Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is a perfect place for all the Bollywood and cinema lovers. The place was set-up by Ramoji Rao in the year 1991. Since then, Ramoji Film City has been serving as a spectacular getaway for the locals of Hyderabad and tourists worldwide. Sprawling over an area stretch of around 2500 acres, this wonderland has been crowned as the World’s Largest Film Studio Complex under the Guinness Book of World Records. 

At a time, this massive piece of entertainment can accommodate up to 20 different film units. It features several different film locations such as Japanese Gardens, London Street, and Hollywood Signage. Hospitals, buildings, laboratories, and other landscapes are some more add-ons. 
The expansive section of Ramoji Film City has got a wide array of varied activities. As soon as you step into the city, you are welcomed by a replica of the London bus.

The job of this bus is to pick you up and drop you alongside a town that more or less resembles the Texas countryside. Once you had enough of the United States feel, you can then further move on towards the Japanese-roofed buildings and the Eiffel Tower. Close to it lies another palace inspired edifice – the Amer Palace.

If you are lucky enough, you might get a chance to dance to the tunes of melodious Rajasthani-style music. 
After relaxing for a while, you can then board a train that will drive you through the Filmy Dunia – a sequence of tunnels. Your kids will surely enjoy their train ride as it makes its way through the snow-capped mountain ranges and sandy desserts. 

Apart from all the entertainment options, Ramoji Film City has got the best eateries to serve you with some delectable food preparations. Dil Se Restaurant, Hollywood Restaurant, Jimmy’s Drive Inn, Galaxy Restaurant, and Superstar Restaurant are some places to try. 
Excited? With unlimited adventures, studio tours, live shows, Ramoji Film City is undoubtedly a perfect weekend respite for you and your well-wishers.

How to Reach Ramoji Film City

There are three different ways for you to commute between Hyderabad Bus Stand and Ramoji Film City – 

By Subway – 
First, you need to walk from the bus stand a bit until you reach the JNTU college premises. From there, get a subway ticket to drop you to the LB Nagar stop. Make sure to check the subway timings as you have subways running after every 15 minutes. Within 50 minutes, you will be reaching the LB Nagar Subway Station. From there, you will get hired taxi services to drop you to Ramoji Film City. 

Overall Expense – 500 to 600 INR per head 

Overall Time – 01 hours and 41 minutes 

By Train – 
Start walking from the Hyderabad Bus Stand in the direction of the Hitech City. From there, board a train to drop you at the Secunderabad Junction. Once you alight at Secunderabad, board a bus to drop you to Ramoji Film City. 

Overall Expense – 150 to 200 INR per head 

Overall Time – 02 hours and 30 minutes 

By Road – 
You can either board a taxi or self-drive in your private vehicle to reach Ramoji Film City. The distance between the Hyderabad Bus Stand and Ramoji Film City is approximately 53.8 km.

Overall Expense – Taxi (1000 INR); Self-drive (500 to 600 INR) 

Overall Time – 53 minutes

Best Time to Visit Ramoji Film City

Winter (October to February)
is the best season to plan your visit to Ramoji Film City. Here’s a seasonal breakdown sheet for your quick reference -

Ramoji Film City during summers -
Summers of hyderabad extends between March to May when the weather remains extremely hot. Temperatures may soar as high as 45 degrees thereby making your visit to Ramoji Film City - a hectic one. 

Ramoji Film City during monsoons - 
The period between  June to October marks the monsoon period in Hyderabad. Though the weather remains pleasant throughout, you might face troubles of occasional water accumulation. Thus, it is always better to avoid showers as far as possible. 

Ramoji Film City during winters - 
October to the end of February is usually a winter period here in Hyderabad. As the temperature may never drop below its lower levels, the weather remains pleasant throughout. Winter days are brighter with the sun shining proudly while the nights may turn to be chilly.

What Not to Miss at Ramoji Film City

Things to do in Ramoji Film City -

Here are some of the best things to make your Ramoji Film City tour a memorable one for you and your family – 

1. Movie Magic Park – 
If you love watching movies, this is the place that you shouldn’t probably miss during your visit to Ramoji Film City. The Filmy Dunia gives you an exciting opportunity to explore different continents in the world while still standing with your feet firm in Hyderabad.

While the Action Studio adds-on an action-packed thrill to your Ramoji Film City visit. Apart from these two central attractions, the Movie Magic Park features earthworm tremors, free falls, and acoustic effect like experiences. Do not miss on the sets of your favorite childhood movie – Alibaba Aur Chalis Chor. 

2. Kids Park – 
Ramoji Film City won’t let your child be disheartened as it has got unlimited fun for your younger ones at its Kids Park. Timberland, Thrillville Rides, Dadajinn’s Ark, Borasura, Enthraller, and Wonderville are few to name.

3. Be playful with the flamboyant birds at the ‘Wings – The Bird’s Park’ – 
Your tour to Ramoji Film City would be incomplete without visiting this paradise island of birds. Right from Green Naped Lorikeet to Yellow Streaked Lory, they have got it all.A melodious chirping noise arousing out from a stunning green spectacular settlement and some gorgeous cascading waterfalls in the backdrop will surely drag your attention. 

Boost your adventurous morale at the Sahas Adventure Land – Set your mood right with the enthralling experiences at the Ramoji Film City’s Sahas Adventure Land. This adventurous land features shooting, high rope courses, Bungee ejection, zorbing archery, ATV (All-terrain vehicle), and others. If you have a specific madness factor in pushing yourself beyond your limits, you will surely enjoy your visit to Asia’s most massive daredevil land. So, be ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure!

5. Get historical with the Eureka – 
The next best thing to enjoy here at the Ramoji Film City is the Eureka section. Drive back to the times of Mughals or get along with the Maurya settlements, Eureka has it all. You will be treated with some fantastic local and international artifacts here at the Eureka. 

Borasura – This place is the home of Ramoji Film City’s famous evil magician workshop. A bloodcurdling paranormal phenomenon here will make the faint heart go weaker with its thrilling adventure. So, be ready for a spine chilling experience to throw you off your feet.

Other Essential Information About Ramoji Film City

Location - 
Anaspur Village, Hayathnagar Mandal, Hyderabad

Timings - 
Ramoji Film City is open for visitors on all weekdays (Monday to Saturday) between 09:00 am to 05:30 pm. 

Entry fee – 
To spend a day here at Ramoji Film City, you need to pay a sum of 1150 INR per adult and 950 INR per child. To be eligible for a child ticket, your kid should be between 03 to 12 years of age with a height not more than 33”.

Visitor's Facility – 
The Ramoji Film City of Hyderabad is built in a well-sustained manner. It has got its own in-house accommodation services for the convenience of its visitors. Besides, at every junction here, you will find drinking water and washroom facilities. So, you do not need to run to get your water bottle refilled. 

Parking Facility – 
Ramoji Film City has a spacious parking lot located close to National Highway 9. This is also the spot for the main entrance to the film city. If you are self-driving in your personal car, you need to park it here at this parking lot and ride their self-owned bus. 

Distance from Hyderabad bus stand – 
The Central Bus Station of Hyderabad is located at a distance of 31.8 km from Ramoji Film City. It will take approximately 1 hour for you to get transferred between the two points via NH65.

Places to Stay in and near Ramoji Film City 

Ramoji Film City is a self-sustained enclosure which has got its own accommodation facilities. Shantiniketan Economy Accommodation, Sitara Luxury Hotel, Sahara A/C shared accommodation, Tara Hotel, and Vasundhara Hills are some to name amongst them. Here’s a close look at some of them 

1. Hotel Sitara – 
Hotel Sitara at the Ramoji Film City will leave you spellbound with its warmth, grandeur, and soothing hospitality service. There’s a whole bunch of recreational activities for the guests to enjoy at the Hotel Sitara – squash, table tennis, fun cricket, sand volleyball, basketball, and badminton.

Tara Hotel – This is an ideal weekend getaway surrounded by exquisitely carved statues and lush green spots. The stylish interiors, 126 rooms, exceptional dining services, and a business center here will take sufficient care of all your holiday comfort. Their Hollywood restaurant serves some lip-smacking delicacies from a wide array of Indian, Continental, and Chinese preparations. 

Shantiniketan Hotel – This is a 2-star property where you can relive the golden moments of all your favorite movies. This hotel offers economical Continental stay packages for all their guests. 

4. Vasundhara Villa – 
This villa features some scenic accommodation facilities set amidst a lush green fruit garden. Featuring 6 rooms and a shared kitchen, this villa is an excellent place to accommodate yourself on the go. 

5. Greens Inn – 
This is again a 2-star hotel featuring some comfortable and well-equipped accommodations. You get all standard amenities here to make your stay at the Ramoji Film City an exciting one. Opal, Emerald, Ruby, and Amber are some of the famous rooms to choose from here. 

6. Sahara – 
Sahara Hotel provides both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned accommodations. It is situated close to the Live Film Studio at the Ramoji Film City. At a time, it offers separate blocks each for men and women and while accommodating a total count of 886 guests. 

7. Dolphin Vizag – 
If you are looking for a luxurious stay, you should not miss check-in at the Dolphin Vizag. They have Premium Room, Deluxe Suite, Executive Room, and an Executive Suite for you to choose from. Cascades, Wood House, and Horizons are the three famous dines-in places here. 

Places to Eat in Ramoji Film City – 

Here a list of some excellent dining options within the premises of Ramoji Film City – 

1. Galaxy Restaurant – 
This is a multi-cuisine restaurant located within the Sitara Hotel. It is known for surprising its guests with a unique serving style. What makes it more famous amongst the Ramoji Film City visitors is the fact that here you can place an order for your favorite celebrity style food. The ambiance of this restaurant itself is self-sufficient to relieve you of all your personal stresses. 

2. Hollywood – 
Hollywood is the next multi-cuisines restaurant at the Ramoji Film City. You can try a heap of unique dishes of your favorite Bollywood and Tollywood celebrities. If you are fortunate enough to be right on time, you can get a chance to dine in at the exact spot where once your favorite celebrity might have enjoyed his/her meal. 

3. Super Star – 
Super Star offers you a fantastic opportunity to share your meal with some of your favorite Blockbuster stars. 

4. Dil Se – 
If you are done with trying the international or fast food delicacies, it's now time to grab some Desi tadka at Dil Se. The place is known to savor both North and South Indian delicacies with great chaos. 

5. Jimmy’s Drive Inn – 
From spicy Indian delicacies and preparations to some mouth-watering and delectable western-style knick-knacks, Jimmy’ Drive Inn knows how to exactly suffice your appetite.Although these outlets might be a bit costly, the quality and richness of the food served by each of them is simply unparalleled. 

Tips before visiting Ramoji Film City – 

Here are some tips for enjoying a hassle-free day out at the Ramoji Film City – 

Pre-book your visit at the Ramoji Film City to avoid last-minute ticket shortage. 

If possible, try to visit the place on weekdays as weekends tend to be a little crowded. 

  If you want the best of all experiences, you need to walk a lot. So, make sure that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes to enjoy your day to the fullest at the Ramoji Film City. 

While exploring Ramoji Film City, do not forget to maintain your optimum hydration level. You just need to carry a water bottle with you. As there are drinking water outlets at every junction within Ramoji Film City, you can refill it as and when you want. 

Carry your child’s proof of identity as security, or the ticket issuing personnel might ask you to produce it for age verification. 

As the afternoons usually get sweltering hot here in Hyderabad, it is advisable to put on a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses while visiting this wonderland. You may even carry a mini pouch containing a sunscreen lotion and a moisturizing cream. 

While roaming in and around the garden area of Ramoji Film City, be careful of the nostalgic monkeys wandering here and there.
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People Also Ask About Ramoji Film City

  1. Is Ramoji Film City worth visiting?

    If you are addicted to the movies and Bollywood is your first love, your visit to Ramoji Film City of Hyderabad would surely be a special one for you. It is the best weekend getaway to opt for with your family, friends, or relatives. It has got away a lot of things for people of all age groups to enjoy. You can take a tour through the different studios here or have a conversation with the birds nestling in their zone. There is a separate zone called ‘Eureka’ to take you back to the Mughal and Maurya era and leave you with a historical tinge. Movie Magic Park gives you on the spot experience of the earthquake tremors or some action moments from your favorite movies. It has got a kid’s section where your child can enjoy his heart in and out. Lastly, it has got some brilliantly documented live shows, performances, music, and so on for complete entertainment. And, of course, who wants to miss a chance of enjoying their favorite superstar’s favorite delicacy! In short, you can really invest in your visit to Ramoji Film City without thinking about it twice. Also, it is always good to enjoy this tour with a big group.
  2. What is famous in Ramoji Film City?

    Right from the experiences, attractions to the Bollywood style accommodation, and dine-in facilities, everything’s famous at the Ramoji Film City.
  3. . What is the best time to visit Ramoji Film City?

    Winter is the best period to enjoy your visit to Ramoji Film City. As the weather remains pleasant and relaxed, you won't be feeling tired and fatigued after exploring such a massive place. Also, the afternoon weather won't be disturbing you as it usually happens with the burning heat of summers. A bit of advice – If you want to explore the Ramoji Film City to the fullest, start your journey through the film city early in the morning, and you will have plenty of time to move around with ease.
  4. Are phones allowed in Ramoji Film City?

    You can carry your cell phones inside Ramoji Film City. However, it is advisable to keep it in silent mode as it might obstruct your enjoyment.
  5. Can we carry food in Ramoji Film City?

    No, you won't be allowed to carry any eatables within. If you feel hungry, Ramoji Film City has a good number of dining options. Right from some quick bites to a fully sumptuous Indian or Continental style meal is served at these food joints. To list a few of them are – Galaxy Restaurant Hollywood Restaurant Super Star Restaurant Dil Se Restaurant Jimmy’s Drive Inn
  6. Is one day enough for Ramoji Film City?

    If you want to explore every nook and corner of Ramoji Film City, you need to spare a minimum of 2 days. Otherwise, 1 day is sufficient enough for you to explore its major attractions.
  7. Is private cars allowed in Ramoji Film City?

    No, you won't be allowed to drive in your private car within the premises of Ramoji Film City. If you are doing so, you need to park your car at the car parking lot located close to the National Highway, where you have the main entrance to the film city. From there, you will be travelling in their self-owned bus to explore the city within.

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