Arvalem Waterfalls Overview

A soothing and peaceful spot in Goa brings one near to Arvalem waterfalls which is excellent for picnics and outings. Cascading from the height of 50 m (24 ft), Arvalem is one of the top places to visit in North Goa. These falls make a plunge pool at the bottom where one can swim in and relax with cold waters. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is also settled in the vicinity along with a well-maintained park where one can just sit and observe the deep beauty it possesses.

Harvalem waterfall is a scenic, serene and worth-visiting place, especially when the monsoon sets in, in this southwestern coast of Goa. It is situated in the vicinity of Bicholim and Sequelim towns in North Goa.

During the rains, the broad white cascade of the waterfall flows noisily through the terrain made up of rocks and trees. In winter, the waterfall is reduced to a trickle. This waterfall cascades down from the height of 70 metres, making it an awe-inspiring sight for tourists. It is a beautiful place to enjoy a fun day out in Goa with family.

The place is ideal for a weekend family outing or picnic. You can spend more than two hours at the waterfall site and enjoy various fun activities, including taking a dip in the water, strolling across the lush surroundings, clicking pictures near the waterfall, visiting little shops nearby among other things.

A recreation centre adjacent to the waterfall has been set up by the government of Goa so that tourists can make the most of their trip to the site. This is one of the best places to visit during monsoon in Goa. 

The Harvalem Waterfall is also popular among teams of film crews for shooting. The Harvalem Caves, rock-cut hollows of the fifth century, are located near the waterfall. The caves are believed to be dwellings of the Pandavas as per the Mahabharat. The Rudreshwar temple is also located near the waterfall. So visiting the waterfall, helps you cover so many other tourist spots as well.

How To Reach

From Panjim: You will reach the Harvalem Waterfall from Panjim in the quickest time as it is the shortest route. 

By bus: It will take you around 1 hour to reach the destination from Panjim. You will pass through the Margao Highway Bypass Road. You can also save your money and opt for the cheaper bus rides from Panjim Kadamba bus depot. This is under the government transport facility. 

Private car or taxi: If you hire a private car, it will take around 32 minutes from Panjim to reach the waterfall site. The distance of Harvalem is just 24km from Panjim. 

From Goa International Airport: The distance between Goa International Airport at Dabolim and Harvalem Waterfall is around 60 km. The distance can be covered through pre-paid taxis or app cabs in one and a half hours. The cars will ferry you to the waterfall site through the Hathkhamba-Goa Road.

Best Time To Visit

Monsoon is the best time of the year to visit the Harvalem Waterfall as the cascade of water remains rich and full during this time, making it a spectacular site for tourists. Goa witnesses monsoon from July end till September. During August, the showers reach their peak with a daily spell of around at least 70mm rain every day. The greenery surrounding the waterfall also becomes rich and lush, which is a delight to the eyes of nature lovers. Anytime between August and September, you can schedule your trip to Harvalem Waterfall to witness the site in its best avatar.

Other Essential Information

Location: Rudreshwar Colony, Sanquelim, Goa

Places to visit Near Arvalem Waterfall - 

1. Pandava Caves: Located around 29 km from Panjim Kadamba bus stand, these Pandava or Harvalem Caves are sixth-century rock-cut caves that are situated in North Goa. As per the mythology, the famous Pandava brothers of the Mahabharat took refuge in these caves during their exile. The architecture of the caves is of Buddhist pattern.

The caves are simple yet appealing with its plain laterite stone walls that draw hundreds of tourists round the year. The place is just 1.3km from the Harvalem Waterfalls and therefore, you can easily reach here by taxi or bike.

2. Rudreshwar Temple: The temple is just half a kilometre from the caves and around 2 km from the waterfall. The ancient linga of Lord Shiva, locally known as Rudreshwar, is venerated here. The idol of the god here is placed at the shrine in such a way that it faces the waterfall.

While climbing down the staircase of the temple, you can witness the majestic waterfall from a distance. The temple draws a huge amount of devotees on Shivaratri which is celebrated here with great splendour and gaiety. Last rites of the deceased are also performed behind the temple premises.

3. Carambolim Lake: Carambolim lake is one of the most picturesque and interesting wildlife preservation sites in Goa. The place is just a few kms from the south-east of Old Goa city on the outskirts of Carambolim. Owing to its rich ecological diversity, hundreds of local and migratory birds such as heron, cuckoo, pintail, teal and coot among others and several exotic plants can be seen here

The lake has so much to offer to photographers and nature lovers.

Places to Eat near Arvalem Waterfall - 

Royal Treat: One of the best places to relish the local and international cuisine near Harvalem Waterfall is this restaurant. The exotic flavours of a typical Goan kitchen can be found here. Authentic fish items, seafood dishes, delicious flavoured rice staples can be tasted here at a reasonable price. The service here is excellent and you can also opt for the takeaway facility from here.

Greenyard Restaurant: This is a nice cozy restaurant near the Harvalem Waterfall that offers great atmosphere and exotic comfort food. Open-air setting amid greenery is the basic setup here. Right from chapatis and rice to kokum curry, chicken cafreal, and Mackerel fry, all these dishes are priced very reasonably.

The place is neat and clean with great service by the staff. Local churches and lake boating facility are available nearby. You can take a walk up to the churches or enjoy a boat ride after having a meal at this restaurant.

JK Bar and Restaurant: This eatery near Harvalem waterfall offers Chinese, pan Asian and fusion cuisines. A highly palatable array of food and beverages are available here. With its broad area, the restaurant can accommodate a large number of diners at one go. You can also opt for the home delivery facility.

Things to carry at Arvalem Waterfall - 

Since this is the monsoon tourist destination, you should carry the articles like 

1. Umbrella

2. Raincoat

3. Caps

4. Waterproof bags

5. Rubber shoes

6. Comfortable clothes 

7. Waterproof goggles

8. Lens guard for camera

9. Mosquito repellent creams

Do not carry heavy luggage with you as you have to climb upstairs to reach the waterfall site. Take special care of your camera as the moist effusing out of the waterfall might cause damage to the lens.

Tips for Visiting Arvalem Waterfall - 

Carry umbrellas: If you are visiting the Harvalem Waterfall during the rains, taking a sufficient number of umbrellas for your entire family is a must thing to do before you set out. 

Raincoats and rubber shoes: Try to carry raincoats and wear rubber sandals or waterproof shoes because during monsoon it rains almost any time of the day in Goa. 

Trekking shoes: Sneakers are a good choice as you have to climb up and descend some staircases on your way to the waterfall. 

Safety for kids, elderly: Especially after a splash of rain or due to the moist effusing from the waterfall the land near the cascade remains always slippery, so take care of your children while near the site.

If you are travelling with elderly persons, this place is not the ideal spot to visit for them.

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Arvalem Waterfalls FAQs

Is it safe for solo travellers to travel to Harvalem Waterfall?

Yes, the Harvalem Waterfall is moderately a safe place to travel, even for solo women travellers. Fair amount of transportation facilities are available to and from the site so your trip to the hotel is ensured.

The local administration is quite vigilant about the tourists’ safety and due to high footfall of international tourists here, adequate measures have been put in place.

Can we take a dip in the water?

Absolutely. The crystal clear water of the Harvalem Waterfall creates a huge pool as it descends to the ground. The water is clear and cold and thus works like magic for those who want to take a dip into it. One should take adequate safety measures while taking a dip into the lake as the rocks are slippery.

What is the height of Harvalem Waterfall?

The height of the Harvalem Waterfall is around 70 metres.

What is the best time of the day to visit Harvalem Waterfall?

It is best if you visit the Harvalem Waterfall in the morning. The terrain is rocky here and it is safe and wise to visit the site during daylight, especially if you are planning to take a dip.

What is the other name of Harvalem Waterfall?

The Harvalem Waterfall is also known as the Arvalem Sanquelim Waterfall.

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