekking are conducted here which can be tried on your trip to this quiet retreat. Close by Horsley Hills is the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary and elephant reserve where one can expect to catch sight of wild creatures.

On the south of Andhra Pradesh, near the border with Karnataka

534 km

Best time to visit:
Throughout the year

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Places to Visit Near Hyderabad (Within 700 Kms)


Goa - 660 Km from Hyderabad

Image Credit : Eustaquio Santimano- Flickr

Goa was once the colonial outpost of the Portuguese and has managed to retain its old-world charm despite its new-found reputation for being a party hotspot. Thousands of tourists, both domestic and international, visit this state for having a fun-filled vacation which can be both action-packed and relaxing - as one chooses. Goa holds a plethora of adventure activities to do for visitors to enjoy, hence making it a must place to visit near hyderabad. 

Goa’s numerous beaches are its prime attractions. From isolated and serene ones like Palolem and Cavellosim to bustling ones like Baga and Calangute, where water sports are conducted, tourists are spoilt for choice here.

Those interested in visiting religious places can head to its synagogues, churches and temples that dot this state. One can also come across charming and quaint bungalows painted in vibrant colours as one drives through the various locales of Goa.

Calangute Beach, Baga Beach, Grand Island, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Fort Aguada, Candolim Beach, Arambol Beach, Tito’s Street, Bom Jesus Basilica, Casino Cruise and many more.

Activities in Goa:
 Water Sports in Goa like parasailing, banana boat ride, jet skiing and snorkelling are possible at several beaches in the North of Goa. For those of you interested in wildlife, Dudhsagar Falls, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary are the places to head to.

Bird watching, boating, photography, water sports, and sightseeing – there is no dearth of activities that one can indulge in while on a long weekend getaway from Hyderabad to Goa.

Western coast of India, bordering Karnataka and Maharashtra


Best time to visit:
November to February

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Lonavala - 623 Km from Hyderabad

The hill station of Lonavala is 2041 feet above sea level and becomes a trekking hub during the monsoon season. Located in the Sahyadri Ranges, it has several caves in its vicinity and many overflowing waterfalls too. due to its easy accessibility, it is one of the most coveted hill stations in the vicinity of Hyderabad.

Attractions in Lonavala:
There are many caves like Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves and Bedsa that are nearby Lonavala. During a visit to this weekend getaway around Hyderabad, one can opt to go to the twin hill station of Khandala along with visiting the two fortresses of Lohagad and Visapur. Another place of interest is the Tungi Fort near the village of Karjat.

Activities in Lonavala:
Many adventure enthusiasts head to Lonavala during the rainy season for trekking expeditions in the valleys around Lonavala. With plenty of waterfalls in the region that are in full spate during this season, the scene is a refreshing one and visitors can expose themselves to a variety of activities in this must place to visit near Hyderabad. 

Western Maharashtra, on the way between Pune and Mumbai


Best time to visit:

Where to Stay:
 Best Places to stay during your Lonavala visit

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Pench National Park - 582 Km from Hyderabad

Pench Tiger Reserve stands on the Southern slopes of the Satpura Range. This national park has the River Pench flowing through it and is said to be the setting for Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’.

Wild creatures in their natural habitat are the major attractions of Pench National Park Tour.

Going for jungle safari to see birds and animals including tiger, leopard, sloth bear, chital, hyena, barking deer, peafowl, pheasant, drongo and robin among others, is the prime activity one can look forward to here. Elephant rides and nature walks on some earmarked jungle trails can also be done.

Southern Madhya Pradesh, bordering Maharashtra


Best time to visit:
February to April

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People Also Ask About Hyderabad

  1. Which are the best places to visit near Hyderabad?

    1. Warangal - 148 Km from Hyderabad
    2. Bidar - 147 Km from Hyderabad
    3. Nagarjunasagar - 165 Km from Hyderabad
    4. Mahabubnagar - 134 Km from Hyderabad
    5. Karimnagar - 164 Km from Hyderabad
    6. Srisailam - 213 Km from Hyderabad
  2. What are the things to do in Hyderabad?

    Try some of the best adventurous activities to do in Hyderabad:

    1. Visit Golconda Fort - Famous for its acoustics and a unique signaling device that was incorporated in its construction
    2. Witness the Qutb Shahi Tombs in Ibrahim Bagh - The most modest tomb is considered to be of Sultan Quli Qutub-ul-Mulk.
    3. Rediscover the Charms of the Past in Salar Jung Museum - The repository of the artistic achievements of diverse European, Asian & Far Eastern countries of the world.
    4. Seek Blessing from Lord Vishnu in Birla Mandir - Dedicated to Laxmi (the goddess of prosperity) and Narayana
    5. Be a Part of the Rathyatra in Jagannath Temple - Celebrated at the temple of Jagannath, associated with God Jagannath
  3. Is Hyderabad worth a visit?

    The place that has been recognised as one of the best places to see in the world should need no further coaxing for anybody to visit. From the 400-year-old wartime landmark Golconda Fort to the iconic Charminar, Hyderabad is strewn with magnificent attractions.

    Film buffs cannot miss Ramoji Film City. For nature lovers, there are KBR National Park, Lotus Pond, and NTR Gardens. If you are a food lover, you are going to absolutely love Hyderabad. Try the famous Biryani at Paradise Restaurant and round off your meal with a delicately sweetened Phirni.
  4. Is it safe to travel to Hyderabad?

    How safe Hyderabad is, is evident in the fact that it has been ranked second amongst the best places to see in the world. Not only Indians visit it from other cities but also foreigners from around the world. It is a great place to visit with warm and friendly locals and secure public places.

    However one must exercise the usual caution that you would anywhere else in the world. - Avoid travelling alone at night. - Don’t keep too much cash on yourself while travelling alone. - Keep emergency numbers handy. - Inform your friends and family about your whereabouts. - Don’t accept drinks from strangers at bars.
  5. What is Hyderabad famous for?

    Centuries-old iconic buildings: Hyderabad is famous for its iconic buildings that are still standing strong as a testament to its heritage. These are Charminar, Golconda Fort, Qutub Shahi Tombs, etc.

    Food: Hyderabadi food especially the Biryani is famous all over the world. Besides this, it is also known for its delicate desserts and kebabs.

    Pearls: No trip to Hyderabad is complete without buying pearls. Choose from high-class rice and Basara pearls in hues of pink, white, and even black. 
  6. Is Hyderabad a metro city?

    In India, if a city has a population of a million or more, it is considered to be a metropolitan city. By this yardstick, Hyderabad is a metro city. It is also considered to be so due to its liveable infrastructure, public facilities & transportation, economic opportunities, and diversity of people staying here.
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Hyderabad Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Hyderabad
16 October 2015
The first thing that comes to your mind when you enter this resort is the fact that it is absolutely beautiful! The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The resort has many different areas where you can just sit and relax. There are a lot of activities that you can be a part of or you can just relax by the pool. The resort is close to the city and can be visited anytime. One of the best places to have a relaxing weekend.
Chandraayan Bharadwaj Hyderabad Tour Package For 2 Days
Everything was arranged as promised. Including entry tickets to all the attractions in the package. I would highly recommend to everyone.
Uttam Kaniyar Dhola Ri Dhani
Foods there was good with different varieties, amazing shows, and the staffs there were highly professional, A highlight of Hyderabad.
Great place to hang-out with friends on a holiday, the ticket price is 499 which really matched with the experience.
Abhaidev Gowda Hyderabad City Tour
Good service!!! The guide was knowledgable and all the sightseeing in Hyderabad is simply awesome...
01 September 2020
I happened to spend a weekend with my immediate family in July. They have taken appropriate measures to contain the virus there. After thoroughly checking all that we went there and stayed. The environment, the staff, food & beverages, and their hospitality were excellent. I recommend this place to everyone looking to spend outside your home safely during this pandemic.
Had a great experience, they showed us a good time. Would go back any time to book more trips with thrillophilia.
Amazing and nice tour. Everything well planned and nicely arranged. Food served during entire trip was good and pickups and drop-offs all were on time.
The timing was perfect throughout the trip. We met the guide in the morning. He took us to visit all the places mentioned in the tour package. It was a lovely day spent amidst the city of pearls. We have a lot of fun there.
Well planned, Well-coordinated and equally efficiently executed. Amazing trip with a lifetime of memories. Kudos to Thrillophilia and a big thank you to Tani once again

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