Bogmalo Beach Overview

Nestled amidst the coconut palms and fishing villages, this sea side is a definitive destination to enjoy lovely moments with friends or family members. It's an excellent place to enjoy a long stroll with your friends and family or a plunge in the Arabian Sea. Bogmalo is also famous for its nightlife and luxury accommodations which make it a strong contender to be one of the best beaches in Goa.

Aside from water sports and other intriguing activities, there are various top of the line shops that are known for exquisite handicrafts. This shoreline is an ideal mix of clamor and peacefulness, spotted with basic magnificence where one can feel loose and lose every one of the stresses in the wake of getting the beautiful view.

  • Water Sports:  Swimming, Diving, Windsurfing, Parasailing, Jet-skiing etc.

  • Nightlife: Full Moon Bar, Gazebo, Sunset Bar, Ruby Bar, Lobby Label etc.

  • Location: Bogmalo Beach, South Goa

  • Distance from Panaji: The distance between Bogmalo Beach and Panaji is about 30 kilometers.

  • How to reach from Panaji: Buses are available from Panaji at regular intervals. If one wishes, they opt for self driving or hiring a cab from Panaji.

With a beautiful, curved, and sandy coast fringed by palm and coconut trees, Bogmalo Beach  is also one of the cleanest and secluded beaches in Goa. For travelers who like to enjoy a private beach holiday in the stunning landscapes of Goa, Bogmalo is a great choice as it is less crowded even during the peak seasons. Tourists can lounge in the sun getting suntanned or enjoy beach games like frisbee and beach volleyball. Bogmalo Beach has a gently sloping beachline that makes it an awesome place to safely swim in the waters of the Arabian Sea. Adventure lovers can indulge in a plethora of exciting water activities like parasailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving at Bogmalo Beach. The shipwrecks along its coast and a rich aquatic marine life make diving in Bogmalo Beach absolutely a blissful experience.

Bogmalo Beach is bordered by many resorts, bars, nightclubs, and shacks that offer scrumptious Indian and international cuisine. As dusk sets it in, Bogmalo Beach transforms into a party hub as the pubs and nightclubs set an electrifying mood in the air with DJ music, live bands, dance floors and finest choices of liquor. While at Bogmalo Beach, do not miss savoring delicious Goan food which is dominated by steamed rice, fish and shellfish!

How To Reach

- How to Reach Bogmalo Beach from Panji

The road distance between Panjim and Bogmalo via NH 66 is 27.7 km and the easiest, and fastest way to cover the distance is to drive or hire a taxi. It takes about 45 minutes to travel from Panaji to Bogmalo Beach.

- How to Reach Bogmalo Beach from Goa International Airport

Bogmalo Beach is just 5.7 km away from Goa International Airport and one can book a cab/taxi at the airport to reach the beach. It takes about 12 minutes to cover the distance.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Bogmalo Beach is during the winter months from December to February when the climate is usually cool and pleasant for sightseeing and experiencing water activities. The day time temperature during these months is just above 30 degrees Celsius and nights are cool with temperatures hovering around 20 degrees Celsius.

Other Essential Information

 Watersports in Bogmalo Beach 

Swimming: The shallow and slowly deepening water of the Bogmalo Beach is perfect for swimming. The waters and the shoreline are well-kept and clean, making it refreshingly delightful to swim.

Scuba Diving: Scuba Diving at Bogmalo Beach happens at Grande Island and Pigeon or Netrani Island. Many PADI certified diving institutions in Bogmalo can help even a novice person enjoy the experience.

Snorkeling: At about a 10-minute ride from Bogmalo Beach is the Grande Island that is a popular snorkeling spot to observe the mesmerizing underwater marine life.

Windsurfing: Persons who are physically strong can enjoy windsurfing in sailboards at Bogmalo Beach. The beach has an amazing environment with a gentle breeze and calm waves that are ideal for beginners. Also, there are many trainers who can help the tourists have an astounding windsurfing experience.

Parasailing: This thrilling activity using parachute and speedboat is for those who like to experience some adventure over the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Bogmalo Beach has several parasailing operators who let the tourists indulge in this nerve-wracking activity, but with all safety measures taken care of.

Jet-skiing: Jet Skiing is particularly famous at Colva near Bogmalo Beach where you can feel the wind as you zoom through the beach waters. With enormous speed involved, jet skiing is definitely only for the strong-hearted ones.

 Nightlife at Bogmalo Beach 

Bogmalo Beach has several night clubs, pubs, bars, and shacks in its vicinity and nights here are peppy and happening. Most of the bars, clubs, and shacks are open until the wee hours of the night and the mood is electrifying with drinks, music, and dance. Some of the best places to visit in Bogmalo to enjoy a party-filled night are -


-Sunset Bar

-Ruby Bar

-Lobby Label

-Terracotta Restaurant

-Full Moon Bar And Restaurant

-Sea Cuisine Bar And Restaurant 

 Places to eat at Bogmalo Beach 

Joets Bar & Restaurant: This beachside restaurant serves Indian and Chinese cuisine. Also, the authentic Goan food served here is complete bliss to the tastebuds.

Claudi's Corner: Famous for zesty seafood, affordable pricing, and warm hospitality, Claudi's Corner is frequented by both locals and tourists.

SWINg! By The Bay: SWINg! By The Bay is located next to Bogmallo Beach Resort and the must-try dishes here are steaks, sandwiches, and drinks. The restaurant also has a live band performing really good music.

Dom's sea cuisine: This seafood restaurant has stunning views of Bogmalo Beach and the food is decent.

Joets Guest House: This 4-star hotel featuring the ambiance of a tropical city is the place to be to feast on Indian, tandoori, Chinese, and continental cuisine. The open-air restaurant at this guesthouse has a laid back mood and the views are splendid.

Shopping at Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo is a place where people go to enjoy a laid back holiday lounging in the sun or to indulge in adrenaline rushing adventurous water sports by the seaside. And so, the shopping options in Bogmalo are modest. In the village center, there are a few shops selling souvenirs like shell crafts and shell jewelry, swimwear, sunscreen lotions, creams, and snacks. Manolis Tailors, opposite Bogmallo Beach Resort, has a wide collection of quality fabrics that are custom stitched in mindblowing fittings at a very affordable price.

Places to Stay near Bogmalo Beach 

Bogmalo Beach Resort: Located close to the Naval Aviation Museum, Dabolim train station and International Airport, the lavish Bogmalo Beach Resort features opulent rooms with all modern-day amenities and stunning sea views, 2 restaurants & a poolside bar, along with a spa, a gym, dedicated kids' corner & a casino. This beach resort arranges for Bogmalo Village Cycling tours to get an insight into the daily lives and traditions of the people here.

Coconut Creek Resort: This upscale 3-star hotel is built on a lush coconut plantation near the beach. The hotel is located close to the Bogmalo Beach and has 20 air-conditioned lavish rooms, a spa & beauty parlor, a games room, an outdoor pool & a restaurant. The hotel uses 100% organic cotton sheets, towels, and bathmats and has all urban amenities like digital lockers, iron boards, a stocked mini-bar and hair dryers in all its rooms. The hotel even hosts yoga classes conducted by a professional yoga trainer. 

Stone Water Eco Resort: This resort is perched cozily amidst evergreen tropical gardens and is located close to the Naval Aviation Museum. The 25 rooms of the resort have wooden finishes and the rustic look of the resort is visually refreshing. The rooms are well-equipped with facilities like flat-screen satellite TV, patio and seating area, refrigerator, and bathrooms with shower and hairdryer. The in-house restaurant at Stone Water Eco Resort serves scrumptious Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine.

Things to Carry at Bogmalo Beach 

-Carry your camera and enjoy clicking many candid moments and group pictures with a dramatic background. The stunning beauty of the Bogmalo beach can turn anyone into a nature photographer.

-Carry things like sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen lotion with good sun protection formula to protect you from the blazing sun

-Carry an identity proof.

Shacks at Bogmalo Beach

Joets Bar And Restaurant:
The most popular shack in Bogmalo, Joets Bar And Restaurant is located next to Coconut Creek Resort and serves outstanding and authentic Goan food. Their seafood recipes like Rava Masala Pomfret Fry, Seafood in the local Recheado Masala, the traditional Goan Curry and rice can get anyone drooling over. Another must-try item here is their Pork Chops. Apart from Indian cuisine, Joet's Shack also serves fair renditions of Chinese, Indian & continental cuisine. 

John's Seagull: Serving delicious Indian food like prawn curry, garlic naan and steamed rice, John's Seagull is undeniably the best shack in Bogmalo that offers full value for money. The ambiance is chilled out and the shack is open from 11 in the morning until midnight.

Starfish Beach Shack: Nestled on the shores of Arossim Beach near Bogmalo Beach, Starfish Beach Shack is located in a peaceful environment at about 500 meters from Heritage Resort and the sea breeze at the shack gently caresses one's soul. The staff at this shack is dressed traditionally and the signature dishes here include jumbo grilled prawns in garlic butter sauce, chips, and fried rice that will make you come here yet again. Starfish Beach Shack is open until 11.00 PM every day.

Tony’s Beach Club: Tony’s Beach Club is an economical bet for those traveling on a budget. The Chicken Sizzlers and fries at this shack are the show-stopper dishes and the prices are very pocket-friendly.

Medical Facilities near Bogmalo Beach 

There are several reputed hospitals near Bogmalo Beach and Salgaocar Medical Centre, SMRC Hospital, VM Salgaocar Hospital, and Pai Hospital top the list in terms of facilities and credibility.

Travelers' Tip before visiting Bogmalo Beach 

Expect cows lazing on the beach in the afternoons. Do not feed or harm them.

While Konkani is the official language of Goa, most of the people here can speak English, Hindi and Marathi.

Ensure you wear all safety gear and check if they are harnessed firmly before indulging in any water sport.

Pack loose, cotton clothes in lighter hues to beat the heat.

Keep yourself hydrated as the sun can be merciless at times.

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Bogmalo Beach FAQs

What is Bogmalo beach famous for?

Bogmalo Beach is famous amongst tourists for its beautiful curved coastline. The blue waters of the Arabian Sea, vast stretch of beach sand, and rows of palm and coconut trees take one to the scenes from ‘Moana’. The cleanliness of the beach and the privacy that the beach offers are other huge draws to this beach. Bogmalo Beach is also famous for luxury beach holidays as upscale resorts like Bogmallo Resort and Stone Water Eco Resort find their place here.

Is Bogmalo beach safe?

Yes, Bogmalo Beach is absolutely safe for travelers. The beach is watched over by lifeguards from 7:30 AM till 6:00 PM every single day. From 6 pm to 12 midnight, the beach is monitored and patrolled by the Beach Safety Patrol (BSP). So, even if you are a single woman traveler, a trip to Bogmalo Beach is safe enough. Nevertheless, exercise caution while talking to strangers and take enough care of your belongings. One can also reach out to the lifeguards at their stations until 8.00 PM to handle any emergencies.

How do you get from Madgaon to Bogmalo beach?

Bogmalo Beach is located 25 km away from Madgaon and it takes about 45 minutes to cover the distance. The fastest and easiest way to travel from Madgaon to Bogmalo beach is by hiring a taxi that could cost around INR 900 to INR 1200.

What can we do in Bogmalo Beach at night?

Bogmalo Beach has an electrifying nightlife and the numerous bars, pubs, and restaurants along the beach turn peppier with dance, music, drinks and unlimited fun.

Are there any locker facilities available at Bogmalo Beach?

No, locker facilities are not available at Bogmalo Beach. So, please leave your precious belongings in your hotel room.

Is Bogmalo beach fun to be with friends?

Yes, you can enjoy swimming in the gently sloping beach, or enjoy a game of beach volleyball or let your body get sun-kissed. At dusk, you can capture amazing photographs as the setting sun paints the sky in shades of orange and red. After sunset, you can party hard until you drop at the beachside pubs and bars. The security at the Bogmalo Beach is very stringent and hence, it is a great choice to have fun with friends at the beach. 

How far is Bogmalo from Palolem?

Palolem is 61.5 km from Bogmalo and it takes about an hour and a half to cover the distance by road.

Is Bogmalo Beach crowded?

No, Bogmalo Beach is not crowded at all and is one of the cleanest beaches of Goa.

Is ATM available near Bogmalo Beach?

Yes, there are three ATMs that are situated close to the Bogmalo Beach

- An ATM within the UCO bank premises at a walking distance from the beach

 -An ATM near Naval Aviation Museum

- A Canara Bank ATM in Dabolim Junction

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