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A must-do activity once in life, it is safe as the expert person was there to guide, and together we do the activity which I felt comfortable.. the jump from the sky was extremely mind-blowing...Really words are less to describe.
Definitely recommend everyone to experience this extraordinary experience in Hyderabad, Very easy to meet up with the staff and they were very friendly and nice, They take a short session to explain to us about the activity and also they will help you dressed up...I was scared, but the staff encourages me, the jump with the professional was really superb and floating in the sky was just an awesome moment with a fantastic view from there... Really WORTH THE MONEY
Right after the activity the staff shared with us the stunning pictures and videos to cherished this expereince forever... In short, this expereince was totally fantastic, great jump, thrilling views, professional staff and it was a HUGE AND WORTHY EXPERIENCE.