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Tawang Packages

Duration Price
Discovering Arunachal Pradesh7 days & 6 nights
INR 35,500
Northeastern Nirvana with Dirang Sightseeing Tour10 days & 9 nights
INR 42,000
Gems of Arunachal Pradesh9 days & 8 nights
INR 45,500
Trails of Arunachal Pradesh | An Odyssey in the Lap of Himalayas10 days & 9 nights
INR 50,000
Highlights of Arunachal Pradesh8 days & 7 nights
INR 40,500
10 Days Arunachal Tour Package with Kaziranga and Tawang10 days & 9 nights
INR 39,999

Tawang Travel Packages- Browse through a wide range of Tawang trip packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Tawang packages with exciting deals & offers.

Escape to Arunachal Pradesh’s westernmost district with Thrillophilia's custom Tawang tour package. Travel over the twisting roads of Sela Pass, a stunning drive that offers panoramic views of lush valleys. You can also visit the serene freshwater lake of Peng Teng Tso at an altitude of 12000 feet, and indulge in boating and fishing.

With the Arunachal Pradesh tour packages from Thrillophilia head to the the Jaswant Garh War Memorial, and pay tribute to the brave individuals who sacrificed their lives. You can also start your journey on top of the magnificent Gorichen Peak, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and pure wilderness.

With our Tawang packages find peace at Shonga Tser Lake, where the still waters mirror the majestic mountains. You can enjoy a peaceful day at Urgelling Gompa, the 14th-century birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama. Experience adventure at Bumla Pass, one of the most remote places on Earth. 

Experience every facet of this Himalayan paradise with Thrillophilia. From cosy accommodations and seamless transfers to meals and guided tours, our Tawang travel package takes care of everything. Moreover, with our round-the-clock customer service and customisation options, you may enjoy Tawang's magic worry-free.

Tawang invites you with its many pleasures, whether you're looking for adventure among the natural riches or comfort in cultural discovery. So, to start on a unique journey of discovery, reserve your Tawang trip package with Thrillophilia today.

Best Time to Visit Tawang:

Nestled in the peaceful hills of Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang can be visited all through the year.

1. Peak Season (April to June): The peak tourist season features mild weather and the temperature ranges between 15°C to 25°C. This period lets you enjoy clear weather, blooming landscapes, and various cultural festivals. You can attend Losar and Buddha Mahotsava besides visiting the majestic Tawang Monastery with a Tawang holiday package.

2. Shoulder Season (March and September to October): For quieter travel experiences, moderate temperatures and fewer crowds you can visit during the shoulder season. During this time the temperature ranges between 5°C to 15°C, making it suitable for river rafting, and fishing in the Kameng River. You can also pay a visit to the picturesque Pangateng Tso Lake or embark on scenic hikes to Nuranang Falls and Bum La Pass.

3. Waning Season (July to August) (November to February): Late summer and early winter mark the waning season in Tawang. During these months, temperatures drop significantly, ranging from 0°C to 10°C, with occasional rainfall and snowfall. During this time you can behold the winter landscapes, and explore attractions like Tawang Monastery and Nuranang Falls, with fewer crowds.

How to Reach Tawang:

1. By Air: The nearest airport to Tawang is Salonibari Airport in Assam’s Tezpur approximately 320 kilometres away. Flights to Tezpur are available from major cities like Kolkata, Guwahati, and Delhi. Airlines such as Air India and SpiceJet operate regular flights to Tezpur.

2. By Road: Tawang is well-connected by road, with the most popular route being via National Highway 13. ASTC Buses and private cars ply regularly on this route. Thus in around 10 to 12 hours, you can reach Tawang from Tezpur, depending on road conditions. 

3. By Rail: The nearest railway station to Tawang is Tezpur Railway Station, located approximately 320 kilometres away. You can board trains from major cities like Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai to Tezpur. Some of the trains serving this route include the Kamrup Express, Brahmaputra Mail, and Rajdhani Express.

Places to Visit on Tawang Trip:

Here is the list of best places to visit in Tawang:

1. Tawang Monastery: With our Tawang tour package, see the Tawang Monastery, perched atop a hill at a height of 10,000 feet. Sacred to Mahayana Buddhism, it's home to more than 300 Gelugpa monks. As you step into the Dukhang or the gathering hall here, you can marvel at the portraits of numerous Bodhisattvas and saints. 

2. Sela Pass: In the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh, Sela Pass stands at 4,170 meters. Here, you can take in the sight of frost-covered pines and snow-kissed Himalayan peaks. You can also discover 101 lakes, including the well-known Paradise Lake, a jewel surrounded by unspoiled beauty with our Tawang tour package. 

3. Shonga Tser Lake: Relive the Bollywood charm of Shonga Tser Lake, also called Madhuri Lake. It is at this location where Koyala's well-known song was filmed. It was formerly a grassland and is reported to have formed in 1971 as a result of an earthquake. The gorgeous snow-capped mountains around Shonga-Tster further enhance its allure as a tourist destination.

4. Nuranang Falls: Explore the serene grace of Nuranang Falls, nestled within the forests with our Tawang tour package. Known by many as Jang or Bong Bong Falls, this immaculate fall towers over 100 meters and enthrals all with its white waterfall. Here, you can enjoy a swim while taking in the views of the Eastern Himalayas. 

5. Tawang War Memorial: Visit the 40-foot-tall Tawang War Memorial with our Tawang tour package. With a Buddhist-inspired design, it is a solemn tribute to the 2420 heroic warriors who dedicated their lives in the 1962 Indo-China War. Pay your respects at this moving memorial to the sacrifices made in the Kameng sector while witnessing prayer flags flying and tanks on exhibit.

6. Peng Teng Tso Lake: With our Tawang tour package travel to Peng Teng Tso Lake, a tranquil treasure tucked away in the Himalayas, at an elevation of 12000 feet. Legend has it that a goddess' tears after losing her child formed this lake and that it has therapeutic qualities. Here, you can bask in the breathtaking natural beauty of the surrounding lush green forests while fishing and boating.

7. Jaswant Garh War Memorial: Enter the Jaswant Garh Memorial to pay tribute to the valiant Indo-Sino War hero Jaswant Singh while touring with our Tawang packages. Here, you can see few personnel taking care of the war hero’s portrait, his cap, watch, belt, and Army uniform.

8. Taktsang Gompa: Enter Taktsang Gompa as part of the Tawang packages, which is perched at a height of 12,000 feet. You can see beautiful sculptures, bright murals, and sacred texts in this 17th-century Buddhist monastery. Witness the monks' daily routines and prayers, as well as the calm halls and sanctuaries that hold wisdom.

Things to Do on Tawang Tour:

Here is the list of best thing to do in Tawang:

1. Go Hiking At The Gorichen Peak: With our Tawang holiday package, set out on a thrilling adventure to Gorichen Peak, which stands at 6,488 meters. This strenuous hike offers stunning vistas as it passes through thick forests and snow-capped mountains. On your ascent, be on the lookout for musk deer, Himalayan black bears, and the rare snow leopard.

2. Visit Shonga-Tser Lake: With the Tawang holiday package, explore the beauty of the Shonga-Tser Lake, often referred to as Madhuri Lake. Its pristine waters reflect the blue sky, producing a captivating scene. It is tucked away at an elevation of 12,000 feet and offers a marvellous view of the surrounding valleys and mountains.

3. Sela Pass Drive: Take a trip via the stunning Sela Pass to experience the thrill of travelling with the Tawang holiday package. Situated at 13,700 feet above sea level, you need to travel along meandering roads to reach here. Enjoy breathtaking views while navigating hairpin curves, also, you can get to see Sela Lake and Sela Monastery on the route.

4. Explore Tawang Craft Centre: As part of our Tawang travel package, you can visit the Tawang Craft Centre. Explore the magnificent carpets, thangka paintings, and finely woven fabrics that showcase the Monpa community's exceptional craftsmanship. Get to know the local craftspeople and learn about their history and methods.

5. Shop at Tibetan Settlement Market: Discover the lively atmosphere of the Tibetan Settlement Market with our Tawang travel package. Explore a tangle of roadside stands and tiny stores stuffed with antiques. Savour traditional Tibetan food and peruse a variety of traditional goods, such as Chinese tableware and porcelain items.

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Tawang Tour faqs

How many days are sufficient for Tawang?

7-8 days is sufficient for a fulfilling exploration of Tawang. You can visit Tawang Monastery, Sela Pass, and Jaswant Garh Memorial. Engage in trekking at Gorichen Peak and explore Nuranang Falls. Also, discover local culture at Tawang Craft Centre and Tibetan Settlement Market with our Tawang holiday package. 

Which is the best time to visit Tawang?

Tawang welcomes you all year round, offering diverse experiences. However, the best time to visit is from March to June, with temperatures ranging from 5°C to 22°C. During this time you can explore Tawang Monastery, Sela Pass, and Nuranang Falls amid pleasant weather, avoiding heavy snowfall and monsoon rains.

Do we need a permit to visit Tawang?

Yes, to visit Tawang in the restricted area of Arunachal Pradesh, you'll need an Inner Line Permit (ILP) unless you're a native of the state. You can obtain the ILP from designated authorities of the Arunachal Pradesh Government by submitting your ID and two passport photos.

How to plan a trip to Tawang?

To plan a trip to Tawang, make a list of all the things you want to see and do. Take into account your lodging preferences and budget. Look into the personalised Tawang packages by Thrillophilia as they offer hassle-free travel arrangements, and are also inclusive of accommodation, meals, and sightseeing.

Which railway station is near to Tawang?

Rangapara Railway Station in Tezpur is the closest significant train station to Tawang. It is connected to important cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, etc, and is situated 314 km away from Tawang. You can hire a local bus or taxi from here to your your destination.

Which are the best trekking tours in Tawang?

Foreign tourists, particularly adventure seekers are regular visitors who come here to explore the numerous trekking routes located in the mountains. This green patch of India is botanically rich and gives you many adventure trekking opportunities and tours with hundreds of plant species which are rare to find elsewhere in the world. 


Some of the popular trekking tours in Tawang are:

  • Bomdila-Seppa
  • Along-Mechuka
  • Daporijo-Taksing
  • Pasighat-Tuting
  • Pasighat-Mariang
  • Daporijo-Along
  • Bomdila-Daimara-via-Ramlingam
  • Chakku

Which are the best motorbiking tours in Tawang?

Tawang offers some spellbinding landscapes that lets tourists experience beauty and splendor right in front of eyes come true, riding through the eastern part of the country which gets all the more fun and memorable bike riding tour in India majorly eastern part. The riding conditions are simply idyllic and you are certainly going to enjoy every bit of it. 


Some of the best motorbiking tours in Tawang are:

  • Guwahati-Tawang
  • Dirang Valley to Tawang 
  • Tawang – Sangetsar Lake – Tawang Monastery – Tawang  
  • Tawang to Bomdila 

Which are the best shopping tours in Tawang?

Shopping at the colorful markets of Tawang is really a fabulous experience for the shopaholics. Tawang has a good range of tourist souvenir shops which sell Buddhist prayer wheels in colorful wood, chadars (wrap skirts worn by local women), beautiful bags, shawls, brassware and Buddha statues.

The most popular places for a shopping tour in Tawang are summarized as follows:

  • Old Market
  • Tibetan Settlement Market
  • Government Handicraft Emporium

What are the top attractions for a sightseeing tour in Tawang?

Tawang holds you tight with its unparalleled beauty and your senses marvel at the gift of nature displayed in every inch of the land. Situated 10000 feet high above Mean Sea Level and surrounded by lakes, Tawang’s beauty reaches out to your eyes and moves towards your soul. 

Situated at an elevation of 3,048 meters and is famous for being the birthplace of the sixth Dalai Lama, Nagwang Lobsang Gyatso and is home to the largest Buddhist Monastery in India. Tawang also remains an important pilgrimage destination for Tibetan Buddhists. 

Some of the top attractions for a sightseeing tour in Tawang are:

  • Sela Pass
  • Tawang Monastery
  • Madhuri Lake
  • Bum La Pass
  • Tawang War Memorial
  • Jaswant Garh
  • Nuranang Falls
  • Pangateng Tso Lake
  • Urgelling Gompa
  • Urguelling Monastery
  • Nagula Lake
  • Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tawang Craft Centre
  • Bap Teng Kang Waterfall

Which are the best places for a Wildlife experience in Guwahati?

Along with mesmerizing sightseeing, wildlife experience is another beauty which you can enjoy in this part of the country. If you are a nature lover then your trip to this wonderful place is complete if you do not explore the wildlife here. There is a number of things which you can explore here in this respect. Some of the popular places you shall visit in this regard are:

  1. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Kaziranga National Park
  3. Nameri Eco Camp
  4. Manas National Park

You will find various species of wildlife in such locations.

What are the best wildlife experiences in Tawang?

Tawang is truly a mystical destination which is blessed with natural scenery in abundance. The place is a must visit for nature lovers as the beauty of the place is truly unmatched.  It is a perfect location for those who wish to spend a holiday filled with serenity. Explore the rich biodiversity of Tawang and spend time in the company of some rare animals and plants during your holiday. This small town is a mesmerizing place for wildlife enthusiasts as it is close to the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary. 


The most amazing wildlife experiences in Tawang can be enjoyed at:

  • Nuranang Falls
  • Sela Pass
  • Madhuri Lake
  • Nagula Lake
  • Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gorsam Chorten
  • Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pangateng Tso Lake

When is the best time to visit Tawang for its festivals?

If you are wishing to have a glimpse of the vibrant festivals of Tawang, during the summer months between March and October. Early March is especially a good time to visit as the Monpas celebrate the Losar festival and the whole town is a riot of colours. Tourists flock during these months to enjoy the charm and gaiety of the Torgya and Losar festivals held in Tawang. These months see an average temperature that ranges from 11 °C to -5 °C. 

The summers are cooler in comparison to its climate at other times of the year, which makes it automatically cool and pleasant for other people to visit it. Also, festivals colour and light up the place, especially around March. There are music festivals as well.

Which are the best monasteries to visit in Tawang for a spiritual experience?

There are many Tibetan monasteries in Tawang, which was once a part of Tibet. The people are Indian now, but they still have Tibetan roots in terms of how they worship, how they dress, what they eat etc. The monasteries also serve as schools for children where they learn the local language, English and Tibetan. The best time to visit these monasteries is between October and April. 

The Tawang Monastery also known as "Galden Namgyal Lhatse" is famous Buddhist monastery which was founded by Merak Lama Lodro Gyamtso in the year 1860-61 AD. It is one of the largest lamaseries of Mahayana sects and the second oldest monastery in the world after Lhasa, often known as the most impressive monasteries of Tawang.

What should I wear in Tawang?

To adjust to the fluctuating weather in Tawang, dress in layers to be comfortable during your stay. To fight the cold, especially in the winter, wear warm clothes like mufflers and sweaters. Choose cosy walking shoes and keep a waterproof jacket handy to protect yourself from occasional downpours. Consider dressing lightly during summer.

Is there any oxygen problem in Tawang?

Yes, lower oxygen levels can result in altitude-related problems for certain people at higher altitudes in Tawang. To prevent issues, acclimatisation, a gentle ascent, and maintaining hydration are essential. If you're altitude-sensitive, see a doctor before travelling and bring portable oxygen or altitude sickness medication.

Which month is there snowfall in Tawang?

In Tawang, the months of December and January see the most snowfall, which normally lasts from late November until early April. In these months, the area becomes a gorgeous winter wonderland with options for snow-related sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and snow trekking.

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