10 Haunted Places In Bangalore That You Must Not Visit Alone

Haunted Places in Bangalore

Kalpalli Cemetery, Terra Vera, Kempegowda International Airport, Victoria Hospital, National Highway 4, The Park, Naale Baa, Call Center, MG Road, Hoskote Route and Banyan Tree in Tiptur.

Offering a sense of pure eeriness, there are haunted places in Bangalore that are sheer delight for anyone seeking some ethereal encounters or stories. If an adventure-filled group outing is due, these spots located in and around the city are great spots to spend some thrilling moments with your friends.

From the tales of the sighting of ghosts to the stories of unexplainable sounds, these places have a lot in store for thrill seekers. If you happen to believe that ghost stories are confined to abandoned buildings and cemeteries, the list of horror places in bangalore features more than just that.

From the infamous Call Center located at MG Road to the bustling Kempegowda International Airport, various spots bear their own narratives of the paranormal that will send chills down your spine. And if you want to take the game one notch up, we strongly recommend a night visit to Naale Baa and Kalpalli Cemetery.

The list covers some spots you might have never thought were known for the paranormal experiences people have had there. So, pick a spot from the list and get your daredevil friends to tag along for an adrenaline charged evening.

Here is the list of some of the best haunted places in Bangalore:


Kalpalli Cemetery

Kalpalli Cemetery
When it comes to haunted places in Bangalore, Kalpalli Cemetery, without a doubt, comes at the top of the list. Known to be one of the oldest in Bangalore, this cemetery has its own share of mystery attached to it. After the sun goes down, a frightening scene of a man lurking around the cemetery has been reported by several people.

Besides, many people have sensed incomprehensible things such as the feeling of being watched continuously and a heaviness in the air around certain graves. The thrill is so real that even the watchman strays clear of the graves at night. A visit to this place with your buddies will definitely give you an evening to remember. 

Location: Near Old Madras road Bangalore

Terra Vera

Terra Vera
This rustic haunted mansion built by EJ Vaj dates back to 1943. In 2002, Vaj's daughter was stabbed to death by an unidentified killer. According to some people, sightings of a ghost have been experienced in this place. Many claim that if you go inside the mansion at night to record the presence of spooky creatures residing there, you will end up losing all the videos when you exit it.

Though the property has been demolished, the presence of paranormal elements can still be felt here. There are many incidents confirming Terrab Vera as one of the most horror places in Bangalore. 

Location: Near City Market, Bangalore

Kempegowda International Airport

Kempegowda International Airport
Contrary to the popular belief that the supernatural beings dwell in abandoned places, Kempegowda International Airport is an exception that makes it to the list of haunted places in Bangalore. Pilots as well as the ground staff have seen a lady in white running on the runway multiple times.

What makes it more exciting is that there is a picture clicked by an infrared camera to support the occurrence of this incident at the airport. Also, there is said to be a demonic presence of a man without a head near the escalators of BAIL. Watch out the next time you plan to fly from this airport!

Location: KIAL Road, Devanahalli, Bangalore

Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital
An old city hospital, Victoria Hospital has a strange mystery nobody has yet been able to unravel. According to some staff members, the spirit of a woman who died several years ago at the hospital haunts this place. People usually hear the sound of a woman crying at night.

Others explain how they have seen a lady in white sitting on the trees within the complex. But what makes this case unusual is that this ghost isn't after humans but food. Many people complain that their food strangely gets stolen time and again. If you plan to visit this site, bring in something for the invisible friend you may find here.

Location: City Market, New Tharagupet, Bangalore

National Highway 4

National Highway 4
Due to the popularity based on the high number of paranormal encounters, National Highway 4 tops the list of the haunted places in Bangalore. It is claimed that there is a spirit of a woman who wanders around and asks for lift during the wee hours. If the car stops, the spirit vanishes.

But later on appears on the road again in front of the car. This supernatural mystery is often linked to the high number of accidents on NH-4. So, the next time you hit this highway, keep your camera on, for you may end up capturing something extraordinary for your fellow supernatural freaks.

Location: Bangalore-Mumbai highway

The Park

The Park
There used to exist a park in Bangalore which became known across the city after several reports of supernatural experiences. It is said that the ghost of this park would take human form and appear to people as somebody they knew.

Some people even claim that the ghost interacted with them in someone else’s appearance and they later on discovered that the person wasn’t even present in the park at that moment. After a spike in such incidents, the park was demolished and a residential society was erected in its place.

Naale Baa

Naale Baa
Naale Baa stands for 'come tomorrow' and it is written on the doors of the people living across several villages in Karnataka to keep spirits away. According to the saying, there is a ghost of a bride looking for her groom during the night time that roams the streets.

She knocks at every single door and speaks in the voice of some family member, so that somebody would open the door. It is said that if you open the door, she takes away a man from the family with her. There is also a Bollywood movie called Stree based on this folk tale.

Call Center, MG Road

Call Center, MG Road
The busy and lively MG Road is lined with numerous Call Centers, and one among these is your ideal ghost hunting spot. Many have claimed that they hear a woman crying around the call center at midnight, asking for help.

The popular backstory says that one night, a woman was run over by somebody and the driver fled the sight after the accident, leaving her to die. Owing to a large number of claims, it is known as one of the horror places in Bangalore that you should visit if you are bored of what science can explain. 

Location: MG Road, Bangalore

Hoskote Route

Hoskote Route
When we talk about the haunted places in Bangalore, Hoskote Route is a name that should not be left out. Many people have had paranormal experiences while driving on this road. According to one story, an auto driver saw an old lady asking for a ride. And when he stopped for her, she asked him to come outside and help her with her things.

The auto driver sensed something was fishy, so he refused. After that, the old lady started laughing and said he would have died if he'd stepped out of the vehicle and vanished into thin air. Sounds like a perfect road for a long drive with friends, doesn’t it? 

Location: Hoskote Route, Bangalore

Banyan Tree in Tiptur

Banyan Tree in Tiptur
Banyan Tree is considered to be home for the evil spirits in the Hindu mythology. There was one in Bangalore which has enjoyed some popularity among supernatural enthusiasts. It is said that the people who visited this site sensed the presence of something demonic and were met with a series of misfortunes later on in their lives.

Though the tree was cut down by the locals, negative energy can still be felt here. Among all the horror places in Bangalore, Banyan Tree spot in Tiptur will definitely give you the chills you are seeking. 

Location: 150 Kms from Bangalore
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