Butterfly Beach, South Goa - 2019 (Photos & Reviews)

About Butterfly Beach

This relatively unexploited beach is becoming a buzzing tourist spot in Goa. The place occupies a tiny semicircular bay on the high northern end of Palolem beach and the most astounding feature is that you can spot millions of butterflies flying over the hilltop blossoms. The golden sands against the warm blue water create postcard perfect location with palm trees and scores of butterflies.

This spectacular beach is a well known site to spot some playful dolphins, crabs and goldfish. Here at the Butterfly Beach you will have a stunning opportunity to observe amazingly lovely and the most otherworldly nightfall you could just find in your life.

  • Water Sports: Boat Riding, Canoe Riding

  • Nightlife: This beach is not very crowded and there aren’t much of human establishments here. However there are often rave parties organized at the Butterfly Beach.

  • Location : Butterfly Beach, South to Vasco City,

  • Distance from Panaji: Butterfly Beach is located at a distance of about 70 kilometers from Panaji.

  • How to reach from Panaji: There is no access to this beach by road as it situated amidst heavy forests. If you wish to reach Butterfly beach, you may hire a cab or take a bus up to the Palolem beach from Panaji. From the Palolem beach, short boat ride will get you to the Butterfly Island.
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