Ozran Beach Overview

Ozran shoreline is a standout amongst the most picturesque Goan Beaches. This beach is particularly a hotspot for foreign sightseers and boasts of a postcard perfect view of the coastline. Because of its confined area, frequently voyagers come here to make an escape from the whole murmur drum around them and go back revived and upbeat.

This secluded beach is an extension of the famous Vagator Beach. The rocky beach is an ideal spot for picnics where you can enjoy the scenic beauty under the shade of palm trees. Here you can enjoy the sunsets as the sky turns golden from the sundecks outside the beach shacks. Tourists also engage in sports like volleyball and football at the beach. One of the attractions on this beach is the rock sculpture which people popularly call the Shiva Face which was carved by one of the tourists.

  • Water Sports:  Water scooters, Banana boat rides, Swimming, Fishing

  • Nightlife: Mezcal, Mango Tree, Disco Valley, Tin Tin Bar, The Alcove

  • Location : Ozran Beach, Bardez, North Goa

  • Distance from Panaji: It is located at a distance of 20 km from Panaji. 

  • How to reach from Panaji: Ozran Beach which is more or less a part of Vagator Beach is connected to Panaji through Mapusa and Calangute. You can easily catch a bus or drive by yourself to reach the Vagator Beach and then visit the Ozran Beach.

Ozran Beach is an extension of the Vagator Beach the same way Calangute Beach is an extension of Baga. It is about 8 km from Mapusa, and 22 km from Panaji. Down the slope of Ozran Beach, you will often encounter tourists biking the rocky terrain towards the beach.

The geography of Ozran Beach is interspersed with rocky terrains that are sponge-like in appearance. You can see the seawater plunge out of the pores of these rocks like lava erupting out of volcanoes. The seashore is flanked by palm trees that serve as popular picnic spots for families and tourists alike.

During your sojourn, you will encounter many hawkers persistently pestering tourists to buy their products like hair extensions and neon bracelets. Apart from that, Ozran Beach is a popular tourist destination with its laid out shacks and bars. Here is a detailed guide on Ozran Beach to make your journey convenient.

How To Reach

From Panaji- Ozran Beach is a part of the Vagator Beach, which in turn is connected to Panaji via Mapusa and Calangute. You can easily catch a bus from the Panaji Bus Stand or drive by yourself to Ozran Beach. 

From Airport- There are buses that commute to Panaji Bus Stand from the Goa International Airport. Panaji is connected to Mapusa and Calangute that lead to Vagator Beach, which is more or less a part of Ozran Beach. The easiest way to commute here is via a cab.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Ozran Beach is from October to February. For a more detailed guide, here is a season-wise description of the place.

In summer (March – June): Summers are hot and humid in Goa, but the beach site makes up for it with various water sport activities.

In monsoon (July – September): Ozran Beach receives unpredictable rainfall, and all the watersport activities stay shut due to high tides.

In winter (October – February): The rain showers leave the beach clean during winters. The weather is pleasant, and all the watersport activities are open for the season.

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Other Essential Information

Nightlife at Ozran Beach

Like all other beaches in Goa, Orzan Beach is surrounded by shacks, pubs, and bars that are the party havens for all those who visit. Here is a list of some of the steaming pubs around the beach for you to have a memorable night.

1. Mezcal- If you are craving for some Mexican delights, then Mezcal is your cue. The chill atmosphere, varieties of beer, and eclectic tourists from all around the world make this place a trendy pub.

Location: Opposite Vagator Football Ground, Small Vagator Ozran Beach, Anjuna, Goa, 403509

2. Mango Tree- Mango Tree is an English-style pub known for its brunches. Rumor has it that their pizzas are the best in town. Pizzas coupled with beer make quite an evening, don’t they?

Location: Vagator Beach Road, Near Bethany Inn, Vagator, India

3. Disco Valley- Grab a cocktail and dance to the rhythm of the music while looking at the sunset. Disco Valley is located right at the beach, and has an outlandish collection of acoustic and electric music, making your visit all the more delightful.

Location: Small Vagator Beach Road, Near FishTail | Near Main Parking, Vagator 403509, India

Places to eat at Ozran Beach

The seashore of Ozran Beach is flanked with up-and-coming cafes, restaurants, and pubs, all remarkably astounding. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants that serve the crème de la crème of Goan cuisine.

1. Suzie’s- The menu at Suzie’s changes every 6 weeks, so every time you go there, you will find an innovative repertoire of cuisines. The cocktails and aura of the place only add on to a relaxed Goan experience.

Cost for two: INR 1,500 – INR 2,000

2. Bluebird- If you want to try authentic and exotic Goan dishes and sumptuous seafood, then visit Bluebird. Their pork vindaloo, butter garlic Kingfish, and crab xacuti coupled with beer are must-tries.

Cost for two: INR 1,200 – INR 2,000

3. L’Azur- The a la carte menu at L’Azur includes French, European, and Thai dishes that will only leave you going for seconds. Their remarkable collection of wine has made it even more popular.

Cost for two: INR 800 – INR 2,500

4. Thalassa- Thalassa is a beachside café that offers an aesthetic view of sunsets. They have a repertoire of American and Barbequed dishes that are served with chilled beer. 

Cost for two: INR 1,500 – INR 2,000

Shopping at Ozran Beach

Ozran does not have many shopping destinations nearby, but if you are willing to travel a bit further, then you will be struck by the remarkable collection of goods present. Here is a list of some of the most popular shopping destinations.

1. G.M. Jewelers- Get ornaments and delicate jewels from G. M. Jewelers for yourself, or someone special.

Location: Opp. Hotel Ronil, Tito's Road, Baga 403516, India

Distance from Ozran Beach: 4.8 km 

2. The Saturday Night Market- The Saturday Night Market displays variety of goodies at astonishing prices.

Location: Aguada Siolim Road, C/o The Haystack, Arpora 403518, India

Distance from Ozran Beach: 3.3 km

3. Anjuna Market- Anjuna Flea Market has hawkers and vendors selling hairpins, extensions, clothes and shoes with chic style.

Location: Anjuna Beach, Anjuna, Bardez, India

Distance from Ozran Beach: 2.7 km

Places to stay near Ozran Beach

The area around Ozran is surrounded by luxury resorts with outlandish décor and friendly hospitality. Here is a list of some of the best places you can stay on your sojourn to Orzan Beach.

1. The Postcard Moira- The 214-year-old Postcard Moira has a modern aesthetic appeal with a collection of antiques decorating the interiors. All rooms are acquainted with balconies leading to the lush green surroundings of the place.

Location: 497 Calizor House Mapusa, Bardez Goa, Moira, Bardez 403507 India

Cost: INR 20,000 per night

2. Fairfield by Marriott Goa Anjuna- Experience the fine dining, floral decorations, and great interiors of Marriott Goa during your sojourn. The rooms overlooking the private swimming pool are a site to the eyes, and all of them have private balconies.

Location: 14 Plot B Survey No 11 Goa, Anjuna, Bardez 403509 India

Cost: INR 5,000 per night

3. Casa Vagator- Allocated on one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa, Casa Vagator had fiddled with a fusion of Southeast Asian and modern décor. The ocean-view suites will make your stay relaxing and comforting. Apart from that, there is a massage center to relieve you of your stress.

Location: House No. 594/4, Ozran Vagator Cliff, Vagator 403509 India

Cost: INR 9,000 per night

4. Boon’s Ark- Boon’s Ark’s prime location has made it a popular staying destination. It is close to restaurants like Thalassa, Tin Tin Bar, and Bluebird and attractions like the Chapora Fort.

Location: 537/2 near C Shell, Anjuna, Bardez 403509 India

Cost: INR 3,000 per night

5. La Gulls Court- La Gulls’ air-conditioned rooms acquainted with flat-screen TVs only add on to the pleasant stay here. The private pool is open to visitors 24/7, and they have a free breakfast policy. 

Location: Beach Road, 474/1 Chapora, Vagator 403506 India

Cost: INR 2,000 – INR 3,000

Things to carry at Ozran Beach

Ozran Beach is a haven for all-night-long partying and coveted restaurants, but you should carry some essentials with you to minimize repercussions. 

1. Sunscreen- Be it winter or summer, the sun in Goa is always glimmering, except during the monsoon, of course. So do carry sunscreen to avoid sunburns.

2. Swimwear and an extra pair of clothes

3. It is hassle-free to explore the surroundings if you have an extra pair of clothes to change into swimwear.

4. Sunglasses and Hats- To avoid the glare of the sun, carry sunglasses and hats.

Shacks at Ozran Beach

Ozran Beach is well-equipped with contemporary shacks that serve everything from breakfast to beer. Here is a list of some of the most popular shacks on the beach.

1. Nehal Beach Shack and Restaurant- The rustic décor of Nehal Beach Shack attracts many tourists here. They serve Goan curries with crabs and prawns along with finger-licking fried food with an explosion of spices in your mouth. 

2. Our Shack- If you are looking for a crowd to mingle with, or sit by the beachside and have a beer, then Our Shack is your go-to destination. They have benches laid out for you to sit and have candlelight dinners with your family, friends or sweetheart.

3. Fusion- Fusion is known for its lively music and eclectic crowd. They play acoustic, electric, and metallic genres that add on to your experience of exploring the Goan culture.

4. Pizzeria- Yes, the all-time favorite pizza experience has an increased charm to it when coupled with beer, beachside, sunset, and an evening with a friendly crowd. Pizzeria serves classic vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas with lip-smacking finger food and cocktails that only add on to your experience. 

Medical Facilities near Ozran Beach

The Ozran beach is well-acquainted with lifeguards trained in CPR, and it is a mandate for all the watersport operators to ensure a sufficient supply of lifejackets for all their customers. There is a strict rule for not conducting any water-related activities during monsoon due to the high tides.

But if you still need medical assistance, then there are several medical facilities within a 5 km radius of the beach, both private and government. Under critical circumstances, you can call an ambulance, which will arrive in the fastest possible way.

Traveler’s Tip Before visiting Ozran Beach

Ozran Beach is a safe place to explore and wander about, but there are certain things you should keep in mind:

1. Take care of your belongings when you are inside the ocean. In fact, it is best to carry as little as possible with you if you are going for a dip. 

2. Try not to carry phones, silver or gold chains, and other ornaments to the beach.

3. If you are going for water sport activities and are pre-booking a packaged deal, then ensure the credibility of the operator you are hiring.

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Ozran Beach FAQs

What is Ozran beach famous for?

Ozran Beach is an extension of the Vagator Beach and is renowned for its shacks, pubs, restaurants, and bars around. Apart from this, there are various water sport activities like banana boat ride, water scooters, fishing and swimming that one can experience on the beach.

There are nearby historical attractions like the Chapora Fort that add to the heritage of the place. The nearby attractions also include famous shopping destinations like Anjuna Flea Market. You can buy trinkets, souvenirs, hairpins, shoes, jewelry, and clothing at amazing prices. Don’t forget to haggle here!

Is Ozran beach safe?

Yes, Ozran Beach is a safe place to wander off and explore the Goan culture. The crime rate of the beach is low, and it is frolicking mostly with foreign visitors who are friendly and helpful. There are lifeguards on the beach, and it is mandatory for all the watersport activity operators to ensure a sufficient collection of life jackets.

But to be precautious, do take care of your belongings and do not entrust them with a stranger. At night, since most of the crowd is inebriated, avoid picking fights due to some menial issues as it may lead to violence. As of yet, there haven’t been any instances of this happening, and most of the crowd is jovial and friendly.

How do I get to Ozran Beach?

Ozran Beach is more or less a part of Vagator Beach. Since Goa is well-connected with buses and cabs, it is easy to reach the beach from anywhere. In fact, it is located at the prime locations of Mapusa and Calangute in Goa, where modes of transportation are easy to find.

The most convenient and cheap way to reach is after catching a bus from the Panaji Bus Stand. Apart from that, you can also hire autos, but they are likely to charge twice or even thrice the actual amount. There are various bike hiring shops that make commuting cheaper and more convenient.

What can we do at Ozran Beach at night?

Ozran Beach may not be as hip as Baga, but that does not mean it does not have a nightlife. Some pubs and bars play live music, both acoustic and electric, that attract tourists and locals alike here. At Disco Valley, you can sway to the rhythm of the music while sipping on sangrias and watch the sunset.

If you want to chill and drink beer, then there are shacks with sumptuous cuisines to be explored. You can also have a candlelight dinner with your sweetheart while sipping on wine and sumptuous Goan crab, prawn and fish curries at various restaurants.

Are there any locker facilities available at Ozran Beach?

Unfortunately, there are no locker facilities available at Ozran Beach. So it is advisable to carry as little as possible when visiting the beach. Do not carry watches, gold chains, and other ornaments here.

Is Ozran couple friendly?

Yes, Ozran Beach is a couple-friendly destination. There are couple-friendly hotels at and near the beach where the only mandate is a government ID proof. Apart from that, there are candle-light dinner restaurants for sweethearts to exchange romantic looks with a remarkable collection of wine.

How far is Ozran from Palolem?

Palolem is approximately 86 km from Ozran Beach. There are two ways to cover this distance. Via Trains: Get a train from Canacona in Palolem to Pernem. Get down at Pernem and catch another train to Vagator. Vagator is 0.9 km from Ozran.

This will take an approximate of 3 hours. Via Taxi: You can hire a direct taxi from Palolem to Vagator, which is only 0.9 km from Ozran Beach. This is a little more expensive but the most convenient way to cover this distance.

Is Ozran Beach crowded?

Ozran Beach is crowded during the peak season from October to February. However, it attracts comparatively fewer people and is, therefore, a haven for those seeking quiet walks on beaches, or want to sit and read a book in the afternoon while basking in the sun. It is mostly covered by foreigners who have come to explore the Goan culture.

Are washrooms available at Ozran Beach?

Ozran Beach has no private washrooms, but all the shacks built around it have clean toilet facilities available. They let you use their washrooms if need be without hesitation.

Are there ATMs available near Ozran Beach?

Yes, there are various ATMs available near Ozran Beach. Here is a list of some of the nearby ATMs.

- Viking Trails
Location: B2, Sea View Apartments, Mendonca Vaddo Next to Dr. Amonkar's Clinic, Vagator
- Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM
Location: Anjuna - Beach Rd, Mazal Waddo, Anjuna
- Axis Bank ATM
Location: 1160/2B Anjuna Centre, Mazal Vaddo, Anjuna Bardez, Candolim
- Corporation Bank ATM
Location: Siolim Marna Road, St. Anthony Community Centre, Iqrez Waddo, Siolim
- Central Bank Of India - ATM - Assagao Branch
Location: House No.16/4, Badem Road, Sakhlwaddo, Mazal Vaddo, Tal-Bardez, Bardez, Assagao, Goa

Ozran Beach Reviews

Kamlesh Roy
Reviewed: 01 Aug 2021
Our driver was a friendly guy and made sure we had hassle free transportation. Overall this trip was absolutely amazing. Thrillophilia’s travel itinerary helped me a lot in planning out this entire trip to Goa.
Swati Verma
Reviewed: 11 Jul 2021
Located just on the Vagator Beach. You get excellent views of Vagator from the resort. The rooms were opulent and extremely comfortable. The restaurants were marvelous as well.
Mandeep Guray
Reviewed: 12 Jan 2021
Not only the location of Casa Vagator left us awe-struck but the ambiance, food, and services were amazing. We liked the resort a lot and would like to Thank Thrillophilia for such a wonderful trip.
Kashyapi Agarwal
Reviewed: 08 Jan 2020
Thelocation of the resort is very good, very close to the beach, was easily accesible. had a good experience. Special thanks to thrillophilia for successfull booking on such a short notice. Highly recommneded
Annapurna Malik
Reviewed: 12 Dec 2019
The staff is very polite. The location is beaitiful! I fell in love with the amazing landscape around the pool and beach facing room! Smooth booking! from check-in till check-out it went great, I like everything on this resort and my family too were very happy with the experience

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