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  • If you have been looking for a guide to the New Year 2019 Parties in Hyderabad, you sure have come to the right place. Hyderabad as an upcoming for IT professionals sure has a lot of young blood flowing through the air, which is something that indirectly entails that you can expect some of the most fun things happening around in the city. To celebrate the usual way, with a crowd shouting out the reverse countdown to the new year, you can choose to go to any of the amazing clubs, resorts and lounge bars of the city. And why just the New year’s eve, you can even extend your weekend for the time of Christmas to enjoy things to their fullest.

     And nothing can be better than both the Christmas and New Year's falling on a Tuesday in the year of 2019. You can easily take the Monday off and turn the week into a long Weekend to enjoy being a free soul on the face of this earth. Some of the most happening places to be at this time are the honourable mentions of 10 Downing street, Over the Moon and Block 22 Club to name a few. And to enjoy in the lap of luxury in one of the many famous resorts in Hyderabad is one of the best ways to kickstart the last week of the year, or to give a grand opening to the coming year. Some of the best places to be on these long weekends are the Lahari Resorts and the Golconda Resorts and Spas. 

    And if you wish to get away from the bustle of the busy city at that time of the year on a long weekend getaway, you can choose to go to any of the amazing places near Hyderabad. To name a few, you can go as near as Karimnagar and Nagarjunasagar, or as far away as Kurnool, Gulbarga, Belum Caves, Hampi and even Visakhapatnam. Or to add a little adventurous touch to your plans for Christmas 2018 in Hyderabad or New Year 2019 in Hyderabad, you can even go to the upcoming adventure hub of South India, Dandeli. At just 597 km away from Hyderabad, Dandeli will be the perfect way to kickstart your new year, as you raft down the Kali River’s rapids. And not just that, Dandeli is also famous for all the nature’s experiences of living in the wild and experiencing the wild in the Tiger reserve of Dandeli. 

    With so much to enjoy and experience, with the anticipation and enthusiasm only increasing as the dates draw closer, New Year 2019 celebrations in Hyderabad are sure going to bring about a bomb. And for more information on that fun, keep checking this space as we update where the fun is going to be at soon

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