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  • Hyderabad is a place that is steeped in modernity and tradition. The innocuous grip of an illustrious past still holds this city and is evident in its every length and breadth. There is a lot to unravel here, especially the majestic forts and palaces and many

    Whether you visit here, stay here, or work here, there are several Weekend Resorts near Hyderabad for a relaxing time. Like any other metropolitan city, this one too has its share of 
    world-class resorts. These places cater to all types of visitors. Be it local, national or international visitors, these resorts cater to all requirements.

    Here are some of the best resorts near Hyderabad for a weekend:

  • 01Leonia Holistic Resort

    Leonia Holistic Resort
    This resort is an idyllic destination to take a weekend off and relax amidst nature. This is a world-class resort that is within driving distance from Hyderabad. The Leonia Holistic Resort offers a combination of relaxation, business, leisure, personal indulgence and more. The recreational facilities here are world-class.

    The resort is located at a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The topography at this location is undulating. In the background are numerous hills to keep your eyes engaged at all times. Some of the prominent tanks are located in this region, namely Nawabat Pahad, Golconda, White Banjara, and others.

    There are different types of accommodation available here. The Lagoon Bay Villa is the best of them all and is priced higher. Following this is the Bay Window Suite. The next in line are the Cascade Suite, and the Leo Celestia Rooms. There is no shortage of amenities or facilities here. Everything is prim and proper.

    Cleanliness standards are high. Concierge service is outstanding. You get 24 hour water access. All rooms are well-equipped with all required amenities. When it comes to luxury you cannot ask for anything more at the Leonia Holistic Resort.

    At this resort, a prominent activity is medical tourism amongst resorts around Hyderabad. There are also water therapies offered here. Spread over 150 acres, there are four hotels inside the resort. There is a convention centre to host meetings and conferences. The resort was initially set up to tap the medical tourism market in the nation.

    There are numerous medical tourism packages that this resort offers. Professional treatment combined with excellent hospitality provides customers a worthwhile experience. The medical health checkup and rejuvenation treatments are combined with tourism to give a holistic health solution. The place where such treatments are given is called LeoJuventa.

    Patients are given guidance on how to lead healthy lives. Patients stay at the resort for a prescribed period of time. Even sports medicine is on offer and this is generally for a longer duration.

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  • 02Lahari Resort

    Lahari Resort

    This resort is a unique getaway spread over 35 acres. The unending vastness here will enchant you no end. The ethereal beauty of nature will never cease to amaze you. The place is festooned with water bodies, fountains, and green carpets of lawns. Located in Bhanoor, near Patancheru, Lahari Resorts is within driving distance from Hyderabad’s main centres.

    Over the years it has become an important destination for business and pleasure. An international cricket stadium is situated here. Plenty of recreational activities are possible. The swimming pool here is world class. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

    The conference halls are well-equipped with wireless Internet access. In-house restaurants serve gastronomic delights. Rooms are luxurious with common areas and central air conditioning. There are suites for every type of need.

    The different types of accommodation facilities available here are deluxe suite, queen’s suite, king’s suite and presidential suite. For repeat visitors there is a provision to take membership packages.

    Be it for business or pleasure, the resort offers facilities and is amongst the better Weekend Resorts near Hyderabad. The resort administration is prompt to your needs. The proactive approach leaves you pleasantly surprised. You are not treated as a paid visitor but as a guest.

    This attitude of the staff leaves a good impression in your mind. It is for this reason that this resort experiences repeat visitor traffic. When on a weekend getaway, you can play cricket in the cricket stadium here. If you are a cricket fan, you could not have asked for anything better.

    The cricket stadium is international standard. It can satisfy the requirements of any international match. When you play in this stadium it will feel like you are actually playing in an actual international match. Get that experience here and be thrilled to bits.

    After a refreshing round of cricket, head to the swimming pool to take a dip. Feel relaxed and refreshed after a good time splashing in the waters. Play water sports such as polo. Make pleasant laps and treat yourself to your favourite drink for all this effort.

    There is also a water slide in the vicinity to get an amusement park type of experience. You don’t need to be young or old. You just need to be energetic and enthusiastic to try this activity. It will leave you asking for more. Water slides are addictive. The fun quotient is high in this activity.

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  • 03Golkonda Resort & Spa

    Golkonda Resort & Spa

    This resort is located near the Osman Sagar Lake. The resort is set in the most salubrious and verdant setting that is a perfect abode for nature lovers. The soul-stirring beauty of nature is captured in the green aesthetics that are in vivid display at the spa.

    Meticulously planned and designed, no stone has been left unturned at the Golkonda Resorts to maximize customer comfort. The facilities are modernistic to say the least. At competitive rates you get five-star ambience and facilities.

    The interiors of the resort integrate seamlessly with nature. The unique experience uplifts your mood and calms your nerves. It is a perfect location to unwind and feel refreshed. Every moment becomes something to cherish and retain. Time flies and you want to spend more of it here. Amidst the backdrop of nature and enchanting water bodies, you become a different human being.

    The resort is easily accessible from the city’s financial centre. A mere seven kilometre drive from the financial centre of Hyderabad will get you here. The Golkonda Resort is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. This place is used extensively for corporate outings, business conferences, private functions, and social events as well.

    When it comes to accommodation, the resort provides multiple options. There are various types of them. Green Wood Villas have a spacious sitting area. An impressive entrance leads you to the room. The bedrooms are large. Each bathroom has a bathtub. There is a private dressing area.

    The Garden Villa is another type of accommodation that integrates greenery in the ambience. The rooms have balconies. The interiors are made of wood. King size twin beds adorn the room.

    For food and beverages there is the Ebony, Rendezvous, and Vetro. The Ebony is a lounge where you can sit down and enjoy a drink while soaking in the ambience. The Vetro is a coffee-shop that is open throughout the day. Rendezvous is a bar by the poolside. Delicious barbeque is made over here.

  • 04Black Buck Resort

    Black Buck Resort

    This resort is located in the Indian state of Karnataka and is well-known amongst Weekend Resorts near Hyderabad. You reach here travelling 18 km by drive from Bidar. The resort may look a barren façade at first. But what you see and experience here will make you come back for more.

    Tranquil and serene, these expansive spaces are home to exotic species of deer. An idyllic location nestled between the Honnikeri Sanctuary and the Vilaspur Lake, the resort is an intriguing grassland. Over here you can see plenty of blackbucks. You can trail them by foot and visit their natural habitat.

    The surroundings of the Black Buck Resort are rugged and rustic. They are the perfect habitat for these rugged animals. Walking through this region is a unique experience. You are in blackbuck country. You are their visitors. You don’t receive any hostile treatment. But you are met with cold stares.

    These are sensitive animals and averse to people coming into their living areas. But if you make no noise and tread silently you don’t disturb them. There are cottages on slopes in this place. These beautiful vistas are perfect staying places to see and feel the presence of these exotic animals.  

    There is a healthy population of blackbucks here. You see these animals roaming freely everywhere. These are innocuous animals. But you have to keep your distance. The environment is usually sedate. It comes alive in the mornings and evenings.

    During this time bird activity is prevalent and the entire region is inundated with pleasant sounds of these lovely creatures. There are other types of animals here as well. You will see porcupines and langurs here.

    There are eighteen air conditioned cottages here. These places of stay are located along a lake. The cottages are constructed to complement the weather conditions. The thatched roofs dispense heat rather than retaining them during the dry season. The cottages are available in different categories. A stay here is fulfilling. You see these exotic animals and also get a unique experience.

    Resorts within 300-600 km from Hyderabad:

  • 05Vijayshree Heritage Village Resort, Hampi

    Vijayshree Heritage Village Resort, Hampi

    At the Vijayshree Heritage Village resort you travel back in time. This resort captures the essence of Hampi. For it was here that once the Vijayanagar Empire thrived. Hampi is a place of history. There are numerous temples and archaeological places of interest here. This resort is located equidistant from Hampi and Hospet.

    The location of this resort is in a serene and tranquil valley. The resort combines tradition, trend, technology and hospitality to provide a wholesome experience. There are more than sixty thousand types of plants here. Inspired by nature, the resort is rich in biodiversity or at least attempts to be so.

    Vijayshree Heritage Village is an eco-friendly resort. You get no liquor served here as part of that principle. Smoking and non-vegetarian food is disallowed. Such discipline is followed to promote well-being and health consciousness in people. Hampi is a place of religion. The principle being followed in the resort tallies with the essence of Hampi.

    The resort provides five star facilities in a peaceful and harmless environment make it a favoured destination amongst Weekend Resorts near Hyderabad. Visitors are covered by public liability insurance. Classically styled suites are available. These richly furnished places of stay have all the amenities in place.

    There is a health club on location that also combines a swimming pool and spa. Professionally trained staff assists you in using the facility and getting the best out of your time here. There is a yoga room and meditation room to practise yoga and be absorbed in oneself with contemplation. The spa is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Massage is provided at the spa.

    The Coffee Shop is perched on an elevated mass of land. Standing here you get an aerial view of the resort. A multi-purpose hall with a capacity to hold close to 1000 people can be used for events and parties. The Vijayshree Heritage Village is a comprehensive place for relaxation. It is an ideal weekend resort near Hyderabad. Be here to experience luxury in a traditional setting.

  • 06Sloth Bear Resort, Hampi

    Sloth Bear Resort, Hampi

    Hampi was a princely region and a centre of power of the Vijaynagar Empire. Located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, this place is dotted with ruins of that glorious past. Fifteen kilometres from here you reach another intriguing place that is full of sloth bears. This is the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary that has a large number of sloth bears.

    The terrain in the resort is rugged and an ideal habitat for these rustic creatures. The Sloth Bear Resort adjoins this Sloth Bear Sanctuary. Staying in this resort is a unique experience. You are in a region full of sloth bears. These are fearsome animals.

    Apart from watching sloth bears in their natural habitat, you can use this opportunity to see some UNESCO world heritage sites. Anegundi is a heritage village with plenty of historic attractions when looking for Weekend Resorts near Hyderabad. You can interact with the villagers here to get a sense of the culture here. The people are hospitable and share anecdotes on their lifestyle and activities.

    At the resort you are taken on sloth bear safaris. Post this activity there are temple trails. Then you go heritage biking that lets you bicycle amongst the historic ruins of the region. Nature walks are an ideal activity to relax whilst walking through the dense foliage and enjoying the flora and fauna.

    Bird watching is another popular activity that lets you watch exotic and rare birds in their natural surroundings. Joy fishing lets you catch fishes in the nearby water body. It is an activity that de-stresses you. The resort also organises water sports activities.

    Ghol Ghar is the multi-cuisine restaurant here. The restaurant serves North and South India delectable delights. The resort has facilities for jogging and cycling. A library is available that has books on Hampi. You can take a guided bicycle tour of this place. Spend a weekend in these rustic settings to experience a new world. Come out with different perspectives and a different outlook towards life.

  • 07Hampis Boulders Resort, Hampi

    Hampis Boulders Resort, Hampi

    This is a unique sightseeing attraction situated in Narayanapet in the Indian state of Karnataka. The resort is located in the Yamini Hills overlooking the Tungabhadra River. The view from the resort is outstanding and exotic. The frontage is dotted with boulders eroded by waters. These boulders are thousands of years old.

    There are different types of accommodation provided here when compared to other Weekend Resorts near Hyderabad. The Star Cottage category lets you enjoy the view of the river, sitting out in the vacant space adjoining the room. The African Cottage lets you enjoy the wilderness surrounding the area.

    You are in seclusion and insulated from the outside by the wilderness. It could feel like you are living in a home in the African bush. The Rock Cottage is another concept place of accommodation that lets you stay in a room that is shaped like a rock. It is like living in the inside of a boulder.

    The Hampis Boulders resort is a place that allows you to take part or indulge in various activities. You can visit Hampi and see the architectural wonders on display. Bamboo bridges have been constructed over the boulders.

    These bridges are ideal locations to see the boulders below. You can also walk over the boulders. There is a steep descent in this region from where water falls. Indoor game facilities are also provided. You can play pool and table tennis.

    When you visit this resort in certain months, you can watch bird roosting. The venue for this is an island. To take part in this activity you have to visit the Hampis Boulders resort from the months October to February. Outdoor barbeque facilities are provided. You can enjoy the outdoor meal against the backdrop of peppy music.

    After a hard day’s relaxation and sightseeing, jump into the rock swimming pool inside the resort. This is a unique swimming pool given that it looks different. The resort is an excellent venue to experience the essence of the place. It is an ideal weekend vacation spot.

  • 08Heritage Resort, Badami

    Heritage Resort, Badami

    There are many regions in Karnataka that are unexplored. This state has various such Resorts around Hyderabad that evoke interest in people. One such place is Badami. This region was once a capital city. Chalukyas ruled many surrounding regions from this place. Badami was prominent during the 5th to 8th centuries. When you travel to this historic town, you can see the rock cut cave temples here. These temples are located between two hills. The architecture of the temple is based on the Chalukyan style.

    The Heritage Resort at Badami seeks to redeem the cultural value of this ancient town. Visitors are accommodated in the best of facilities. Inside the resort you stay inside a cottage. These cottages are tastefully designed. They are spacious suites with the best of amenities to let you enjoy a comfortable stay. Open sit-outs flank each cottage. In the early morning or evening, you can relax in these sit-outs and enjoy the embrace of nature surrounding you.

    Located on Station Road in Badami, the resort features a multi-cuisine restaurant. Mouth watering dishes are the order of the day. The menu is a blend of North and South Indian dishes. You get pure vegetarian dishes here. You can also try out some authentic regional food. The best part of this restaurant is that it is open-air.

    The Heritage Resort is full of lush and verdant lawns. These expansive spaces are the perfect venues for hosting events and parties. It is an enchanting experience hosting a business conference in this authentic town and in such a salubrious place. If you want to try something different, then you can choose this destination. The resort is a perfect weekend getaway. Being at the resort you can travel to many places in Badami and see UNESCO heritage sites.

    The resort administration provides sightseeing expeditions regularly like other Weekend Resorts near Hyderabad. Regional guides and historical monument experts accompany you. You are informed on the historical background of the places you visit and monuments you see.

  • 09Ramsukh Resort, Mahabaleshwar

    Ramsukh Resort, Mahabaleshwar

    amsukh offers a luxurious stay away from the din of urban chaos. Located in Mahabaleshwar, this resort provides you a memorable experience. The resort is spread over three acres of greenery. All around, the surroundings are verdant. Quiet, tranquil, elegant, and serene, the resort is the preferred holiday destination of the discerning vacationer.

    Mahabaleshwar is a place of heritage. This resort is the highest here. That is, the resort is perched atop a higher plane than the other regions. You can get a scenic view of this village. The higher elevation makes for a blissful climate that is moderate. You get breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset from this resort. The resort is close to many sightseeing places in this village.

    Located near Mahabaleshwar Temple, in Kshetra Mahabaleshwar, the resort provides excellent accommodation to enjoy a pleasant stay. The rooms are tastefully crafted and affordable.

    They suit the economy traveller as well as the comfort seeker. There is a spa on location. You can get beauty treatments, facials, spa remedies and lots more done here. The place is abuzz with soothing sounds and aromas. Professionally qualified spa technicians manage the spa.

    The multi-cuisine restaurant serves delectable delights. The restaurant has a combination of indoor and outdoor ambience that makes it an ideal destination amongst Resorts around Hyderabad. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner are served. Food is prepared fresh and served hot.

    The menu has enough variety to keep you interested. For breakfast, fresh fruits are served along with fresh juices. There is also a special Jain food feature incorporated in the menu.

    The Ramsukh Resort and Spa has always made news for green initiatives. A lot of emphasis is laid on the use of natural lighting and ventilation. It is for this reason that some sections of the resort have no air conditioning. Food is stored, but not in large quantities.

    The onus is to serve fresh food so as to eliminate the need for refrigeration. Waste water is recycled at the facility. Such amazing eco-friendly initiatives are a source of inspiration for other resorts.

  • 10Hornbill River Resort, Dandeli

    Hornbill River Resort, Dandeli

    If you are in the mood for adventure, then visit the Hornbill River Resort to get a heady dose of adventure. Located amidst lush greenery, the resort is located in the verdant jungles of Dandeli in Karnataka. These unexplored jungles intrigue even the most seasoned explorer. The Kali River flows through this place. The combination of earth, water, sun, and air is outstanding.

    Being at the resort is like staying in nature’s backyard. You feel the difference when you wake up to chirping birds. The fresh air fills your lungs. After a sumptuous breakfast you spend the rest of the day in adventure activities. On the anvil are rock climbing, camping, rappelling and many other such adventure activities.

    The resort is located in the Ambeli village at the Ganeshgudi post. There are plenty of activities lined up for you when you get here. Bird watching should top your list. During these expeditions you see the exotic hornbill species. These bee-eating beautiful birds are known for their acrobatic skills.

    You can even find some rare species such as Grey Headed Fish Eagle here. It is the perfect place to take some photographs of these exotic creatures.

    Image Credits : Himanshu Sarpotdar - Flickr

    he resort provides wildlife safari through the Dandeli forest similar to Weekend Resorts near Hyderabad that are wildlife reserves. Accompanying you are naturalists who explain the flora and fauna around you. There are plenty of big cats such as tigers, leopards and panthers here. You can see herds of elephants too. Deer are ubiquitous.

    The place is full of birds of different kinds. This is a great opportunity to see the jungle life with someone who knows the ways of the jungle. No matter how many jungles you have visited, each jungle has its peculiarities.

    The accommodation here is varied. There are different types of rooms. The tree house is a concept cottage that lets you stay atop a tree. Then there is the Rock House and Tent House both of which are theme-based places of stay. Staying here is a thrilling and fulfilling experience to say the least.

  • 11Bison River Resort, Dandeli

    Bison River Resort, Dandeli
    Image Credit : Ruben Swieringa - Flickr

    This resort is located on the banks of the Kali River. It is close to the Dandeli Reserve. The Bison River Resort has exquisitely designed rooms with beautiful views of the river. An in-house restaurant serves multi-cuisine dishes.

    There is a well-stocked bar serving your favourite cocktails. On location is a well-stocked library with a range of books on wildlife. Included in the library are films on wildlife, audio visuals, and such informational content.

    From the resort you can take jungle safaris. Accompanying you are naturalists and jungle experts. These people are passionate about wildlife and they animatedly explain to you how the forest works. You can try white water rafting on the Kali River.

    This activity is conducted depending on the water levels. You can explore the forest landscape atop an elephant. Rides on elephant are part of the experience. In the evening, you can enjoy time with your friends and family around a bonfire. Barbeque facilities are also offered.

    The thrilling activity of them all is the rafting on a coracle raft. Your rafting expedition is safe given that it is professionally managed. You explore the many dimensions of the river. Along the way you see birds in their natural surroundings.

  • 12Dala Rooster Resort, Panchgani

    Dala Rooster Resort, Panchgani

    Of all Resorts around Hyderabad, Dala Rooster is a big mansion with thoughtfully constructed interiors and exteriors. The bungalow is located on a massive tract of land in excess of twelve thousand square feet. The house faces the valley.

    During the rainy season you get uninterrupted views of the Bhilar waterfalls. In the bungalow there are six impressively furnished bedrooms. All rooms overlook the waterfalls and the valley.

    Located in Panchgani, staying here is like a home away from home experience. The rooms here are well-equipped. The kitchen has a fridge, dishwasher, microwave oven, gas fireplace and more. The interiors of the rooms are tastefully crafted to create a home ambience.

    h bedroom has electronic lockers. A carbon dioxide extinguisher is available in the kitchen for fire mishaps. A rainwater harvesting system provides water supply round the clock and at all times during the year.

    You can engage a professional cook to help you make exotic dishes. You can also hire a resident maid for your stay here. Dala Rooster is an excellent place to stay for a family or couples. It can also be used as a getaway or honeymoon place.

    The relaxation potential offered by this place is unique. The facilities here leave no questions to be asked. There’s everything you can ask for in a vacation home in this bungalow. 

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