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  • The New Year Parties in Goa are a time for the young generation to indulge in a crazy and wild partying spirit. Like so many good things in life, be it expensive chardonnay, garlic fried calamari, beach football; Christmas and New year’s in Goa tops the list. The entire state is lit up with tourists from all over India as well as world over, flock here for the wildest experiences.

    Being the Christmas season, all the churches are well lit up with fairy lights and beautiful cribs. You can go crib hopping and watch the creativity and effort in making each crib housing the Lord Jesus. If you’re lucky enough, you might even chance upon walking cribs which is a whole new experience altogether.Immerse in the local culture and watch small kids as they go singing christmas carols around the town, spreading good wishes and the joy of Christmas to all.

    Do not miss out on the special desserts that this festive season brings in. These sweets are made at home and sent in napkin-covered trays to relatives and friends. The offering, known as kuswar, consists of traditional Goan Christmas treats like neureos, mandares, kulkuls, doce de grão and bebinca. You can find these sweets at local bakeries and take  this sweetness of Goa back to the people at home.

    If you’re a romantic and a fan of ballroom dancing, this is the best time when there are multiple dine and dances happening all over the state. With the top bands of Goa entertaining you with live music, you can sip on or chug the traditional booze and watch love lorns couples sway to the beat of Cha Cha and Waltz all night long.

    The best and most alluring reason for being here on New Year’s is partying all night long. Known as the Vegas of India, you can do what you feel and completely let loose all the worries and stress in this beautiful state. Be it partying in the happening beach of Morjim  or getting tipsy to the music and beats under the night sky and watch the astounding sunrise at beach shacks, you cannot deny the fact that all you party lovers out there long to experience the best New Year parties in Goa.

    Here are some of the best places to celebrate New Year 2018 in Goa:

  • 01Club Cubana, Arpora

    Club Cubana, Arpora

    This club is a happening, neon–lit nightclub with a dance floor and DJs. What’s more it has a spacious outdoor area with an amazing pool. Perfect for couples as well as group of friends, this club is definitely on the top of our recommendations for spending the New Year’s Eve in Goa.

    Located in the Arpora Hill near Arpora beach in North Goa, this place is quite close to the Saturday Night Market. Therefore, you can happily shop in the market and then head straight to this club to welcome your new year.

    Location: Arpora Hill, North Goa, Goa, 403507

    Price: INR 1500* for two (approx.)

  • 02Café Mambos, Baga

    If you are looking to spend your New Year night with some lively music and live performances in a not-so-crowded pub that serves good food and reasonably priced drinks, Café Mambos is the place you should be in.

    Located in Baga, very close to Tito’s, people who prefer lesser crowd, visit here. You can alternatively do club hopping between these two places. The place is known for its open air lounge that encircles an enclosed dance area.

    Location: Titos Lane, Baga Calangute, Bardez, Goa 403516

    Price: INR 1500 for two (approx.)

  • 03Shaktipat Edition 3, Vagator

    Shaktipat Edition 3, Vagator

    Known for parties and fun, this place in Vagator is best for spending the New Year’s Eve with your partner. Unlike many other places in Goa, this place has an exclusive new year party, which is called the Goa Gil Nimba.

    In collaboration with trans culture and trans music, this place’s party is one of the most sought after ones in the town. The first round of early bird tickets are already sold out. So, hurry up if you are planning to hit here this year end.

    Location: 591, Ozran Beach Road, Small Vagator, Goa

    Price: INR 5000 for two

  • 04Hilltop, Vagator

    Hilltop, Vagator
    Image Credit : parvati-records

    For anyone who loves trance music and party life, Hilltop is the place that you should be in. A cult place that is known for the New Year Eve parties, Hilltop is visited fervently by young adults and couples.

    Deserted by the day, the place comes to life only by night. Located on the edge-of-the town in a neon-lit coconut grove spot, this place is definitely one of the best party places in all of India. With amazing vibes, great music, good food, and very good DJs, Hilltop is definitely worth to spend your New Year Eve.

    Loccation: Vagator, Goa 403509

    Price: Is subject to change

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  • 05Sinq, Candolim

    Sinq, Candolim
    Image Credit :

    If a chic nightclub inside a lounge resort, an outdoor bar, private poolside cabanas, and resident DJs are your kind of New Year Eve’s night celebration ideas, then head to Sinq. If you are planning to stay over after party, you can stay in the gorgeous rooms that are king size at Taj Holiday Village.

    Located in Candolim, this is one of the happening places in Goa Night Club circle. What’s more, this place is accessible from all parts of Goa easily by road, so even if you aren’t staying in Aguada or Candolim, you can always hit the club for a party and head back to your place.

    Location: Opposite Taj Holiday Village, Aguada Rd, Candolim, Goa 403515

    Price: INR 1800 for two (approx.)

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  • 06Tito’s Club, Baga

    Tito’s Club, Baga
    Image Credit :

    Going to Goa for New Year’s Eve and not going to Tito’s Club? This can be the biggest mistake of your life. Tito’s is one of the most popular and amazing night clubs in Goa. Located in Baga, this club is one of the best places to visit in Goa with your partner.

    With amazing music and affordable alcohol, this place is best for any night party. Also, this place is one of the most sought after places during the New Year season. The place has themed nights now and then and is open till 3 AM.

    Location: Titos Lane, Baga Calangute, Bardez, Goa 403516

    Price: INR 1000 for two (approx.)

  • 079 bar, Vagator

    9 bar, Vagator
    Image Credit : whatsupgoa

    Another legendary party place in Vagator, the 9 bar is a place that is perfect for epic parties. Carved out of the earth atop the Vagator Cliff, this place was originally meant to be an outdoor dance space. However, it was recently built as a perfect clubbing spot. Partying at this place is one the best things to do in Goa.

    Amazing food, spectacular sight, and affordable pricing is the USP of this place. The ambiance of this place is a clear winner and if you are looking for a place to celebrate your new year in a place with amazing ambiance, then 9 bar is the one for you.

    Location: Small Vagator, Vagator, Goa

    Price: INR 1000 for two (approx.)

  • 08Curlies, Anjuna

    Aren’t night clubs your cup of tea? Do you prefer to spend the New Year night with your loved one in a rustic beach shack with rooftop seating? Try Curlies. This place offers the best Goan dishes, mouth-watering desserts, and quirky cocktails.

    Welcome the New Year by the beach and have an open beach night party with your friends. This is one of the most active beach shacks. Raved as the legendary and popular party place among foreign tourists, this place is worth all the hype it has around it. As this place is located near the Flea Market you can shop your hearts out before starting to welcome your new year.

    Location: Near Flea Market, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509

    Price: INR 1500 for two (approx.)

  • 09Kamaki, Baga

    Kamaki, Baga

    Looking for a boisterous Goan nightclub with a Greek twist and a menu of international favourites? Head to Kamaki. This nightclub, unlike the rest, has a typical Greek touch to its ambiance and décor. Visited by tourists fervently at all times, New Year’s Eve is not only unconventional and unique here but is also quite affordable.

    Located near the Baga Beach, this nightclub is close to Tito’s and Mambos. Thus, this is another spot that you can add while doing pub crawling. What’s more, you will love this place absolutely for its lovely ambiance and excellent service.

    Location: Titos Lane, Baga Calangute, Bardez, Goa 403516

    Price: INR 800 for two (approx.)

  • 10Shiva Valley, Anjuna

    Shiva Valley, Anjuna

    Apart from Curlies, one of the other places that has some trans-music and lovely ambiance is Shiva Valley. Also located in Anjuna, this place is known for its food, cocktails, lovely music, and great service.

    One of the hottest party spots in Goa, this place gears up like never before for every New Year. With a huge open space close by, you can lose yourself in the beauty of the starlit skies and fantastic trans music. If you are a music lover, think no further and head here.

    Location: Anjuna Beach, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509

    Price: INR 1500 for two (approx.)

  • 11Love Passion Karma, Candolim

    Love Passion Karma, Candolim
    Image Credit :

    Located right near the Candolim beach, Love Passion Karma is one of the amazing and lively night clubs in this vicinity. The life of this pub starts only after 11 pm. Visited a lot by foreigners, this club is just about perfect to welcome your new year with your loved ones.

    The best thing about this place is its amazing décor and lovely ambiance. You will easily fall in love with this place. Being here on New Year Eve is recommended a lot by many tourists.

    Location: Neerul, Candolim, Bardez 403114, Goa

    Price: INR 1500 for two (approx.)

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  • 12Leopard Valley, Palolem

    Leopard Valley, Palolem
    Image Credit :

    Situated between Agonda and Palolem, this club is one of the biggest open air arenas in India. Known for its ambiance, this pub is a high-octane nightclub present inside a jungle quarry with almost 7-metre high DJ stage, pyrotechnics and laser shows, etc. One of the well-known pubs in the city, this place is just the perfect one for music and party lovers.

    Visited a lot by party lovers, this place will be lively and happening during every New Year night. So, be prepared to get lost in the mood of party, fun, and drinks.

    Location: Palolem-Agonda Road, Canacona 403702, Goa

    Price: INR 2000 for two (approx.)

  • 13Bamboo Forest, Anjuna

    Bamboo Forest, Anjuna
    Image Credit :

    Located in the Vagator and Anjuna Beach area in Goa, The Bamboo Forest Disco is a haven for party lovers. This place is where you can forget the rest of world and party hard. To have the best time of your life, opt to celebrate New Year at this incredible place.

    While from the looks this place looks like yet another night club, the beauty of this place is its jovial crowd and rocking ambience. The Bamboo Forest Disco in Goa is indeed the place for all dance enthusiasts and party lovers.

    Location: St Anthony Prais, Waddo, Anjuna, Bardez, Goa 403509

    Price: INR 1500 for two (approx.)

  • 14Hype, Baga

    Yet another amazing pub located in Baga, the Hype is the place that you would love to be in. The ambiance is awesome, the staffs are friendly, and the drinks are quite good. With such a lovely menu, good food, and beautiful décor, this place is perfect for everyone.

    If you love Hip Hop, then think no further and head straight to this place. This place is quite affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket as well. This place is worth when there are a lot of crowd around, so New Year will be the perfect time to be here.

    Location: Tito's Lane, Baga, Goa

    Price: INR 1500 for two (approx.)

  • 15Café Lilliput, Anjuna

    Café Lilliput, Anjuna

    Located on the borders of South and North Anjuna, the Lilliput café is one of the oldest restaurants in the town. This long-standing beach venue is quite well-known among tourists for the international food, lively night parties, great DJs, and affordable pricing.

    Apart from good food and great party ambiance, this place also has accommodation options that awesome for people who want party hard all night and crash in one the places close by. Since this place is located close to the beach, you might even get some beach view facing rooms to stay.

    Location: Anjuna Beach, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509

    Price: INR 900 for two (approx.)

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