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Kotagiri Trek in Ooty From Chennai - Flat 20% Off

Kotagiri Trek in Ooty From Chennai - Flat 20% Off

5.0 94 Reviews
Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai Trek From Chennai Flat 20% Off

Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai Trek From Chennai Flat 20% Off

5.0 93 Reviews
Kurinjini Top Station Trek From Chennai Flat 20% Off

Kurinjini Top Station Trek From Chennai Flat 20% Off

5.0 97 Reviews
Monsoon Meesapulimala Trek and Camping 2019 Flat 20% off

Monsoon Meesapulimala Trek and Camping 2019 Flat 20% off

5.0 102 Reviews
Mountain Camping and Trekking in Kodaikanal Falt 45% off

Mountain Camping and Trekking in Kodaikanal Falt 45% off

4.0 40 Reviews
Camping Amidst Pear Orchard in Kodaikanal Flat 28% off

Camping Amidst Pear Orchard in Kodaikanal Flat 28% off

4.0 28 Reviews
Camping in Yelagiri with Multi Adventure Activities - 17% Off

Camping in Yelagiri with Multi Adventure Activities - 17% Off

5.0 131 Reviews
Monsoon Meesapulimala Trek and Camping 2019 Flat 20% off

Monsoon Meesapulimala Trek and Camping 2019 Flat 20% off

5.0 102 Reviews
Organic Farm Camping in Kodaikanal Flat 25% off

Organic Farm Camping in Kodaikanal Flat 25% off

3.0 28 Reviews
Hilltop Camping Experience in Yercaud - Flat 19% Off

Hilltop Camping Experience in Yercaud - Flat 19% Off

5.0 104 Reviews
Tada Waterfall Trek With Camping - 25% Off

Tada Waterfall Trek With Camping - 25% Off

5.0 100 Reviews
Luxury Camping Experience Near Chennai - Flat 21% Off

Luxury Camping Experience Near Chennai - Flat 21% Off

5.0 105 Reviews
  • Adventure Sports in Chennai - Explore best offers on adventure activities in Chennai at Thrillophilia.

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    Cashback of 2000 on Meesapulimala Trek.

    Chennai is more commonly known for its buildings showing brilliant architecture and its serene beaches, but there is another side to the place that makes it all the more appealing, especially for the lovers of offbeat. From trekking and camping to surfing and wildlife tours, Chennai has a wide range of options to please the adventure junkie in you and make your holiday experience an unforgettable one.

    Steal Deal:
    Tada Waterfall Trek with Camping (1200 Cashback).

    Special Offer: 
    Flat 20% Off on Kurinjini Top Station Trek.

    If you are the kind of 
    traveller who prefers adventure over sightseeing and relaxation, there are adventure activities in Chennai offering a perfect dose of adrenaline rush. The state has varied geography which includes a perfect mix of sea, hills and forests, facilitating various kinds of adventure sports. 

    Limited Offer: 
    Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai Trek (Flat 20% Off)

    Trek through the beautiful terrains of Kodaikanal or indulge in the fun of surfing in Covelong, the choice is yours to make. Owing to the scenic beauty of landscapes in Chennai, visiting this destination is also a great opportunity for a shutterbug to capture some of the best frames of his life. Chennai is truly incredible!

    Here are some of the famous adventure sports in Chennai:

  • 01Monsoon Meesapulimala Trek and Camping 2019 Flat 20% off

    Monsoon Meesapulimala Trek and Camping 2019 Flat 20% off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN102 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator

    About the Activity:

    Enthrall in an amazing trek to Meesapulimalai, Munnar with friends and family for a completely unraveling experience like never before. Also considered as the second highest peak in South India – embark on this fun filled-thrilling trekking experience.

    You will be starting the experience by getting picked up from Chennai and transferring to Munnar. From here, you would enjoy a jeep ride to the Silent Valley, from where we will start the trek to reach the famous Rhodo Valley of Meesapulimalai. The trek goes up and down as you make your way through the forest to reach the Rhodo Valley. When the jeep trail starts, you would have arrived in the Rhodo Valley, known so because of the amazing Rhododendron flowers that grow here.

    After a short trek of about 2 kms, you will reach the checkpost. From there on you will trek and cross 6 more hills to finally reach the one that you wanted to. From here, you will trek back down to enjoy a night of merriment in the campsite with snacks and campfire. The next day, you will explore a nearby waterfall before taking a transfer back to Chennai and bringing the experience to an end.

    Min number of people required to book:- 1

  • 02Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai Trek From Chennai Flat 20% Off

    Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai Trek From Chennai Flat 20% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lKodaikanal
    • NNNNN93 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    About the Activity:
    • Get a chance to explore the beauty of nature with this exciting trekking trip from Kodaikanal to Kumbalkarai.
    • Start your journey after getting picked up from Chennai at about 5 PM on Friday and head out for your trip.
    • Feel the thrill as you take this exciting overnight bus ride and reach your destination the next day.
    • Start your trek after enjoying a delicious breakfast and freshening up.
    • Marvel at the sight of the amazing beauty of the region with the hills and valleys. 
    • Visit some of the famous sights like Dolphin's Nose, Cardamom farms, Coffee plantations and Lemon farms.
    • Trek through the scenic views of the tall eucalyptus trees throughout your way.
    • Witness the surrounding with the distant hills as you trek through the zigzag path of the jungle.
    • Reach the waterfall where you will e camping for the night.
    Minimum number of people required: 1
    Check-In: 10:00 am
    Check-Out: 11:00 am
  • 03Kurinjini Top Station Trek From Chennai Flat 20% Off

    Kurinjini Top Station Trek From Chennai Flat 20% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lTheni
    • NNNNN97 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    The Western Ghats have gifted India with many gems in terms of natural beauty and biodiversity. One such great example of that is the Kurinjini Peak of Theni District in Tamil Nadu. Home to a wide variety of Flora and Fauna, the hill station also sports a pristine ledge on the hill called the Kolukkumalai, which is one of the highest tea estates in the world.

    Apart from the dazzling beauty of nature, the place is also home to many birds and animals. The culmination of all these elements brings about an amazing beauty to this place, attracting nature lovers, photographers, trekkers and bird watchers alike. 

    The trek starts from Chennai as you get picked up and are transferred to the starting point of the trail, which will be the Kuranjini Village. After freshening up, you will start the trek to reach the central station after a 7 km trek. You will arrive at the estate farmhouse following a small stream that flows right by it, from where there is a straight shot to the campsite. Enjoy in the scenic environs here, enjoy tea/coffee direct from the estate before calling it a night in the cozy tents. You will wake up the next day to an amazing sunrise over the hills with the calls of many birds residing in the area. From here, you will take another 7 km trek to the top station on the side of a hill in a zig-zag fashion. As you gain altitude from here, the view of the valley just keeps getting better. Spot some of the most beautiful and rare species of birds like Whiskered Bulbul, Verdier Flycatcher, Tickell’s blue flycatcher, Oriental white eye, Purple-rumped Sunbird etc. 

    From the top, take in the scenic view of the hills and the floating clouds below you. Spend some time here and click some pictures before returning to the base village and returning for Chennai the same day, bringing the experience to an end.

    Min number of people required to book:- 1

  • 04Beach Bonfire and Camping in Chennai - Flat 45% off

    Beach Bonfire and Camping in Chennai - Flat 45% off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN99 ratings
    • Manoj Suriya
      Manoj Suriya
    About the Activity:
    • If you are looking for some camping option than this tour is the perfect fit for you.
    • Get a chance to spend some time with nature under the clear night sky while you head out for this tour.
    • Reach your destination and then head out to the beach where you can witness the glorious sunset.
    • Laze around the beach as you walk unshod or indulge in some beach activity like volleyball and frisbee
    • Feel the thrill as the salty breeze touches your face.
    • The scenic beauty of the whole place will cure you from within.
    • In the nightfall camp under the billion night sky and gaze at the stars.
    • Enjoy a chit chat with your friends by the beach fire. 
    • Delight in a delicious meal before retiring for the night and wake up to a beautiful sunrise next day.
    • Conclude your tour after 2 days and 1 night and return back home with a bagful of memories.
    • Kovalam Beach Camping - 1.5 Hours away from Chennai City 
    Min number of people required to book:- 6
  • 05Tada Waterfall Trek With Camping - 25% Off

    Tada Waterfall Trek With Camping - 25% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN100 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 8557485
    The Eastern Ghats of India are waiting to be explored for all their worth and all the attractions that they hide in their folds. One such jewel that must be explored is is the Tada Waterfall trek. Located near the Oneness Temple in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, the Ubbalamadugu Falls or the Tada Falls are more on the spectacular side when we talk about their beauty.

    Located in a forest called the Siddulaiah Kona, the falls are often linked to the Hindu god, Lord Shiva, and this relationship with the god attracts a large number of people here on Shivratri who come here to watch the multi cascade waterfall with an amazing pool at the bottom. 

    Completely safe to take a dip and enjoy around, the place is also a great place for a day out or picnic. The trek starts from the campsite on a small beach near a village. You spend a night here before making your way to the waterfall. Once here, the trail becomes rocky and full of boulders, which one has to climb in order to reach the top of the fall. 

    Timings- Arrive at the beach campsite at about 6 PM.

    How to reach?
    The exact location will be disclosed after the booking gets confirmed.

    Minimum number of people required: 2
  • 06Kotagiri Trek in Ooty From Chennai - Flat 20% Off

    Kotagiri Trek in Ooty From Chennai - Flat 20% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN94 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 8557485
    To Book call 9887702397

    Kothagiri in Tamil Nadu is a picturesque hill station located right next to the famous queen of the hills, Ooty, and serves as one of the best spots in Tamil Nadu to enjoy nature trekking experiences. Surrounded and covered by the forests of Nilgiris, Kothagiri is one of the lesser visited places which makes its charm pristine, untouched and quiet.
    Blessed with some of the most breathtaking views, endless trekking trails, and famous waterfalls, Kothagiri is a place you will always find on the bucket list of the adventurers. But the beauty of this place beckons a large number of people to come witness the magic that it hides in its folds.
    This package takes you to the amazing environs of the hill station of Kothagiri to enjoy days worth of trekking in the hills of the area and camping under the billion stars. On this tour, you will be trekking to see the famous Kallar Valley viewpoint, cave hikes, trek to Catherine Falls and a dip in the falls.
    Over the course of 4 days and 3 nights, you will be left with a number of memories to last you a lifetime and pictures of the amazing views forever stuck in your head

    Min number of people required to book:- 1
  • 07Camping and Surfing at Kovalam, Chennai - Flat 17% Off

    Camping and Surfing at Kovalam, Chennai - Flat 17% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN110 ratings
    • Exoticamp
    Surfing, Sea Kayaking, and Stand Up Paddle are amogst the highest forms of adventures at sea, and if you don't know how to enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with gliding on the waves, this package of camping and surfing at the Kovalam Beach in Chennai will do the needful.
    Located at the Covelong point of the beach, the campsite is one of the most beautiful ones in Chennai and is easily accessible from the city as well. Promising a healthy and safe environment for every kind of traveler, be it families, couples, group of friends, or corporates planning their outings. 
    Here, you can enjoy camping by the beach, sleeping in some of the freshest environment with the breeze from the sea coming in to rejuvenate you and calm your senses, and enjoying the best time of your life right under the billion stars visible in the clear night sky.
    But the highlight of this entire package is the surfing school lessons that you can take here in the morning. The place is one of the best spots for surfing in the country, and that makes the fun grow exponentially with every passing minute. 
    Included in this package is the accommodation in clean and hygienic tents with proper sleeping bags and blankets, inflatable pillows and reading lamps, hi-tea, dinner with options of Veg and Non-Veg included, breakfast, Surfing / Sea Kayaking / Stand Up Paddle course fee with introduction and lessons, and the rentals for the equipment required.

    Minimum no. of People required to book-4
  • 08Mountain Camping and Trekking in Kodaikanal Falt 45% off

    Mountain Camping and Trekking in Kodaikanal Falt 45% off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lKodaikanal
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    • Manoj Suriya
      Manoj Suriya
    About the Activity:

    • An assured beautiful package is here before you. It is nothing but a camping and trekking experience in Kodaikkanal, Tamil Nadu.
    • This is a 2 day 1 night package with some exciting activities as deep forest camping, visiting the natural falls and water bodies.
    • Partake in morning exercise sessions, listen to the nature talks by experts, indulge in bird watching, star gazing, enjoy the camp fire, get a dip in the water falls, enjoy the musical nights, adventure games, environmental talks and debates and share your real life adventure stories.
    • The package includes food, accommodation in 2/3/4 sharing tents and transportation from Kodai lake to the activity point and return.
    • The trip starts at around 10:00 AM from Kodaikanal Lake and ends at around 06:00 PM, the following day.
  • 09Camping in Yelagiri with Multi Adventure Activities - 17% Off

    Camping in Yelagiri with Multi Adventure Activities - 17% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lYelagiri
    • NNNNN131 ratings
    • Manoj Suriya
      Manoj Suriya
    About the Activity:
    • More than 10 activities like ATV rides, bungee trampoline, human sling shot, parallel zip lines, mini golf, shooting, archery, wooden bridge, angry bird fight, paint ball etc along with trekking and camping make this Yelagiri trip unforgettable.
    • Dotted by greenery, each point in Yelagiri extends refreshing sights and it can be selected as a getaway spot.
    • Morning exercise sessions, nature talks by experts, star gazing, camp fires, musical nights, adventure games, environmental talks and debates and real life adventure stories will also be included.
    • The package includes food, accommodation in 2/3/4 sharing tents and different type of activities. The trip starts at around 12:00 noon and ends by 03:00 PM, the next day.

    Check-In- 12:00 PM
    Check-out- 03:00 PM

    Minimum number of people required- 2
  • 10Surfing in Chennai

    Surfing in Chennai
    • d4 Days
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN28 ratings
    • Showkath

    The First Wave surfing classes in Covelong, known for its pristine beaches, offers a wonderful opportunity to water sport enthusiasts to learn the thrilling sport of surfing within a short span of 4-8 days.

    These 3-hour long classes, conducted on weekends, have two time slots of 7-10 am and 2:30 – 5:30 pm. You can also choose between a 4 day and 8 day course during which you would be provided with life jackets, soft top surfboards and related course material.

    The content covered include understanding the ocean and its waves, the weather, surfing equipment and gear, and rip and current. You will be trained in ocean safety, surfing skills and methodology, how to enter and exit water safely, and surf etiquette. You will get to practice on soft top boards and gain mastery over surfing in the ocean waters under the able guidance of a professional surfer. On completing the course, you would also be given a certificate.

    Duration: 3 hours each for 4 days

  • 11Laser Tag

    Laser Tag

    Without proper trainings and required skills, no one would like to step into a battlefield! However, when it comes to participate in an exciting laser tag battle, almost every fun lover would hop into the arena and shoot down their enemies with their laser gun! A new trend among all the different adventure sports in Chennai, laser tag is grabbing plenty of attention in the recent time. A multiplayer activity, it requires no hard fast training nor any certain level of fitness and can be enjoyed by almost all the age groups.

    In this fun-frolic game, teams are usually divided into different groups and are led into an arena while dressed up with laser sensor vests. Once both the teams are on, the battle begins with each of the teams targeting at the laser sensors of the other. Revelry with the laser gun continues till a certain period of time or till the last person in the opponent team gets shot. Fun, safety, excitement and thrill are guaranteed in this fun-battle!

    Click here to check out weekend gateways near chennai

  • 12Paintball


    Well, if laser tag battle is not enough and you desire for a more realistic experience of a battlefield, paintball is something that you must try! One of the most sought after adventure sports in Chennai, paintball is the next best thing to experience in this metropolis.

    The rules of the game are very simple: get ready with the safety gears, step into the battlefield, load your guns with coloured pellets and start shooting down your enemies. Like laser tag, paintball also requires no ardent training or prior experience; fitness level is also not a concern till you are able to spot your opponents.

    Mostly conducted in the outdoors, this thrilling activity is something that will keep you engrossed in unlimited fun and excitement. Next time you visit the city, make it to a paintball arena, camouflage a battlefield and have unlimited adventure in Chennai with family and friends!

    Also, check out places to visit in Chennai

  • 13Cycling

    Image Credit : Colin Hughes - Flickr

    Chennai, the 'Gateway to South India' is blessed with a gracious coastline and abundant of greeneries. Though most of the city comprises of plain or flat lands, the outskirts does offer an ample of rugged and uneven terrains that make this city an ideal cycling destination. And in case, you are not in the mood of pedalling in the outskirts, you can ride within the city and make it to some of the adventurous places in Chennai.

    Offering a tropical wet and dry climate, the city offers several adventurous places to the cycling enthusiasts. During your visit to this metropolis that is steeped with history, culture and traditions, you can pedal around its scenic riversides, lakes and beachfronts, and explore its bountiful nature. Some of the parts of the Old City are also often thronged by the cyclists who come here to take a delightful ride and discover the quaint charm and appeal of the city. To add here, the East Coast Road (or ECR) is one of the most wonderful cycling destinations in the entire of Chennai.

    Must check out hill stations near Chennai.

  • 14Boating

    Image Credit : Sudarshan V - Flickr

    For those adventure lovers, who yearns to have a tryst with the azure waters and get swayed away with the pleasant wind, they must go for boating in Chennai. As already said, the city is bestowed with a charismatic shorelines, ocean fronts, lakes and rivers, it offers an ample of boating destinations throughout its length and breadth.

    One of the most popular adventure activities in Chennai, boating is mostly done in the Muttukadu, Pichavaram and Covelong regions. In Muttukadu, there is the renowned Muttukadu Boat House off the East Coast Road. An initiative by the Tamil Nadu Government, this boat house offers several boating options to the water sport lovers; row boats, speed boats, aqua scooters and pedal boats are the main attractions here.

    Pichavaram in Cuddalore district or the home to the second largest mangrove forest in the world is also among the adventurous places in Chennai for an enthralling boating experience. Joining this list, the fishing village of Covelong also makes for an amazing boating experience.

  • 15Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing
    Image Credit : McKay Savage - Flickr

    While some might find their adrenaline kicks in the water or on the land, some others find the same amidst the rocks! One of the most exciting and enthralling adventure sports in Chennai, rock climbing is on the rise among the city mongers. In addition to the natural settings, the city also has several clubs and other institutes that offers amazing rock climbing experience.

    Kambakkam; located around 100km from the city limits, is considered as one of the most adventurous places in Chennai. Offering an exciting range of climbs, this region simply proves to be a paradise for the climber. Expert guides, skilled trainers and adequate safety measures make rock climbing in Chennai one of the must experiences for the adventure junkies.

  • 16ATV Rides

    ATV Rides

    Chennai might be the melting point of cultures and traditions; but when it comes to fun and adventure, this city never stands back! And for those who love to challenge all types of terrains, this ethnic metropolis offers plenitude of options for ATV rides.

    Bestowed with rugged and exhilarating terrains, lush and dense forests, ATV rides are indeed the best way to explore the adventurous phase of Chennai. The city has an ample of adventure camps that offers these rides; expert instructors, utmost safety measures and the fascinating terrains will surely add an extra amount of fun and thrill to your ATV rides. To add here, East Coast Road (or ECR) is among the most popular destinations for these enthralling rides.

  • 17Camping

    Image Credit : anjanettew - Flickr

    Among all the adventure sports in Chennai, camping is one such activity that allows you to explore, discover and enjoy the enchanting beauty of the region. Surrounded by several hill stations, this metropolis serves as a common ground for campers from across the country and other parts of the globe as well.

    Among the hill stations, Yealgiri, Yercaud, Kolli Hills and Horsely Hills are some of the most scenic destinations for an amazing camping experience; these scenic hilly retreats are located within 200-370km radius. Other popular and adventure places in Chennai within a range of 400-600km includes Kodaikanal, Ooty, Coonoor, Munnar, Valparai, Madikeri, Meghamalai, Kothagiri and others.

  • 18Wildlife Tours

    Wildlife Tours
    Image Credit :  Ignazio Carpitella - Flickr

    The lush and untouched greeneries around Chennai serves as an ideal home to a range of exotic flora and fauna. For the wildlife lovers, this city offers an ample of opportunities to witness and spot several rare and endangered wildlife species. From the ferocious tigers to the cold blooded crocodiles, a range of colourful birds to other charismatic reptiles, this metropolitan city offers several enthralling destinations that makes it for an amazing wildlife experience.

    A visit to the Madras Crocodile Bank in Mamallapuram will give you an insight about these lazy predators along with the opportunity to feed them. Guindy National Park and Guindy Snake Park also serves as a wonderful destination for the wildlife enthusiasts. While the national park has a significant population of blackbuck, hyena, spotted deer and others, the snake park houses around 23 different species of snakes, crocodiles, tortoises, turtles and lizards.

    Arignar Anna Zoological Park with its dwellers like tigers, jaguars, lions, panthers, elephants, giraffes and others, is also one of the best sanctuaries to visit near Chennai. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is also one of the ideal spot for bird watching among the wildlife lovers.

  • 19Trekking

    Image Credit : McKay Savage - Flickr

    Trekking in Chennai is blessed by the charming elevations of the Eastern Ghats meeting with the beauty of the Bay of Bengal. The lush and green jungles coupled with the challenging elevations, makes up for an offbeat experience of adventure sports in Chennai. IF you are talking about trekking, then very few places can boast of the diversity of the terrain that Chennai has. Whenever you want to catch a break from the city, embark on a trekking adventure to any of the beautiful places in and around Chennai.

    The Eastern Ghats are characterized by smaller heights (as compared to the Western Ghats), but more splendid and untouched beauties of nature. Pristine rock cut natural pools, gushing falls, gurgling streams and peaks overlooking the sea are all the wonders that you will be able to experience only in Chennai.

  • 20Off-Roading

    Image Credit : eopath - Flickr

    For the adventure freaks, there is always a road; even in the extreme conditions, they always find a way to quench their thirst for adrenaline kicks! And in accomplishing this milestone, they even make their ways through the roughest of the terrains. To be precise here, when all the roads are closed, they always opt for off-roading options to find out their ways.

    Chennai being a central part of Tamil Nadu is connected to several other parts of the state. While most of the city’s surrounding are well accessible, some of its outskirt areas offers extreme challenges in traversing. Well, these are the areas that are often thronged by the adrenaline junkies who yearns for a high dose of thrill and adventure!

    The rough terrains of Eastern Ghat, its surrounding valleys and ranges serve as the hotspot for the off-roading junkies. Terrains here offers extreme challenges with the sand, gravel, muddy and rocky terrains. The off-roaders usually opt for an ATV and cruise through these roads and get their required dose of adrenaline!

  • 21Sailing

    Image Credit : Hari Ratan - Flickr

    The huge water expanses of Chennai, welcome the adventure of sailing being carried out in its pristine blue waters. Just take your boat and head out into the sea as far as you can see. The Madras Boat Club, one of the oldest boating clubs in the city, carries out regular sailing trips on medium sized boats as well more luxurious yachts. The sport has been practiced in Chennai for the past many years but has caught on to publicity very recently.

    Earlier, people used to have smaller boats that would not reach far into the sea and they had to be back within the day. However, now the sport has caught on and many people are buying bigger boats that can stay on water for more than a day or two. Out of all adventure sports in Chennai, this one is for the laidback souls.

  • 22Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving
    Image Credit : sandwich - Flickr

    Located off the Coromandel Coast adjoining the Bay of Bengal, Chennai has a huge and uninterrupted shoreline which allows you to explore all the beauties of the under water world. This vast and charismatic coastline with its serene and clear water entices the scuba diving enthusiasts to take a dive and discover the captivating beauty of Chennai’s magical marine life!

    Among all the scuba diving destinations, the Covelong Beach is known for its clean and serene waters that offer a perfect environment to indulge in shallow sea diving. The sea shore is relatively shallow with a relatively even floor. The diver in the mode of scuba diving is usually in the wet suit with fins and oxygen masks attached to his body  This is probably the only adventure activities in Chennai that allow you to experience marine life at its best!

  • 23Fishing

    Image Credit : Kumaran - Flickr

    If fishing is your ideal of a dun day out with friends, then Chennai is the right place for you! At the Barracuda Bay, you can indulge in the incredible sport of fishing along with some experienced trainers and instructors. The coastline of Chennai being long and uninterrupted makes up for an exciting plethora of possibilities when it comes down to any adventure activities.

    If you think that fishing is just one man’s job, you will surprised at the team efforts that need to be taken for an adventure of sport fishing to complete. The perfect stress buster, it includes people having to do multiple tasks while still on the ship. The catch at such sport fishing adventures usually includes Giant Trevally, King Mackerel, Blue Fin Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi and a lot of Barracuda.


  • 24Parasailing

    Image Credit : Storm Crypt - Flickr

    For those of you who think that Chennai is only about ancient temples and historical monuments, think again as the city is also the home to several adventurists and adventure activities. Being on the coastal region of India, this metropolis offers awesome possibilities of water sports particularly parasailing to its gutsy travellers.

    Not everyone’s cup of tea, parasailing involves sailing in the air while being harnessed to a safety parachute and pulled by a high-powered speed boat. As the boat makes its way forward, it pulls the parachute high in the sky allowing the participant to embark on a steady flight over the azure sea. Take this flight of your dreams; witness and enjoy the mesmeric views of Chennai while having a tryst with the air!

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