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  • A treat for party animals, Goa is home to the hottest party places in India. Graced by renowned national and international DJs, the eclectic night spotsplay a wide range of music from electronic to Bollywood music, trance and lot more.  

    Adding to the magic is the locations of the clubs. They are either perched on hill tops or lounge on the shores of the pristine beaches. Also, there are many quaint shacks offering great music, liquor and food.  One can dance the night away as many are open even after midnight.

    Here is a list of the best places for parties in Goa:

  • 01Waters

    One of the newest clubs in Goa, Waters is considered by many as among the best party places in Goa. Ideally located in Vagator, it boasts of an indoor club, restaurant, a daytime beach club and grill throughout the day.

    Waters is a multi-leveled sea-facing club, which provides breathtaking view of the beach. The ambience of the place is simple yet classy keeping in line with the aquamarine and white theme.There is renowned DJ who plays all kind of music such as deep house, electronic music, tech, and funky house from the DJbooth that is at an elevation and overlooks the bar area. The restaurant opens at 4pm and they take the last order at 11: 30pm. The Entry fee does not cut a hole in the pocket and is around 1500 for couples.

  • 02Bardo

    Bardo is an exquisite beach club on Ashwem Beach. One of the best places for parties Goa, it has a brilliant 150-seater restaurant for a sumptuous fill and luxury cabana style spa for a rejuvenating experience.

    The special feature here is the private cabanas that can accommodate 15 people each. They have their own private butler, barbeque and more. The international DJ in Bardo plays some of the grooviest music, which includes EDM and trance. World famous for its sunset parties,the club is open 7 days a week from 11:00pm to 1am.
  • 03Blue Waves

    Situated on Morjim Beach, Blue Waves offers spectacular view of the shores. The club is located in a two-storied shack and plays exotic trance and other genres throughout the season. Party enthusiasts especially flock here during Christmas and New Year's.

    There are also very famously known for their mid-season all night trance parties which draw hundreds of people to this location.One of the most happening party places in Goa, the specialty here is the scrumptious Goan food.
  • 04Bora Bora

    Lounging on the quaint beach of Morjim, the Bora Bora club is amongst the best places for parties in Goa. A Russian owned beachfront lounge, it is open 24 hours. When here, expect great music all day long and free wifi. It mainly targets the Russian clienteles though it is open for all. Since the owner is a DJ, there is an eclectic range of music played.
  • 05Café La Musica

    Café La Musica epitomizes Goan ease and international standards.  Located on Baga Beach, it is a regular party spot. Bang on sea front, you can enjoy the breeze and the shimmering sand. The food is delicious and the café also has a sunbathing deck on the top.

    A former party promoter who is also the DJ of the club operates Café La Musica. The main highlight here is the unique collection of music that bursts through the speakers throughout the day. Be it minimal, psychedelic, in-house music, or techno, all make you tap your feet.

  • 06Cavala

    One of the oldest restaurant cum bar in Goa,Cavala is located on the Baga Beach. It is known for having hundreds of exotic plant species all around the bar and restaurant. This lends an earthy and relaxing feel. Guests can unwind, sip on their favorite cocktails and drinks while enjoying the ambience.

    If you are looking for some of the best party places in Goa then this is the place to be. In addition, one can check out many more best places to visit in Goa with family and friends.
  • 07Chronicle

    The Chronicle lounge offers a blend of revelry and luxury. It was opened recently in December and since then has managed to attract the party crowd. The sea facing club is located ideally in Vagator.Chronicle and opens at 3 pm every day except for Thursdays. The bar offers 25% discount on Wednesday nights and free shots under certain conditions.

    Chronicle is fabulously built over a 5 levels and offers fine dining restaurant with Italian cuisine. The DJ of the club is one of the best in Goa and plays deep house music.

  • 08Curlies

    Curlies is heralded as one of the best places for parties in Goa. Bang on pristine Anjuna Beach, it is among the oldest shacks in the state. Revel in a neon themed-based ambience and party till sunset.

    The DJ starts playing tripping trance music from 5 pm that goes on through the night. The shack is open all the days of the week. Curlies maintain one of the best stocks of alcohol and serves mouthwatering cocktails. Providing an experience like never before, one can come here to grab a bite, party, enjoy drinks with friends or simply watch the sunset.
  • 09Hill Top

    Situated on the Vagator Hill is the iconic place called Hill Top. It has a neon theme décor with the glow in the dark and other luminous designs. If you are a trance aficionado then this is the place to be. The international DJs play throbbing beats of psy-trance here. Hill Top is opened 7 days a week but strictly between 5pm-10pm.

    The place occasionally holds parties where the club is open for 24 hours.
  • 10Liquid Sky

    Liquid Sky is an exclusive beach shack in Arambol Beach.A treat for dance and music lovers, here you can catch a glimpse of your favourite DJ’s coming together. The music ranges from psy-trance to techno, electro and minimal. Located in the North of Chaporariver, Liquid Sky is open all days a week between 5pm-2am.
  • 11Mambo’s Night Club

    If you are the one who enjoys more of Bollywood music as compared to trance then Mambo’s Night Club is the place to be. Situated on the Baga Beach, it is a safe bet if you want to enjoy a night out in Goa.One of the most renowned party hubs in the region, it offers a huge indoor dancing floor, outdoor place, pool table and hookah. Famous Indian as well as international DJs play here.

    The club is open 7 days a week between 6:00 pm to 3:00 am. They also have ladies night every Wednesday where entry for selected are free. Apart from this the average cost for 2 is around Rs 500- Rs 800.Mambo is counted amongst the best places for parties in Goa.

  • 12Titos Night Club

    One of the well-established brands in Goa, this club is located on the Titos lane in Baga Beach. It plays host to a lot of Indian as well as international brands. They specialize in playing Bollywood and commercial music and are open 6 days a week except Monday between 9:30pm to 3:00am.

    The entry fee is 1500 for couples and stags. The place boasts of great interiors and a massive dance floor along with 2 bars. Wednesday is ladies night where ladies drink and enter for free. The bartenders perform fabulous tricks as they serve drinks and the servers move around in roller blades.

  • 13Club Westend

    Situated on the hilltop of Mollembhat Valley in Saligao, this place is known for its sensational music and DJ. The epic place is spread over 3 levels on a hilltop providing scenic beauty and a landscape and it is worthy of the tag of ‘one of the best places to party in Goa’. In here are 3 bars, different dance floors and a huge swimming pool.

    Club Westend caters to the love of electronic music of the guests. Open 7 day a week, it has ladies night on Friday. Other nights the entry is for Rs 800. You can get 50% discount if you get hold of the flyers, which are available in Arpora Night Market, Anjuna Flea Market and other places.
  • 14Club Cubana

    Club Cubana is located high on the hills of Arpora overlooking Palms tosca. A night club with a difference, it is one of the most happening party places in Goa. A multileveled club; there are canopied lounges, fluorescent themes and a Jacuzzi tempting to cool off agitated brows. Bars are there at every level and the dance floor has mirrored pillars.

    The proficiency of the DJ is obvious as he/she shifts from funky to tech, vocal to progressive, to finally the bare beat. If one is not interested to dance then they can relax in the surreal surroundings. And as the twinkling stars slowly dwindle as the sky lightens up, it’s time to wind up. 

    Last entry for couples is around 3 am in the morning and one can see crowd till the very end! This club never seems to run out of energy and it is very well organized. The best season to visit Club Cabana would be in the autumn and winter time. The weather is just perfect and it definitely will be a night to remember.

  • 15Silent Noise

    Silent Noise provides a unique party experience.You can enjoy this every Saturday night on the beautiful Palolem Beach in South Goa. If Palolem is not to your liking, you can head over to Neptune Point. Wireless headsets are provided to all the party dwellerswho can switch between DJs, listen and dance the night out without disturbing anybody else.

    If you take off the head sets, you will not be able to hear anything. If one DJ is not to your liking, you can swap channels and listen to the music being played by another one. It is unconventional and due to its setting and surroundings, it is makes for a place to visit and a party to remember. The best time to attend one of these parties would be during the months of October to March.
  • 16La Calypso's Club Blue

    La Calypso's Club Blue is located in the La Calypso hotel in Saunta Vaddo Baga Goa. It is Goa's largest indoor bar which also has one of the largest dance floors and VIP area and lounge. A wide range of music can be enjoyed here such as salsa, rock and roll or waltz and even some Bollywood numbers.

    Club Blue is a pub and discotheque where people can relax and enjoy a great night. As the name suggests, there is a blue theme all over the club and everything is in blue. Located in one of the best hotels in Goa and having a great location on Baga Beach, this is definitely a club to visit in this city and offers great music and entertainment. 

    Closing hours would be around 3 am and the entry fee would approximately be around 1500 for couples. The best time to visit this club would be between the months of October to March. During this time the weather is just perfect and there are a lot of tourists visiting Goa.

  • 17Terrace

    Located on the cliffs of Little Vagator, Terrace is a charming open-air restaurant which offers a great view of the beach right below. It is not only a restaurant but also a lounge and bar. The cuisine served includes a wide range of Asian, European and Goan delicacies.

    The outdoor space of the terrace provides a panoramic view of the sea and can host around 300 people. Among the fine party places in Goa, Terrace plans a party every day of the week and hires local DJs to play great music.Music genres include house music to progressive music.

    The place opens from 1pm and the party continues till beyond midnight. Usual entry fees do occur for the party area which would approximately be around 1500 for couples. The best time to visit this place would be between the months of October to March which is the peak season.