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  • Draped with the enchanting beauty of the Eastern Himalayas, Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim can be called as a slice of heaven. Be it the hymns from the serene monasteries, scenic views of the landscapes, balmy charm of the vicinity or the tranquility that prevails in every corner, this hill city never ceases to amaze its visitors!

    Be surprised, mesmerized, thrilled and inundated with exotic treats on a Gangtok trip. From being a Buddhist pilgrimage site to an international tourist destination, this city has grown in prominence. On a trip to the verdant and scenic locations in this paradisiacal destination, you will enjoy a variety of activities such as yak safari, river rafting, boating, trekking, monastery tours and mountain biking.

    Here are some of the best things to do on your Gangtok trip:

  • 01Seven Sisters Waterfall

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    Image Credit : wikipedia
    Located in the North Sikkim District, this stunning waterfall got its name from seven stages. A captivating cascade, its prominent feature is the intensity of the splashing water; the echoing sound made by the crashing waters is phenomenal

    On your Gangtok trip, you can easily witness three distinct tiers of this cascade. A small footbridge that runs over the stream, usually takes the visitors close to the waterfall. Also, it is an ideal spot to be a shutterbug and capture some of the mesmeric clicks of the vicinity. Pristine beauty of the cascade, peace and calmness engulfing the waterfall and its fascinating views are a splendid treat to the eye.

  • 02Cycling on Silk Route

  • 03Try Pragliding

  • 04Nathu La Pass

  • 05Go For River Rafting

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    Image Credit : pixabay

    The Teesta River presents an exhilarating white water rafting experience for rafters with varying levels of rafting experience. Considered an ideal river for this sport, this is a high-adrenaline activity with different rapids to choose from. Comprised of the long, medium and short sections, each section has a traverse time of averaging four and a half hours. The Short section route from Melli to the 29th Mile and it lasts for only an hour.

    White water rafting is conducted by many adventure management and outdoor sports companies. With rapids ranging from grade I-IV, a rafting experience in the Teesta River is a must on a Gangtok trip.

  • 06Tsomgo Lake

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    Image Credit : wikipedia

    Located in East Sikkim at an elevation of 3,780m, the Tsomgo Lake is also called ‘Changku Lake’. Associated with numerous myths and beliefs, this alluring lake is situated on the Gangtok Nathu La Highway and within the close proximity to the Chinese border.

    During winters or summers, the climatic conditions prevailing around this stunning reservoir varies from chilly to moderate. Stunning views of the nearby snow-capped mountains, reflections of the loft clouds on the clear blue water surface and the alluring views of the surroundings make this lake a spectacular sight in Gangtok.

    However, due to its close proximity with the Indo-China International Border, the non-Indian nationals might have to take special permissions in order to visit this lake.

  • 07Enjoy Yak Safari

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    Image Credit : wikipedia

    This is amongst the unforgettable experiences while on a Gangtok trip. Ride on a massive mammal with furs covering its entire physique, stiff horns and explore the charm of this spiritual city in a calm and pleasant pace.

    Riding a Yak has been the favoured forms of transportation for the locals. Yaks have the tenacity and balance to traverse ascents of any difficulty. Some of the best places to go for a Yak safari are on the fringes of the Tsomgo Lake or the Yak trails of the Dzongri area. The best Yak safaris take place in the Chota Valley where you can witness the bewitching beauty of nature. The best time to go on such expeditions is between March and October.

  • 08Go For Cable Ride

  • 09Goecha La Trek

    This is amongst romantic treks in the Himalayas where you actually romance the high mountains, valleys and resplendent atmospheric conditions! The ecosystem including the culture of the people here, is a sharp contrast to what you see in the rest of the country.

    You are enchanted unceasingly as you walk through the forests bestowed with Rhododendron trees that reverberate divine pristine-ness. Be it walking through the vast Dzongri and Thansing meadows or enjoy beautiful sights of the Samiti Lake, there is a blooming feeling of ecstasy when you are here. All along you are looked upon by the Kanchejunga and Pandim ranges. The trekking sojourn through such an enchanting land is inexplicably surreal and magical to say the least!

  • 10Mountain Biking

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    Image Credit : pixabay

    Biking on a rugged terrain with all-encompassing scenery in the backdrop is a surreal experience! Gangtok offers some of the most scenic biking trails in the world. On a biking sojourn in this hill city, witness the beauty of the landscape, exquisiteness of the flora and fauna, lush green hills and the quaint villages. Experience and embrace the natural beauty of Gangtok, stop by and click photographs and wave at the locals whose heartwarming smiles make your journey worth!

    Ride past cardamom fields and smell the fragrance. Get breathtaking views of the city from the mountain ridges. Refresh yourself with the crystal clear mountain streams. Bike unaffected and free-spirited through deodar and pine forests. Become one with nature and let your abundant energies manifest itself through this exciting outdoor activity on your Gangtok trip.

  • 11Helicopter Ride in Sikkim

    A helicopter ride in Sikkim is an opportunity to get an aerial view of the Himalayan ranges and amongst the top things to do in Gangtok. It is a time to feast your eyes on the grandeur of this place. Be spellbound by the high-rise mountains, valleys, rivers and forests as you see them from the sky. See the Gangtok town and get a comprehensive eagle’s eye view of its landscape. You can also go on helicopter rides over the monasteries and explore their spirituality and devotion.

    The best helicopter trip would be the one over the Valley of Flowers. There could be some rules pertaining to photography; as per the Ministry of Defense, photography may not be allowed in some regions. However, despite of such restrictions, a helicopter ride is a must while visiting the salubrious hill city in Sikkim.

  • 12Rumtek Monastery

    Also called the Dharmachakra Centre, the Rumtek Monastery is a renowned place of pilgrimage for Buddhists. Built in the 16th century, this monastery is perched atop a hill from here you get a panoramic view of the city while on your Gangtok trip.

    Being the largest monasteries in this region, people visit this place for its surroundings and picturesque views as well. A small path meanders from the monastery and passes through terrace rice fields. You can follow this path to witness sloshing streams and rare plants that make up a unique ecosystem. The monastery is surrounded by mountains, streams and forests. It is perfectly nestled amidst such enchanting beauty to make your visit to this place a memorable one.

    The aforementioned are some of the many things to do in Gangtok. Bestowed with numerous avenues for recreation and adventure, this capital city of Sikkim has its own glory and charm. Be it the sprawling meadows to the sunset views from cliffs, everything about Gangtok are cradled by nature’s finest attributes. 

  • 13View Sunset At Tashi Viewpoint

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    Image Credit : sumit-dhar-Flickr

    If you have ever wanted to view the Kanchenjunga mountain range from a close distance, then the Tashi Viewpoint is the ideal spot for you! Located only a few miles away from the main city, it can easily reached. Also, one of the most sought after destinations for the nature photographers and admirers, the mystique appeal of the viewpoint is a must for everyone.

    Mostly swarmed during the early hours of the day, the rays of the rising sun creates a magical charm around the point. Illuminating the ambience with the golden sunrays, it offers the panoramic views of the Khanchendzonga and Siniolchu peaks. Circular in shape, it allows four people at a time and a visit to this viewpoint is one of the surreal things to do in Gangtok.

  • 14Hang Gliding

  • 15Discover Lal Bazaar

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