Osman Sagar Overview

The Osman Sagar lake is located on the outskirts of the town of Hyderabad. Osman Sagar, being a famous tourist destination, is gaining immense popularity as a humble abode for locals as well as tourists. Locally, the lake is more popular by the name of Gandipet. The lake is spread across an area of 46 square km and has been a popular abode for tourists since a long time. The artificial lake is a sight of scenic beauty, where a number of locals and tourists arrive to be enchanted by the sheer abundance of natural allure. 

You will find a number of snack vendors doing business, selling hot snacks and tea around the lake. The lake is surrounded by parks and lawns, which are maintained with grandeur,  to match the natural beauty of the lake. Consequently, this location has become a hot spot for picnics and fun activities among the people visiting this lake.

When visiting the Osman Lake, also remember to check out the Sagar Mahal, which is a popular summer retreat and commonly chosen by visitors for residence. Osman Sagar. You will also find a number of low cost cottages lined along the lake, which serve as resting ground for the travellers.

There are a number of facilities available at the site for the comfort of the guests. You will find enough options to purchase food, bathroom, facilities, and accommodation, if you wish to stay for a longer duration. The Osman lake is a wonderful sight for nature lovers and adventure lovers.

How To Reach

One can head from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad to Gandipet in Hyderabad via a hired cab, or metered vehicle. The distance can be covered via the following routes: 

1. NH 44 which takes 51 minutes of time and covers a distance of 32.8 km

2. Airport approach road and NH 44 which takes 51 minutes of time and covers a distance of 32.3 km. 

3. Nehru Outer Ring road which takes 33 minutes and covers a distance of 25.3 km.

4. One can find many local vehicles outside the airport to take them to the Osman lake. Make sure to negotiate the fare in advance.

Best Time To Visit

1. June to October: During this time, the monsoon season is in full fledge and this is the time when you will find the best weather conditions to enjoy your trip to the lake. At this time, the clean and fresh surroundings give a clear view of the lake.

2. November to January: The weather at this time is quite cold and might not be best for visiting the lake.

February to May: The weather at this time is also favourable in case you wish to plan a visit to the lake at this time. The temperature can soar up during the noon time though.

Other Essential Information

- Location: Gandipet Lake, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500075, India

- Price: INR 5 per person

- Timing:
Monday to Sunday; 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Places to Eat near Osman Sagar

1. Vetro:
One of the most popular Italian style restaurants in Hyderabad, the place is popular for serving Italian, International Asia and Thai style food. Those who wish to eat only vegetarian food may also seek the option at the restaurant. The place has an attractive ambiance that tends to attract large crowds.

2. Yi Jing:
Located in Knowledge city, this is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Hyderabad, The place is popular for serving Chinese and Asian food along with vegetarian friendly, gluten free options and vegan options to its customers. The hospitality at the restaurant is at par. 

3. Zega:
This restaurant is located at the Sheraton at Hyderabad hotel. The most popular variety of foods served at the restaurant include Chinese, Japanese, Sushi, Asian, Thai, and Soups. Some of the remarkable dishes served at the restaurant are lamb chops and cocktails.

4. Feast
: Cherished by many for their exquisite Local cuisines, contemporary style food, Vegetarian options, India delicacies and halal variety, this is a must visit place if you are near Osman Sagar. Although it claims to be a casual dining restaurant, the vibrant décor and array of wine selection are a reason to exclaim and regard the uniqueness of this place.
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