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10 Fun Themes For Annual Day Events in Bangalore


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    • Looking for innovative ways to brighten your annual day events in Bangalore? Add some zing to your party this year with exciting themes. Thrillophilia has a number of interesting and eccentric themes up its sleeve that will make your party an unforgettable one. Transform your mundane drink and dance parties into fun-filled evenings with a little help from us!

      Through meticulous planning and intense preparation, we engage large teams with great ease, thereby, facilitating proactive participation. Needless to say, even simple learning processes or 
      team building activities are much more fun than analysing presentations in conference rooms.

      Diverse themes can liven up any party and draw in participation and interest of the guests in a much more efficient way. Set up a dress code, add some interesting games based on the theme, host mock awards – these are only a few of the many ways to add enthusiasm and energy into a party using a theme.

      Now annual day events will not be the only reason for merriment among your colleagues.These fun filled themes will make your annual day events in Bangalore a party that each one will await.  

      Here are a few fun filled themes for your annual day events:

    • 01Fabulous February-Experiences In Bangalore

    • 02Jungle Survival Theme

      Jungle Survival Theme
      One of the most famous theme for annual day events in Bangalore is Jungle Survival. Enter into a tribal world where technology is completely unheard of. In this exciting outdoor activity, it is the man verses the wild where you and your team have to face ordeals that come across in the forest.
    • 03Warfield Theme

      Warfield Theme
      The scenario of this exciting activity is nothing less than a battlefield, which gives participants an opportunity to be the unforgotten. It is here that you put your strategising skills to practice.
    • 04Plan Your Corporate Team Outing

      Plan Your Corporate Team Outing
    • 05Rise of Civilization Theme

      Rise of Civilization Theme
      Step into a time, far, far behind…an era where man as a civilization made his key discoveries. This is one of the most popular theme for annual day events in Bangalore. Delight in a fun filled and creatively gratifying session spread over 1.5 days and three parts. In this activity, various teams have to build their civilization from scratch through the different ages and different milestones of the actual history of man.
    • 06Pirates of the Deccan Theme

      Pirates of the Deccan Theme
      Welcome to the exciting world of pirates where for a day you will get to live the life of one. Set off on an adventurous quest to unravel hidden treasures. There are rumours running wild of a lost treasure. Your team’s aim is to be the first one to acquire it.
    • 07Murder Mystery Theme

      Murder Mystery Theme
      A mysterious murder has been committed and the killer still lurks about. But like every criminal, he has left some clues behind. It is up to you and your team members to work together and catch the culprit. 
    • 08Medieval Theme

      Medieval Theme
      Step into an enchanting era of kings and castles. In this activity, you get to engage in an action packed medieval team building event. With knights, jousting and trebuchets, participants complete a multitude of medieval team building activities in the quest to be the best. 
    • 09Evolution of Technology Theme

      Evolution of Technology Theme
      Rise above the rest and make use of your imagination.  This fun activity revolves around how technology has evolved from the Stone Age to our High-Tech world. It is here that the team members get to use their innovative abilities and get an opportunity to bond. 
    • 10Beach Olympics Theme

      Beach Olympics Theme
      Revel in fun games by the sun, sand and seaside with Beach Olympics. Be a sport and let out the champion in you. This exciting activity entails colourful flags, sand castles, beach football and what not. Based on teamwork, this event constitutes of many unique games. Beach Olympics is one of the best theme for annual day events in Bangalore.
    • 11Back to School Theme

      Back to School Theme
      Relive the nostalgia of childhood days and get to be a kid once again. Back to School is a fun filled activity, where you do just as the title suggests. Participants are divided into different themes that will be representing a school or a house. Exciting games will be conducted according to the topics of different classroom subjects.
    • 12Amazing Race Theme

      Amazing Race Theme
      It is not the million dollars and we may not go to corners of the world but the ground rules remain the same. Speed, skills and teamwork will win the game. Roadblocks, detours and hikes all become part of a challenging day in which groups learn a lot about their positives and points of improvement.