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Celebrated as one of the prettiest hill stations in the northeastern part of India, Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, is an ideal tourist destination that can be visited during any season. Shillong is famous for a number of tourist attractions including great lakes and imposing waterfalls that invite tourists and explorers to this city from different nooks and corners of the globe. While you can have a great time here even during the summer and winter seasons, the spring season offers the best climatic conditions to enjoy Shillong exploration.

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Shillong sits at an average elevation of approximately 4,900 feet which ensures the city neither witnesses extremely high temperatures during summer days nor does it render visitors helpless with extremely chilly nights. All in all, Shillong normally features a very pleasant climate, provided you choose the right season in accordance with the kind of experience you want to have on your Shillong visit.

Here are the best seasons to visit Shillong:

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Shillong in Summer

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Shillong in Summer

The summer season usually begins in mid-March and lasts till July in Shillong.

Featuring a pleasant climate, the summer months can be said to be the best time to visit Shillong for the section of tourists who would rather prefer to avoid chilly nights. The day temperature reaches a maximum of 25 degree Celsius, so you can rest assured that the summer heat in Shillong is not going to drain the energy out of you when you set out to explore the natural and man-made marvels in the region.

On most days, the sky remains clear, making it easier for tourists to make concrete plans in advance and execute them without many hindrances. The vegetation in the region appears quite vibrant during the summer months, making it the most appropriate time for nature lovers to visit Shillong. You can explore the Shillong and check out all the major tourist attractions in and around the city, namely Umiam Lake, Shillong Viewpoint, Ward’s Lake, and a wide range of waterfalls and museums the city boasts of.

The summer season is also the best time for the uninterrupted fun of adventure activities like boating, trekking, river rafting, horse riding, mountain biking, and waterfall rappelling.

Average day temperature: 25 degree Celsius.

Average night temperature: 13 degree Celsius.

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Shillong in Winter

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Shillong in Winter

The winter season usually begins in the month of November and lasts till February.

Since Shillong does not normally experience snowfall even during winters, you can visit the place during the winter months without bothering about getting stuck in bad weather conditions. The day temperature hovers around 16 degree Celsius, which is a good climate for sightseeing and exploration. The nights, however, tend to get chilly with the temperature dropping down to as low as 2 degree Celsius during the winter months. But if you carry the right clothes with you, you will do just fine.

Winters in Shillong mark a great influx of honeymoon couples as cold climate and foggy atmosphere turn the overall ambiance of the place quite romantic. These cold months also considered excellent for outdoor activities, and hence attract a lot of visitors interested in trekking, zip lining, caving, and camping. Besides, the tourists interested in sightseeing also visit Shillong in huge number during winters as all the places are open for visitors during these months. If you visit Shillong just after the monsoon ends, you may have a great time enjoying the sights of the magical waterfalls that dot the geography of this magnificent city.

Average day temperature: 14 degree Celsius

Average night temperature: 4 degree Celsius

In this chilling temperature of Shillong, you will surely need a comforting resort in Shillong to relax in the warmth and enjoy your holiday.

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Shillong in Monsoon

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Shillong in Monsoon

The arrival of July marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Shillong which usually lasts up to the month of September.

Shillong experiences heavy rainfalls during the monsoon season, and it is normally advised to avoid making plans to visit Shillong during these months least you get caught up in a bad situation. It is the least favourite season of tourists to visit Shillong. Due to incessant rainfalls the region witnesses, there are landslides and bad road conditions that may turn your pleasant plans to visit the place unpleasant.

If you are anyway willing to visit Shillong in rains, here is what you can do. Just to play it safe, if the sole purpose of your visit to Shillong is to watch its plummeting waterfalls in all their glory, make plans for the end-September as the rainfalls become less frequent, and the waterfalls still have their gush to amaze you with. Furthermore, the lush greenery of the city and its peripheries will also please the explorer in you. Also, since Shillong does not expect too many visitors during monsoons, you can easily find hotels at much cheaper rates.

Though most of the tourist spots are open to visitors, you may not get to enjoy outdoor activities since it rains a lot here.

Average day temperature:
22 degrees Celsius

Average night temperature:
14 degree Celsius.

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Newly Added Shillong Experience
31 May 2015
This trek has a beautiful trek path. This can be done at any season. A couple of years back, my friend went to this trek in the month of March, and he said it was good. However, I read that going in the month of June-October is the best time to go. But I went in September because of holiday constraints and it was awesome. I totally loved it. It is completely worthy.
18 April 2017
Highly recommended. We were a large family of 10 members, including children & aged parents & who booked package for Meghalaya & Shillong experiences. The host & their team where real caring, be it food, guidance, knowledge of local must things to do & we felt very homely. The homestay was excellent for cleanliness, hospitability, being tucked away from the chaos of the city, yet easily accessible to all amenities. Everyone of family were highly indebted to this wonderful hospitality & experience.
We had a very caring and warm-hearted host who adjusted with us and accommodated us with our needs. Highly recommended.
The best experience in Meghalaya in 8 hours, Our driver cum guide was superb helps us with the places, and knew all the highlights places and took us to each with care. We tried traditional-foods. Everything went well and enjoyable.
Krang Suri waterfall is situated in the Jaintia Hills, as we were new to this place so we hire a taxi from Shillong and reach the campsite without hassle, the taxi fare was not expensive at all, The campsite is breathtaking with the amazing views of the place. Super nice host who takes care of us and the entire tour. Amazing stay with an interesting activity. Good facilities, well-maintained and well-arranged tour. It was indeed the best of the best.
It was an awesome experience in Shillong.A magnificent view of the valley from an altitude. Clear blue sky, golden sunshine and greenery all around, what more could one ask for.
Interesting trip, the driver was nice and well-behaved, we managed to visit all the tourist spots. Really a good experience
It was our first-time camping. In this camp, we met nice-people in which we are not only enjoyed the stay or activity but we get to know the culture and tradition of the place from the locals who visit the camp in was interesting to know about the Khasi people's traditions. Worth-traveling far for this experience. would visit Meghalaya again.
Interesting tour, Nice start from Shillong the journey went great as the transport was in good condition along with a professional-driver, Great meal they served us, awesome trekking and the fun activity at Dawki was really full of fun and excitement all happened with safety measured. This experience totally worth every single penny we paid for.
Right before the start of the tour our driver helps us with the perfect plan to complete the tour without missing any spots, we visited Shnongpdeng, and Mawlynnong both the places were absolutely amazing with plentiful of amazing sceneries. Truly unbelievable to imagine that very clean and well-maintained. Special thanks to our driver who made this tour succeded without hassle.

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People Also Ask About Shillong

  1. Which is the best month to visit Shillong?

    The best months to visit Shillong are between September and May. This is because the weather conditions are normally pleasant during these months and offer the visitors the perfect opportunity to explore this magnificent place amidst the ethereal beauty of nature with ease. You might receive a moderate amount of rainfall.
  2. How many days are enough for Shillong?

    3 days are enough to capture the picturesque beauty of Shillong. You can, however, extend your vacation for a few more days and explore the beautiful nearby destinations like Cherrapunji, Dawki, and Mawlynnong. You will find that there are numerous sites that will leave you star-struck at the glorious views.
  3. Is December a good time to visit Shillong?

    December is a good time to visit Shillong. The weather is mildly cool and allows you to visit the numerous attraction sites with ease. It is also not as cold as the months of January and February when the temperatures drop down even more, and the cold can be felt.
  4. What is Shillong famous for?

    Shillong is known for the diversification of natural beauty that it has. It boasts of national parks, waterfalls, hills, and landforms. The chilling weather and the rich cultural heritage make it a very popular hill station. The view from the Shillong Peak is bound to keep you coming for more.

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