Coco Beach Overview

Seated in the proximity of Panjim that is just 2 km away this alluring beach is home for various adventure activities. The beach is beautifully laced by the palm trees and here, one can enjoy the beautiful scenes nature has to offer, making it one of the most visited tourist places in Panjim. Boating is another activity which can be done at this beach other than the thrilling aqua sports.One can also, delve in scuba diving and explore the world beneath the land or can savor the thrill in water skiing and gliding.

Apart from these, there will also be instances when you can witness dolphin sighting which will leave you in awe with the place. It is undoubtedly a picture-perfect beach offering a plethora of paradisiac views.

To Coco Beach Nerul, Goa 403114

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Distance from Panjim Bus Stand:
Approximately 9.7 km

Known all over the world for churches, beaches and several Portuguese landmarks, Goa is an Indian state that captures the true beauty of tourism around the country. Coco Beach is one such part of Goa where tourists can spend hours entertaining themselves with the stunning scenery and a vast array of incredible watersports. 

Coco Beach has a truly unique location, for it stands right on the mouth of the Nerul River. Situated atop the Mandovi estuary of the same river, this Beach is a traveller's delight for its scenic beauty. It is well ensconced on all sides by the Mandovi river bay. Coco Beach is primarily perceived as a natural bridge between Candolim and Nerul. Adding to the Beach's incredibility is an array of beach shacks, restaurants, local markets, resorts and traditional Portuguese villas located all around the place. Coco beach has a steep gradient and is most often explored by river cruises that sail along the Mandovi river. Due to the combined aquamarine life of the sea and the river combined, Coco Beach is a popular fishing hub. If you travel to the Beach, you will notice fishers dotting the place all day round.

How To Reach

How to Reach Coco Beach from Panaji?

Coco Beach is situated at an approximate distance of 10.8 km from Panaji. Since Panaji is one of the most populous tourist regions of Goa, coco's proximity to it makes it a popular tourist hub as well. It takes roughly 30 minutes to travel between Coco Beach and Panaji. Take a taxi or drive a car rental along the Betim-Verem-Saligao road to get to Coco beach from Panji. You may also comfortably board a bus from the Panjim bus stand to arrive at Coco Beach.

How to Reach Coco Beach from Goa International Airport?

To cover the 36.6 km distance between Coco Beach and Goa International Airport, it takes about 1 hour while travelling by road. The best way to arrive at Coco from Goa airport is to drive car rental or take a taxi.

Best Time To Visit

Most tourists flood Goa from October to March. This is because the weather of Goa around this time is pleasant while a gripping cold envelops the rest of the Indian subcontinent. If you visit Coco Beach from October to March, you can enjoy the pleasant sea breeze in the morning while gazing at azure skies and the fishermen hauling their nets in the water to catch fresh fish. Summers are also enjoyable in the region. However, the heat might be unbearable for some tourists.

Other Essential Information

Watersports at Coco Beach

Banana Boat Ride-A banana boat ride along the turquoise waves of the Coco Beach is a once in a lifetime experience you must familiarize yourself with. Be prepared to fly into the water numerous times as the Banana boat wildly beats the waves. If you wish to record the experience, take with you a waterproof camera.

Jet Ski-Racing on the Arabian Waters surrounding the palm-covered Coco Beach is the ultimate adventurous bout every tourist should enjoy. Approach a tourist company or a local activity organizer to enjoy a fantastic Jet Ski ride around Coco Beach.

River Cruise-Coco Beach is one of the very few beaches in the world that allow tourists to enjoy river cruises. Since the Mandovi river is located nearby, you can spot wild dolphins galloping happily in the cyan waters as you enjoy a romantic cruise. Do not forget to carry your camera and swimsuit along for a memorable time.

Bumper Ride-A bumper ride involves an inflatable raft being tied up to a speed boat that races along the wild sea waves of the Coco Beach. If you happen to love the unpredictability, a bumper ride is the perfect adventurous activity that will leave you thrilled. Be sure to let loose, but also wear a life jacket whenever you opt for a bumper ride.

Places to Eat at Coco Beach

Wok and Roll
-If you are craving some Asian cuisine, visit Wok and Roll. Named after the Asian cooking utensil called wok, this place serves some of the best dishes of Vietnamese, Singaporean and Chinese cuisines. It also has a romantic ambience and a good selection of drinks.

The Lazy Goose-The Lazy Goose is one of the best places to enjoy quirky seafood dishes while being seated in a vibrant ambience. Try their baked baby crab and Vietnamese fishcakes for an authentic taste of Goan seafood. You can also try the Goan curry sauce or Kirstys Jerk Chicken.

Rita Bar and restaurant-The Rita Bar and restaurant is located a little distance from the Coco Beach and offers choicest seafood dishes like Rava fried squid, chonak Rava fry and the Goan fish thali. The lively and inviting ambience of the restaurant and their excellent selection of cocktails make it worth your visit.

Banyan tree-With authentic  Indian cuisine being served at every table, the Banyan tree is undoubtedly a delight for your taste buds. Try the Jasmine rice, Bean curd and raw papaya salad if you wish to experiment with new food items. The luxe décor of the restaurant and its convenient location keeps it incredibly busy all year.

Places to Stay Near Coco Beach

The Acacia Hotel and Spa-
One of the most luxurious stays in Goa with state of the art infrastructure, the Acacia Hotel and Spa is every traveller's perfect resting place. It is equipped with a fantastic bar, conference facilities, wi-fi and free parking. The rooms are fully air-conditioned with walk-in showers and hot tubs. The dining area is wonderfully accented with wood and open skies. 

Marquis Beach Resort-The Marquis Beach resort is a luce, fully air conditioned hotel equipped with all the facilities you possibly need on your vacation. It comes with rooms that provide stunning views of the ocean, evening entertainment options, wi-fi, pool and private beaches. Inclusive breakfast and catering services offered here make it all the more inviting.

Sol de Goa by Unomas-If you are not a fan of overly populated hotels, the Sol de Goa is the perfect stay for you. This boutique hotel has just 20 rooms and is tucked away in a corner a little distance from the coco Beach. It offers world-class soundproof rooms with minibars, private safes, air conditioning and VIP facilities. 

Acaron Seaway Resort-The Acaron Seaway resort is one of the best family-friendly hotels of Goa consisting of organized children's activities, business conference rooms, free parking and pools. Its rooms are equipped with minibars and regularly served by housekeepers. If you are travelling to Goa with family, this hotel would be an exciting place to stay in.

Things to Carry at Coco Beach

Coco Beach is exceptionally tourist-friendly. This is why you will come across plenty of shops that offer all the tourist staples you might need to spend a day at the Beach. However, it is always better to be equipped with the following basics whenever you visit Coco Beach.




-A change of clothes

-Waterproof cameras

-A mat or a towel

-Flip Flops

-Waterproof or Ziplock bags


Shacks at Coco Beach

Stringfellows beach shack-The Stringfellow beach shack is one of the best places to enjoy delicious seafood with tasty cocktails as you overlook the magnificent palms towering over the Coco Beach. While at this shack, do not forget to try their tiger prawns with garlic butter, cold beer, and barbeques. One of the best features of Coco beach shack is that it allows tourists to borrow items such as sunscreen if they forget to carry one with them. Moreover, the place organizes themed parties on occasions such as Valentine's Day with a brilliant display of fireworks.

Tony’s Shack-If you want to enjoy the sea breeze while gazing at the beautiful birds gliding over the beautiful blue skies of Coco beach and sipping a delicious cocktail, visit Tony’s shack. Tony's is noted for its lively and open ambience and quirky themes. Try dishes like a brown crab with goan sauce, prawns, pomfrets, monkfish, and Tandoor dishes. If you are with kids, you can ask the chef to tailor the spice levels accordingly. 

Ryans Shack-If you are on an exclusive vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free diet, visit Ryans Shack for tasting the best of Goa. This shack offers amazing music, wi-fi and fantastic views of the Beach. Try select dishes of Indian, continental, Asian, Seafood and European cuisines here. To relax further, do not hesitate from indulging in their high-quality beer. 

Medical facilities Near coco Beach

Coco beach is densely populated by tourists who wish to visit the shores of North Goa. Hence, various medical facilities have popped up around the Coco Beach. These hospitals and clinics attend to all kinds of patients and even to occasional accidents that arise as a result of organized water or beach sports. Moreover, the Beach has several lifeguards and resorts and restaurants that have first aid kits readily available for tourists. Here is a list of some hospitals located around the Coco Beach

Nerul Hospital

Bosio Hospital

Dr Dukle’s Hospital and Research Centre

Primary Health Centre, Candolim

Mathew Braganza Hospital

Trinity Healthcare and Research, Esperanca Hospital

Military Hospital

Criticare Hospital

Apart from the above, you can ask the locals for some nearby clinics as well.

Traveller's tips before visiting coco Beach

While there are all kinds of facilities available for tourists around Coco Beach, you must always be prepared in a foreign city. Some essential tips which you can follow include

Keep some cash handy, but steer away from carrying a large amount of it. Cash can easily get lost or damaged. Instead, use credit or debit cards to withdraw money from local ATMs whenever required. Most vendors and restaurants at Coco Beach readily accept card payments.

Protecting yourself from the harsh sun does not require you to shy away from wearing beach attire, but always put on sunscreen and carry hats with you to avoid sunburns.

When shopping in the local markets, bargain with the vendors to avoid buying overpriced items. 

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Coco Beach FAQs

What is Coco Beach famous for?

Coco beach is known mainly for its scenic beauty. The Beach is made of white sand that is gently washed by blue waves as they tread into the Beach. The bright blue skies are framed with towering palm trees.

As a tourist, the versatility of the Beach will allow you to explore numerous water sports, lounging activities, shopping sprees and culinary delights. There are also some historical monuments and churches located nearby. You can visit these to learn more about the Portuguese influence over Goa.

Is Coco Beach Safe?

Yes, Coco beach is a safe beach. It bustles with tourists all year round. This warrants the presence of guarding authorities at the Beach all the time.

Resorts and restaurants located on the Beach have their security guards who keep track of the activities going on at the Beach.

Moreover, there are watch guards and lifeguards who protect tourists against accidents. The local police authorities will also be present to keep a watch on Coco Beach.

How do I get to Coco Beach?

Depending on where you wish to travel from, you can easily take a bus, cab or a car rental to reach Coco Beach.

It lies very close to Panjim, the capital city of Goa. If you are travelling from outside the state, you can take a train or a flight to reach Panjim and go to Coco Beach using local commute from there

What can we do in Coco Beach at night?

Watching the night sky is a brilliant way to enjoy the picturesque natural beauty of Coco Beach.

You can also enjoy lounging on the sand while sipping a drink. Some resorts and restaurants offer beachside dining at night.

This is another perfect way of spending the night at the Beach. For a fun experience, frequent the bars and clubs scattered around the Beach and dance to lively rhythms.

Are there any locker facilities available at coco beach?

Resorts and restaurants located on the Beach sometimes offer storage facilities to tourists. You can also enquire some tourist company or activity organizer to provide you with a locker.

Is Coco couple friendly?

Couples usually do not face any issues at Coco Beach. You might get a few awkward stares from the locals if you venture far into the neighbouring village, but you can expect zero intrusion. All hotels and resorts at the Beach are mostly couple-friendly.

How far is Coco from Baga Beach?

The distance between Baga Beach and Coco Beach is roughly 9 km. It takes approximately 10 minutes to travel from Coco to Baga.

Is Coco Beach crowded?

Coco beach is crowded mostly between October and March. At all other times, you will find it mildly crowded, but mainly with the locals.

Are Washrooms available at coco beach?

You can use washrooms at many restaurants and resorts scattered around Coco Beach. Tourism companies also offer some bathroom facilities.

Is ATM available near Coco Beach?

Several ATMs are available all around Coco Beach. The government or private banks operate most of these in India. ATMs around the area accept international cards including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. If you possess other cards, ask the locals for help regarding ATMs or payment.

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