Best Time to Visit North Sikkim
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Best Things To Do In Sikkim

Popular among Indian and foreign tourists for its dreamy topography, North Sikkim is a priceless gem in the crown of India. Quaint remote villages, bewitching valleys, spurting river streams, and snow laden high altitude passes – the place was created to please humanity. You must check our most popular Tour package of Sikkim (Flat 20% Off)  which includes the best tourist destinations of Sikkim. 

If you are looking forward for a pleasing and relaxing holiday in North Sikkim, the months of March, April and June make for the best time to explore this wonderful geographical division of the North East Indian state, Sikkim. For your relaxation and proper sightseeing tour, we have an awesome Pocket-Friendly Tour Package of Sikkim (Flat 17% Off) .

The climatic conditions of the destination are favorable for tourists during the summer season, as days are pleasant and nights are just mildly cold. Visit the best tourist destinations in Lachung to know Sikkim better, the place receives heavy rainfalls during the monsoon season, making it the least ideal time to visit it. The winter season brings substantial amount of snow in many parts of the district, blocking motorable routes. If you are planning for a total tour of North Sikkim, you are at the right place. Here is the most enquired Tour Package of North Sikkim (Flat 29% Off).

North Sikkim is full of tourist attractions, and there is no lack of tourist places in North Sikkim during any of the seasons.

To get more insights into the climate of North Sikkim, read below!


North Sikkim in Summer

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North Sikkim in Summer
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The summer season normally lasts here from March to June months. Undoubtedly the best time to visit North Sikkim, the summer season features an extremely pleasant climate that increases the fun of exploring the destination manifold. The nights are bearably cold and the sun does not shine too harshly during the daytime, so the task of staying outdoors and checking the places becomes enjoyable too. Summer is one of the perfect time to Visit East Sikkim and explore amazing tourist spots out there. Furthermore, the landscapes in North Sikkim bloom in a spectrum of various shades after bidding farewell to winters, which makes the place appear all the more scenic.

As it rarely rains during the season, it makes the movement from one place to another smooth. You can find the roads in good condition, and almost all the places, even remote ones, are accessible during the season. It is also the best time to indulge in adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, river rafting, and camping here. For a seamless holiday experience in the absence of heavy snow and pouring rains, pick the summer season to visit North Sikkim without a second thought. Stay at most luxurious resorts in Sikkim famed for there warm hospitality. 

While you can expect an average daily temperature of 23 degree Celsius during summer months, the average night temperature can be expected to hover around 4 degree Celsius.  
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North Sikkim in Winter

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North Sikkim in Winter
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The winter season normally lasts here from October to February. The winter days are normally cold and nights are more than just cold with temperatures hitting sub zero levels. Not too many choose this time of the year to visit North Sikkim, but the season offers a different flavour of North Sikkim to visitors. The higher altitude regions of the district put on white sheets of fresh snow and appear surreal. The waters of the lakes surrounded by snow-blanketed mountains freeze. On the negative side, heavy snowfalls affect the transportation by cutting off some tourist destinations and remote villages for days, leaving not too much for you to explore. Also, the presence of snow sometimes puts a halt to activities like trekking during winters.However, you can enjoy exploring the low altitude regions.

All in all, if you cannot withstand extremely low temperatures and want to avoid falling prey to road blockages at any cost, winters are not the ideal time to visit the place. However, if you enjoy bone chilling temperatures and want to witness something truly magical in the form of whitewashed landscapes, you must visit North Sikkim in winters.

While you can expect an average day temperature of 14 degree Celsius during winter months, the average night temperature can be expected to dip as low as -5 degree Celsius.
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North Sikkim in Monsoon

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North Sikkim in Monsoon
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The month of July marks the beginning of the monsoon season in North Sikkim which usually lasts till the mid of September. The area receives moderate level of showers, and the rainfalls during the season are frequent but are not normally incessant. However, due to the risk of landslides and bad road conditions in the region, a lot of tourists prefer not to visit North Sikkim during monsoon and rather choose summers or wait for autumn when the skies are clear.

All the complications apart, the landscapes of the region turn unbelievably vibrant and lively after receiving a round of showers. The dewy air and hills enveloped in mist add a sense of romance and calm adds to the aura of North Sikkim. If you get lucky enough to not get caught in continuous showers or bad road conditions, the experience of visiting North Sikkim during the monsoon will become memorable for you.

While you can expect an average day temperature of 21 degree Celsius during monsoon months, the average night temperature can be expected to remain around 7 degree Celsius.

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Sikkim Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Sikkim
20 November 2018
About the operators: Thrillophilia ties up with trek operators for this amazing trek. The team that carries the group is well trained, well versed and allows the trekkers to focus on their trekking. To provide service at such altitude with smile on face is bliss. They also have some hidden gems planned during the trek for people to be pleasantly surprised. Our trek guide Premtuk is an old hand and lives in Yaksum region. His ability to guide the team as well as captain the support staff was fantastic. He also made sure that trekkers were absolutely taken care off. He had excellent support staff and 12 horses to make sure that we had a glitch-free day’s and nights. Tenzing, vijay and others who worked tirelessly and with laughter all the time made the time memorable. About the trek: this trek offers variety for a serious trekker. The trails and paths are not the same throughout or even different times of the year. It has varied degree of difficulty and hence one needs to be physically and mentally prepared to harness the strength. One connects to self and nature throughout and comes back rejuvenated. It’s not just the moments of seeing sunrise or the summit from various points or watching Mt Pantim alone that takes your breath away but also the journey. It’s a pilgrimage to your own inner self that one ends up discovering. Finally few words of suggestions: for city dwellers who come for this trek, it’s a great idea to come and stay In yuksam few days in advance and do some of other amazing treks. Not only it helps in acclimatisation but also allows you to soak in local culture and food.
"The beauty of this trek is all about the landscape. You start of the trek from dense forest with fresh streams and then to Rhododendron trees when you gain altitude , later which you would come across a beautiful valley overlooking Mt Kanchenjunga. Try out the local cuisine in Yuksom. Thukpa and Chang are two things you need to try out. Although the trek is not recommended for first time trekkers you can still give it a shot provided you are fit and have taken all the items in checklist. "
23 November 2019
This was my first trip with Thrillophilia as well as with complete strangers. I must say that Thrillophilia did not disappoint me ( nobody is perfect, so be flexible to accept minute glitches) . The whole trip went so smooth , starting from the pick up from airport, the hotels we got, arrangement of permits, site seeing and drop at the airport. Special thanks to Deep ( trip coordinator from tour angle) and Ammu ( my cab driver) . P. S. : if you want to see the flower calf yumthang valley and the frozen Tsomgo and Gurudongmar lake , then the ideal time to visit north Sikkim is March-April. November is the ideal time to witness the pleasant winter of sikkim along with its untouched beauty. Looking forward to travel more with Thrillophilia. P.S: the only problem which we faced was two co- passengers who used to get late for everything and because of them we had to rush from each location because of time constraint ( I totally understand that this things isn’t in the hand of Thrillophilia)
16 October 2015
Trekking in the state of Sikkim is very different and a unique experience that you would not gain from trekking in any other part of India. The Indian Himalayas trek in Sikkim is awesome and a must take. What we enjoyed the most were the mountains, the trek trails, the people and their unique culture. This was a sharp contrast to our habits and culture. The trek is not that difficult and it is in fact very much feasible to be taken even by a first timer as well. The trekking was very nicely planned and organized with perfect budget. Do try this trek.
01 July 2015
Suryakanta Patil Goechala Trek, Sikkim, 2020
Located in the state of Sikkim, this Goecha La trek is my dream and desire come true. This trek is a treat to all the adventure lovers who are in our country or visit our country. This place is nestled midst colourful, unique, and vibrant flora and fauna. This trek also paves way to the astounding Kanchenjunga National Park that can be visited in a day. This trek is an opulent beauty as it opens doors to murky valleys, snow clad mountain peaks, astonishing lakes, and lovely rivers in Sikkim. I was just marvelled at the spectacular beauty of this place.
20 February 2020
I booked Magpie The Chestnut Retreat from Thrillophilia at a very decent price along with the activities. The check in and check out process was also done easily with just the e-voucher of Thrillophilia. The stay was comfortable and the food served was very delicious. There we experienced activities like yak ride and ATV ride. Everything was taken care of in the beautiful resort.
21 November 2019
The resort is pretty along with the amazing views of the place. The room were so clean along with a comfortable bed and good facilities. The staffs were professional. No doubt we would be back. Highly recommended if you are visiting Pelling.
I was planning for a trip to Sikkim and booked this tour. It was one of the best trips ever. Everything was very well arranged for the trip. The pickup was on time and I was joined by another group for the tour. We had the most amazing guide with us. He was very informative and was giving us detailed information about each of the places.
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I had a very nice experience with thrillophilia. They provided al the facilities as promised ion the tour.

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People Also Ask About Sikkim

  1. What is the best time to visit north Sikkim for a honeymoon?

    The best time to visit north Sikkim for a honeymoon is during the month of May. That is because right from July to September the monsoon begins and landslides become a frequent thing. So, the time from March to May is perfect as you can witness North Sikkim’s blooming beauty.
  2. What is the best time to visit north Sikkim for families?

    The best time to visit north Sikkim for families is from March to June as you and your entire family can expect to relax in the pleasant weather besides setting forth on a proper sightseeing trip because the weather will not be a dampener.
  3. What is the best time to visit north Sikkim to see snow?

    The best time to visit north Sikkim to see snow is from October to March. However, this period can get unbearably cold due to continuous snowfall and freezing temperatures that range from minus four to seven degrees Celsius.
  4. Is December a good month to visit Sikkim?

    Yes, December is actually considered to be one of the best times to visit Sikkim because the average temperature range lies between four degrees to ten degrees Celsius. The temperature may drop to as low as zero even but you can get crystal clear views of the Himalayan peaks.
  5. Is June a good time to visit Sikkim?

    Yes, June is a really good time to visit Sikkim because the temperatures range between eleven and nine degrees Celsius that make the stay pleasant. You may encounter rains as the monsoon begins by June but the dry spells well alternate the rainy days.

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