Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary Overview

Seated in the Southern part of Goa, Netravali wildlife sanctuary is a tributary of the Zuari river. Nestled with dense forests which remain evergreen throughout the year, this sanctuary is renowned for varieties of animals like Gaur, Ratufa indica, Tetracerus quadricornis, and leopard. Its famous birds are Malayan night heron, Nilgiri wood pigeon, pied hornbill, grey-headed bulbul, white-bellied treepie and a rufous babbler. 

The best time to visit this place is from October to March and at this time one can easily spot the rare species of flora and fauna like Black Panther, four horned antelope, and colorful butterflies.

Verlem, Goa 403704

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Entry Fee: 

Based in the bustling beach state of Goa, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the six essential wildlife sanctuaries in the state. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Sanguem Taluka region of the South-Eastern part of Goa.

Covering an area of about 211 sq km, it holds one of the essential aisles of the Western Ghats. Being one of the most significant wildlife sanctuaries in India, Netravali is home to a diverse family of flora and fauna of the world.

Secure from persecution or harm, a plethora of animals and plants exist under the parasol of a clear sky in this sanctuary. It is a great place to visit with family as it is both adventurous and educational.

Along with being a significant nature conservation hub, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is also a highly crucial freshwater source to Goa. It supposedly takes its name from the Netravali tributary of the Zuari river.

The Sanctuary is brimming with sky-touching mountains and elegant waterfalls with the Saivri and Mainapi being the main attractions. Replete with beautiful ghats and bubbling lakes, the biosphere is full of lush valleys that foster human civilisations within them.

The Sanctuary also hosts several forest mountains that hold religious significance among the local people of the region. Hence while trekking along these heights, one comes across several big and small temples as well.

The Sanctuary is dotted with a rich fauna with the vegetation ranging from wild herbs to household spices. Home to many forest-dwellers, the Sanctuary showcases an awe-inspiring blend of nature and minimalistic culture.

How To Reach

From Panaji:

By Bus: Regular buses are available at affordable rates from Panaji to the Sanctuary.
By Taxi: Taxis are readily available for hire from Panaji to the sanctuary. If you are looking for a more convenient option, taxis are a good and safe bet.

From Goa Airport:

By Taxi: At a distance of about 65 km away from the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa airport has many taxis available for rent or hire. Hired taxis are affordable and cheap and can quickly help you cover the long-distance comfortably.
By Bike: Two-wheeler services are also available in Goa. If one is traveling alone, hiring a bike ride is a more economical alternative to cab drives.

Best Time To Visit

The ideal time to visit the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is the post-monsoon period of October to March. From the early onset of winter to the beginning of summer, it is the most logically apt duration as the absence of rainfall makes traveling through the forest grounds safe and convenient.

The best time to visit the site during the day is early in the morning. If you enter the premises soon, you get ample time to fully explore all the attractions of the sanctuary. The weather is pleasant, and the plants are at their best bloom during the early hours of the day.

Other Essential Information

Location: The Sanctuary is located in Verlem, in the Sanguem Taluka region of South-Eastern Goa 403704.

Price: Starting from INR 20.

Timing: The Sanctuary is open for visitation and exploration from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Flora: The flora of this forest mostly consists of the moist-deciduous type of woods. Plush with evergreen and semi-evergreen forests,  the flora ranges from different types of spices to rare plant species. The Sanctuary boasts being home to a varied range of plant life that are interdependent on each other for survival.

Fauna: The Sanctuary provides refuge to varied animal species. It is home to several kinds of mammals and aviary creatures. Some of the rare animal species residing in this sanctuary include the Malabar giant squirrel, black sloth, and the four-horned antelope.

The sanctuary is also famous for many rare bird species such as the great pied hornbill, rufous babbles, the Nilgiri wood pigeon, and the white-bellied treepie. Many distinct species of insects also find a home in the grounds of the sanctuary. Both predators and herbivore animals are known to grace the sanctuary, making it a fulfilled representation of natural wildlife.

Places to eat near Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary:

1. Cafe Inn - Located at Palolem in Canacona, Cafe Inn is a great budget restaurant perfect for breakfast meals. The ambiance and interiors of the cafe are minimalistic yet pleasant. It is a vegetarian-friendly cafe that offers a variety of food and drinks. The service provided is fast and the staff is courteous and friendly. 

2. Alario's Garden Restaurant - Situated in Palolem in Canacona, Alario's Garden Restaurant is most famous for the delicious, lip-smacking curries they serve. This family-run restaurant also serves as a guest house for travelers and is known for the hospitality and warmth it offers. The staff at this restaurant is especially polite and as pleasant as the food they serve.

3. Mallikarjun Hotel Udupi - This restaurant, famous for its super affordable and scrumptious south-Indian cuisine dishes, is located at Nagorcem in Canacona. This is purely a vegetarian restaurant and hence, apt for people with religious reservations.

With both pre-made instant food and freshly made food options, this food joint is a delight to both busy backpackers and wholesome families.  The restaurant has wonderful interiors and the cutlery and vessels on which the food is served are highly ornate that add to the ambiance of the place. 
Being close to the main road, the restaurant is very easy to find and hence is perfect for people who are visiting Goa for the first time.

4. Parking -This quaint little food stall located at a parking station in Palolem, Canacona, is famous for the range of food and cuisine options it offers. Parking is a must-visit place for all as it serves specially made seafood dishes made out of freshly caught squids, lobsters etc.

The eatery is quite affordable and serves both western as well as local Goan delicacies at very low prices. They serve western as well as local Goan delicacies at very low prices.

5. Chaska Beach Restaurant - This unique restaurant located at Palolem is ideal for people who like to enjoy a good view with good food. The food ranges from local cuisines to international dishes. The seafood is also quite popular here.

Tips for visiting Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary:

1. Don't litter: It is essential to maintain the cleanliness and sanctity of natural reserves. Littering is hence prohibited and severely looked down upon.

2. Don't wear strong perfumes: Most wild creatures have a highly sensitive sense of smell. Strong perfumes, especially unnatural fragrances, might bother them.

3. Wear fully-covered light clothes: Covering your body, especially your feet is critical as the forest is always filled with crawling insects and parasites.

4. Make sure to turn off camera flashlight: Never take pictures without making sure that the flash of your camera is off. The glare of the flashlight can instantly bother and enrage wild animals in close vicinity.  
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Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary FAQs

Are there sloth bears in Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary?

Yes, along with many other diverse species of the animal kingdom, the famed ant-eating sloth bears can be spotted in the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary in their natural habitat.

What makes Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary famous?

The vast scope of adventure, excitement, and exploration is what makes the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary so famous. Along with the assortment of a myriad of plants and animal genus, it has beautiful mountains, valleys, and lakes to explore. There are also a number of beautiful waterfalls that attract thousands of tourists towards them. Along with the splendor of the relief features, the Sanctuary is esteemed because of the religious value it holds with the locals. The locals consider the mountains of the region holy structures.

What is meant by Wildlife Sanctuary?

A wildlife sanctuary is a wildlife conservation unit that protects animals and plants against pursuit, exploitation, and persecution. It is a refuge for animals so that they can exist in their natural habitat without any danger. It also protects the plant life against deforestation misuse.

What are the operational timings of Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary?

The sanctuary is open to visitors every day of the week from 8:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the evening.

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