Casino Pride (Majestic Pride) Overview

Another amazing casino life could be experienced at Casino Pride (Majestic Pride) which has its anchor tied down in Mandovi river. The casino boat has the best of the facilities and services having well-trained staff, delicious meals and a good range of drinks making it one of the best places to visit in North Goa in 1 day.

Note: Casino Pride 2 is now Majestic Pride Casino.

Pride of the city of beaches Goa, Casino Pride is a lively place where you should definitely go once during your trip. Bouncing on the delicate waves of the Arabian Sea, the whole set up is arranged on the deck of a cruise.

This magical setting is ought to transcend you to a totally different world with all the services it has to offer. Sailing through the life-sized ocean, the cruise gives you some stunning views of the horizons of golden land and turquoise sea.

As the casino remains open 24 hours a day, you can plan to watch the sun rising from behind the vast lands or drowning down into the immense ocean. 

Not only remarkable views, but extravagant experience of gambling and winning is what they actually offer. The casino presents a selected range of games from around the world and some of the most popular games from the Indian origins.

All the games are all yours to bid upon and take some shining bucks back home with you. The casino also houses a range of 5-star accommodation, fine dining restaurants, party deck and an electrifying bar to accompany you while you are not trying your luck.

All in all, the Casino Pride doesn’t want you to go home tonight and have an unmatchable experience right in the middle of the sea.

How To Reach

- From Panaji:

Casino Pride is just 1.8 KM from Panaji Bus Stand. You can easily grab a cab from the stand to cover this distance which would not take more than 5 mins.

Or you also have the facility to walk off this distance while enjoying the Portuguese tempering in the colourful streets of Goa.

- From Goa International airport

Goa International airport is situated 28.4 KM away from the Casino Pride.

You can quickly get a cab from the exit gate of the airport which would take around 45 mins to drop you off at this destination. You can also try switching buses if you wish to save some bucks on the way and enjoy the rawness of the culture prevailing in the city.

Best Time To Visit

Year wise: Entire Year is the best time to visit Casino Pride in Goa. The casino has conditioned air which remains soothing and comfortable throughout the time. However, if you are travelling from overseas then it is suggested to visit Goa in the months between November to March.

Week wise: As the prices are lowest from Monday to Thursday, you should manage a day off on one of these days to visit the Casino Pride.

Day wise: You can plan your trip at any time of the day or night as the casino remains open 24 hours a day. However, try planning in the afternoon as it will have you escape the burning sunlight of the peak time.

Other Essential Information

- Location: River Mandovi, Captain Of Ports Jetty, Panaji, Goa 403001

- Price: Monday to Thursday: Entry: INR 1,500; Play Coupon: INR 1,000

Friday to Sunday: Entry: INR 2,000; Play Coupon: INR 1,000- Timing: 24 hours

Facilities in Casino Pride (Majestic Pride) -

There are a lot of facilities which are provided by the Casino Pride to facilitate your visit to their place. Here is the list you can check before planning to go there:

Accommodation: Casino Pride has a 5-star business hotel where you can plan your stay during your business trips. It is called Neo Majestic which offers you a great range of modern facilities, spa, gym, pool, etc.

Dining: You will find three restaurants which offer distinct cuisines which you could choose according to your mood.

Casino: Casino Pride has the biggest casino in the entire Mumbai. You will get a wide variety of games to play and gamble upon.

Deck: They have a party deck which is located on the Mandovi river where you can enjoy an elegant banquet, tasty buffet setup and electrifying bar.

Events: They also organise various events to make your occasion special. You can ask them to arrange various events at their poolside private party venue.

Facilities: They strive to provide you with the best of their setup, food, lighting, management, drinks and hospitality to make your moments cherishable.

Tips for visiting Casino Pride (Majestic Pride) - 

There are a lot of points which you should keep in mind before hitting to Casino Pride:

1. You must carry a valid government ID proof as they are required to check your age and identity before letting you inside.

2. You must visit there on weekends to find the best gambling experience amidst the true ambience.

3. You must be above 21 to get access to the play area or else you can only enjoy the food and the deck.

4. You must carry your camera as photography is openly accepted there except in the VIP gaming rooms and the main casino floor.

5. You must expect your snacks by 08:00 pm whereas dinner by 09:00 pm to 01:30 am.

6. You must know that you can get drinks on the table only when you are playing in the VIP room or main casino floor.

7. You must plan only one visit to the casino to experience the fun offered there.

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Point of Interest for Casino Pride (Majestic Pride)


It is a game which includes a wheel having certain numbers written on red and black shades. The players have to choose either a certain number, a group of numbers, colors, if the number is even or odd or between high and low.

Then a ball is rolled to settle inside a coloured block with a number. If the conditions are fulfilled by the number then you win.



It is a game where you need to get playing cards to sum up below 21 and more than the total of the dealer has.

If you exceed the number 21 then you are out of the game and you lose all your money instead you win if you get a total below 21.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker

Fold, Call or Raise! The game is all about these three words being screamed out and after ‘The River’ where the ‘River Rat’ takes away the entire money out of the pot.



Are you new to gambling? Worry no more, Baccarat is the game you should hit. As this game requires no skill set and everything depends upon luck, you will be playing as good as an experienced player.

Casino War

Casino War

Luck is all you need while playing this game. Bet your chips and wait no more as the dealer withdraws the cards. Get a bigger number on your card than the dealer and get the same amount of chips you bet.

Flush (Teen Patti)

Flush (Teen Patti)

Teen Patti is a local version of Flush which has evolved after combining 3 Card Poker, 5 Card Poker and Mini Flush. Indian Flush lets you play with slightly loose combos of cards too. So here, the game is always on!

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

This is another game depended totally upon your luck. The dealer withdraw one card and starts dividing the leftover cards into two.

You just have to have strong enough luck to get the other three cards of the same face on your side of the tables.

Mang Patta

Mang Patta

Manga Patta is slightly updated version of Andar Bahar. The dealer shuffles your cards and you demand one face value of the card. Whoever gets the most numbers of the face value wins.

Pau (27 Cards) Rummy

Pau (27 Cards) Rummy

Rummy is a popular game where you have to be quick and sharp to make sets in sequence, flush or pairs to win and defeat your fellow players. 

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Casino Pride (Majestic Pride) FAQs

Who is the owner of Casino Pride?

Ashok Khetrapal and his group owns the Casino Pride in Goa. They maintain the standards of the casino to give the visitors an unmatchable experience.

Are kids allowed in casino pride?

Yes. Kids are allowed in Casino Pride. Although only people above 21 can play in the casino but others have a separate area where they can sit and enjoy. They can also entertain themselves by the variety of food served by the Casino.

What is OTPC casino?

OTPC expands as One Time Play Coupons. These coupons gives access to people to gamble inside the play area and have fun. However, one below 18 can not get hands on it.

Why are casinos allowed in Goa?

As all the tourists were going to Nepal and other countries for gambling, Goa was losing money and its economy was in danger. To fix this problem the state released the gambling licenses in the year 1992 which in turn helped them grow in the position it is right now.

Is casino is legal in India?

No, casinos are not legal in India. Goa, Daman and Diu and Sikkim are the only three states where you will find gambling as a legal activity.

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