Snow World Overview

Snow World is located in Hyderabad, Telangana, and serves as an amusement park. It is spread across an area of 2 acres and attracts many visitors who want to escape the heat of the sun primarily during summers. 

The facility was designed by the renowned art director and architect Nitish Roy, who spent an equivalent of INR 20 million on its construction. The place is swamped with 200 tons of artificial snow on layered floors in order to avoid melting or seepage. The top layer of the snow is cleaned every day, after which an additional 2 or 3 tons is added. 

The artificial snow is made with water that goes through a rigorous filtering process four times in order to avoid any harm to its visitors. The park takes a step-wise approach towards exposing the visitors to the sub-zero temperatures, starting from 20 degrees Celsius. Gradually, the visitors explore the Cryo Zone which maintains a constant temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. The visitors are provided with heavy and warm clothing such as sweaters and jackets in order to help them get acquainted with the changing surroundings.

The park is interspersed with various zones and things to do like the Snow Merry-go-round, Snow volleyball, Snow basketball, and Snow dancing. Apart from that, there are several rides that visitors can enjoy, including Bumper Cars, Snow Wars, Snow Play Area, Snow Tube, and Sleigh Slide.

How To Reach

There are multiple modes of transportation to reach Snow World from the Hyderabad Bus Stand, the most common of which is getting an auto-rickshaw. Do not forget to haggle when traveling in auto, as they are likely to charge you twice the amount.

Hyderabad also has cab services, which makes it easier to travel anywhere in the city without any hassle. However, if you plan on going elsewhere after visiting the Snow World, then it is recommended that you rent a cab/bike for your journey.

Best Time To Visit

Naturally, the best of Snow World can be experienced to escape the scorching heat of the summer sun. Summers in Hyderabad begin in May and in late July. Thus, Snow World is swamped with localites and tourists who are looking for a thrilling get away from the heat. 

However, if you want to visit the place at a time when there is less crowd, the post summers are the best. Usually, the onset of monsoon is when the crowd recedes. And in winters, from December to February, there are only those who have a zeal for life only to experience the extremes.

Other Essential Information

Location: Snow World is located on the lower tank Bund Road in Hyderabad.

Address: Snow World Address: Survey No. 57, Lower Tank Bund Road, Bharath Seva Ashram Marg, Near Expotel Hotel, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500080, India

Timings: Snow World is open for public visits throughout the week. The timings of these visits are from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Usually, there are hour long sessions that take place half an hour apart. 

Entry fee: 
There are different entry fees for visitors belonging to different age groups.

-500 for Adult (4ft 6inch & above)

-300 for Child (2ft to 4ft 6inch)

-350 for College Students (above 10th Class)

-300 for School Students (up to 10th Class)

Visitor's Facility: 
Visitors are provided with warm clothes and the necessary equipment for ice-skating and snow sledding.

Parking Facility: 
There is a parking facility for cars and scooters within the periphery of Snow World.

Distance from Hyderabad bus stand: 
The distance between Snow World and Hyderabad Bus Stand is 10 km.

Rides at Snow World Hyderabad

1. Merry go-round: 
There is a merry go-round located on the cold snow where children enjoy the pleasures of rotating while playing with the snow.

2. Toboggan rides: 
This is the favorite ride of the kids which will set your pulses racing. In this ride you have to sled through a number of zigzag bends and at the bottom of the ride you’re thrown directly on the snow. .

3. Ice skating and ice boarding: 
There are areas dedicated to the fun aspects of ice skating and ice boarding on the snow from a steep slope. The necessary equipment is provided by the authorities at Snow World.

Bumper Cars: There is a section for playing Bumper Cars in the snow rather than on land. The cold swathes you in an entirely different aura.

Interesting Facts about Snow World

There are some things that you should know before or upon your visit to Snow Word:

1. The total area covered by Snow World is 2 acres or 0.81 hectares. There are various zones, rides and exciting places to be explored in this area.

2. Snow World was built by Nitish Roy, a veteran Indian art designer, director, and architect. The entire cost of construction was INR 20 million.

Snow World was inaugurated in January 2004 by the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu. The people who ventured this place on it’s inauguration day experienced dizziness after inhaling Nitrogen, which is used to produce artificial snow at Snow World.

Snow World has a capacity to accommodate 2,400 visitors who explore the area through gradual acclimatization.

Places to Eat at and near Snow World

Even though there are no restaurants inside Snow World, the surrounding area has a repertoire of cuisines and cafes to select from. Here is a list of some of the most visited areas around Snow World:

1. Hangout Bakery: 
Hangout Bakery is a dainty bakery selling not just dessert but milkshakes, Maggi, and other vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Location: Dammaiguda Mahatma Gandhi Road, Hyderabad 500082, India.

Distance from Snow World: 0.2 km

2.  Café Coffee Day: 
Café Coffee Day is a renowned Indian franchise with multiple outlets all across India. Hyderabad is one of them. You can have coffee, over pizzas and sandwiches after your visit to the Snow World.

Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Panjagutta, Hyderabad 500082, India

Distance from Snow World: 0.2 km

3. Café Pearl: 
Café Pearl is known for the taste of their coffee. They have various varieties available with some light snacks and side dishes to compliment your meal.

Location: Expotel Hotel, Lobby Level, Near Park View Apartments, Tank Bund, Hyderabad, India

Distance from Snow World: 0.2 km

Daksha Vizianagaram; Biryanis – the ethnic dish of Hyderabad, is decorated on a plate with flourishing rice and served at Daksha Vizianagaram. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryanis.

Features of Snow World

Snow World has an abundance of developments that attract visitors to the place:

1. Gradual Acclimatization: 
After entering Snow World, due to our biological adaptation of surroundings, visitors are gradually exposed to colder environments, starting from 20 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius and then sub-zero temperatures.

2. Cryo Zone: 
Snow World has an in-built Cryo Zone that maintains a constant temperature of -5 degrees Celsius within an enclosure that has a capacity of accommodating 2,400 visitors.

3. Thrilling Rides: 
Apart from snowy and flaky surroundings, Snow World has multiple in-built rides in various arenas for adults and children alike. There are merry-go-rounds, bumper cars, slides and what not!

4. Ice skating and Snow Sledging: 
Experience the extreme winter sports like ice skating and snow sledding with the required paraphernalia that is available on rent at Snow World.

5. Location:
Lower Tank Bund Road, Opp. LIC Building, Vizianagaram 535001, India

6. Distance from Snow World:
0.4 km

Things to keep in mind before visiting Snow World

There are certain things that you should be aware of prior to or upon your visit to Snow World

1. Cell Phones are prohibited within Snow World, and there is an extra fee attached to cameras.

2. Pregnant women, people with asthma, or other physical medical conditions must enter Snow World upon a doctor’s advice.

3. Entry to Snow World starts half an hour before the session begins.

4. You will be provided with a token after you keep your bags, shoes, and other valuables outside Snow World. If you lose the token, you will not be given back your valuables. 
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