NohKaLikai Falls Overview

Located near Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, the Nohkalikai Falls is one of the tallest plunge waterfalls in India. This waterfall has a height of 340 metres and gets its water from rainwater which later plunges into a pool at the base. In fact, this waterfall is so prominent that many people even associate this falls with Meghalaya.

Apart from being one of the largest plunge waterfalls in India, this is also the fourth largest of its kind in the world. The Nohkalikai Falls is a major attraction for those interested to visit the North East. From adventure enthusiasts to photography lovers, many flock to get a glimpse of the Nohkalikai falls. Marvel at the majestic NohKaLikai Falls and immerse yourself in nature with our Meghalaya packages.

The falls comes with a viewing point that gives you the best views of the cascading falls and the deep plunging pool. The pool resembles a lagoon and is also known for changing its colours from blue to green during different seasons.


• Discover different trekking routes near the falls and come across a lot of hidden gems from small villages and natural landscapes. 
• Explore different photography spots and carry home a unique souvenir of one of the most picturesque falls in the world. 
• Spend time overnight near the falls by camping in different camping spots in prominent spots near the falls. 
• Discover the living root bridges of Cherrapunji that have been intertwined for more than 100 years. 
• Admire the interiors of Mawsmai caves by checking out the limestone structures and the stalagmites formations. 

How To Reach

  • By Car: The Nohkalikai Falls is 7.3 kms from the Cherrapunji city centre, it will take 20 minutes via the Nohkalikai road route.
  • By Bus: Take a bus to Cherrapunji bus station which is 7 kilometres away from the Nohkalikai falls. You can reach the Nohkalikai falls from the bus station with a 15 minutes drive using a cab or a car. 

Best Time To Visit

The Nohkalikai Falls takes pride in being open throughout the year, so you can plan your visit at any time of the year. 

  • The best season would be the monsoon season that ranges from October to December.
  • Plan your visit to the falls sometime in the weekday as the chances of running into crowds are less. 
  • The best time of the day would be in the morning, especially during sunrise for the best views of the falls. 

Other Essential Information

Visitor tips

1. You will have to pay 20 rupees per head for both adults and children for getting a view of the falls. 

2. Visitors with cameras will have to pay an extra amount of 20 rupees to use their camera to click pictures of the falls. 

3. You will need at least a couple of hours to spend at the viewpoint of the Nohkalikai falls, so plan your visit accordingly. 

4. The falls is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, so plan your travel and stay accordingly. 

5. Carry your litter home and do not drop any to preserve the cleanliness of the premises. 

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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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