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7 Days Kaziranga Meghalaya Wildlife Trip

7 Days Kaziranga Meghalaya Wildlife Trip

5.0 168 Reviews
30375 26875
6 Day Assam - Meghalaya Tour

6 Day Assam - Meghalaya Tour

4.0 26 Reviews
25500 19100
Assam Meghalaya Tour Package of 8 Days

Assam Meghalaya Tour Package of 8 Days

3.0 35 Reviews
30400 27200
7 Day Assam Meghalaya Tour with Rhinoland

7 Day Assam Meghalaya Tour with Rhinoland

3.0 36 Reviews
23000 20200
  • Assam Tour Packages - Explore best offers on Assam holiday packages at Thrillophilia. Book customized Assam packages with exciting deals & offers. Our best seller 6 Days Assam Tour Package (at Flat 25% Off) covers major attractions of Assam and if you are looking for a wildlife tour package of Assam then this Best Selling 7 Days Assam Tour is available at flat 12% Off.

    The graceful and mighty river Brahmaputra snakes through Assam, adding to the natural charm of the state. There are also many activities to be enjoyed in Assam, including rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, river rafting and cruising!

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    From the forested realm of Kaziranga National Park and rock climbing at Basistha Reserve, to the stunning history that unwinds within the walls of Assam State Museum, there are some places that are indispensable in your Assam Tour, so if you are a nature lover, book our
    7 Days Assam Wildlife Tour Package (Flat 15% Off ) of North East India is for you.
  • Best Selling Assam Tour Packages

  • 016 Day Assam - Meghalaya Tour

    6 Day Assam - Meghalaya Tour
    • d6 Daysn5 Nights
    • lGuwahati
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 8557485

    Destinations Covered: 3N Shillong, 1N Cherrapunji, 1N Mawlynnong

    Start Point: Guwahati Railway Station or Airport

    End Point: Guwahati Railway Station or Airport

    Accommodation: Hotel / Guesthouse with Breakfast

    Transportation: Car, Tempo Traveler.

    Customization: Available as per the requirement

    About the Tour:

    - Two of the greenest states of the seven sisters in northeast India, Assam and Meghalaya are worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. This Assam-Meghalaya tour package of 6 days brings you the best beauty of this place so you feel like coming back over and over again.

    - With the passages of seasons, these places gather different colors of beauty. On this tour, you will cover cities like Guwahati, Shillong, Cherrapunji, and Mawllynnong.

    - During the days of this tour, you will be visiting many famous attractions like Umiam Lake, Nohkalikai Falls, Seven Sisters Falls, the Mawsmai Caves, Arwah Caves, Double Decker Living Root Bridges, Dawki Village, Sacred Grove and many more such interesting attractions of the area.

    - The tour will come to an end when you arrive back in Guwahati after this circuit, feeling beautified with the experience of seeing the best of these two scenic states of India, blessed by the foothills of the Himalayas.

    *Note- The price of the package is applicable to a minimum of 4 people travelling. For information on package cost of 2 people travelling, you can drop in an inquiry.

  • 02Best Offers on North East Tour Packages: Enquire Now

  • 037 Days Kaziranga Meghalaya Wildlife Trip

    7 Days Kaziranga Meghalaya Wildlife Trip
    • d7 Daysn6 Nights
    • lShillong
    • NNNNN168 ratings
    • Thrillophilia1

    Destinations Covered:  3N Shillong, 1N Cherrapunji, 2N Kaziranga 

    Start Point: Guwahati Railway Station or Airport

    End Point: Guwahati Railway Station or Airport

    Accommodation: Hotel / Guesthouse / Homestay

    Transportation: Car, Tempo Traveler, Jeep

    Customization: Available as per the requirement

    Highlights: Excursion, Trekking, Jeep Ride, Sightseeing

    About the Tour:

    Home to some of the most stunning natural vistas in the country, Shillong is aptly known as the ‘Scotland of the North East’. With breathtaking waterfalls, limestone caves, wildlife sanctuaries, and amazing trekking trails, a visit here is sure to leave one rejuvenated and relaxed. 

    - On this journey, you will be going to the major attractions of Shillong, Cherapunjee, Mawlynnong, Dawki, and Kaziranga. In Sikkim, you will visit attractions like Umiam Lake, Nohkalikai falls, Mawsmai cave, Seven sisters’ fall, Shillong peak, Living Root Bridges, Umngot River, Lady Hydari Park, and many other amazing attractions.

    - The Kaziranga leg of the journey will allow for adventure and some fun activities that are sure to get the adrenaline pumping. The national park which is well-known for being the home to the famous One-Horned Rhinoceros, Kaziranga is famous for having the kind of rich biodiversity that you cannot find anywhere else. Gifted by floodplains of the river Brahmaputra, the place was once declared to have the highest density of tigers in the world. 

    - Enjoy the time that you will get to enjoy the majesty of these days spent exploring this amazing Meghalaya tour package with a unique wildlife experience.

  • 047 Day Assam Meghalaya Tour with Rhinoland

    7 Day Assam Meghalaya Tour with Rhinoland
    • d7 Daysn6 Nights
    • lGuwahati
    • NNNNN36 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 8557485

    Destinations Covered: 3N Shillong, 1N Cherrapunji, 2N Kaziranga 
    Start Point: Guwahati Railway Station or Airport
    End Point: Guwahati Railway Station or Airport
    Accommodation: Hotel / Guesthouse / Homestay
    Transportation: Car, Tempo Traveler, Jeep
    Customization: Available as per the requirement
    Highlights: Excursion, Trekking, Elephant Ride, Sightseeing

    About the Tour:

    - Together, Assam and Meghalaya make for a great combination of destinations to explore in the North East. This 7-day tour of Assam and Meghalaya bring you to the great hills, waterfalls and wildlife of northeastern India, starting and ending at the beautiful city of Guwahati.
    - Covering places like Guwahati, Shillong, Cherrapunji and Kaziranga, you will be brought back to Guwahati after spending a week full of great adventure in the northeast.
    - You will visit attractions like the Umiam Lake, 
    Nohkalikai falls, Shillong Peak, Mawllynnong, Dawki, Lady Hydari Park and the Kaziranga National Park.
    - Collect all the treasures that these 2 states have to offer to you and return with a bag full of memories.

    *Note: The price mentioned is for a minimum of 4 people traveling together. For options on the cost of 2 travelers, you can drop in an inquiry with us.

  • 05Assam Meghalaya Tour Package of 8 Days

    Assam Meghalaya Tour Package of 8 Days
    • d8 Daysn7 Nights
    • lGuwahati
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 8557485

    Destinations Covered: 1N Guwahati, 1N Cherapunjee, 1N Nongrihat, 1N Shillong, 1N Mawllynnong, 1N Mawphlang, 1N Lad Mawphlang
    Start Point: Guwahati Railway Station or Airport
    End Point: Guwahati Railway Station or Airport
    Accommodation: Hotel / Guesthouse with Breakfast
    Transportation: Car, Tempo Traveler.
    Customization: Available as per the requirement

    About the Tour:

    - Assam and Meghalaya are two states in the north east that are absolute favorites of the travelers willing to explore the beauty of this untouched heaven of India. Dotted with rolling green hills and scenic waterfalls, the land is worth exploring in this Assam and Meghalaya tour package.
    - Starting fro Guwahati, the 8 day tour takes you through 7 destinations, namely, Cherapunjee, Nongrihat, Shillong, Mawllynnong, Mawphlang, and Lad Mawphlang. At each one of these you will be spending 1 night, making this tour that goes for 7 nights through 7 place.
    - You will see attractions like the famous Kamakhya Devi Temple, Umananda Island, Nohkalikai falls, Mawsmai cave, Seven Sisters’ Falls, Arwah Caves, Double Decker Root Bridge, Umngot River, Sacred Forest, David Scott Trail, and Laithlum Canyon.
    - At the end of the tour, you will be dropped back to Guwahati, where the experience will come back to an end.

    *Note- The package price here is applicable for a minimum booking of 4 people traveling together. For options on package for 2 people, you can drop in an inquiry.

  • Places To Visit On Assam Tour

  • 06Kakochang Waterfalls

    Sheltered in the Golaghat district of Assam, the Kakochang is a beautiful waterfall that dissects the coffee and rubber plantations. The spot is not only a favourite amongst tourists but also amongst the locals who come here for day picnics. The waterfall even commands a great view of the ancient ruins of Deopahar and Numaligarh, which are the subject of fascination among many archaeologists. 

    The thunderous roar of the waters can be heard from afar, long before they make an appearance. If you plan your visit post monsoons, the place blooms with unmatched beauty and greets you with sprawling greenery. Kakochang waterfalls shares close proximity to the famous Kaziranga National Park too.

    Timings: 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM

    Location: near Kaziranga National Park, Bokakhat 785612, India

    Looking for planning a family trip in the Northeast? Here are some tourist destinations in the Northeast that you must visit to spend a fun-filled holiday with your loved ones.

  • 07Padam Pukhuri

    Planning your Assam itinerary? Padum Pukhuri is an unmissable destination, especially if you’re someone who loves to wander down offbeat lanes. Padum Pukhuri is a huge lake, housing a quiet little island right at the heart. Getting to the island is a thrilling experience, as it takes you over a short iron bridge that overlooks the lake. 

    There is also a toy train here for kids. Also, you can indulge in boating over the calm waters, while drinking in the beautiful sights that weave up the canvas surrounding the lake. If you hear calm, soothing music around, do not be surprised, for a musical fountain sits on the island!

    Timings: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

    Location: Chowk Bazar Road, Mahabhairab, Tezpur, Assam 784001

    For best deals and offers on your itinerary, here is the list of all the best tours of Northeast India that you should check out before finalising your holiday. 

  • 08Agnigarh

    Nested in the Tezpur district of Assam, Agnigarh is lovely little hillock that skirts the banks of the river Brahmaputra. The place is steeped in Hindu mythology, and is closely related to the budding romance between prince Aniruddha, the grandson of Lord Krishna and princes Usha, the daughter of the Asura king Banasura. 

    It is here that princess Usha was locked away by her father who disapproved of their love. Now, however, the place has transformed into a fascinating tourist spot, also known as ‘love site’ owing to the tragic love story associated with it. The hill affords sweeping views of Brahmaputra, and a panoramic view of Tezpur city. 

    Timings: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM everyday

    Location: Mahabhairab, Tezpur, Assam 784001

  • 09Nehru Park

    One of the best kept secrets of Assam, Nehru Park is cradled in the heart of Guwahati the commercial capital of Assam, facing the eminent Cotton College. It used to form a part of an old church, but was transformed by the government into a park. Named after the first Prime Minister of India, the park is home to a diverse range of flowers that fence a well-trimmed lawn. 

    One of the most important tourist attractions in Assam, Nehru Park hosts daily events including folk dance and music performances in the park. Spend a leisurely day here, enjoying the rock garden and open theatre that are also part of the park. Be sure to include this spot in your Assam tour packages.

    Timings:10:00 AM to 08:00 PM on all days, except Thursdays

    Charges: INR 5 per child, and 10 per adult

    Location: Cotton College Road, Pan Bazaar, Guwahati, Assam 781001

  • 10Jorhat

    Beautiful sunrises, early morning strolls, and the fresh aroma of tea in the air is a classic ‘Jorhat’ experience. Fondly known as the tea capital of the world, Jorhat fosters countless beautiful tea plantations. The buildings of Jorhat bear stunning reflections of the archaeological styles dating back to the Ahom dynasty. 

    One of the most unbeatable places in Jorhat is Majuli Island, the largest river island in the world! It is easily one of the most shaded and unexplored nooks of Jorhat. Besides Majuli, Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary beckons herds of nature and wildlife enthusiasts from around the country, where you can spend uninterrupted moments of bliss and solitude. Tocklai Tea Research centre also makes for an interesting visit.

    Location: Assam

  • 11Guwahati

    Another beautiful city in Assam, Guwahati is essentially the commercial capital of the state. Sprawling across the banks of the river Brahmaputra, Guwahati is best known for its pilgrimage sites including Kamakhya Temple, Bhuvaneshwari Temple, Vashistha ashram, and the iconic ISKCON temple. 

    The backdrop of Shivalik Hills adds to the beauty of the city. Despite being one of the most untapped areas of tourism, Guwahati is the base of all the hustle and bustle in Assam. You cannot miss having Guwahati on your Assam tour packages, as your tour is incomplete without it! Uncover some great historical beauty at the Assam State Museum, or take a refreshing tour of Nehra Park.

    Location: Assam

  • 12Assam Rajyik State Museum

    The Assam Rajyik State Museum sits deep in the hearts of Guwahati, and is the most fascinating tourists places in Assam. The museum reflects the rich and varied culture of Assam over the years, along with great pieces of handicrafts and sculptures of the North eastern kingdom of India. 

    The museum also harbours a startling assortment of relics that can be traced as back as to the 5th century! From stunning ivory paintings, ancient musical instruments to historical coins and bamboo equipment, there are countless surprises awaiting you within these walls. The place is ideal also for bookworms, as a grand library forms a part of the building, offering you the pleasure of choosing from a well stocked collection of books! 

    Timings:10:00 AM to 05:00 PM on all days, except Mondays

    Charges: INR 10 per head

    Location: Gopinath Bordoloi Road, Near Dighalipukhuri Park, Ambari, Guwahati, Assam 781001

  • 13Haflong Lake

    Haflong Lake is the most frequented tourist spot in the hill station of Haflong, and a doorway to mesmerising views of the Himalayan neighbours. Veered off the beaten paths of cities and their busy streets, Haflong lake is just the respite you need. The azure blue waters of the lake have a soothing effect on the nerves, while the stunning hanging bridge overhead magnifies that charm. 

    The picturesque location of the lake seems like something right out of a classic romance movie! The canvas of Himalayan mountains, coupled with the verdant carpet of greenery make for an ideal outing for families and couples alike. It is perfect for explorers, as Haflong is a lesser explored area of Assam.

    Location: Haflong Lake, Haflong, Assam

    Meghalaya tourist places feature an abundance of natural attractions, perfect for people who love to explore the great outdoors. If you are planning a holiday, here is the list that should be a must include in your bucket list.

  • 14Umananda Temple

    Nestled in the quaint little Peacock island on the river Brahmaputra, Umananda Temple is a holy site, installed as a tribute to the Hindu Lord Shiva. The temple is named after the Goddess Parvati also known as Uma, Lord Shiva’s consort. The island on which the temple sits is believed to have been originally built by King Gadadhar Singh in the year 1694, and rebuilt by a local merchant in 1897 after an earthquake destroyed the place. 

    The temple carries the touches of Assamese art and architectural styles and was built by gifted Assamese men. Unlike most of the famous pilgrimage sites in India, the ambience of Umananda temple is that of peaceful quiet and serenity.

    Timings: 05:30 AM to 06:00 PM

    Location: Peacock Island, North Guwahati, Guwahati, Kamrup, Assam 781030

  • 15Nameri National Park

    Perched along the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas that dominate the Northeastern realm of India, Nameri National Park sits about 40 km away from Tezpur. Fascinatingly, Nameri merges will the Arunachal Pradesh’s Pakhul Sanctuary, together spanning about 1000 of land! The forests are deciduous and lined generously with trees of bamboo and cane. Harbouring over 300 different avian species, the park is a call to wildlife and bird enthusiasts from around the country. 

    Lose yourself amidst the embracing beauty of Mother Nature, with several grasslands, azure skies and gurgling streams to keep you company. Wildlife species like Sambar, Barking Deer, Hit Deer and Boars also call Nameri home.

    Timings:10:00 AM to 06:00 PM on all days, except Sundays

    Charges: INR 20 per person

    Location: Sonitpur, Guwahati, Assam 784001

    Exploring options for your holiday? Check out the best deals on Arunachal Pradesh tours which includes all the best tourist places of Arunachal Pradesh and make the best out of your options.

  • 16Tocklai Tea Research Centre

    Situated in the heart of Jorhat, the tea capital of India, Tocklai Tea Research Institute in Jorhat is the research centre for various methods and techniques of tea cultivation and processing in the North East. 

    If you’re a ‘chai lover’, or are simply curious about the kind of research that goes into the cultivation of tea plantations, a brief tour of the research institute will more than satiate your curiosity. The staff is well versed in the science that goes behind it all, and equally friendly with visitors. One of the many fascinating things that can be seen here is the massive ‘mother bush’ that is essentially a tea plant dating back 100 or so years! 

    Timings: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM on all days, except Sundays.

    Location: Tocklai Experimental Station, Jorhat, Assam 785008

  • 17Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary is located in the depths of the Jorhat district of Assam. As the name suggests, the sanctuary houses the last of the hoolock gibbons left in India, along with the country’s sole nocturnal primate, the Bengal Slow Loris! The park was declared officially as a sanctuary in order to protect the only population of the Hoolock Gibbons in India. The forest remains dominated by a canopy of Hollong and Nahar trees, along with lovely shrubs gracing its green carpet. Apart from gibbons, the park houses several other species of wildlife, including leopards, jungle cats, wild boards, tigers, various kinds of civets and other animals. If you’re a nature lover, Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary must be in your Assam packages!

    Timings: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

    Charges: INR 50 per person

    Location: Jorhat, Assam, 785001

  • 18Kamakhya Temple

    One of the most worshipped 51 Shakti Peethas in India, the Kamakhya temple is believed to have housed a part of Sati, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva’s wife. The temple houses a massive sanctorum, which is the holiest corner of the temple. The temple dates back to the 16th century, to the time of the Koch King Naranarayan. 

    Sitting in Guwahati, the temple is also an architectural brilliance, besides being a mere pilgrim site. It bears resemblance to a blend of the North Indian and Mughal styles of architecture. Unsurprisingly, the most celebrated festival here is the Durga Puja, when the entire place is adorned with beautiful lights, and powerful music fills the ambience. Do not miss out on Kamakhya in your Assam tour packages.

    Timings: 08:00 PM to 01:00 PM OR 02:30 PM to 07:30 PM

    Charges: No entry fee

    Location: Kamakhya, Guwahati, Assam 781010

    Explore various customized tours and holiday packages for Meghalaya, boasts the beautiful hill stations and places that seem like a slice of heaven.

  • 19Manas National Park

    Situated in Assam, near Barpeta, Manas National Park is overlooked by the stunning Bhutan Himalayas. Named after the undulating river Manas which flows through Bhutan and enters the park, the aim of protecting the population wildlife species on the brink of extinction earned it the honour of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

    The park is spread over more than 500, and the landscape is a blend of Terrai and Bhabar grasslands, which is a unique combination. This rare, favourable blend of soil is an ideal breeding ground for some of the most unique floral species of the country! What’s more is that Manas National Park is one of the least explored realms of tourism, warrants the top spot in your Assam packages.

    Timings: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM everyday

    Charges: INR 20 per person

    Location: Manas Road, Barangabari Gyati Village, Dist Baksa, Gobardhana, Assam 781315

  • 20Majuli Island

    Lodged in the hearts of Assam, quite unnoticed by tourists, is a stunning yet desolate little place called Majuli Island. This river island graces the banks of the river Brahmaputra and is accessible only by ferry rides. Owing to the absence of tourism until recently, this tropical paradise in the North Eastern real of India is a place forgotten by the sands of time. 

    Surrounded by a sweeping expanse of verdant forests and farmlands, Majuli was once crowned as the biggest river island of the world, but now, as a result to rapid erosion parts of it are being devoured by the gushing Brahmaputra. In fact, it is believed that the island may cease to exist altogether after 15 to 20 years! All the more reason for you to visit the island before it’s gone for good. 

    Timings: Ferry timings: 08:00 AM 10:00 AM, 01:00 Pm, 03:00 PM

    Location: Majuli, Assam

  • 21Kaziranga National Park

    Spread over two different districts of Assam, Golaghat and Nagaon, Kaziranga National Park unfolds against a wide canvas of the Eastern Himalayas. It is home to the highest and perhaps the only population of the One Horned Rhinoceros, a species that can be traced back to the prehistoric ages! Owing to endless poaching of the rhinos here, the park was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1940. 

    Skirting the banks of the river Brahmaputra, the rich landscape of the park shelters a varied range of flora and fauna, luring thousands of wildlife lovers from around the world. You can also explore the length of the park on elephant and jeep safaris. If time in the winter season, Kaziranga National Park is an unmissable place to include in your Assam tour package!

    Timings: Open 24 hours

    Charges: The entry fee per INR 100 per Indian

    Location: Kanchanjuri, Assam 784177

  • Things to Do on Assam Tour

  • 22Waterfall Rappelling

    One of the most popular places to experience the thrill of waterfall rappelling is Amsoi, a small village in the folds of Assam, housing only about 300 families. Fenced by beautiful dense forests of teak and Sal, the waterfall plunge from a great height, and accumulate at the bottom as a small pool. 

    The thrill of rappelling down the slippery, wet walls of the falls leave you breathless as the heavy flow of water hits you. The surrounding forest is home to several wild animals including wild elephant, deer, monkeys and more. The safety harness and ropes ensure your safety though. The natural beauty of Amsoi, coupled with the adrenaline high that the rappelling gives you makes for a once in a lifetime experience!

    Location: Assam, 782425

  • 23Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing is quite a strenuous activity but comes bearing stunning rewards. While Assam has many ideal spots to practise your rock climbing skills, the most favourite amongst adventure junkies is the Basishtha Forest Reserve. Spend an entire days or two here, and indulge in trekking, rock climbing and rappelling here, over stunning rock formations. 

    While rock climbing, you will be harnessed with safety equipments and ropes at all times, and a guide will brief you well about the activity. The reserve also offers plenty of waterfall rappelling opportunities, but rock climbing trumps all. Be sure to include rock climbing at the Basishtha Forests Reserve in your Assam tour packages.

    Location: Guwahati, Assam 781029

  • 24River Cruise in the Brahmaputra

    The calm, tranquil waters of the river Brahmaputra are the perfect host for gentle water sports like river cruising. The 23 suites cruise is features private balconies, lounge, dining, bar, spa and a swimming pool. The cruise offers the comfort of luxury, surrounding by the stark wilderness of the endless ocean. 

    The ship is certified internationally, and is equipped with high class safety features. You can opt for a 5 days, 8 days, or 11 days cruise itinerary. The cruise plies only from October to May, and shuts down for the rest of the year due to heavy rains. The cruising experience in Assam cannot be missed out on. In fact, it has also been covered by large media groups like CNN and Nat Geo!

    Charges: Prices begin at INR 168,000

    Location: Guwahati, Assam

  • 25River Rafting

    Assam, being home to one of the mightiest rivers, Brahmaputra, offers plenty of water sports opportunities for adventure lovers. One such favourite activity is river rafting. 

    There are several class 3, class 4 and class 5 rapids that you can embark upon, keeping your level of expertise in view. Having carved a name in the world of river rafting, Assam is bustling with organisations and adventure travel companies organising river rafting and camping by the river banks, Places like Nameri National Park and Manas National Park may be your go to choices for river rafting. 

    The thrill of rafting, combined with the tempting beauty of wilderness makes for an unparalleled experience; one that shouldn’t be missed out in your Assam tour packages. 

Boating in Assam

Wildlife in Assam



Kaziranga National Park

This National park is a destination which brings you out of your daily lifestyle and arranges a splendid meeting with carefree Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers while you settle yourselves with a jeep or Elephant safari. The abundance of marshes and lakes will be visually apparent having swamp deer, Gaur, Sambhar, Hog deer enjoying into them and multiple varieties of flora and fauna like waterlily, Elephant grass, and tropical trees surround them all over. Settled at a distance of 200 km from Guwahati in Nagaon and Golaghat districts, this park is easily reachable by roads and rail. 

For those who follow the air route, they need to reach Guwahati airport beforehand. Best accommodations with plenty of amenities are available inside the Kaziranga National park. If getting your pictures clicked in wildlife and natural aura, surrounded by hills and tall trees is topping your bucket list, we are sure you want to reach out to Kaziranga and yes, this is one the most prominent places to visit in Assam not to be missed out even in thoughts.

 Open 24 hours.

Jeep safari timings-
 Morning session: 7:30 hours to 11:00 hours. Evening session- 14:00 hours to 16:30 hours.

Elephant safari timings-
 5:00 hours to 16:00 hours

Entry Fee-
 INR 20 for Indian nationals and INR 250 for Foreign Nationals

Elephant Safari Fee- 
INR 250 per Indian person and INR 750 per Foreign person.

Jeep Safari Fee-
 INR 1500-2000 per Indian person and INR 1500-2000 per Foreign person.

Majuli Island

Welcome yourself to the first island district of India while stepping on the land surrounded by the mighty river the Brahmaputra and its distributaries. This abode land is reachable through a ferry ride from the city of Jorhat from where Neemati Ghat is 14 km away.

The most significant aspect here is cultural and historical concoction which is well descriptive with the presence of tribes like Misings, Doris and their celebration towards the culture of Neo-Vaishnavism is watch-worthy. 

The existence of more than 600 ‘Satras' or monasteries set up in the 15th century to later times provides a colorful ambiance to Majuli and makes this a unique place to visit in Assam. These ‘Satras' like Dakhinpat, Garamurh, Kamalabari, Auniati are famous for ‘Krishna Rasleela' where local people trained in Sattriya Classical dance swirl with cymbals and drums. Famous handloom of Majuli, pottery making, mask making, Ali Aye festival in the month of February, winter sunset, beautiful birds and their habitats in marshes is what Majuli is all about. This place has a huge potential to color the lives of the tourists and fills them with utter smoothness.


Kamakhya Temple

A heavenly abode in the laps of Nilachal hills brings you to Kamakhya Devi temple. And you have got to believe, this place has a totally amazing old story at its back having Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati as main leads. 

It was built in the old 10th century and located at a distance of mere 7km from the city of Guwahati, which can be easily reached by well-connected roads. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya and is one of the prominent Shaktipeeth of the country. The culture of the temple is well imbibed in local people and they celebrate Ambubachi festival in the month of June every year to commemorate the annual mensuration of the Goddess Kamakhya. 

The ancient temple is built in an elongated manner with a circular mandapa at the top, surrounded by lush green zones. Tourists, as well as devotees, usually come in the early morning to pay their respect to the temple and Goddess and keep their spiritual energy high in the sky.

 Daily 8:00 hours to 13:00 hours. + 14:30 to 17:30 hours.

Entry fee-
Free for the public. For direct entry by skipping the queue, Rs 501 is applicable.


Also famous by the name of the gateway to Northeast, the city is well urbanized and encompasses many spiritual temples, Natural sights to gaze, wildlife areas nearby, lakes and of course, River Brahmaputra at the edges on whose decks the city is residing comfortably. Moreover, the urbanization supports a full-fledged airport and well constructed plain roads to connect the other states of the North East zone. 

The places nearby Guwahati covers lakes like Dipor Bil, Kamakhya temple, Umananda island, Pobitora wildlife sanctuary, Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary, Assam state zoo, and Assam state museum to stop by. The list isn't exhausted here. It continues for adventure seekers too who seek activities like parasailing, bungee jumping, paragliding, trekking, boating etc. So, whether your soul wants you to be spiritual, thrill seeker or a stargazer, Guwahati always welcomes its tourists with grace and cultural greeting.

Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden

Situated in the city of Guwahati within the Hengrabari Reserved Forest, this place is a must visit tourist place in Assam if one wants a to spend some time in presence of green zones, more than 900 types of animals, birds, and reptiles. 

The zoo set up in 1957 has expanded over the years and now has become a home for One-horned Rhinoceros, Tigers, clouded leopard, Elephants, Leopard cat and many many more. Not just them, this zoo houses exotic species like chimpanzees, white rhinos & black rhinos, zebras, ostriches and giraffes from Africa; puma, jaguar, and llama from South America and kangaroos from Australia. A great combination of types of wildlife, large green areas for Botanical gardens and water bodies could just attract you in Assam state zoo and Botanical garden from any part of the country.

 10:00 hours to 23:30 hours

 Rs 10 per person

Manas National Park

A famous wildlife zone and one of the exhilarating places to visit in Assam can bring you directly to Manas National park. A world heritage site declared by UNESCO, an elephant reserve, a Biosphere Reserve and a Project Tiger reserve is all the highlighted tags that these park posses. This place is known as home for rare and endangered endemic wildlife such as the Assam roofed turtle, hispid hare, golden langur, and pygmy hog. 

If one wants to achieve golden moments within the thickly dense forests and enjoy the ripples of river water, a combination of tropical, deciduous trees with the flow of Manas river can totally cheer the mood up. Visit here and bring your wild side out in the laps of Natural beauty. Moreover, it is easily connected from the city of Guwahati by road as well as a rail as it lies 137 km Northwest to the city.

 8:00 hours to 17:00 hours

Safari timings-
 Morning: 9:00 hours to 12:00 hours. Evening: 14:00 hours to 17:00 hours.

Entry fee-
 INR 20 for Indian Nationals and INR 250 for Foreign Nationals

Jeep safari fee- 
INR 120 per Indian National and INR 750 for Foreign National.


Another city that is on the edges of river Brahmaputra and is a neighbor of Guwahati by the distance of 175 km, is the city Tezpur. Tezpur has a history with mythology but the actual ruins of medieval age could be seen in Bamuni hills. Modern Tezpur has a connectivity with the British era and composes of a subtle calm climate. Tezpur has a rich culture from where Bihu and Bagurumba dance is the most catching performance. 

A concoction of places like Bhairabi temple, Hanuman Mandir, Mahabhairav temple, Cole Park, Padam pukhuri, Rudra Path and many more makes this place best places to visit in Assam. Nature gets an extra gist of Kolia Bhomora Setu that connects Tezpur to Nagaon and the view of the bridge as well as from it makes one fall in love with river Brahmaputra again and again. Don't miss a chance to be in Tezpur when the tickets to Assam are booked and lying on your table.

Nameri National Park

Nameri National park is an old set up in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas. A huge spread of lakes and water bodies, the sight of Rhinos, Elephants, Tiger, Leopard, Sambhar, Dhole, Hornbills, ducks and Storks are easy in the zone. 

Someone having a love for vegetations like wide grassland, tall evergreen, and deciduous trees can totally spend a good time in the heart of Nameri. Moreover, it connects with Guwahati through swift roads and one will not face any hurdle in reaching this beautiful place. North to Tezpur, Nameri is 38.8 km and one can reach easily from here. Also, Guwahati airport and Tezpur airport can be chosen by the tourists who want to opt for flyway to be here.

- 5:00 hours to 19:00 hours

Entry fee
- INR 20 for Indian Nationals and INR 250 for Foreign Nationals

Kakochang Waterfalls

A half an hour drive towards East from Kaziranga National park will make anyone go awestruck with the beauty channelized in the form of Kakochang waterfall. The pristine clear waters falling from the top of the hill and accumulating in the natural pond below is just praiseworthy. You can feel the drops sprinkling on your face and freshness in the air while anywhere around this fall. 

The wet rocks and greenery support this Natural beauty while adding extra grace to the whole aura. You can be a part of this falls by taking a shallow dip in the pond below this soothing waterfall. A not to be missed tourist spot, this waterfall is one of the best places to visit in Assam.

Tocklai Tea Research Centre

Assam and Tea are both inseparable in literal terms. People around the world are totally in love with the taste of this tea and the curious minds visit Tocklai Tea center to satiate their taste and various scientific research process of tea making. 

Set up in times of British rule and following the legacy with the developed state, this place is standing high in tea research facility. One can experience the peaceful environment here while enjoying the well-maintained facilities at their tea garden, museum, and Restaurant. The amazing part is friendly staff who helps everybody in acknowledging the history as the well-developed legacy of the tea industry. Tocklai institute is located in Jorhat city and easy to reach by roads.

If you are a tea lover and your day begins with having a cup of the same, you must not leave Assam without adding this place on your itinerary.

Timing- 8300 hours to 1700 hours


Umananda Island

This island is a religious addition to the travel bucket list of Assam. Also named as Peacock island by the British, this has gained popularity because of its presence in between the river Brahmaputra and can be easily connected when you are in Guwahati. Umananda island is also known as one of the smallest islands of the world and comprise of Umananda temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

The old form of rock-cut figures of Lord Surya, Ganesh and Shiva allows anyone to appreciate the beauty and skills of craftsmanship of Assamese people who showed their dedication towards spiritual energy. The sound of temple bells and water alongside uplifts the mood of devotees and tourists in one sway. This has become one the best tourist places in Assam as it is easily reachable by jetties which are available on the banks of Brahmaputra river.

Timing- 5300 hours to 1800 hours.

Entry fee- Free of charges


Padum Pukhuri

Located in the city of Tezpur, Padum Pukhuri lake has given a bliss to the city with its fresh waters and floating vegetation in some patches. Viewing this lake with green surroundings and blue sky above the head just combines all the aspect of Nature and soothes the heart and mind of the visitors in one go. The bridge passing in between is colored the same way this waterbody colors your life. 

What makes the scenery more enchanting is the birdlife like Ducks playing with each other on the surface on it. Not just Padum Pukhuri, its known pair Hazara Pukhuri is also a wonder in itself. When here, one must not miss the rejuvenating experience of walking on the bank of the pond and witness the park's musical fountains, toy trains, and the iron bridge.

Kamakhya Temple

One of the most famous Shakti Peethas in India, Kamakhya Temple is a venerated shrine in Assam. One of the oldest temples in Guwahati associated with the legend of Shiva and Daksha Yagna, Kamakhya Temple is a famous temple and visited by millions of devotees. Renowned for its legendary tales, Kamakhya Temple is located on the Nilachal Hill with a splendid complex of 6 temples and 6 monuments inside it. 

The temple is listed among the famous tourist places in Guwahati and associated with a legend that says during the month of June, the waters of River Brahmaputra turn red due to the Goddess’ menstruating blood. The scenic beauty encompassing the complex of Kamakhya Temple is breathtaking and one can look forward to exploring various artistic sculptures here. Kamakhya Temple is best visited during the months of September and October when there is a fantastic celebration of the festival of Durga Puja for five days.

Location: Kamakhya Temple, Kamakhya, Guwahati

Timings: 5:30 am to 10:00 pm

Entry Fee/charges: Free to visit

Distance from Guwahati Bus Stand: 133 kilometres 


North Cachar Hills

Also known as Dima Hasao district of Assam, the place inhabits minor and major tribes like Dimasa kachauris, Zeme Nagas, The Hmars and The Kukis with a minimum population in terms of space covered. Anyone who is visiting these hills can experience Nature even with their eyes closed. 

Sipping a cup of tea while watching birds at Jatinga, a district in Dima Hasao; enjoying a long walk in the ‘Scotland of Assam' (Haflong) and shop local handloom at Haflong bazar would combine a trip to North Cachar Hills. With all that, swing in the clouds above your head. One can reach this place from nearest Silchar airport from where a rough 140 km road drive will land you finally on these thrilling hills and you will be in one of the best places to visit in Assam.

Dipor Bil

Lake, also known as Bil in Assamese is an evergreen feature of the land of the North East. The list of tourist places in Assam never completes without including Dipor Bil in it. The mighty Brahmaputra has an extension into the plains which resulted into this enchanting lake. Located 13 km in South West direction from Guwahati, Dipor Bil is perfect to watch beautiful birds basking in the sun and swinging on the tunes of the lake's ripples. 

The surface of the lake is flared by flora like Waterlily, water hyacinth, aquatic grass and believe us, it is adding an extra grace to blue clean waters. Along with a boat ride, one can feel the difference with migratory birds while taking a tour here. Moreover, you can notice Storks, Ducks, Kingfishers, and Pelicans enjoying in the glory of the climate and making it an attraction for thousands.

Assam State Museum

Famous as one of the richest repositories of antiques, Assam State Museum is hailed as one of the biggest multipurpose museums in India. Situated in the scenic locales of Dighalupukhuri area, Assam State Museum was built in 1940 and boasts of being the oldest museum in Northeast India.

Established by the Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti, this museum is a must-visit to explore the culture and heritage of Assam through the fascinating antiques that are on display here. Some of the most interesting things that one can find here are prehistoric ivory paintings, sculptures, metal, woodwork and costumes etc. With different categories of exhibits like Epigraphy, Sculptures, Miscellaneous, Natural History etc, the museum is a wonderful visit for everyone who wishes to witness the traditions of the state of Assam.

Location: Assam State Museum, Gopinath Bordoloi Road, Near Dighalipukhuri Park, Ambari, Guwahati

Timings: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Closed on Mondays, 2nd, and 4th Saturday)

Entry Fee/charges: INR 5

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