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  • Looking for innovative ways to brighten your annual day events in Bangalore? Add some zing to your party this year with exciting themes. Thrillophilia has a number of interesting and eccentric themes up its sleeve that will make your party an unforgettable one. Transform your mundane drink and dance parties into fun-filled evenings with a little help from us!

    Through meticulous planning and intense preparation, we engage large teams with great ease, thereby, facilitating proactive participation. Needless to say, even simple learning processes or 
    team building activities are much more fun than analysing presentations in conference rooms.

    Diverse themes can liven up any party and draw in participation and interest of the guests in a much more efficient way. Set up a dress code, add some interesting games based on the theme, host mock awards – these are only a few of the many ways to add enthusiasm and energy into a party using a theme.

    Now annual day events will not be the only reason for merriment among your colleagues.These fun filled themes will make your annual day events in Bangalore a party that each one will await.  

    Here are a few fun filled themes for your annual day events:

  • 01Jungle Survival Theme

    Jungle Survival Theme
    An escape from the boredom of city life is a must do thing for many of the Bangaloreans now and there are numerous ways to find peace and leisure around the city. Especially, corporate teams and colleagues make their annual day mesmerizing with annual day events in Bangalore these days. Resorts, cottages, hotels, campsites and getaway locations are the major destinations for these types of events.

    Jungle Survival Theme is one of the trickiest yet exciting themes to celebrate the special day with your friends or colleagues as it poses threats to the best level. It asks you to enter a tribal world or wilderness where everything from the city is innovation and you will be left to come out of the jungle overcoming the ordeals that come across. It is type of escape game but by conquering the threats with physical ability as well. Jungle Survival is a favourite outdoor activity for many of the adventure junkies in the city.
  • 02Warfield Theme

    Warfield Theme
    Innovative ideas are coming from all the sides when the corporate teams start thinking about theme based annual day events in Bangalore. With an aim to make the celebrations grand, the teams prepare a lot by contacting even event organizers. There are plenty of activities for the best team building programmes and one favourite and likable event is the Warfield theme activity. The scenario is similar to that of a war field or battle field where groups have to fight and be the unforgotten.

    Teams have to plan and act according to the brilliant strategies to fight against the opposition team. It is a wonderful team building activity that demands the co-operation of all the members with new ideas and strategies to solve the issues.
  • 03Plan Your Corporate Team Outing

    Plan Your Corporate Team Outing
  • 04Rise of Civilization Theme

    Rise of Civilization Theme
    Very challenging and interesting annual day events in Bangalore are happening at different places opted by corporate companies. The special day of these companies is celebrated with grand functions. The themed events have admirers from all over the city and the resorts and event organizers are roaming around to find the best theme to make sure every guest’s participation in the event.

    One of such themes is the rise of civilization theme which is eventually an exciting one. The teams will be given a task to become the members of any ancient civilization and replicate the discoveries of humans lived during that age. It is quite challenging yet worth spending time and energy. This theme may take more time than other themed activities.

    But the co-operation of the team members and communication between them will be encouraged.
  • 05Pirates of the Deccan Theme

    Pirates of the Deccan Theme

    Pirates of the Carribean theme is quite fashionable and thus pirates of the Deccan Theme is now a favourite one in the theme based annual day events in Bangalore. It gives the teams a chance to become pirates and the duty of the team is to find a lost treasure hidden somewhere in the wild. The team has to go through several obstacles and clues to reach the target. The team has to dress up like a pirate and find ways to collect the lost treasure after discussing with the team.

    Those who acquire the treasure first will obviously the winner of the game. For team outings, this theme is an effective one which gives each member of the team an option to lead the way of the team to the lost treasure. A lot of interesting moments will come during this event and the rumours running about the lost treasure may mislead you as well.

  • 06Murder Mystery Theme

    Murder Mystery Theme
    Brilliance and a mind to solve problems will help the teams to enjoy the murder mystery theme, one of the most significant and enjoyable corporate outing themes in Bangalore. For the annual day celebrations or team outings from the companies in Bangalore, they choose theme based events or activities. One such theme which is the favourite of many people is the murder mystery theme that gives a task to the team to find the truth behind a murder of a person.

    As every murderer leaves some clues behind unintentionally, here also, the team will get some clues to unwind the mysteries behind the murder. The team has to catch the culprit following the clues and deciphering it with the help of all team members. Intelligence and proper co-operation will help the team to find the murderer in the given time.
  • 07Medieval Theme

    Medieval Theme
    You and the teams will be transformed to become the kings and knights of the medieval time and some activities and themes will be given to build your team in the medieval theme widely used in annual day events in Bangalore. It is quite interesting to make your team live like in the medieval age where kings and their followers were ruling the region. The kings have to make use of the items used during the medieval period and take aid from the knights to become the best among others.

    A challenging theme is this medieval theme since the lifestyle and day to day scenarios of that period are not familiar to us except from stories and movies. Yet, this is an interesting one to make your team work hard to be the perfect ones and grab the prize at the end of it. A lot of background preparation would become essential in the churning of perfection of this theme.
  • 08Evolution of Technology Theme

    Evolution of Technology Theme

    In fact, many corporate teams look forward to have corporate outing themes in Bangalore for celebrating their annual day or special occasions. The resorts in Bangalore and other similar spaces play the role of hosts and arrange different team building activities with various themes that would challenge each team. Among the widely accepted themes seen in these team outings, evolution of technology theme stands out as it is the most challenging and toughest.

    The development of technology dates back to the Stone Age and the team is supposed to be informative about the radical changes happened in the field of technology and maintain the bond between the team members with the innovative ideas. All the team members have to contribute innovative concepts to the well-being of the team and the inventions must matter here.

    Back to back discussions, strategy making, designing, implementing and executing are the main challenges involved in the better way of presenting this theme.

  • 09Beach Olympics Theme

    Beach Olympics Theme
    Bangalore corporate teams would spend all their ideas to make their annual day a grand ceremony and there are a lot of options for annual day events in Bangalore these day due to the high demand for them. Event organizers and resorts are coming up with new ideas to make team building activities and adventure games to give away the best moments on these events for each company.

    According to the teams, the theme of events may vary and one of the top notched theme is Beach Olympics where the sportive person in each member of the team would be taken out. Beach volleyball, sand castle making, beach football and similar mild games would be conducted on this Beach Olympics. There are mainly team events would be conducted in order to make the co-operation among the colleagues more vibrant and acceptable.

    Since every corporate sector requires different themes to make the event lively, the organizers add variety games and activities to the Beach Olympics as well.
  • 10Back to School Theme

    Back to School Theme
    As the name obviously suggests, back to school theme is a fun filled theme and it is a widely acclaimed theme on annual day events in Bangalore organized by different companies. This theme gives the teams a unique chance to become school going kids once again and participate in different activities and games based on each classroom subject. Indeed, the biggest challenge is to become innocent and thoughtful as kids since we have grown up to a situation where things which are not so imaginative and colourful would come.

    Maintaining the heart of a kid and think in the ways a school child will think and take part in the games and activities are the crucial part of this theme. But somehow, the corporate team members are ready to accept these challenges and do the theme with innovations to make their special day an unforgettable one.
  • 11Amazing Race Theme

    Amazing Race Theme
    Races are always a special activity to the people who love to participate in sports events. For those teams in Bangalore who are ready to accept a racing challenge, there are the theme based annual day events in Bangalore which offer amazing race theme as one of the challenges to check the co-operation and positive sides of the colleagues of the corporate companies. It demands high physical exertion and support from the team and these races are not normal races but with plenty of hindrances en route which should be overcome by the competitor to win the prize.

    There will road blocks, traffics, hikes, detours and similar ordeals to slow you down or deviate you from the right path but reaching the target on time after crossing these impediments will lead you to win the competition. The amazing race theme will show you and will definitely let you understand the positives of your team and the points to be improved while you take part in the competition.

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