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Traveller Tales from Old Goa


Suryakanta Patil

17 January 2016

It was my life’s most memorable vacation, the most amazing thrill inside water where i played with dolphins, watching the famous Fort Aguada from the sea was an exciting experience for me.

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Annapurna Gowda

18 December 2018

Quality services provided by Thrillophilia, especially for such good price. With zero booking fees and instant confirmation, the overall experience was amazing. Professionalism and cost-effectiveness w


Anuja Achari

18 December 2018

The island is very beautiful especially the under water experience with the dolphins.. it is worth every penny.. my family was very happy on this trip.. thanks Thrillophilia..


Amrit Kapoor

18 December 2018

This was the first time I was going to do snorkeling. I was afraid but the staff was very patient with me and provided me with all the information one needs to know before snorkeling. It is one of the ...


Vaidehi Patel

10 December 2018

It was definitely something else to cycle through the beautiful roads of Goa and admire the scenery. The cycles were all in top condition and the guide was great at leading the way and coordinating wit...


Ekaling Khanna

10 December 2018

It was my first time kayaking in the backwaters, have always done in the open sea. The tour also included a trained instructor and I am glad to have met David. He gave me some amazing lessons on how to


Dhanu Chattopadhyay

10 December 2018

Unbelievably superb place on Earth I should say. The bird sanctuary and the forest around it were extraordinary. Couldn't forget the place and its charm even after coming back home. Kayaking was only s...


Anilaabh Somayaji

10 December 2018

A must try activity for those of you who visit Goa. The guides are very professional and the whole experience is affordable and interesting.


George Frankie

05 February 2018

"thrilling experience , full of fun especially the fishing and snorkeling was great to see lots of dolphins at such close range.the crew members were polite and helpful .we had good food...

What You Should Know More About Old Goa

  • Q. Travel Advice:

    • Understanding the culture: Old Goa is visibly different than most of India. This ancient city owes its unique culture and traditions to the Portuguese rule who managed to isolate the beautiful paradise on earth from the rest of India for approximately 451 years. It may take time for you to understand and absorb the sudden change while you’re on a holiday in Old Goa but give it time and you will surely feel like home at this location too.

    • Eatables and water: The thing with Old Goa is the fact that it is not exactly the modern-kind, extremely developed city. While one may be able to find all necessary requirements at this place, the eatables and water are quite suitable only for those who are habituated to it since birth or perhaps, a very long time. Thus, ensure that your body takes lightly to the change of food and water and then consider switching to it for the whole of your stay.

    • Transportation: Most of Goa is quite connected when it comes to trains, boats or local transport. What’s more? There are numerous agencies that provide cars and bikes on extremely affordable rents as well. You can consider road travel when it comes to Old Goa. It’s fun, cheap and will help you gain a new perspective towards the entire city all together.

    • Drinking Laws: The legal drinking age in the whole of Goa is 18, so no worries there. You will be able to obtain alcohol just about anywhere – restaurants or shops. However, it is always better to be safe than be sorry later on. Moreover, it is advisable not to overdose yourself with the local liquor cause it can get quite potent and therefore, fatal.

  • Q. Things to do in Old Goa:

    • Rafting in Valpoi: Are you an adrenaline junkie? You should try this out even if you aren’t! Valpoi – a rafting site situated in Old Goa offers visitors with sessions of this thrilling activity. Indulge in this amazing white-water rafting experience and get refreshed. There are many other places that you can opt for this activity in, including the Mandovi river.

    • Fishing trip by the wonderful beaches of Old Goa: Indulge in this unique activity. This time around – enrol for one of those fishing trips in Old Goa that will not only help you enjoy your time but also give you a better insight into the numerous fishing techniques and procedures inculcated by the professionals at hand. You can opt for these delightful fishing expeditions in place like Agonda beach, Vagator beach, Chapora river and others.

    • Cycling tour through the old streets of Old Goa: There are special session organizes for those who are interested in exploring this beautiful city on a cycle. Groups get picked up at 9 a.m. most days wherein cycling sessions include starting at the Divja circle and embarking through the delightful regions consisting of traditional houses, ancient holy temples and churches and verdant expurgating greenery.

  • Q. What will you like in Old Goa:

    • Spice plantations tours: There is another type of joy in acquiring first-hand knowledge regarding the numerous farming styles and insights into the farming life from these age-old spice planters in Old Goa. There are specially organized tours that start early in the morning and take you through the famous plantations of Old Goa such as the Dudhsagar plantation among others.

    • Catch butterflies at the Shrusti Butterfly park of Old Goa: Things wouldn’t get as exciting as enthralling oneself at one of the most successful conservation projects in the whole of India. Visit the Shrusti Butterfly park and enjoy the sight of over 25 different species of butterflies flying around you. This is rooftop garden and one can conclude this beautiful journey with some memorable pictures.

    • Spiritual attainment at Basilica of Bom Jesus: Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the oldest churches existing in the whole of India. It comprises of richly gilded altars and reeks of the rich catholic world that once the Portuguese introduced. This cathedral is the primary pilgrimage for christains as well as hindus come from all around India to pay their respect to St. Francis Xavier who was enshrined in a silver casket back in 1553.

    Old Goa is not all about partying. There is much more to this place than meets the eye. There are many other fun-filled activities that you can indulge in while you’re at this place.

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    Love Goa, Reflected in Water, Moving to Goa.