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Avani Ahuja

11 November 2014

I was totally enthralled by the Jet Ski and the parasailing activity that I did at the Baina Beach, Goa. The experience was great and I just loved it. I am coming back again to Goa to repeat it. Undoubtedly one of the most exciting things that I have ever done in this short lifespan of mine. So I am definitely going to recommend it to all of my friends.

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Devadatt Panicker

09 August 2015

One of the most famous beaches is Baina beach something for speed boating. Life jackets are very much necessary during speed boating. The time span of speed boat riding cans latitude from time to ten minutes to one hour. Instructors and tutorials are also given to make certain safety. Banana rides are also special rides generally used for children and families. You don’t have to worry when you are going to make a plan a schedule to go to see here and do trip Jet Ski at Baina Beach. The natural beauty and adventure are too nice that cannot find it in the world. So if you must take back with yourself every memory spent. If you want to take the fun and make it for your memories, you must have to take your Camera with you. Unless you miss the whole natural beauty as well as the adventure life.


Chakor Sharma

09 September 2014

I have heard about the Goa Kayaking being India’s and of course Goa’s leading eco-tourism and nature combined destination, cruising along the coastline of Baina Beach of Goa, backwaters and also along the rivers. I went during the Monsoons with my family and enjoyed a lot. There are many safe and scenic rivers for backwaters including the Nerul river, the Sal backwaters, the Mandovi and the Zuari. It was an exhilarating experience full of relaxation and calmness. We really loved the Kayaking and planning soon to visit again. Without damaging the environment, enjoy the pristine beaches and thick jungles from up close. Goa has everything to offer than you can ever imagine. Make a travel plan to Goa soon


Ameyatma Embranthiri

12 December 2015

I have visited Goa many times but never get view of Dudhsagar Waterfall. I had heard a lot about this waterfall and always wanted to see specially after watching Dudhsgar in Chennai Express movie. Our pickup was arranged from our hotel and our guide was very good. we drive through forest crossing water streams and finally reached waterfall. I had never seen such a beautiful waterfall before. It was magical.


Swami Patil

06 June 2014

Paragliding in Arambol Goa is a super fun experience. It is very interesting and exciting. One can have complete adventurous fun with these games. While we thought Goa is all about just booze and stuff, this came as a huge surprise. Arambol is a pretty and clean lake that is perfect for any adventure sport. I really loved this experience and I highly recommend this to everyone.


Dwaipayan Patil

12 December 2015

We had a good time in the cruise with grt dj music and good food it was an amazing fun packed package.This cruise starts from the Panjim cruise jetty. You will be taken through the beautiful Mandovi River. the ambiance was fantastic and we had blast in the cruise.

What You Should Know More About Panaji

  • About the destination:

    Panaji or Pangim is the current capital of Goa. The place lies in the Northern Goa district and is surrounded with Mandovi River estuary in the Tiswadi taluka. The region is home to approximately 114,758 people and serves as the Goa’s modern day urban city. The word Panaji literally means the type of land that never floods. Quite naturally, the name is such due to the fact that the region is comprised of terraced hills, sprawled concrete buildings, modern-day churches among other things. At the same time, there are numerous villas spreading vibrancy, cobbled streets and many of Portuguese remnants that they left.

    The city is quite contemporary and modern by nature. Did you know? Panaji is the first city in India to build a planned grid system in establishments. In fact, the revered Mr. Narendra Modi even flagged Panaji among the top hundred Indian cities to get the tag of ‘Smart city.’ What’s more? There is much history that is enthralling within the walls of this city.

    When the Portuguese entered the Indian scenarios, Panaji was among the first regions they conquered and annexed. They made it the capital of the Union Territory of Goa thereafter and operated within the lands for resourceful tie-ups for external affairs. While the Portuguese may have been gone, their characteristics are strictly embedded in the locals of Northern Goa. Panaji certainly still serves as the administrative capital of the state.

    As far as the climate is concerned, Panaji features a very moderate tropical climate atmosphere. Winters are nice and pleasant and monsoons are filled with an abundance of rainfall and gusty winds. One of the main aspects about Panaji is that it attracts a lot of revenue from its tourism industry. There are numerous hotels, resorts and restaurants that deliver quality services thereby attracting more crowd flocking towards the region.

  • Travel Advice:

    • Take care of your skin: The sun certainly does act as the enemy to most of us who enjoy a good time at the beach and considering Goa is full of them, one would obviously want to enjoy the location in its truest essence. Hence, if you plan on spending quality time at the beach, sun-bathing then you might as well take proper care of your skin. Major requirements that must be included in your luggage for the care of your skin include moisturizer, sunscreen and other creams that protect you from the sun.

    • Save your bling: Jewellery sure is a great way to decorate yourself. However, it is better advisable to avoid wearing a great amount of gold, diamond or any other precious metal. Plan your outfit with these expensive accessories for some time. You want to avoid attracting extra attention from those who might take advantage of your blessings. Neither should you carry a lot of cash either. Credit and debit cards for available for this purpose only.

    • Don’t get dehydrated: Goa certainly is sunny and if you plan on roaming about the town, exploring the new holiday destination which almost any sane travellers would be interested in doing, make sure you consume plenty of water. It is always better to consume water and stay hydrated. You want yourself full of energy after all.

    • Drinking laws: The legal drinking age in Goa is 18. Alcohol is easily accessible in these places. Travellers do keep a special check on what kind of alcohol they decide to consume as there are a lot of local mixed liquids that these people sell too.

  • Things to do in Panaji:

    • Water sports at Miramar and Dona Paula beach: Tourists are most primarily attracted to Panaji due to its relaxing beaches such as the Miramar and the Dona Paula beach. Both of these beaches are located within the 7km radius of the city. They deliver a spectacular view of the Fort Aguada that is situated across the bay. There are a range of water-sports activities that you can indulge in too.

    • Spiritual oneness at the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception: There is a beautiful church located right in the main square region of Panaji. Portuguese sailors would essentially treat this church as their sport of giving thanks for their long and treacherous voyage journey all the way from Portugal. The church is truly beautiful especially during nights as the structure is completely illuminated with lights.

    • Cruising along the rivers of Mandovi: Are you an adventure junkie? Well, no worries there – Panaji has it taken care of. Enjoy sunset cruising activities through the many regions of Mandovi river. If you’re too tired to indulging in any more physically excruciating, just relax and have a moonlit dinner by the river in many of the luxurious resorts.

  • What will you like in Panaji:

    • Rural simplicity of the old town of Panaji: The Panaji Old town is amongst the oldest residential quarters of the city. The place is named after the fountain of Pheonix and offers a greatly simplistic experience of Goa. It is quite hard to imagine such an experience especially given how developed the rest of the city is. It is a great way to enjoy the simplicity that surprisingly still exists in Goa.

    • Get the picturesque view of Qurem Creek: One of those most important experiences in Panaji is visiting Qurem Creek. They are natural, beautiful and gigantic. They even consist of colourful houses lined along the sprawling landscape of the region. You will truly love being at Panaji if you visit this popular location.

    • Shopping in Panaji: Panaji delivers one of the most exciting shopping experiences ever. It is a blend of exotic, ethnic and contemporary styles at most of these local markets. It sure is one of the major attractions in Panaji.

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