Sky Zone Overview

Alluring tourists from across the globe, Sky Zone Hyderabad happens to be the first ever trampoline park in the country. Spread across a huge area of around 10,000 square feet, this indoor amusement park offers its visitors a plethora of exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping activities.

These activities allow visitors to jump, hop, skip, and of course burn a good amount of calories. Some of the major attractions that propel athletic junkies, fitness freaks, and experience seekers to Sky Zone Hyderabad include Freestyle Jump, Foam Zone, Sky Slam, Sky Ladder, Sky Joust, SkyLine, Ultimate Dodgeball, Warped Wall, and The Warrior Course.

All the activities available here can be experienced and enjoyed by people of all age groups, including kids. Every activity provided here is absolutely safe and supervised by professional instructors, who offer significant amount of training as well as safety instructions required for the doers before they try an act out.

In addition, the park also offers a special type of socks to visitors in order to keep them from falling off and getting injured. The activities offered by this park help in reducing stress, rejuvenating the body and the mind, making the body flexible and strong, increasing blood circulation, and reducing body fats.

Sky Zone Hyderabad also allows you to take a room or its whole facility on rent and have your personal events and celebrations. People like to organize birthday parties, get together parties, corporate events, and special indoor activity classes in this trampoline park of Sky Zone Hyderabad. The park also offers add-ons such as water bottles and goodie packs to visitors at an additional cost. 

How To Reach

Located at an average distance of about 32 kilometers from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Sky Zone Hyderabad can be conveniently reached.. Once the tourists reach Hyderabad airport, they can easily hire a taxi or book a cab online and arrive at Sky Zone Hyderabad in no more than just 35 to 40 minutes. Tourists also prefer taking a local bus to reach their destination in a more cost-effective way.

Best Time To Visit

Sky Zone Hyderabad welcomes people throughout the year and hence you can visit the place any time. That being said, most of the tourists prefer visiting the destination in the winter months of October to March, as this happens to be the perfect time to visit the city of Hyderabad.

It is highly suggested to the travelers to avoid visiting this trampoline park in the hot and humid summer months as the body gets dehydrated during this time and in order to cope up with the activities offered by the place the doers need to stay super hydrated, fresh, and energetic. 

Other Essential Information

Location:, 8-78, Shankarpalli - Hyderabad Rd, Kokapet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500075

Price: INR 1000 + GST for 2 hours on regular days and INR 1400 + GST for 2 hours on peak days

Timing: 12 PM to 8 PM on weekdays and 11 AM to 9 PM on weekends.

Places to Eat near Sky Zone Hyderabad:

1. Jewel of Nizam – The Minar

Located at a distance of around 0.8 kilometers from Sky Zone Hyderabad, Jewel of Nizam – The Minar is the one single tower restaurant in India. This lavish fine dining restaurant serves Indian and Asian cuisines and specializes in the authentic Hyderabadi delicacies. The restaurant also boasts a full bar and serves good alcoholic beverages. 

2. Mist The Poolside Kitchen

Situated at an approximate distance of 0.7 kilometers from Sky Zone Hyderabad, Mist The Poolside Kitchen is a very beautiful and inviting restaurant offering poolside dining. Specializing in drool-worthy Chinese and Italian cuisine, this amazing place is suitable for couples and friends. It invites people for dinner dates, birthday celebrations, and anniversary celebrations.  

3. The Fisherman’s Wharf

Located at a distance of about 2.3 kilometers from Sky Zone Hyderabad, The Fisherman’s Wharf has gained a lot of popularity for its mouth-watering food and brilliantly amazing interior. This Hyderabadi restaurant is famous for its Indian and international cuisine, vegetarian-friendly menu, delicious seafood, and excellent alcoholic beverages. The place is highly suitable and recommended for couples and families. 

4. Zega

Boasting a very inviting décor, Zega is located at a distance of about 3.6 kilometers from Sky Zone Hyderabad. This amazing food joint is popular among the locals and tourists for its delicious and aromatic Chinese, Japanese, Sushi, and Thai cuisines. Offering the perfect scope to eat, drink, and socialize, Zega is counted among the best places in the city for a fulfilling lunch, fun-filled casual evening, and lavish dinner.

5. Feast

Situated at a distance of about 3.6 kilometers from Sky Zone Hyderabad, Feast is known for its lip-smacking Indian and Contemporary cuisines. This vegetarian-friendly restaurant also specializes in Halal and local delicacies. Featuring buffet dining, a good wine menu, and a vibrant décor, Feast invites couples, friends, and families for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. 

Tips for Visiting Sky Zone Hyderabad:

1. Never try any activity or skill that is beyond your personal abilities, skill level, or limitations.

2. Always remove your street shoes before going ahead and trying the aerial activities.

3. Make sure that you follow the instructions given to you by the professional instructors present there.

4. Do not push anyone, race, run, or indulge in any kind of horseplay.

5. Never wear wet garments while performing the various activities. Make sure that your clothes are approved by the professional team present there.

6. Make sure you are not having gum, toffee, candy, or anything of that sort in the mouth while trying the activities.
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Sky Zone FAQs

Are locker facilities available?

Yes, of course. The park has a host of dedicated lockers that help visitors to store their belongings safely while they enjoy the various activities in a carefree way. The lockers are completely secure and assures you absolute peace of mind to spend some relaxing and tranquilizing time in the park.

Are child tariffs applicable?

Yes. There is a small tariff of INR 500 plus GST for children visiting Sky Zone Hyderabad. This tariff allows the kids to access and enjoy all the attractions of the park.

Is the place disabled friendly?

No. As Sky Zone Hyderabad happens to be a trampoline park where people go to try jumping and other aerial acts, this place is not really suitable for physically challenged people.

Are the rides safe?

Yes, the rides available at this trampoline park are absolutely safe and kids and beginners-friendly. Moreover, there are many professional and friendly instructors who guide you through your activities and make sure you are safe at all times.

Are changing rooms available?

Yes. The park has dedicated changing rooms that allow visitors to change their clothes as well as relax after getting tired at the court. These rooms are quite well-maintained, clean, and fresh.

Which things are included in entry Ticket price?

Visitors going to Sky Zone Hyderabad need to book a Jump Ticket that gives them complete access to enjoy all the attractions of the place including Freestyle Court, Ultimate Dodgeball, Sky Slam, Foam Zone. The price of the ticket depends on the number of hours you want to spend and whether you are visiting the trampoline park on a regular day or peak day.

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