Jalavihar Water Park Overview
Situated in the bustling capital of the state of Telangana, Jalavihar Water Park is a popular amusement park famous for its adventures rides, eccentric attractions and mesmerizing landscapes. Scented with the fragrance of wildflowers and ringing with the humming of bees, the park is extravagantly alluring to all nature lovers. The Park is a sensational tourist destination with larger than life adventure sports and fun rides for both adults and children. 

The idea for this park was conceived in 2000. The project started as a private-public partnership led by Mr RJ Rap with a capital value of INR 200 million. Though it was started in 2000, its construction could not begin until mid-2006 because of some issues regarding partnership and land encroachment. Having officially started in 2007, Jalavihar Park has become one of the most successful public-private partnership enterprises in Hyderabad. 

The park is filled with innumerable attractions that fill people with thrill and adventure. It is an entertainment hub for all kinds of water and dry rides. With entertainment opportunities like wave pools, rain dances, and game zone, the Park offers its visitors a plethora of fun and refreshments. To the delight of foodies, the park has a Food Court inside its premises that has an ensemble of restaurants and food joints serving delicious cuisines to the customers. 

For health and safety concerns, the management authorities of the Park ensure that there are enough lifeguards near every ride and risky zones overlooking everything and everyone. There are multiple first aid stations located inside the park too in case of a mishappening. The Park is extremely secure and the visitor’s safety is given utmost importance. 

How To Reach

By Air:
The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the closest airport to Jalavihar Water Park. It is at a distance of about 35 km from the Park. This distance can be covered by using the bus or hiring a cab. 

By Cab: Hiring a taxi from the airport is extremely easy. Several telephonic and online cab services are available at Hyderabad that one can take to comfortably travel to the Park.

By Bus: City buses run at regular intervals within the city. Buses are much more economical than cabs

Best Time To Visit

The summer months from April to June are the best months to visit the park. The coolness brought by water is a welcome relief from the scorching summer heat. 

The best time to visit the Park during the day is early in the morning. The temperature is comparatively lower in the morning than the later hours of the day.

Other Essential Information

Location: The Jalavihar Park is situated at the Necklace Road in Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500063.

Timings: The Park is open to visitors from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Entry Fees: To enter the Park, one has to buy a ticket based on the following criteria. 

-If you are 3 feet or more than 3 feet tall, you are required to buy a ticket that costs INR 350.
-If you are below 3 ft tall (young children), you are required to buy a ticket of INR 250.

Rides at Jalavihar Water Park

1. Wave Pool:
The wave pool is one of the most attractive rides at the Park. It is a swimming pool with artificially induced waves. This simulation of a real-life sea is exhilarating to no extent. 

2.  Tube Ride: A fun water ride where you are secured to a raft and then sent pushed on rounded water slides. You glide along the loops before landing in a shallow pool with a splash.

3.Twister: Twister is a slippery, speed driven ride. You slide through a series of pipes interwoven in a complex manner before landing feet first into a pool of refreshing water. 

4. Multi-Line Racer: People compete against each other as they are shot face down along a slide into a shallow pool. The one who reaches first takes the crown of the winner along with the experience of a lifetime. 

5. Frog Hopper: A joy-filled kid-friendly ride in which you are hoisted up to the sky before being brought down with a jump. This adrenaline-jerking. Blood pumping ride is safe and is one of the most exciting activities in the Park. 

6. Bull Ride: A fun adventure for adults and kids alike, the bull ride is a test of balance and patience. One has to hold on to a mechanical jumping bull for as long as possible.

Tips for Visiting Jalavihar Water Park

1. Carry sunscreen and protective lotions with you and apply them as frequently as you can to protect your skin against sunlight and rashes.

2. Do not eat anything heavy before going on adventure rides. Food inside your stomach can cause problems and refluxes when you are exposed to sudden movements. 

3. Carefully study the costume requirements.

4. Read all the warnings and rules before going on any rides. 

5. Carry a bag with you which you can use to keep all your expendables with. Littering is strictly prohibited in the Park. 

6. Make sure you are hydrated as the rides and activities are highly energy-driven and one forgets to drink water when surrounded by it. 

7. Secure your phones and other electronic devices in sealed plastic bags if they are not waterproof.

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Jalavihar Water Park FAQs

Can costumes, lockers be rented?

Yes. Costumes and lockers can be rented at affordable prices in the water park.

Can I bring food or drinks into the water park?

No. Carrying any kind of food or drinks inside the premises of the Park is strictly prohibited.

Are wheelchairs allowed in the park?

Yes. The Park is disability friendly and allows the use of a wheelchair.

Is there any dress code for the park? What’s the clothing requirement?

Yes. Only nylon fabric costumes and swimwear is allowed inside the Park. Cotton dresses, shorts, and briefs are strictly prohibited in the water rides.

Does Jalavihar allow smoking or alcoholic beverages?

No. The Park does not allow any smoking or alcoholic beverages.

Are there any medical facilities available?

Yes, First Aid stations are installed at various places in the Park.

Does Jalavihar have changing facilities?

Yes. There are changing rooms available for all men, women and children.

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