Morjim Beach, North Goa: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

Morjim Beach Tours & Activities

About Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach in Goa is one of the best beaches to visit in the course of your holiday. The scenic beauty of changing colours of the sky and setting sun defines this place. The Morjim beach is
acknowledged as one of the pristine beaches in Goa for its tranquil environment. 

Tourists visiting Goa choose this beach to unwind themselves as well as treat their taste buds with the amazing opportunity to dine out in the sandy outdoors. It has an ample amount of restaurants and cottages that provide authentic Goan cuisine and the best relaxation time. 

 Morjim beach is also known as 'Little Russia'. It is for the reason that it has a huge settlement of Russian inhabitants. These people come from Russia and stay in the pristine environment of Goa for a couple of months before heading back to their homeland. 

Morjim beach is also famous for one more reason. It is widely known as the breeding place of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. You can spend time with some of these remarkable creatures of nature as well as click numerous snaps to cherish the time spent. 

How to Reach Morjim Beach

How to Reach Morjim Beach from Panaji? 

The distance between Morjim Beach and Panji is close to 27 Km. You can travel by all means of transport. If you wish to reach Morjim Beach by train, then you can easily catch local trains from Vasco Da Gama or Madgaon railway station. You can also cover the distance by a local bus or a paid rental taxi.  

How to Reach Morjim Beach from Goa International Airport?

The distance between Morjim Beach and Goa International Airport is about 52 Km. You can cover the distance by a local bus and a paid taxi as well. However, the best way to travel from the airport to the beach is by hiring a paid taxi. This will not only be the cheapest but also time-saving. 

Best Time to Visit Morjim Beach

The best time to visit Morjim Beach is from November to February. This will be a pleasant time for beach visits as the shacks will be open for beach parties. 

The summertime will be very hot and humid and the monsoon season will be very wet. Summer and rainy season are not suitable for beach tours. So, if you want to make the most out of the beach in your Goa tour, then plan for it in the winter times. 

What Not to Miss at Morjim Beach

Chapora Fort-
 Chapora Fort is considered as a place of tourist magnetism near the Morjim Beach. This monument happens to be an evening hotspot for tourists. Situated by the side of Chapora River, this fort is popular as the shooting spot of the  Bollywood blockbuster movie ‘Dil Chahta hai’

Vagator Beach- Vagator Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa that is covered with soft white sand and huge rocks. The beach is also surrounded by several palm and coconut trees, which makes the scenery breathtaking. 

St. Alex Church- 
If you want to spend some time in peace and tranquillity then the St. Alex Church at Calangute is the place to be. It is known for its amazing architecture and design. It is the only church in Goa to have been designed with Indian architecture. 

Fort Aguada- Fort Aguada is at all times on top of the list of travellers visiting Goa. This sea-facing fort stands tall as one of the testimonies to the glorious Portuguese empire. Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach is located in North Goa close to the Goa - Maharashtra border. It is a small beach that stretches just about 790 meters on the coast of Goa. It is known for natural scenic beauty and lively nature. 

Other Essential Information About Morjim Beach

Watersports in Morjim Beach 

Flyboarding - This activity is just wonderful to indulge in when you are in Goa as it is one of the most pocket-friendly activities to be a part of. You will be given lessons and training before the actual adventure. And at the end of your turn you will also be given photographs and videos, which you be helpful in reminiscing your days in Goa  

Jet Ski- 
If you are the one who loves to challenge the waves then jet skiing is the best adventure activity in Morjim. This is mainly preferred in the winter times. If you are a newbie, then you will be given training and then a drive in the water under expert supervision. 

Morjim is certainly a surfer’s paradise and it is a place for serious surfing. You can easily find waves of about 3-5 feet high from September to January. The waves can reach up to 15 feet at times. 

Bumper Ride-
The bumper ride is yet another adventure sport that you can try in Morjim beach. This is also known as tubing in the local dialect. You need to hold the tube with full force when rushing against the waves. 

The bumper ride is yet another adventure sport that you can try in Morjim beach. This is also known as tubing in the local dialect. You need to hold the tube with full force when rushing against the waves. 

Boat Ride-If you want to get lost in the paradise of tranquillity and calmness, then boat ride is something that you should try. Boat rides are acknowledged as the best way to cruise through the beaches of Goa. 

Nightlife at Morjim Beach 

Club Fresh-
 The club fresh has its own essence and distinctiveness in the middle of all other night clubs in the Morjim sea beach. The design element of the night club is highly inspired by the famous Nikki Beach Club in Miami. The Pan-Asian influences in the overall setting will definitely keep your awestruck. 

Boom Shack.-The Boom Shack is a picture-perfect place for nature lovers. You can party in a beautiful view of the Morjim beach and have delicious international cuisine with the dining area. Tourists love to party with the striking music beats and uplifted environment. 

Ciel Goa-This amazing place offers the best combination of a club and pub to its visitors. You will praise the ambiance and dance floor rocking with music. 

Bora Bora-If you have made your mind to party late at night, then this is the place for you. It has all the bells and whistles that make it unique. You will fall in love with the amazing outdoors and groovy dance floors. It has everything to set your mood right.  

Junk Club Restro Bar-This nightclub is one of the most crowded places on the Morjim beach. This is for the reason that it offers amazing food and drinks fine-tuned with the music and knows what will entice the party visitors. 

Places to eat at Morjim Beach 

La Plage- La Plage is situated on Ashvem Beach. It is a picture-perfect place if you want to have international cuisine with an amazing view of the sea. 

This place is at all times crowded with tourists from all over the world as it promises vacation vibes and happens to be an ideal setting to unwind in the company of your loved ones. 

Hakuna Matata- 
It has been a perfect place for dining since its inception. The restaurant offers exceptional quality of food and amazing services too. You will love the liveliness of this place along with the food served. 

Marbella Beach Restaurant- 
Marbella Beach Restaurant is surely one of the best places to eat at the Morjim beach if you don't want to spend a minute away from the sea. It not only provides an amazing view of the sea but also offers local cuisine at an affordable price range. 

Divine Gypsies- 
The Divine Gypsies is considered to be the best restaurant in Morjim Beach if you want to have quality food in a cosy location. This place is just wonderful for couples. 

Shopping at Morjim Beach 

Siolim Fish Market-
The Siolim Fish Market is situated very close to the Morjim sea beach. It is one of the biggest fish markets in the whole state of Goa and you will come across a wide variety of fish in this market. 

Places to Stay near Morjim Beach 

White wood resort and spa.- The White wood resort and spa is situated in close vicinity to the Morjim beach. It is 3-star accommodation with all sorts of amenities that you may need during your stay. There is an in-house bar where you can the best beer. 

Marbela Beach Resort- 
The Marbela Beach Resort is located directly on the beach. It is one of the best places to stay, if you are looking for luxury and scenic view by the side of the Arabian Sea.

La Cabana Beach & Spa -
If you are watching out for staying in a luxurious resort and don't want to miss any single bit of tranquillity then this is your place. It is located at a walking distance from the Morjim beach. 

Larisa beach resort- 
The Larisa beach resort happens to be one of the few resorts in Morjim, which has bathtubs. If you are coming for a romantic trip to Goa with your beloved then you can choose to stay at this resort. It also has an in-house bar and restaurant for you to enjoy. 

Rock Water Resort-
The rock water resort is situated just 0.1 Km away from the beach and it is an outstanding place to stay in the course of your holiday in Morjim. It not only serves authentic Goan cuisine but also offers wonderful sights of the Arabian Sea. 

Shacks at Morjim Beach 

If you want to experience the pleasure of spending a memorable night at the beach, you can choose to stay in one of the many traditional shacks set up at the Morjim Beach. 

Sublime Beach Shack: 
It is one of the most popular beach shacks that serve delicious European dishes as well as offers an amazing ambience to dine out with your loved near and dear ones. It is located at the Morjim Beach Road and is sea facing. 

GoldenEye Shack- 
The Golden Eye Shack is yet another famous beach shack in Morjim. It is a very popular place to dine out among the Indians and Foreigners. You can sit in this wonderful place and enjoy a glass of beer. 

Things to Carry at Morjim Beach

Here are the following things that you need to carry when you are going to Morjim Beach:

-You should carry an extra pair of apparel and bags.

-You should carry beach footwears and try to avoid wearing heels. 

-You should also carry an umbrella to remain protected from the untimely shower in Goa. 

-Carry enough water to stay hydrated

-Sunscreens and hats are a must

Travellers' Tip before visiting Morjim Beach 

Here are some of the traveller's tips that you should keep in mind when visiting Morjim beach:

You should be careful about your belongings. It is highly recommended to carry all the cash and cards inside the wallet and keep the wallet in the side pocket to restrict any pickpocket from stealing your valuables. 

Although you will find all the international cuisines, yet never miss out on tasting the local seafood.

You must apply SPF and UV protectors when you are going to the beach for fun. 

Medical Facilities near Morjim Beach 

There is an ample amount of chemist shops along the beach. All the stores are affordable and accessible. You will at all times find chemist stores and doctor clinics wherever you choose to stay in Goa. There is no requirement of carrying any medical supplies with you unless you have any special conditions

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People Also Ask About Morjim Beach

  1. What is Morjim beach famous for?

    Morjim beach is known all over the world for its exquisite beauty. Olive ridley turtles and dolphins are also one of the attractions of the beach. The beach is also famous for bird watching sights. It is calm as well as serene, which makes it a perfect spot for relaxation. People love to dine out on this sandy beach along with their family members. Last but not the least; it has brimful of adventure activities to cater to you in the course of your stay in Goa.
  2. Is Morjim beach safe?

    Morjim beach is known all over the world for its exquisite beauty. Olive ridley turtles and dolphins are also one of the attractions of the beach. The beach is also famous for bird watching sights. It is calm as well as serene, which makes it a perfect spot for relaxation. People love to dine out on this sandy beach along with their family members. Last but not the least; it has brimful of adventure activities to cater to you in the course of your stay in Goa.
  3. How far is Morjim beach from Candolim?

    Morjim beach is just about 20 km away from Candolim. It takes less than 24 mins to travel from Candolim to Morjim beach in a car. If you want to reach faster, chose to travel in a car. However, you can also make use of public transport to go from one beach to another.
  4. Is Morjim beach worth visiting?

    If you want to spend your holiday vacation in a laid back manner, free from any hustle and bustle, then Morjim is a great place. The beach has a lot to offer to its visitors starting from scenic natural beauty to amazing closeup view of the marine species in their natural habitat. Morjim beach is worth visiting in the course of your in Goa itinerary.
  5. Can I visit Morjim Beach with family?

    You can surely come to Morjim with your family and take part in several adventures and fun-filled sports events. Morjim has a lot to offer to families, starting from exclusive scenic beauty to gala dinners on the shore. You can choose to spend quality time with your family members on the beach, spend time watching playful dolphins, spend a day in the nearby wildlife sanctuary, and explore other places of tourist attraction nearby. You can spend a good time relaxing with your family members without being disturbed by anything.
  6. What can we do at Morjim beach at night?

    There is a thriving nightlife in the Morjim beach of Goa. It is also considered one of the best beaches to visit in the evening. There are several restaurants and open dining options close to the beach where you can have your favorite food and drink. You can have fun in those places as well as take part in some playful adventure activities in the evening.
  7. Is Morjim Beach clean?

    Morjim beach is super clean as compared to many other beaches in Goa. As the beach is occupied by a very significant number of tourists, the sandy paradise doesn’t get dirty. The management maintains the beach very perfectly to entice beach lovers who come here peace and tranquillity.
  8. How far is Morjim from Panjim?

    Morjim is situated a distance of 137 km from Panjim. You can easily get an overnight bus or a cab to take you from Panjim to Morjim.
  9. How far is Morjim beach from Calangute?

    The distance between Morjim and Calangute is about 9 km. You can easily get a local bus or a taxi to travel from Calangute to reach Morjim beach.
  10. Are there any ATMs near Morjim Beach?

    There are plenty of ATMs near the Morjim beach. You can easily find ATMs of all banks nearby the beach. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you should also carry adequate cash with you as most of the restaurants and adventure activity centres do not accept payments in cash.

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