Benaulim Beach Overview

Benaulim Beach is one of the evergreen beaches of Goa and a popular tourist spot. It has everything ideal from captivating shorelines, extravagant gleaming sands, superb convenience, to nightlife and late night vibrant parties. Far from the clamor and busyness of the city, the shoreline is an ideal place for beach lovers to unwind and recover their spirits.

Benaulim Beach is a serene beach situated about 2 kilometres south of Colva. It is a fishing beach, which is known for its calm and relaxed nature. If you’re a tourist in search of a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, Benaulim beach might be the place for you.

This beach is almost hidden from the large crowds that surge through the North Goan beaches and in spite of having a considerable fishing industry, tourists aren't aware of it. The weather here is much like other places in Goa with hot summers, pleasant winters and torrential monsoons. One thing that makes Benaulim stand out from other Goan beaches is how clean and calm it is.

Benaulim Beach is so clean because it is away from the noisy crowds that we normally associate Goa with. There are several kilometres of just smooth white sand with a few fishing trawlers scattered here and there. Although most of the time, Benaulim is a quiet paradise, it does tend to get a little crowded in the evenings as tourists come to enjoy the west-coast Indian sunset. The beach also tends to get crowded during the weekends.

Being far away from the energy of the city, time works differently on Benaulim Beach, and this place gives tourists the perfect getaway.

How To Reach

As with most places in Goa, there are 2 main ways to get to Benaulim Beach; either by taxi or by car rental. If you choose to rent a car, the rental costs will work out to approximately Rs. 1200 per day for a five-seater, whereas taxis will cost around Rs 1000-1500 for a one-way journey. Goa as a whole doesn't have ride aggregators like Ola and Uber.

How to Reach Benaulim Beach from Panji: The quickest way to get to Benaulim beach is via taxi. It will cost you around Rs 1100 and takes 40 minutes.

How to Reach Benaulim Beach from Goa International Airport(GOI): The distance between Goa International Airport and Benaulim is only 31 Kms. There are quite a few bus shuttles between the Airport and Benaulim, but we recommend that you take a taxi or rent a car. A cab will make your wallet Rs 1400 lighter (approximately of course)

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Benaulim Beach is from October to May. Like all of the West coast of India, Goa is hot; pretty much all year long. The daytime temperature ranges from 33 to 36 degrees Celsius. It is advisable to avoid the beach during the daytime. The evenings are enjoyable, albeit humid.

Goan monsoon begins when the South-West monsoons hit the Arabian Sea coast. During the months of June through September, going to Benaulim is a big no.

The winter at Benaulim beach is, on the other hand, refreshing. There's nothing but clear skies overhead. The days aren't too hot, even during noon.

Other Essential Information

Places to Visit near Benaulim Beach


A lot of times when tourists come to Benaulim Beach, they do so to get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowd. This area in Goa is more laid back and relaxing. Keeping that in mind we have curated a few activities that will give you a real taste of Goa while at the same time won't be too tiring for those looking for a relaxing holiday.

Church of St. John the Baptist: The Church of St. John the Baptist is one of the older churches in Benaulim and is well maintained. Although not open most of the time, it is worth visiting when it opens for Church service.

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sunday: 6:00 am to 10:00 am

Din Brothers Jewellers: The people who visit this premium jeweller's store recommend Din Jewellers because of the variety they can offer you. Each customer is greeted with a smile, and the jewellers themselves are incredibly charming and not pushy. This establishment’s work is synonymous with Benaulim itself.

Monday to Sunday: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

Swami Ayurveda: Swami Ayurveda is an authentic centre that provides a range of wellness treatments. These treatments include and are not limited to massages, ayurvedic treatments and yoga.

People who've visited this place say that the staff at the centre is extremely courteous and the Ayurvedic massage is 'out of this world'.

Monday to Sunday: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

Places to Stay near Benaulim Beach

There are a lot of great places to stay near Benaulim beach that offer impeccable stay experiences:

Joecons Beach Resort and Spa:  Joecons Beach Resort and Spa is an airy resort surrounded by palm trees. This relaxed resort is a brisk 10 minutes walk from the beach and just 7km away from the Madgaon Junction Train Station. The rooms are spacious with a lot of provided amenities like TVs, spacious balconies, tea and coffee makers and most importantly, Air Conditioning. The resort has a massive pool with a bar and also has a beach shack. Other features are a spa, a fitness centre, a couple of cafes and tropical gardens.

Taj Exotica Resort and Spa: This resort is set on 23 acres of posh, luxurious Goan property. It is located just 5 km away from the Goa Chitra Museum. Most of the people who stay here say that it is the best resort in all of Goa, and at its price it probably is. Some of the villas come with a private pool. The property by itself is fantastically designed. There are plenty of beautiful open spaces and infrastructure. However, what completes the experience is the staff. Right from the housekeeping to the managers, everyone wants to go the extra mile to give you a great experience. 

Beira Mar Beach Resort: Located in the heart of Benaulim, Beira Mar provides its guests with an unforgettable experience at affordable prices. This site is actually an OYO property and hence can be found on the OYO app also. It is an excellent site with a massive pool. The resort is also very close to the beach making it ideal for all you beach bums out there. There is also a beautiful garden that is very well maintained. The housekeeping at Beira Mar is courteous and very polite. They have a 24-hour helpdesk and can also help you get in touch with tours all over Goa.

Majestic Beach Comforts: This property is actually located in Varca, just a two-minute car ride away from Benaulim. Majestic Beach Comforts is actually a cottage themed hotel. They have a refreshing and sustainable green policy. Each cottage is wood carved and promises to give you an unforgettable glimpse of the Goan way of life. Every cottage is equipped with modern amenities, and the upgraded cottages come with a beachfront view. There is a beautiful swimming pool with brand new sunbeds. The only drawback is that they have a strict no pets policy.

Things to carry to Benaulim Beach

Sunscreen: This is a must. The Indian sun is famous for packing an intense sunburn.

Beach Towels: For drying up once you're done having a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Snacks: These are ideal for keeping your energy levels topped up.

Water bottles: As with most sun-related activities, hydration is vital. Water bottles are essential.

Beach Bag: How are you going to carry all of this listed stuff otherwise?

Swimsuits: Necessary only if you plan on taking a dip in the ocean.

Flip Flops: Ideal for the white-sanded Benaulim Beach

Sunhats: Protects the head and face.

Sunglasses: Ideal for protecting your eyes and also those candid Instagram posts.

Shacks at Benaulim Beach

Seagull Beach Shack: Seagull beach shack is one of the oldest beach shacks in Benaulim. The name of the owner is Richard, and he makes it a point to come to each table and have a conversation with all of the patrons of his shack. The seafood is good here. Just like all the shacks in Benaulim, there is a slight stray dog nuisance.

Valonias Beach Shack: This is a pleasant beach shack overlooking the Arabian Ocean. Although it is technically a beach shack, they have wooden flooring, so there's no sand in your feet while eating. The food is excellent, and the owner and waiters are pleasant. On weekends, they also have live music.

Coco’s Beach Shack: Coco’s Beach Shack is a great place to go to if you’re looking for fantastic seafood cooking. The service is quick, generous and not too heavy on your wallet. One of the really cool things about this place is that they serve authentic Goan cuisine dishes. The owner is a very friendly person and this adds to the charm of the place.

Medical Facilities in Benaulim

Dr Correia Afonso Hospital: This is a well-established paediatric hospital in Benaulim, Goa. The doctor here has been practising medicine for several years and has tended to infants, children and adolescents alike. This medical centre is the first choice for locals and tourists. The clinic is open 24 hours a day.

Victor Hospital: Victor Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital located in Margao, just 10 minutes away from Benaulim. The hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities, and the doctors here come with years of experience.

Travellers tip before going to Benaulim Beach

Although Benaulim beach is truly a slice of heaven, there are a couple of things that tourists going there must be wary of.

Stray dogs: This has been a massive nuisance for the last couple of years and tourists are advised not to feed or pet the dogs. These stray dogs aren't vaccinated and sometimes can be ferocious.

Do not mix alcohol and water: Although there are lifeguards on-site, alcohol and the ocean are a big no.

Note for single women travellers: There have been reports of drinks being spiked at some of the other local shacks in Benaulim Beach, however luckily nothing else untoward has happened. It is advisable to go to the beach shacks in groups.

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Point of Interest for Benaulim Beach
Nightlife at Benaulim Beach

Nightlife at Benaulim Beach

As we said before, Benaulim is actually one of the calmer places in Goa. That being said, it still has a pretty exciting nightlife. Be it hookah, alcohol, a live performance or just good music, there's plenty for you to do and see.

Pedro's Benaulim: Pedro's is a lovely place on the beach, with a great ambience and yummy food. People who visit here say that the margaritas are just perfect! The staff is also courteous and cheerful! Every Saturday there's an open dance floor and a live band playing good music.

The Red Ginger: When you enter Red Ginger, all you can see are the warm red interiors and the decor that will quickly teleport you to a place in Chinatown. The ambience is fancy, and it is situated right in the centre of Colva. This restaurant serves the best sushi in South Goa.

Places to Eat at Benaulim Beach

Places to Eat at Benaulim Beach

Benaulim has some hidden gems that once discovered you will treasure. Some of the restaurants here have not only great food, but great food served with a smile and who doesn't like excellent service?

Lobster Shack: Taj Exotica: Lobster Shack is well known in the region for its seafood preparations. This place is a part of Taj Exotica and to reach the restaurant, you will be taken in a golf cart right at the entry of the resort. The ambience of the place is really mind-blowing. The waiters are very well versed with the menu and can make great recommendations. Although quite expensive, the experience is worth every single penny.

Papai's Corner: What this place lacks in ambience it more than makes up for with its mouth-watering North Indian and Chinese food. It looks like a regular local roadside fast-food eatery, but don't be fooled by the looks of it! Their motto is to 'get high on food', and yes their dishes can do that to you.

Water sports at Benaulim Beach

Water sports at Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach is one of the best beaches in Goa for water sports due to its excellent climatic conditions. The best time to visit Benaulim Beach for water sports is between October and April.

Pele's Water Sport: If you're a thrill-seeker who likes to get your adrenaline pumping with activities such as parasailing, jet skiing and banana boat rides, then Pele's is just for you. With reasonable prices and well-trained coaches, Pele's makes sure that you will be in safe hands right from start to finish.

Pele's also offers some rare treats such as dolphin spotting. Since Benaulim is an immaculate beach, you'll definitely have a better experience here when compared to other places in Goa.

Shopping at Benaulim

Shopping at Benaulim

Jewels of India: This is one of the most reputed Jewellers in all of Goa. The prices are very reasonable and much like the Din Brother's, the service is unparalleled. Every piece of jewellery you get from Jewels of India is certified, and authenticity is guaranteed. When it comes to quality, the craftsmanship is outstanding, and the price matches. 

Goa Souvenir Shop: This is the best place to check out if you're looking for trinkets that you can take back home to friends and family. Prices are incredibly reasonable, and you can get anything from snow globes to fridge magnets here.

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Benaulim Beach FAQs

What is Benaulim beach famous for?

Benaulim beach is famous for its tranquil waters and great weather. The shacks and hotels here give travellers a glimpse into traditional Goan living and authentic Goan cuisine. Benaulim Beach is one of the best beaches in Goa because it is so clean and doesn't have the crowds that other famous Goan beaches attract. The best time to visit Benaulim Beach is between October and March. 

How do you get from Madgaon to Benaulim beach?

The cheapest way to get to Madgaon is by bus. This will cost you around Rs 15 for a 20-minute bus ride. The bus leaves from the gardens in the Madgaon and drops you off at Maria Hall in Benaulim.

The alternative and more popular option is taking a taxi. Taxi prices vary between 150 and 500, depending on how well your haggling skills are.

What can we do in Benaulim Beach at night?

Benaulim beach has a number of nighttime activities such as live performances and music performances by the ocean side. One of the most popular of these activities is live music performances with open dance floors for those who aren't hesitant to shake a leg.

Benaulim Beach also has several shacks that serve some mouth-watering seafood and the cocktails that pair perfectly with it.

Are there any locker facilities available at Benaulim Beach?

There aren't any set locker facilities at Benaulim beach. We recommend that you travel to Benaulim Beach light. 

However, if you are eating at a shack and want to take a dip in the ocean, one can always leave your valuables with a loved one or someone you know. Do not leave your valuables unattended at any costs.


Is Benaulim couple friendly?

Benaulim is extremely couple friendly. If you're planning a trip to Benaulim with your loved one, there is no need to fret. Unmarried couples can get a room in all of our recommended hotels. 

With the accommodations equipped with all the necessary modern amenities and polite housekeeping staff, Benaulim is the perfect couples getaway. All of this comes at an affordable price that isn't too heavy on your wallet. What more could you ask for?

How far is Benaulim from Palolem?

Benaulim is pretty far from Palolem beach. The journey by car is about 36 km and takes about an hour to reach. The bus ride will take around one and a half hours, but it is very affordable.

We recommend that you either hire a car for the day or take a taxi ride to Palolem. Hiring your own vehicle works out much cheaper and also gives you the freedom to check out other sites along the way as well. You can also avoid the trouble of having to haggle with impolite taxi drivers.

Is Benaulim Beach crowded?

Benaulim Beach isn't crowded at all. Even during busy weekends, the crowds in Benaulim Beach are nothing compared to the herds of people at the beaches in North Goa. Typically there's only a couple of full shacks along the entire beach. During the weekend the beach does get more lively. However, Benaulim is still the ideal place for people looking to get away from the crowds and in search of a recharging vacation.

Are washrooms available at Benaulim Beach?

Benaulim beach is full of beach shacks which have fully functional western toilets. These toilets are very well kept and cleaned every day. Some big shacks also have changing rooms where tourists can change before taking a dip in the ocean.

Is ATM available near Benaulim Beach?

There are several functional ATMs near Benaulim Beach, but not on the beach. Bank of Baroda has a branch on the Dabolim-Cavelossim road. Several other popular banks like ICICI bank, State Bank of India and HDFC bank have their own ATMs also along the Dabolim-Cavelossim road. Needless to say, you will not have any issues withdrawing money in Benaulim.

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