Colva Beach Overview

It is one of the most popular beaches in South Goa and attracts a lot of Indian visitors. The beach is an ideal destination to enjoy a range of activities from sunbathing, water sports to other leisure activities. Adventure freaks particularly flock here to get the adrenaline rush with adventure sports. You can find many shacks here selling street food and drinks to satiate your hunger and and its one of the best places to visit in South Goa in 1 day.

Lying on the shores of a quaint coastal village in Goa, Colva beach is a truly magnificent vacation spot for all tourists. It stretches for an impressive 2.4 km and features striking white sand, turquoise waves, and towering coconut palms. Tourists from around the world frequent the Colva beach for sights of stunning sunsets and remarkable blue waves. 

As you tread the beach, you will witness quirky huts and hotels all along the shores. The Portuguese influence on this area has been significant since the 1600s when the wealthy British and Portuguese considered Colva Beach as a prime vacation spot. You will also find numerous beach shacks, hotels, and small shops on the beach along with several ruins of ancient Portuguese villas and houses. You can take on a host of water and beach sports on the Colva beach while basking under the sun and enjoying the pleasant sea breeze. The Colva Church, also called Igreja de Nossa Senhora das Mercês, lends religious significance to the beach.

How To Reach

From Panjim

Colva Beach lies about 27 kilometers from Panjim. You can either drive or take a taxi to reach Colva beach from Panji. Approximate driving time between the two places is around 40 minutes, and it is the most convenient way to travel between Panaji and Colva.

From Goa International Airport

To reach Colva Beach from the Goa International airport, you can either take a taxi, Towncar or drive a car rental. The approximate distance and driving time are 23 km and 30 minutes, respectively. Traffic conditions can extend your driving duration.

Best Time To Visit

Since Colva is a coastal area, the weather is moderate all year. However, most tourists prefer October to March to visit this beach, making it especially crowded during these months. You can choose to visit during these months if you want a respite from the cold weather that grips most of India at this time.

Average temperatures range from 20 degrees (lowest) to 30 degrees (highest) from October to March, making it all the more comfortable. Visit during the evenings to catch gorgeous sunsets or views of migratory birds. 

Other Essential Information

Shopping at Colva Beach

With the best of the sun, the waters, and the sand, Goa does not lack in shopping delights either. Colva’s beach and street markets are a shopper’s paradise with their amazing cashew nuts, spices, cashew feni, handicrafts, musical instruments, and hand-painted sculptures.

While you will not encounter big malls in the area, many designer shops and boutiques are available for you to shop for beachwear and swimwear. Do try the flea markets and night markets around the Colva Beach to land maximally profitable deals.

Places to Stay Near Colva Beach

Longuinhos Beach Resort-The Longuinhos beach resort is located very close to the Goa Chitra Museum and has plenty of tropical gardens on its premises. Stay here for a gorgeous view of the Colva Beach.

Williams Beach Resort-With airy rooms featuring ceiling fans and quirky paints, the Williams beach resort is an excellent place to stay for those wanting a view of the Arabian sea.

Silver Sand Beach Resort-The Silver Sand Beach Resort is a simple restaurant with rooms that have balconies, comfortable sofa beds, and suites. Stay here to witness Goa's simplicity and elegance.

Club Mahindra Acacia-The Club Mahindra Acacia is a luxury staying spot overlooking the serene Colva beach and surrounded by green palms lending it a tropical outlook. Enjoy facilities like swimming pools and breakfast buffets here.

Baywatch Resort Goa-A resort featuring sitting areas, poolside lounges, private balconies, and live music, Baywatch is a fantastic hotel where you can have the luxe beach stay.

Things to carry to Colva Beach

Whenever you visit Colva Beach, you would want to have the typical beach experience with zero troubles. To ensure that you do not spend unnecessary money buying things that you could easily carry with yourself, make sure to have a backpack with the following items.

  • Swimwear
  • Sarongs
  • Flip Flops or flats
  • Shorts
  • Cotton Dresses or light clothes with easily dryable materials
  • Water Bottles (Being dehydrated at the beach is very common, never forget to carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated all day long)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Umbrellas
  • Cloth Swings
  • Sunbathing Mats

Shacks at Colva Beach

Beach shacks are some of the best ways to relax at the Colva beach while enjoying some select food items and unique beachside cocktails. The beach shacks of Colva beach also contain colorful furniture, lively and vibrant ambiances, and incredible drinks and food. Some of the best huts at the Colva Beach include:

  • Rafael's: This place serves North Indian, Chinese, and Goan dishes. Try the different soups and breakfast items here.
  • Pedro’s: Pedro's is a fantastic beach shack where you can try the most fantastic non-vegetarian dishes and seafood items.
  • The Baggie’s Café: The Baggie’s café has a spacious layout where you can bask in the sun while enjoying some delicious and refreshing cocktails.
  • Joecons Beach Shack: The Joecons Beach Shack is known for its amazing European breakfast dishes and a gorgeous view of the Arabian waves.
  • Esco’s Sun and Moon Bar and Restaurant: This small pub in a hut is a dream come true for those who appreciate quaint beauty. Come here for a taste of traditional Goan cuisine as you retire from a day full of beachy adventures.

Medical Facilities near Colva Beach

Accidents are, unfortunately, prevalent while you enjoy beachside and water sports. In such cases, it is crucial to be aware of the medicinal facilities located around the beach. There are several hospitals and medical clinics all around Colva Beach. Moreover, Colva beach has several lifeguards and watch guards who are equipped to prevent most mishappenings around the beach. Here is a list of closely located clinics 

  • Das Hospitality and Services
  • Dr. Correia Afonso Hospital
  • ESI Hospital
  • Supervi Chest Hospitals

Traveler’s Tips for Visiting Colva Beach

Some essential travel tips for visiting Colva Beach include

  • Most of the time all around the year, Colva beach is very crowded. To truly enjoy your time at the beach, you must head towards it during the early afternoon and stay till late at night. Try to find a secluded spot that gives you the perfect view of the setting sun.
  • Always carry sunscreen and hats with you. The sun can be pretty brutal during most days, and you will not want to irritate your skin with a horrible sunburn.
  • Wear cotton clothes that can be dried quickly. It is impossible not to get wet while visiting the beach. Being in heavy garments that do not dry quickly can prove uncomfortable to you.
  • Try to travel as light as you can. While swimming or enjoying water sports, you will not have to worry about storing your items.
  • Do not forget to carry with you a nice camera or a smartphone. You will want to capture the beautiful sights of the beach.
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Point of Interest for Colva Beach
Nightlife at Colva Beach

Nightlife at Colva Beach

Club Margarita-A trendy nightclub located just a little away from Colva Beach, Margarita features terrific music, a lively ambiance, and a large variety of drinks and cocktails.

Boomerang Bar-The boomerang Beach Bar is a quirky beachside pub and bar known for a vibrant atmosphere and amazing cocktails. Have a little taste of their trademark drinks for an excellent experience.

Club Sunshine-Widely used as a wedding venue, club Sunshine is one of the most favored beachside hangout spots of Colva. Try their mini appetizers if you wish to enjoy Goa's nightlife at its finest.

Wendy’s Fire-Wendy's Fire is a trendy restaurant and bar located near Colva Beach. Here, you can enjoy both unique and generic drinks and some continental dishes as well.

Places to Eat at Colva Beach

Places to Eat at Colva Beach

Leda – Lounge and Resort -Named after one of Jupiter's moons, the Leda restaurant will treat you to fantastic seafood and some genuinely unique finger food items. While there, definitely try the prawn cocktail and the pineapple salsa.

The Madras Café-Located very near to Our Lady of Mercy Church, this place has several European dishes you can try. They also offer fantastic cocktails that will give you an authentic taste of Goa.

The Garden Restaurant - Hosting Chinese, Indian, and Goan cuisine primarily, the Garden restaurant is the perfect party for your taste birds. Visit this place to have choicest dishes of primary international cuisines.

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Colva Beach FAQs

What is Colva Beach Famous for?

Colva Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Goa. It is renowned for the host of water sport activities that it offers, which include parasailing, jet skiing, swimming, and boat riding. You will also see several beach shacks, restaurants, pubs, and resorts scattered all over the Colva Beach. Moreover, it is also known for the world-famous lady of mercy church, which features a statue of the Baby Jesus and fantastic architecture.

Is Colva Beach Safe?

Colva Beach is very safe, for there are several lifeguards and watch guards all around the beach who keep an eye on all the water sport activities. Moreover, there are police officials stationed in nearby areas who help travelers with all their problems.

Tourist agencies also have unique helpline numbers and supervisors who take care of all tourists. However, be as cautious as you can to avoid unfortunate events.

How far is the Baga Beach from Colva Beach?

The Baga Beach is located around 54 km away from Colva Beach. It takes about 1 hour to drive between the two beaches. At both these beaches, you can enjoy several water sports and beach lounging activities along with several Goan cuisine. You can take a taxi or hire a car to drive to Baga Beach from Colva Beach.

What can we do in Colva Beach at Night?

At night, you can enjoy organized bonfires or visit the countless clubs located along the Colva Beach. Do try out the pubs for their unique cocktails and themed drinks. You can also enjoy some disco songs and live music at most of the beach's luxury clubs. The night markets scattered across the beach are also incredibly popular with tourists who visit the Colva Beach.

Are there any locker facilities available at Colva Beach?

Colva Beach is well organized, and several tourist companies conduct various sports activities around the beach. This warrants the presence of storage facilities around the beach. These, however, can be private and might require you to stick to a tourist company. You can also enquire about the local hotels and resorts for locker facilities if you have carried with you relevant documents. It is best to enquire about locals or police officials about storage facilities and lockers around Colva Beach.

Is Colva Couple Friendly?

Many couples prefer Goa as a honeymoon destination, and it is not uncommon for couples to frequent Colva Beach whenever they visit Goa. The beach is incredibly couple friendly, and as long as couples do not venture into the depths of the rural areas, they should not encounter uncomfortable stares too. If you feel uncomfortable by any means, do not hesitate to contact the local authorities for help.

How Far is Colva Beach from madgaon Station?

The Madgaon junction is about 5.5 km from Colva Beach, making the beach one of the closest from Goa's primary railway station. You can easily travel this distance with a taxi or a car rental. There are several resorts and restaurants located in the way that cater to road trip enthusiasts and travelers. Do not hesitate to stop at one of these if you feel the need to refresh yourself. It takes about 20 minutes to travel from MAdgaon Junction to Colva Beach, provided there is little to no traffic.

Is Colva Beach Crowded?

Since Colva is one of the most popular regions of south Goa, it is inevitable for tourists to resist the wonders of this place. Moreover, the pleasant weather, scenic spots, and lounging places attract all kinds of travelers to Colva beach, making it one of the most crowded areas of Goa.

During October, people from all across the world visit the beach to participate in the rituals of Our Lady of Mercy church, making it one of the busiest months of the year in Colva. For a comfortable trip, head out early in the day for sightseeing and secure your preferred spot on the beach for a nice sunbathing and skygazing experience.

Are washrooms available at Colva Beach?

There are washrooms available in various restaurants and resorts all over the Colva Beach. Tourists do not have to worry as they can easily approach local shop owners, restaurants, or hotel owners and ask them for bathroom facilities.

Is ATM available near Colva Beach?

There are many ATMs available in and around Colva Beach. Various banks such as Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra operate ATMs that serve both Indian and international debit and credit cards, owners. Moreover, almost all shop owners accept all types of debit and credit cards. Whether you are at the beach or around local markets, you will not have trouble finding ATMs that operate 24 hours.

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