Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary Tours & Activities

About Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the northeastern region of Goa and teeming with a variety of flora and fauna, lies the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. The park sprawls over 8 square kilometers of lush lands and attracts hordes of tourists every year from different parts of the country. Besides harboring a myriad range of wildlife, the sanctuary is also home to those animals who have been injured due to some human-wildlife conflict. It also protects those who suffer the risk of extinction.

Thus, it happens to be one of the safest grounds for breeding animals and encourages research activities on them as well. Not very far from Margao, this picture-perfect sanctuary also has its exclusive deer park, botanical garden, and rose gardens. Thus, you can well understand why this wildlife park happens to be one of the most frequented zones by school children and nature lovers.

The soothing surroundings of the place encompassed within the enchanting hues of green and with the sunlight playing through the leaves will not only restore your mood but also rejuvenate your tired minds. You can relax in the bounty of nature, spend some quality moments with the animals, do some wildlife photography and enjoy the wildlife safari with your dear ones. The trip to Bondla will surely be worth your time and money and will serve as a refreshing change from the city’s cacophony.

If you are not time-bound, then a night stay at one of the forest cottages will surely turn out to be a thrilling experience. The beautiful cottages shrouded in an aesthetical aura lies in the heart of the wilderness where you can immerse yourself in the serenity of the forest at night. The rooms are well equipped with modern amenities and have attractive interiors that will offer you a comfortable stay. Thus, you can look forward to a memorable trip at Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary with its spectacular environs.

Flora and Fauna at Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

As you step into Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, the picturesque scenery around will leave you in absolute awe. The verdant patches of land flanked by towering deciduous trees and bamboo plantations add a mystical charm to the entire place. Some of the other trees that you will find here are Kindall, Jamba, Mimusops, Rosewood, Matti and many others. Clad with the intrinsic beauty of nature, the sanctuary will not fail to mesmerize you with its serenity.

As you travel along the trails of the forest, you will catch frequent glimpses of animals like bears, jungle cats, various types of deer, bison, Malabar Giant Squirrels, and others. You might be lucky enough to spot a panther too. Watch out for the exotic range of birds in the sanctuary. The commonly found ones are hornbills, woodpeckers, and kingfishers.

How to Reach Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

From Panaji

The distance from Panaji to Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is just 46.7 km and will take around 1 hour 15 minutes to reach the destination. You can easily board any bus from Panaji bus stand or opt for cab services. You can also take your private cars and enjoy a comfortable drive to the sanctuary.

- From Goa International Airport

The distance between Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and Goa International Airport is around 49 km and will take around 1 hour 15 minutes for traveling to the sanctuary. You can easily avail the cab services from the airport and enjoy a comfortable journey to your destination. You can also rent a car at a reasonable cost and drive to the sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

The best time to visit Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is from October to April as the weather during this period remains pleasant, thus offering an enjoyable wildlife safari experience.

The monsoon lasts from June to September and the heavy downpour can spoil your plans. Thus, visitors are recommended not to schedule their trip to the sanctuary during the monsoon months.

Summers can be quite hot and humid and the temperature sometimes reaches 40 degrees celsius. Thus, try avoiding the wildlife safari from May to June and opt for the cooler months, when even the animals can be easily spotted basking in the warm sun rays.

What Not to Miss at Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Places to visit near Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

After the memorable journey through Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, you can explore in and around the park and visit these nearby scenic places.

1. Zoo- Within the premises of the wildlife park, lies the impressive Bondla Zoo, being a favorite destination for kids. Though small in size, it houses quite a spectacular variety of animals and if you want to take a closer look at them, then you just can’t miss out on the zoo.

2. Deer Safari Park- At the Deer Safari Park, the glimpses of different varieties of deer with their graceful beauty will leave you in sheer awe. This exclusively designed deer park in the sanctuary’s premises is the abode of the spotted deer, mouse deer, barking deer, hog deer and a lot more.

3. Botanical Garden- The garden situated within the wildlife park allures every nature lover and those seeking for some repose. The beautifully designed park, with rare plants and shrubs as well as with the flowers of myriad colors will leave you in absolute awe. It's a much-loved zone for school kids and researchers.

4. Rehabilitation Center- Want to experience some quality moments with the animals? Do head to the sanctuary’s rehabilitation center as this is the place where you will find many wounded creatures healing themselves and living harmoniously in close association with human beings.

5. Nature Education Center- Enrich yourselves by visiting the education center nestled within the wildlife park. You can seek information regarding any plant or animal, watch documentaries or films and spend some quality time. The well-stocked library is sure to quench your inquisitive minds.

6. Nature Trails- If you are longing for some adventure and want to get away from the crowd, then hire yourself a trained guide and set out for an adventurous trek. The sanctuary has many uncharted hiking trails which can take you an inch closer to the charismatic beauty of nature. Keep your eyes open for any rare species of plants or animals.

7. Shantadurga Temple- Pay a visit to this impressive temple where the presiding deity happens to be Goddess Vishweshwari, manifesting peace after her fierce combat with the demons. The temple is around 20 km away from Bondla Sanctuary and will surely amaze you with its structural elegance. Devotees from all over the world flock to this religious site to pay their tribute to the goddess.

8. Dudhsagar Plantation- You can explore around Bondla Sanctuary, and visit the Dudhsagar plantation which happens to be at a distance of around 30 km from the sanctuary. Here you will be greeted by a scenic tropical area known for its spice cultivation. You can also avail the elephant rides to catch a glimpse of some exotic birds and plants.

Other Essential Information About Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

- Location:
Usgao-Ganjem VP, Ponda Taluka, North Goa- 403105. ( Lies at a distance of 38 km from Margao).

- Safari Price: The entry charges are nominal and the wildlife sanctuary tour costs around Rs 1800 to Rs 2000 for four people.

Safari Timing: The park remains closed on Mondays. One can avail of the safari trips throughout the week from 9 am to 5 pm

Places to eat near Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Dotted with several cafes and small shacks, a visit to Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary will remain incomplete without tasting the exquisite local cuisine. Near the park, you will get several eateries where you can halt, enjoy the delicious food, and take some rest before you embark on your return journey. Here is a list of some of the restaurants where you can stop by for a hearty lunch.

1. Pan Aroma Restaurant- This restaurant brings to you a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and after a tiring excursion, this appetizing food will fill your hungry tummies. Gorge on the delicious variety of continental, Chinese, and Goan cuisine. The cozy ambiance and the quality of food will surely make you visit this place again.

2. Jila Bakery- This happens to be one of the best bakeries in Goa and the cinnamon-flavored cakes and sweet dishes will be a delicious treat for your taste buds. The rich taste of the home-baked snacks will linger in your mouth and you will surely feel tempted to pack some cakes for home.

3. Chef Fernando's Nostalgia- The Goan curry served here is a relishing dish among the other variety of food available like the Continental and Portuguese dishes. The grilled fish, the Goan seafood and the cheesecakes are a must-try. The prices are reasonable and the soothing ambiance of the restaurant will make your dining experience enjoyable.

4. Tilve-  Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can opt for this restaurant as the freshly cooked dishes are truly mouth-watering. Here you will get different types of sumptuous seafood and a wide range of delicious sweets for dessert. At reasonable prices, you can fill in your hungry tummies with some amazing dishes.

5. Cafe Bhonsle- This is the perfect restaurant for every vegetarian and pleases every hungry stomach with its speedy preparation of North Indian and South Indian thalis. At cheap prices, the food served here is tasty and is sure to win the hearts of the guests.

6. The Goan Majestic- This restaurant happens to be one of the buzzing eateries near Bondla Sanctuary and will greet you with its sumptuous range of meals and snacks at reasonable prices. The outdoor setting and the cozy ambiance adds to the charm of the entire place.

7. Savor Restaurant and Bar- With a welcoming ambiance, Savor Restaurant offers you its wide range of Indian and North Indian dishes. It a perfect place for family dining and outdoor sitting arrangement makes the experience all the more worthwhile. Gorge on the delicacies and grab a glass of the luscious drinks here.

Tips for visiting Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

1. Before you embark on your wildlife safari at Bondla Sanctuary, do remember to keep a few things in mind so as to enjoy the journey to the fullest.

2. The wildlife sanctuary is a no-plastic zone. Hence, do not throw the plastic wrappers of your food or litter the premises of the forest area.

3. Remember that you are visiting the home of the animals as a guest and thus be on your best behavior. Do not disturb them and call for unnecessary trouble for yourself.

4. If you are spending the night at the forest resorts, then do spend some refreshing moments under the open sky. The resorts have some beautiful lawns where you can unwind yourself and take in the fresh air.

5. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, carry sufficient water and do not forget your cameras as you will get tempted to capture some beautiful sights.
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