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Nagaland Packages

Duration Price
Hornbill Festival with Kaziranga and Tawang12 days & 11 nights
INR 53,999
Hornbill Festival with Meghalaya | FREE Jeep Safari11 days & 10 nights
INR 45,973
6 Days Majestic Nagaland Private Tour6 days & 5 nights
INR 21,000
4 Days Short Trip to Nagaland4 days & 3 nights
INR 8,250
6 Days Nagaland & Manipur Tour6 days & 5 nights
INR 21,000
Enchanting Nagaland & Manipur9 days & 8 nights
INR 31,000

Nagaland Holiday Packages - Browse through a wide range of Nagaland packages in India with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Nagaland tour packages with exciting deals & offers. 

Discover the enchanting beauty of Nagaland with Thrillophilia’s hand-curated Nagaland tour packages. This place is a gem in the Seven Sister States which is renowned for its vibrant tribal culture, lush landscapes, distinct culinary scene, and unique traditions. Whether you’re a thrill seeker, nature lover, or cultural explorer, Nagaland has something for every kind of traveller.

With our Nagaland tour packages, you’ll get a chance to discover the age-old traditions of Naga tribes, witness traditional festivals, and explore the beautiful towns and villages cradled in the lap of the lower Himalayas. Also, our package includes diverse experiences from trekking through the Dzukou Valley to exploring the ancient village of Khonoma. Our package itineraries also include a visit to the iconic Hornbill Festival, celebrated annually, offering a glimpse into the diverse ethnicities that call Nagaland their home. Additionally, indulge in the authentic Naga cuisine, known for its bold flavours and diverse ingredients like Pork-belly fat pickles, Bamboo shoots, local insects, and more.

The best thing about our Nagaland holiday packages is that they cater to wallets of all sizes. We have some budget-friendly packages which cater to all travellers without compromising on the experience. With our thoughtfully crafted itineraries, we ensure that your Nagaland exploration is nothing short of extraordinary. So, book your Nagaland tour packages with us and explore this enchanting destination like never before.

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Best Time For Nagaland Trip:

The best time to embark on a Nagaland tour spans throughout the year, with each season offering distinctive experiences. However, the best time to visit Nagaland also depends on your personal interests and preferences.

1. Peak Season: The months from October to May are considered the peak season when Nagaland invites heavy footfall. During this time, this destination experiences pleasant weather which is ideal for exploring its cultural and natural wonders, and undertaking some adventure sports like trekking and paragliding. The Hornbill Festival in December adds to the allure, showcasing the vibrant Naga traditions.

2. Shoulder Season: Spanning from July to September, the shoulder season brings lush landscapes and occasional rainfalls, making it a great time for nature lovers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surreal scenery. The monsoon season rejuvenates the flora, adding to the region’s scenic beauty.

3. Waning Season: The waning season is from March to June, offering warm temperatures and comfortable breeze, perfect for enjoying outdoor adventures. This period is ideal for summer trekking, hiking, river rafting, and exploring Nagaland’s picturesque terrains.

How to Reach Nagaland:

1. By Air: You can take a flight From cities like Delhi and Kolkata to Dimapur Airport (DMU), the main airport in Nagaland. Once you’re at the airport, you can hire a taxi or bus to reach the desired destination.

2. By Road: Nagaland is well-connected by road, and you can reach the state via National Highways NH2 and NH29. The distance from Guwahati to Kohima is approximately 350 kilometres, taking around 7-8 hours by road. The journey offers picturesque views of the Northeastern landscapes, making it a scenic and enjoyable drive through the pristine trails of Nagaland.

3. By Rail: To reach Nagaland by train, you can get tickets to Dimapur, the main railway station. Dimapur Railway Station is well-connected to major cities like Guwahati and Kolkata. The approximate distance from Guwahati to Dimapur is 281 kilometres, with a travel time of around 7-8 hours. The rail journey offers a comfortable and scenic route to explore the diverse landscape of Nagaland.

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Nagaland Tour faqs

How much does a trip to Nagaland cost?

The cost of the Nagaland rural experience tour can be around INR 12,000, per person, for 4 days and 3 nights. With our Nagaland tourism package, you’ll get a chance to witness a wide range of flora and fauna, and stroll along the local streets of the village. Also, you can also opt for the premium packages which include Hornbill Festival, along with a Kaziranga tour and Tawang trip. It will cost around INR 54,000, per person, for 12 days and 11 nights.

What is the best time to visit Nagaland?

Nagaland attracts tourists throughout the year, with each season offering its unique allure. From October to May, Nagaland experiences pleasant weather, cultural festivities, and outdoor activities. The monsoon season, June to September, transforms the landscapes into lush greenery, perfect for trekking in the rain. Even the waning season from March to May presents ideal conditions for simply enjoying the atmosphere and smell the spring flowers. Regardless of when you visit, Nagaland’s unique charm, rich culture, and picturesque landscapes ensure a memorable experience at all times.

Why is Nagaland famous for tourism?

Nagaland captivates tourists with its rich cultural tapestry, vibrant festivals, and the warm hospitality of the indigenous tribes inhabitant here for centuries. The state’s stunning landscapes, including the picturesque Dzukou Village and Japfu Peak, attract nature enthusiasts. The traditional Naga cuisine, diverse flora and fauna, and the opportunity for trekking and adventure, contribute to Nagaland’s fame as a unique and multifaceted tourism destination.

Do Indians need permission to visit Nagaland?

Yes, Indian tourists should have an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to enter Nagaland. However, it is highly recommended to apply for ILP at least 3-6 months before booking your suitable Nagaland tour package. You need to collect the ILP application form from the Nagaland House Office if you live in Delhi, Kolkata, Shillong, or Guwahati. However, it is still advisable to check for the travel regulations with the Nagaland tourism department, or the  local authorities to get the latest information.

What is the language of Nagaland?

Nagaland is a linguistically diverse state with several tribes, each having their own distinct language. However, English is the official language and is widely used for administrative and official purposes. Additionally, Nagamese, a Creole language, is spoken as a lingua franca among the various Naga tribes. Naga languages also include Angami, Ao, Sema, Lotha, and many more. The linguistic diversity reflects the rich cultural tapestry of Nagaland, where each community preserves their unique language, contributing to the state’s cultural vibrancy and diversity.

Can I do the Dzukou Valley trek in Nagaland?

Yes, you can go for trekking in Dzukou Valley. The Dzukou Valley is located at a height of 2433.4 square meters above the sea level. This Valley calls for an ideal trekking route inviting tourist from afar to witness the trek and enjoy it in entirety. Dzukou valley’s gently rolled hills offer peace, tranquillity, and happiness of mind to the visitors. This place represents calm ambiance exhibiting a wide range of rich ecosystems like the rivulets and the rolling streams. At the time of summer, the valley transforms into a real peaceful garden of heaven exhibiting a rich and distinct variety of flora. These varieties include Caltha palustris, Anemone, Lilium, Euphorbias and many others.

Which are some famous walking tours in Nagaland?

The famous walking tours in Nagaland are as follows:

  1. Mokokchung
  2. Mount Tiyi
  3. Satoi Range
  4. Dzukou Valley
  5. Pungro

Which are the best places for a biking tour in Nagaland?

The best places for a biking tour in Nagaland are as follows:

  1. Dimapur
  2. Kohima
  3. Mokokchung
  4. Dibrugarh
  5. Pasighat
  6. Daporijo
  7. Ziro

Which are the best cycling tour routes in Nagaland?

The best cycling tour route in Nagaland are as follows:

  • Guwahati – Cherrapunjee – Kohima – Guwahati

This route covers the Hornbill Festival

  • Biking trip to Dzuko valley

The trip covers Manipur and Nagaland

What are the most romantic things to do on your Nagaland honeymoon tour?

The most romantic things to do on your Nagaland honeymoon tour are as follows:

  1. Visit romantic places in Kohima that include Dzukou Valley, Wokha, Meluri, Mon, Mokokchung, Dimapur, and Kohima.
  2. Visit the Hornbill Festival that is happily celebrated in the Kisama Village in Nagaland along with your better half. In this festival, various Naga tribal groups converge for at least ten days to represent cultural activities, sporting bash, and dance.
  3. Visit the Dream Café along with your loved one. On your visit remember to try the delectable food that includes fried noodles, pizza, snacks and fresh beverage.
  4. Relish the Rock and Metal Festival that is ardently celebrated by the people of Nagaland with great happiness and ease which is officially held in Kohima.
  5. Visit the Central Market in Kohima, one of the best markets that delineate and exhibits the best and unique handmade and natural goods for the tourist.

Which are the places for a wildlife experience in Nagaland?

The places for a wildlife experience in Nagaland are as follows:

  1. The Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Nagaland Zoological Park
  3. Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Fakim Sanctuary
  5. Rangapahar Reserve Forest
  6. Ntangki National Park
  7. Ghosu Bird Sanctuary
  8. Aizuto Forests
  9. Kohima Zoo

Which are the most adventurous trekking tours in Nagaland?

Here are some of the most adventurous treks in Nagaland:

  1. Satoi Range Trek
  2. Mount Tiyi Trek
  3. Pungro Trek
  4. Mokokchung Trek
  5. Dzukou Valley Trek

Which are the best camping sites in Nagaland?

Here is the list of best camping sites in Nagaland for stargazing:

  1. Camp David
  2. Kohima Camp
  3. Campsite Yedikha, Jakhama
  4. Camp Hornbill
  5. Camp Dzukou
  6. Patkai Viewpoint Camping
  7. Intanki National Park Camping

Which are the best tourist places to visit in Nagaland with best deals & amazing offers?

Planning a trip to one of the mountainous state in northeast India, Nagaland. Here is the list of best tourist places to visit in Nagaland with best deals.

  1. Kohima War Cemetery - A memorial dedicated to soldiers of the 2nd British Division of the Allied Forces
  2. Nagaland Zoological Park - Famous for birds to bears, along with an aquarium, eco-museum & lots of greenery.
  3. Nagaland State Museum - Famous for holding the evolution of Naga Culture in Nagaland.
  4. Kachari Ruins - Famous for the presence of the Aryan structured pillars of mushroom shape or mushroom dome.
  5. Chumukedima Village - Famous for different waterfalls.
  6. Diezephe Craft Village - Famous for its deft woodcarving, bamboo work and other forms of handicrafts and handloom.
  7. Naga Bazaar - Famous for trading in a wide variety of livestock.
  8. Dzukou Valley - Famous for its multicolored carpets of flowers that bloom in summer
  9. Veda Peak - Famous for its mesmerizing view of mountains, waterfalls, sceneries.
  10. Doyang River - Famous for its tributaries with Tsui, Tullo, and Tishi being the largest river in the Nagaland.

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What are the best things to do in Nagaland with great discounts?

Among the seven states, Nagaland is the heart of India's unexplored north-east places and has a countless number of things to do. Explore adventurous activities in Nagaland at a discounted price.

  1. Witness the Colourful Naga Cultures at the Hornbill Festival
  2. Trek to the Dzoukou Valley
  3. Hike the Japfu Peak
  4. Explore History with the Kachari Ruins
  5. Live the Naga Way in Tuphema Village
  6. Enjoy Bird Watching in Khonoma
  7. Wildlife Spotting in Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary
  8. Mountain Biking
  9. Picnic beside the Dzulekie Stream
  10. Shopping in Naga Bazar, Kohima

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