Elephant Falls Overview

The Elephant Falls, locally known as Ka Kshaid Lai Patent Khohsiew, is a three step waterfall located in Shillong. This waterfall was spotted first by the British when they spotted a rock that resembled an elephant. The falls is hidden among trees and is filled with lush greenery on all sides, creating a picturesque look.

The water from the falls collects at a pool at the bottom where you can walk into the knee deep water and take a dip. With the giant falls in the background, the journey to the falls is nothing less than an adventure. One has to trek to the falls and the journey is nothing less than an adventure.

On the way, you will come across different types of stalls that sell snacks and souvenirs that are worth trying out. Overall, a visit to the Elephant Falls in Shillong can leave you with lasting memories worth cherishing. Visit the stunning Elephant Falls and enjoy nature's beauty with our exclusive Meghalaya packages.


• Experience a fresh burst of adrenaline as you trek to one of the most iconic falls in Shillong- the Elephant Falls. 
• Take a refreshing dip in the cold waters of the falls and feel an energy burst rejuvenate your senses. 
• Try out the local cuisine while trekking to the falls, consisting of locally produced snacks and souvenirs.
• Get yourself clicked at Elephant Falls- one of the most sought after spots for photoshoots in Shillong. 

How To Reach

  • By Car: The Elephant Falls is 12.5 km from the city centre, it will take 34 minutes via the NH 106 route.

Best Time To Visit

The Elephant Falls is open throughout the year, so you can plan your visit to the falls at any time of the year. 

  • Summer is the best season as the climate is favourable and you have a higher chance of watching the falls too. 
  • Weekdays are the best time to plan your visit as the chances of crowding at this time are minimal. 
  • Plan your visit to the falls preferably in the afternoon as this is the time when the sun is out and you can get the full view of the falls.

Other Essential Information

Visitor tips

1. Travelling to the falls will involve a trek, so be physically prepared for long walks. 

2. Carry enough essentials like insect repellant creams and ointments to keep yourself safe from insect bites. 

3. It is recommended to carry enough food in case you fall hungry, as there is a high chance of falling hungry during your treks. 

4. In case you feel tired of trekking, you can also make the best use of the benches to just sit and relax.

5. You will have to pay 20 rupees to view and fall and an additional 20 rupees to bring a camera to click pictures. 

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