20 Best Beach Resorts in Chennai - 2020 (UPTO 25% OFF)

Beach Resorts in Chennai - Explore best offers on beach resorts around Chennai at Thrillophilia. This week’s most exciting deals for you are -  Day Out at Silver Sand Resort at Flat 44 % Off and Day Out at Country Club Beach Resort at Flat 45% Off.

The perfect geographical location along the shoreline of Bay of Bengal, Chennai is blessed with some magical beaches; hence, plenty of beach resorts. These beautiful resorts are becoming a perfect weekend getaway to give anybody an experience of leisure and luxury in calmness while a huge swimming pool, palm-lined trees, a good drink, lip-smacking dinner, clear sky and sound of water ripples surround the atmosphere.  

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Equipped with all the modern amenities like swimming pools, spas, adventure activities, world-class restaurants, cafes, and bars and whatnot, these resorts are a sure-shot way to beat the heat of Chennai.

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A huge variety of seafood awaits in the restaurants, and service of sauna and massage awaits you near the pool. Plan a lazy weekend escapade to one of the best Chennai beach resorts.

Top Selling Beach Resorts in Chennai


Silver Sands Resort

Silver Sands Resort

The Silver Sands Resort is situated among beautiful casuarina trees which are one of the best Beach Resorts in Chennai, creating the perfect setting for a corporate holiday. The resort is quite unique as it has been designed and built to resemble a jungle. The Beach Resort is within 60 kms from the main city, which makes it a perfect place to stay during your weekend getaway from Chennai

The authentic and rustic vibe offers a unique experience. The open expanse and the fact that the resort is situated on the beach is one of the main reasons why it continues to be a favourite tourist and corporate destination. Amongst the sandy riches, many fun team beach games can be held.

The resort has one main restaurant which is open on all days of the week and provides wholesome, delicious and nutritious food. The room service is prompt and caters to your needs. There are quite a few indoor and outdoor games on offer, the most popular among them being snooker and billiards.

Since adventure sports are becoming quite the rage among the youth of today, the stay ensures that it makes provisions for these kinds of adventure-based sports that are quite exhilarating and fun at the same time. Team members can bond over beach volleyball, rappelling, rock climbing, and a specially created obstacle course.

There are quite a few places of interest that one can visit during their stay here. Tiger caves, a crocodile bank, and a bird sanctuary are only some of the places you need to visit in your stay in Chennai. Rest assured, there will never be a dull moment when you stay at the Silver Sands Resort.

Amenities: Restaurant, Prompt room service, Comfortable Rooms, etc.

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108 Ratings
Excellent 108 Ratings
108 Ratings Ratings
Day Out at Golden Sun Beach Resort, Chennai Flat 37% Off
  • 1D
  • Chennai
  • 1D
  • Chennai
₹1,022 ₹642
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Located in the holy city of Mahabalipuram on the Kovelong road, the Golden Sun Beach Resort is one of the best properties to have a bunch of fun by the beach.
As soon as you enter here, you will feel a changed world, completely different from the bustling town from outside. Set by the beach and amidst beautiful environs, the resort has a beautiful rustic charm to it.
Sit by the beach here and enjoy the cool breeze that flows in from the sea, rejoice in the songs of the birds and relax on the hammocks tied between palm trees on the beach.
And the same relaxation and more fun can be enjoyed inside the resort as well, where a great swimming pool waits for you with a good number of sunbeds scattered around it.
With great facilities to cater to a wide variety of guests, be it a family get-together, corporate outing or just a fay out with friends. The Golden Sun resort proves to be the best choice for any kind of event or fun time that you wish to have near Chennai.
The package for the day out includes access to the private beach and the lawn for organizing various events and team-building activities, A/C hall, and many indoor and outdoor games like Beach Volleyball, Beach Football, TT, carrom, and Cricket. Also, since this place is well known for its food, the package also includes delicious lunch with options for both Veg and Non-Veg available.

*Note-Need Minimum 20 People to book the resort.

Timings: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

How to reach?

The resort can be accessed easily by a means of public or private transport.
223 Ratings
Excellent 223 Ratings
223 Ratings Ratings
Day Out at Hudson Hotels and Resorts Flat 25% Off
  • 1D
  • Chennai
  • 1D
  • Chennai
₹1,250 ₹850
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Hudson hotels and resorts in Chennai is one of kind place to celebrate your getaway from the everyday hectic life.
Located on the Bangalore Highway, the resort is spread in several acres of land and boasts of an amazing natural setting, the place is your best bet to have the sort of rejuvenation that you have been looking for. 
Provided with facilities like an amazing wellness center, greatly facilitated conference halls, and an eco-friendly farm area, the experiences that await you on your visit here will be dazzling for you, to say the least. The resort also boasts of a magnificent Swimming pool and many beautiful waterfalls.
The day outs at the Hudson Hotels and Resorts are divided into 2 packages:
Package 1
Includes a welcome drink, Buffet Lunch with Chicken Biryani, games like cricket, volleyball, soccer, badminton, Parisal style boating, and fish feeding, access to swimming pool, waterfall, Children's Play Area, and pet zoo, and a refreshing evening Hi-Tea.
Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM

Package 2
Includes a welcome drink, Buffet Breakfast and Buffet Lunch with Chicken Biryani, games like cricket, volleyball, soccer, badminton, Parisal style boating, and fish feeding, access to swimming pool, waterfall, Children's Play Area, and pet zoo, and a refreshing evening Hi-Tea
Timings: 7 AM to 6 PM

*Note- For corporate bookings, drop in an inquiry with us and we will get back to you on the same.
102 Ratings
Excellent 102 Ratings
102 Ratings Ratings
Day Out at Green Coconut Resort Flat 44% Off
  • 1D
  • Chennai
  • 1D
  • Chennai
₹1,130 ₹630
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Finding its home amidst the lush greenery of Muttukadu, Chennai, the eco-friendly Green Coconut Resort is a well planned and exquisitely designed spot for those who love to enjoy in the lap of nature.
Tastefully decorated and equipped with a number of great facilities for the ideal day out that you have been planning for so long. Apart from getaways, the place is also in the perfect setting to organize team outings and create that perfect bond within your teams. 
Complete with spacious grounds and a great swimming pool facility, the place will prove to be the best choice when it comes to getting the excitement flowing. 
In this package, you will be getting facilities like Indoor and Outdoor Games (like cricket, volleyball badminton, tug of war, chess, and carom), refreshing welcome drink, a buffet lunch (veg and non-veg), Swimming pool for 2 hours, and evening tea/coffee with an Indian snack. 

*Note- Facilities for conferences are also available at the resort, so you can also plan your perfect corporate outing. For more information on corporate packages for Green Coconut Resort, Chennai, you can drop in an inquiry with us.

Min number of people required to book: 1
316 Ratings
Excellent 316 Ratings
316 Ratings Ratings
Day Out at V G P Golden Beach Resort Flat 34% Off
  • 1D
  • Chennai
  • 1D
  • Chennai
₹1,200 ₹800
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Day out at the VGP Golden Beach Resort brings you to the coastal beauty of the city of Chennai. Located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, the resort boasts of the best sunrise views of the region.
Another great fact about the resort is that it is one of the few places who strive to showcase the art and craft in all of their timeless beauty.
The beach itself gives out a rustic feel mixed with the perfection of the spaces prepared for organizing several events. Be it a vacationing day out by the beach, or a corporate day out, you can easily find your fit in the packages that the resort offers. 
This package for the VGP Golden Beach Resort offers a welcome drink upon arrival, evening tea/coffee with veg snacks, access to several indoor and outdoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom in the sports complex and Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball and Kabaddi by the beach, alongside a buffet lunch with 2 non-veg preparations.
Apart from these, the resort also offers an amazing swimming pool and lawn for corporate events.

Check-in: 10 AM
Check-out: 5:30 PM

*Note-  For more information on corporate bookings, drop in an inquiry with us and we will get back to you.

Country Club Jade Beach Resort

Country Club Jade Beach Resort

This beach resort offers only the best recreational and clubbing options for individuals who enjoy the finer things in life. A stunning beach view from almost all sides of the property is the main USP of the resort. It makes for a great corporate outing.

The place offers all modern amenities and facilities that range from a clubhouse, a gym, a multi-cuisine restaurant in addition to some of the finest suites available. This resort provides the perfect escape from the busy city life. A spacious swimming pool is a great option for those that do not want to venture out to the beach.

The swimming pool also has a personal jacuzzi system. These features and amenities are just some of the reasons why this beach resort is considered to be one of the best Beach Resorts in Chennai, bar none. 

Amenities: Clubhouse, Gym, Multi-cuisine Restaurant, P
ersonal Jacuzzi System, Swimming Pool, etc.

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107 Ratings
Excellent 107 Ratings
107 Ratings Ratings
Day Out at Sea La Vie Covelong Beach Resort, Chennai
  • 1D
  • Chennai
  • 1D
  • Chennai
About the Activity:

- Day out at Sea La Vie Resort on the Covelong Beach brings you to the shores of the Bay of Bengal in Chennai, so you get to experience some of the finest comforts and most interesting views of the place.
- Spend an amazing time watching the sunrise here and enjoying many activities like basketball, beach volleyball, beach cricket, and indoor games, coupled with amazing facilities like swimming pool, campfire on the beach, music and mouth-watering seafood.
- This day out package includes swimming pool access, welcome drinks, breakfast, lunch, hi-tea with snacks, changing rooms, and access to the clubhouse. 

Minimum no. of People Required: 4

Mamalla Beach Resort

Mamalla Beach Resort

The Mamalla Beach Resort is also considered as one of the Best Beach Resorts in Chennai. It is located approximately about 55-60 kilometres from the main city limits of Chennai in Mamallapuram (more famously known as Mahabalipuram).

Hence many
 corporates can head here for a team outing. This town which is known for its architectural beauty is located along the Bay of Bengal. The coastline is dotted with various pristine beaches and is the perfect destination for families or individuals or even team members to bond over some exciting beach games.

With some of the most spotlessly clean rooms, the Mamalla Beach Resort provides a homely atmosphere away from home. The stay provides you with the added benefit of strolling down its very own private beach.

You and your team members could also opt to relax and enjoy a juice or coffee under the shade of the many casuarinas that the resort has. Enjoy some of the best cuisines in the country. The chefs are on standby to ensure that the food they prepare is what you desire. The seafood platter is what the resort is most famous for.

Varieties of fish, oyster, lobster and shrimp are on offer. If you want to enjoy a lazy afternoon, then a catamaran ride with an experienced boatman is recommended. The place also organises tours to the Shore Temple Complex which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Mamalla Beach Resort’s proximity to the city also makes it available for company workshops and seminars. Therefore, the business community can also host a power meeting surrounded by the very best nature has to offer. Whatever the occasion, this beach resort has the perfect solution.

Amenities: P
rivate Beach, Multi cuisine Restaurant etc.


Ideal Beach Resort

Ideal Beach Resort

The Ideal Beach Resort, considered as one of the best Chennai Beach Resorts is also located in Mahabalipuram. This stay is rated as one of the best for families as it offers a host of fun activities for those on vacation. It is also ideal for fun team outbound activities that enhance employee skills and boost the morale of team members.

The hotel is not too expensive and provides decent quality mid range rooms that have the latest and necessary amenities. On offer is a very own private beach where fun beach games like Beach Olympics and sand castle building can be held with the team. Also in this resort is a spacious and big swimming pool.

The hotel has, over the years, undergone quite a number of renovations to give it a more contemporary feel. The rooms are well-maintained, clean and can accommodate a family of four. The staff is also quite hospitable and attentive to the requirements of the guests. Relish in the restaurant which is known especially for its seafood.

The dishes that you desire can be prepared upon request. The stay is also sensitive to the guests’ eating habits and caters to them accordingly.

Private Beach, Multi cuisine Restaurant, Luxurious rooms, etc.

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107 Ratings
Excellent 107 Ratings
107 Ratings Ratings
Day Out at Sathyam Grand Resorts Flat 37% Off
  • 1D
  • Chennai
  • 1D
  • Chennai
₹970 ₹620
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Day out at Sathyam Grand Resorts brings you to this amazing resort located on the Chennai Bangalore highway in a small town called Sriperambadur. The place is a hub for automobile companies and attracts a large number of businesspeople from all around the world. Apart from that, the resort is also connected to two major cities, that is Chennai and Bangalore, making it a prime spot to kick back and enjoy.
Spread in an area of about 15 acres, the green heaven provides some of the best facilities in a resort. The place comes studded with a ton of in-house facilities like a multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool, Ayurvedic spa, bar, conference rooms, and indoor and outdoor recreational centers.
Apart from these, the resort also features a great swimming pool so you can have fun and beat the heat at the same time. 
This package includes the usage of the swimming pool, enjoyment with indoor games (Snooker, Carrom, Ping Pong and Chess) and outdoor games ( Cricket, Football, Badminton and Volleyball), access to children's play area, evening tea/coffee with snacks, music system with one mike and buffet lunch facility with options for veg and non-veg available.

*Note- For corporate bookings, you can drop in an inquiry with us and we will assist you with the same.

Min number of people required to book: 1
106 Ratings
Excellent 106 Ratings
106 Ratings Ratings
Day Out at Anora Resort, Chennai Flat 37% Off
  • 1D
  • Chennai
  • 1D
  • Chennai
₹1,210 ₹760
Anora Resort near Chennai is a great spot to rejuvenate the tired soul with the special elements of nature. Surrounded by greenery and equipped with some of the best facilities in the region, this place will surely become your favorite go-to destination.
A perfect fit for all kinds of groups and travelers, the Anora Resort is also conveniently located in close proximities of major cities like Chennai, Mahabalipuram, and Pondicherry. 
Catering to all requirements, be it private or corporate, the resort features a lot of facilities in its roster to attract people from afar. This includes their delicious food, the lawns, the swimming pool, event spaces, the cricket pitch, modern interiors, badminton court, and many more such great facilities.
In this package for the day, you will get a refreshing welcome drink on arrival, access to their swimming pool, Indoor and Outdoor games like Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket pitch
(with bowling machine), Baseball, Tug of war, Frisbee, Net Cricket, Football, and Foosball, evening hi-tea with snacks, and a delicious buffet lunch.

Check-in: 9 AM
Check-out: 5 PM

*Note- For information on corporate bookings, you can drop an inquiry with us and we will get back to you on the same.

Others Beach Resorts in Chennai


Beach Park Resort

Beach Park Resort

One of the well-known beach resorts in Chennai is Beach Park Resort which will truly offer you an ideal weekend getaway. One of the prominent beach resorts in ecr, you can look forward to a comfortable stay here.

The rooms are equipped with modern amenities and room service will be available at your doorstep 24*7. You can indulge in some languid moments with your friends and family at the resort’s swimming pool. Spread over an expansive lush land, the scenic retreat has an aesthetic ambiance and will soothe your mind and spirit.

You can also play some outdoor games and grab some fun in the spacious lawn or simply take a stroll. The multi-cuisine restaurant here will make your taste buds yearn for the delectable dishes, prepared by some expert chefs. Enjoy your stay at the Beach Park Resort.

Swimming, beach games, outdoor and indoor recreations, multi-purpose gym, multi-cuisine restaurant.


MGM Beach Resort

MGM Beach Resort

MGM Beach Resort happens to be one of the best beach resorts in ecr offering you a cool and reposeful break from the daily mundane schedule. Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, the cottages here are traditionally designed and presents to a charming retreat.

The enticing sea breeze is a welcoming change for the urban dwellers and the impressive setting will please your eyes. The resort has a private beach where you can indulge in some fun-filled games or simply lie down to bask in the sun.

Surrounded by coconut trees, the swimming pool is another relaxing zone and after some splashes, do try out the ayurvedic massage to revive your tired nerves. A memorable evening with your dear ones awaits amidst luscious cocktails, delicious barbeque, and the cool sea breezes. 

Outdoor pool, private beach, multi-purpose gym, a beachfront restaurant cum bar, Thai spa and massage, banquet facilities.


The Green Coconut Resort

The Green Coconut Resort

The Green Coconut Resort is one of the many beach resorts that dot the coastline along Mahabalipuram. The coconut garden that surrounds the stay offers tranquillity and serenity as you escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This is where the corporates can head to for a beguiling experience. The resort is located in one of the prime locations off the ECR or the East Coast Road. It overlooks the Bay of Bengal, thereby ensuring a picturesque view that will create memories for a lifetime.

The stay leads right to the beach, making it the perfect place for beach activities such as human football beach volleyball and other team bonding exercises.

Considered an eco-friendly resort, it adheres to environmental norms. The stay possesses uber luxurious suites and premium cottages for families and couples. The dolphin swimming pool is a great place for the entire family to come together and have a fun time. The fishpond, situated on the premises, houses some exotic species of fish that are quite intriguing to watch.

The resort also has a massage parlour and health spa to engage visitors in a relaxing personal time. The air-conditioned hall is the perfect place to hold a formal gathering.

The open-air auditorium is also a perfect place to host an event while you enjoy the cool sea breeze. However, despite the modern amenities and other facilities on offer, the beauty of this resort lies in its coconut grove.

The peace that will surround you even as you sit and meditate on your own is something that is truly relaxing. Due to all that it provides, this stay is considered as one of the best Beach Resorts in Chennai.

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InDeco Resort

InDeco Resort

One of the quaint beach resorts in Chennai is the InDeco Resort, created by the illustrious Indologist Steve Borgia. Imbued with an aesthetic aura, the well-equipped suite rooms will offer you a perfect luxurious and easeful stay here.

Take a stroll around the verdant gardens, go take a dip at the swimming pool or indulge in some fun games with your friends at the nearby beach. The majestic Shore Temple stands just next to the resort and can be given a visit during one of your evening jaunts.

Another stunning attraction here is a private museum that harbors some beautiful ancient artifacts and antiques. Sit by the beach at the resort’s east end and watch a spectacular sunrise or sunset. Book your rooms as a peaceful sojourn awaits you here.

Swimming Pool, garden, indoor and outdoor gaming facilities, Party halls, restaurant cum bar, Ayurvedic massage center.


Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Among the other famous beach resorts in ecr, a known one is the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort. Noted for its tranquil settings and picturesque gardens, the place is ideal for family parties, reunion and wedding receptions.

You can wake up to the lovely view of the crashing waves as all the rooms are beach facing. Adorned with modern amenities, a cozy stay is certainly assured. Do take a dip at the cascading artificial waterfall that tumbles down into the swimming pool.

The sports enthusiasts can have a hearty time at the badminton courts or the football grounds. Try the lip-smacking continental dishes and the seafood at the resort’s restaurants. Your stay here amidst the evergreen natural atmosphere will be a lifetime’s experience. 

Swimming pool, sports ground, banquets and conference halls, multi-cuisine restaurants, Children’s play zone.


Chariot Beach Resort

Chariot Beach Resort

To enjoy a ravishing, 5-star experience, do visit the Chariot Beach Resort. Be it the luxury suites or the ethnic cottages, your accommodation here will get accompanied by 24*7 room service and a spectacular view of the azure sea.

The 45 acres of green expanse will give you ample scope to wander around and immerse yourself within the intrinsic natural essence of the place. As you gorge upon some scrumptious seafood and grilled delicacies, the cool sea winds will indeed be refreshing.

The Wellness Spa will rejuvenate your senses and the aromatic oils will wonder upon your skin and mind. You can also enjoy an exclusive candle-lit romantic dinner with your beloved at the resort’s private beach. 

Multi-purpose gym, outdoor games, and adventure-themed set-ups, private beach, spa, and ayurvedic treatments, banquet halls, restaurants.


Taj Fisherman's Cove Resort & Spa

Taj Fisherman's Cove Resort & Spa

Attracting tourists from far and wide, one of the renowned beach resorts in ecr is Taj Fisherman's Cove Resort & Spa. Overlooking the cerulean waters of the Bay of Bengal, the luxury resort has a historical significance as it was constructed on the site of an old Dutch Fort.

Cottages, villas, and suite rooms are well adorned with modern amenities and will render a cozy stay. At this resort, a wide array of dining options will greet you. Be it by the seaside or the Upper Deck or the all-day dining restaurant, each will offer you with a mesmerizing sight.

Savor upon the delicious seafood, continental menu, and other international cuisines while the enchanting ambiance further casts its aura upon you. 

Multi-purpose gym, outdoor games, relaxing beauty massages, multi-cuisine restaurants.


Radisson Blu Resort

Radisson Blu Resort

Radisson Blu Resort grants a perfect stay for newlyweds and families. A spectacular glimpse of the Bay of Bengal will give you a warm welcome and the place is ideal for business meets and reception parties.

The beautifully designed chalets offer you the much-desired peace and the lush green lawns are befitting for some leisure moments. For those longing to indulge in some thrilling activities, the resort will add special momets to your vacation with its range of recreations.

From scuba diving, canoeing, adventurous boat rides, and several indoor gaming facilities, Radisson Blu Resort is the perfect choice for your family. The multi-cuisine restaurant is a must-try for all foodies and the delicious complimentary breakfast will act as a luring start to the day.

Running trails, adventure game facilities, banquets and ballroom, multi-cuisine restaurants, complimentary tea and coffee, multipurpose gym.


Green Meadows Resort

Green Meadows Resort

Looking for some heritage beach resorts in ecr? Designed beautifully with a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary styles, this place of rich heritage is frequented by visitors through all seasons. The well-equipped rooms, the green lawns, recreation centers and the swimming pool all come together to offer you a memorable sojourn.

The specially curated menu in the food outlets will offer an exquisite range of delicacies for you to lavish upon. You can also enjoy yourself to some grooving music and sip some luscious drinks at the Grasshopper Restobar. A soothing ambiance will embrace you when you step in and the rest will be surely taken care of by the hospitable staff.

Another piece of good news is that you can bring your adorable pets at this resort.

Banquet halls, 24*7 room service, swimming pool, Hoppers Kitchen and Pizza, Grasshopper Restobar

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