Cycling in Goa

Goa Cycling Packages

Duration Price
Biking at Divar Island in North Goa3 hours
INR 2,500
Island Hopping Goa4 hours
INR 3,799
Exploring Nature Trail At Chorao Island3 hours
INR 2,500

Most people, when they think of Goa, think of sun soaked beaches and wild parties. But while beaches and parties are an essential part of the Goan experience, it is not all that Goa is about. Cycling tours in Goa allow you to experience the other side of Goa- the softer, gentler, nature dense side of Goa. Goa is a beautiful state with beautiful beaches and beautiful forests. Long stretches of tree-lined roads are a common sight there as are determined cyclists bent upon making the best of the experience. Peddling along a road with forests on one side and the sea on the other, with occasional stops for fresh coconut water, makes for a wonderful memory. If you really want to get to know a place, you should cycle around it. Cycling is an intimate experience- just the cyclist and the road in communion with each other. You come across aspects of the place that you would never have known if you simply sped by in a car or on a bike. Your skin tingles with every breath of the salty breeze and your eyes water up with every lovely quirk in the landscape.


Every sense is alive with the music of the day as you cycle in Goa. And cycling tours in Goa are the most comprehensive way of enjoying a cycling experience there. They allow you to be part of a group of equally enthusiastic cyclists and make new friends even as you are initiated into the Goan landscape by a trained local guide. Cycling tours in Goa come in many forms. You can engage in a single day cycling tour that can be completed in 3 to 6 hours or you can take part in a long cycling tour that takes place over a couple of days and allows you to explore Goa in greater depth. Hardcore cyclists can also look into cycling tours that take you from one city to another, like cycling tours from Mumbai to Goa. You can also mix and match two or three cycling tours together for an intense experience. There are many varying combinations that can be enjoyed, and that give you a bang for your buck and grand memories for a lifetime.

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