Paigah Tombs Overview
Located in the Santosh Nagar locality of Hyderabad, Paigah Tombs are the resting place of the various high ranking nobles who served to the Nizams. The tombs are an architectural marvel among the various other historic places in Hyderabad. Spanning across an area of around 40 acres, Paigah Tombs have been decorated with the tales of the brave Paigah. These tales are engraved on various palettes and epitaphs across the place and describe the story of the Nizam and Paigah. The structure of the tombs is known for its Indo-Saracenic style, which is a rare piece of architecture. 

Located near the popular Charminar, Paigah Tombs is one of the most popular historic sites of Hyderabad. The tombs are the piece of craftsmanship lost in time with beautiful white-marble tombs and unparallel floral designs. Once you see the tombs and the other structures in the area, you would not believe that these are around 250+ years old. The excellent artistry work in the tombs is nothing but a masterpiece. 

The tombs are placed adjacent to each other in a line with names of the Paigah written on top of it. Other than that, several boards highlight some important members of the Paigah’s and the Nizam’s they served for. On several walls of the Paigah Tombs, you will notice some Geometrical patterns and some marvelous work blending the Mughal, Deccan and Persian style of architecture which are one of a kind. 

How To Reach

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Paigaj Tombs is around 21km from Rajiv Gandhi Airport. No buses are operational in the locality near Paigah Tombs. From the Airport, you can hire a private taxi or cab directly to the Tombs. As the Paigah Tombs are in the interior parts of the city, it is advisable to use online maps or often ask the locals about the directions.

Best Time To Visit

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-Winter Season (November - February) is the best time to visit Paigah Tombs as the climate is pleasant and cold.

-If you are planning to visit the tombs in the Summer Season, make sure that you carry enough drinking water.

-On Fridays, the tomb remains closed during afternoons as locals visit the mosque near the tomb for their prayers.

Other Essential Information

Qalandar Nagar Road, Santosh Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 059

Timings: Every day 10 am to 5 pm (except Friday - Locals visit the place in the afternoon to offer prayers)

Price: No entry fee

History of Paigah Tombs

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The Paigahs were the great patrons of arts and bravery who served the many generations of the Nizam.  Abdul Fateh Khan Tegh Jung is considered to be the very first Paigah who served under the second Nizam. Abdul Fateh Khan Tegh Jung’s tomb was the first to be buried in the complex in the year 1786. The beautification and architectural maneuver were done by his son Amir E Kabir. Since then, many members of the Paigah Tribe were buried here with utmost honor and respect and the place was called Paigah Tombs. 

Around 2 acres of the total 35 acres of the Paigah Tombs is home to the tombs of the Paigahs who married the daughters of Nizam.
Paigah Tombs is the resting place of many members of the family. The names of some of the Paigah’s are - Shams-ul Umra, Sir Viqar-ul-Umara, Asmah Jah and Sultan-ul-Mulk, etc. 

Architecture at Paigah Tombs

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For the people who want to scavenge the architectural patterns of various countries and cultures, Paigah Tombs is the perfect place to do so. With architectural styles from Persia (now Iran), Deccan Empire, Rajasthani, Greek and the Mughal regions (Central Asian countries), the architecture at Paigah Tombs is one of a kind.

The crypts of the tombs which are made by using mortar and lime resemble the unparalleled marble and molding work of early civilizations of Seville and Granada in Spain. Each Paigah Tomb is embarked with certain patterns and is designed with some floral designs. 
The local people often claim that these patterns and designs are not found anywhere in the world.

There are many distinctive features that one would see in the tombs. Features like the jali work that makes the tombs more attractive and the circular arches on the top of the tombs which are a popular thing in the Mughal style of architecture make the tomb grander. Each tomb is patterned with a different design and is fenced with marble which has a simple and smooth structural pattern on it. The tombs are specimens of some spectacular artwork that portrays the culture of the ancient Nizam world. 

Interesting Facts about Paigah Tombs

Paigah family were the most prominent members holding some of the vital positions in the Nizam’s Armed Forces. Looking in the life of the Paigahs, here are some interesting facts about Paigah Tombs:

1. Among all the tombs, the tombs of Asman Jah and Begum Khurshid Jah attract maximum visitors. 

The place is the resting place of all the members of the Paigah family. There are more than 100 tombs here

The Paigah tombs were once decorated with some precious and semi-precious stones. These stones changed their color with the seasons. 

The walls of the tombs are designed by drawing fruits, serpents, vases and drums which were considered royal in the Paigah family.

The tombs of the Paigah Noble are designed with one interesting feature. The mystery, which remains to date is finding what the unique thing is on the tombs. 

Paigah Tombs are scattered over an area of 35-40 acres although the tombs of the Paigahs who married the daughters of the Nizam’s are confined to an area of 2 acres. The other area has tombs of other members of the Paigah family. 

The members of the Paigah family were fond of luxury and palaces and they built the most luxurious hotel in Hyderabad, Falaknuma Palace which exists to date. 

Tips to Follow at Paigah Tombs

Paigah tombs is a place of historical importance. The following are the tips that are to be followed by visitors:

1. There is no entry fee to the Paigah Tombs. Also, there is limited parking space near the tombs.

Paigah Tombs remain closed during Fridays. 

To explore all the tombs of Paigah Tombs and read about their history, one would need an approximate 1-1.30 hour.

If you visit the tombs during the afternoon, it is advisable to wear socks as the authorities do not allow footwear on the elevated platform of the tombs. 

The tombs are difficult to find as they are located in the interiors of Santosh Nagar. It is advisable to ask any local about the tombs beforehand on your journey. 
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