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  • Arunachal Pradesh Tour Packages are a wonderful way to enjoy your time in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh is a jewel in the natural landscape of India. Mountain slopes covered in dense greenery, powerful rivers cutting through the land, gushing waterfalls spraying their vibrancy all over the place, exotic animals pacing the forests, ancient monasteries rich in serenity- all this and more is to be found in Arunachal Pradesh. 

    There is a subtle sense of adventure in practically everything you do in Arunachal Pradesh, no matter if it is gazing at the mountain peaks or sitting by the banks of the pristine rivers. But for those who like more, hardcore adventure activities are also possible on the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh- from river rafting to rock climbing to rappelling to trekking. Camping in Arunachal adds further to the depth and intensity of the experience in Arunachal Pradesh.

    There is a lot you can enjoy in Arunachal, and the best way of doing so is by undertaking comprehensive Arunachal Pradesh holiday packages. These packages bring together the best of all experiences possible in Arunachal and give you a great bang for your buck. There are many kinds of tour packages available varying by the place you choose to visit around the state. Tawang, Roing, Ziro Valley, During are some of the best places to visit around Arunachal, and you will find many tour packages which cater to these destinations. 

    You can also choose to experience all of these places in a single all-inclusive package that not only includes intensive sightseeing opportunities but also adventure activities, camping, cultural immersions and more. No matter which package you choose, Arunachal Pradesh is a place that will leave you with the warmest memories. 

  • Arunachal Pradesh Tour Packages

  • 01Arunachal Sightseeing Tour Package

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    Exploring Arunachal Pradesh is a magical experience and doing so with Arunachal Sightseeing Packages is a great way to gain a comprehensive experience of the region. There are many sightseeing opportunities in Arunachal Pradesh, and you will find a wide variety of Arunachal sightseeing packages to go with these. A good Arunachal Pradesh tour package with sightseeing lasts between 5 to 15 days and takes you over most of the exotic locations in the state. 

    Tawang, Bomdila, Dirang are some places that you definitely will visit. You will also get the opportunity to visit places like Namdapha National Park, Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary and Parshuram Kund among others when on a sightseeing tour of Arunachal Pradesh. 

  • 02Tawang Sightseeing Tour Package

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    Tawang is one of the best places you can visit in Arunachal Pradesh. Rich in natural beauty and full of adventures, this district is best explored with a comprehensive Tawang sightseeing tour package. Such a package will allow you to explore the region in its entirety, and also bring opportunities to interact with the people of the region. 

    Tawang sightseeing tour packages can last anywhere between 4 to 8 days, during the course of which you will have the chance to visit renowned monasteries, luxurious gardens, awe-inspiring passes, tribal villages and a lot more. A guide will accompany you to most places so that you have the most in-depth experience of the region as possible. 

  • 03Ziro Valley Tour Package

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    Arunachal Pradesh is a land of beauty, and Ziro Valley is one of its most queenly manifestations. Exploring this interesting and adventurous region is best done with a Ziro Valley tour package that mixes and matches the best attractions of the place to give you wonderful memories to cherish lifelong. Tour packages of Ziro Valley include sightseeing packages, adventure packages, trekking packages, and cultural packages as well as all-inclusive packages. 

    Depending upon the amount of time you have as well as your desires, you can pick a package ranging anywhere between 3 to 10 days. Ziro Valley’s best locations include Kile Pakho, Ziro Puto, Meghna Cave Temple, Dolo Mando, Hapoli and Pine Grove among others, and visits to these will be included in most Ziro Valley tour packages. 

  • 04Tour Package of North East Splendors

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    Paying a visit to the majestic North East is a once in a lifetime experience, and touring it with a special tour package is a great way to do so. Such tour packages include well-curated itineraries which make sure you spend every moment of your trip doing something fun and memorable, so that not a moment goes waste. A North East Tour package can last between 7 to 20 days and take you all over the beautiful states. 

    Trekking, sightseeing, adventure sports, camping and a lot of other activities are included in these packages so that you gain the most comprehensive experience possible. Places to be visited may vary according to the package but generally include stops at Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Sikkim’s Gangtok and Pelling, and major destinations in Arunachal Pradesh among others.  

  • 05Arunachal Adventure Tour Package

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    Adventures in Arunachal will add to the zest of your trip to the state and leave you with the most fantastic memories. Arunachal Pradesh is a land bursting with fun-filled activities like paragliding, river rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, and trekking, and enjoying these adventures with an adventure tour package is a great way to go. Arunachal Pradesh adventure tour packages come in all shapes and forms, so you can either choose packages with individual adventure activities or you can choose packages that have multiple activities in one. 

    Depending upon your choice of package, adventure tour packages can extend anywhere between 1 to 10 days. But no matter which package you choose, rest assured that you are in for a world of fun and adventure. 

  • 06Arunachal Motorbike Tour Package

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    Biking through the lush natural landscape of Arunachal Pradesh is a fantastic experience, and a motorbiking tour package is a great place to start your adventures. A motorbiking package is a good idea because it ensures that you can enjoy the experience while staying safe. These tour packages are generally conducted in group settings and all necessary medical safety requirements are also taken care of. The accommodation and food are also provided for, so all you have to do is enjoy the experience of biking through the misty roads of Arunachal Pradesh. 

    Arunachal Pradesh tour packages which focus on motorbiking are spread out over 4 to 10 days, during the course of which you go all over the state and see the best of its wonders. Camping at night only adds to the joy of this tour. 

  • 07Arunachal Monastery Tour Package

    Arunachal Pradesh is not just rich in adventures but also in spirituality. Many ancient monasteries are located all over the state, adding to the beauty and peace of the region. Exploring all these monasteries on a dedicated Arunachal monastery tour is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the spiritual calm of the monasteries and truly understand the way they function. 

    A local guide will accompany you on this tour, telling you all about the historical, spiritual, and cultural significance of these places. You will also have the chance to spend several hours in these monasteries, simply strolling around, listening to discussions by the monks or mediating in the holy chambers. 

  • 08Tribal Culture Tour Package Arunachal

    The beautiful natural landscape of Arunachal is further enriched by the presence of the many tribes that inhabit distance regions of the state. These tribes are an essential part of Arunachal’s culture, and interacting with them is a central part of any Arunachal trip. Such interactions are best carried out with tribal tour packages, since these packages not only lead you to the villages of the tribal folk but also help you initiate smoother interactions with them. 

    A local guide accompanies you on these tours and tells you all about the tribes before you reach their settlement. Such unique Arunachal holiday tour packages can last between 1 to 4 days, and can provide tours of a single tribe or a number of them. 

  • 09Wildlife Tour Package of Arunachal

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    Arunachal Pradesh is one of the best places in India for a wildlife tour. The state flourishes with magnificence, and all manners of wildlife can be found within it. Tigers, leopards, clouded leopards, and snow leopards live here, as do marbled cats, hoolock gibbons, Assamese macaques among others. 

    Such an Arunachal Pradesh tour package comprises of visits to the national parks and sanctuaries in the state and may include between one to three sanctuary visits, depending upon the package you choose. Wildlife tour packages may also include trekking opportunities, and if you choose a multiple day package, accommodation and food will also be taken care of. 

  • 10Tezpur-Bhalukpong-Bomdila-Tawang Tour Package

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    Tezpur, Bhalukpong, Bomdila and Tawang are some of the most magnificent places you can visit in Arunachal Pradesh. Rich in natural beauty and bursting with adventure, these places are best explored with all inclusive packages that include sightseeing, adventure activities, food, and accommodation to make your trip to the state a memorable one. 

    Additionally, a guide will be provided to your group in order to help you with understanding the historical and cultural significance of the places you visit. You will make stops at all important places in the region and spend at least a day in each place if not more. These Arunachal holiday tour packages are a great way to spend time enjoying the state. 

  • 11Pasighat-Jengging-Yingkiong-Tuting Tour Package

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    Some of the most adventurous destinations in Arunachal Pradesh are included under this tour package, giving you the chance to enjoy a magical trip around the region and experience the best sights and sounds of the place. 

    A Pasighat-Jengging-Yingkiong-Tuting Tour Package lasts between 3 to 7 days, and includes accommodation and food as well as sightseeing and adventure opportunities. With such a tour package, you will get to see places like Ganga Lake, Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Yingkiong, Dehang, Komsing, Mouling National Park and more. 

  • 12Southern Arunachal Tour Package

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    There are many magical places to see in Southern Arunachal like Khonsa, Waka, Londing, Pang Chau and more. A Southern Arunachal Pradesh tour package is a great way to enjoy all these places in one go. Such a package lasts anywhere between 4 to 8 days, and includes provisions for food, accommodation and transportation. 

    You will also be provided with the services of a guide who will help you understand the culture and history of the places you visit. There will be opportunities to go trekking over short distance as well and you may even get a chance to enjoy some adventure activities when on the tour. 

  • Places to See in Arunachal Pradesh

  • 13Sela Pass

    There are many fascinating locations in Arunachal Pradesh, and Sela Pass ranks high among them. A high altitude pass full of rich natural beauty, and featuring spellbinding views of the neighbouring mountains and valleys, this pass is a must visit in Arunachal. 

    This pass is the only connection Tawang has to the rest of the state, and it is worth every bit of the effort taken to reach here. Covered in snow most of the time, this pass is a beautiful destination. And its beauty is only increased further by the presence of the Sela lake, a fairytale freshwater lake which stays frozen for much of the year.

    Location: Between Tawang and West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 14Tawang Monastry

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    Tawang Monastery is one of the most majestic sights you will come across in Arunachal Pradesh. This monastery is the largest monastery in India, and second largest in the world. One of the most important Buddhist monasteries in the world, this monastery is situated at a grand height of over 3000 metres and is home to over 400 monks.

    It is a fascinating place with a deep sense of spirituality enshrining its halls, and a rich cultural expression visible all around its premises. The Dukhang with its large gilded Buddha is an awe-inspiring spectacle, and the vibrant walls of the monastery give it a welcoming air that is very appealing.

    Location: Cona, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 15Zero Village

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    A World Heritage Site nestled in the midst of snow-clad mountains and lush valleys, Ziro Village is a beautiful place to visit when in Arunachal. The main town is a busy economic hub, but all around it, the Ziro Valley overflows with beauty and adventure, making it a must visit destination in the state. 

    You can undertake all sorts of interesting activities here including Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Meghna Cave Temple, Kile Pakho, Ziro Puto, Dolo Mando among others. The gorgeous Bamboo Grove and the serene Pine Groove should not be missed either. Trekking around the region is the best way to enjoy all its sights and sounds.

    Location: Ziro Village, Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 16Namdapha National Park

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    One of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, especially if you want to experience the natural bounty of the state in its full power, the Namdapha National Park is a must visit attraction. Its lush forests give shelter to many wonderful species including elephants, Black Bears, Indian Hornbills, Bison, White Winged Wood Ducks, deer among others. 

    Tigers are the most important part of the national park since it is also an important tiger reserve. If you wish to enjoy its beauty in all its aspects, you can choose to stay inside the accommodations that are a part of the reserve.

    Location: Namdapha Tiger Reserve, MV Road, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 17Nuranang Falls

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    The Nuranang Falls, also known as Jang falls or Bong Bong Falls rank among the most spellbinding sights in Tawang. The falls originate from a spectacular height of over 6000 feet from the waters of River Nuranang. 

    The spectacle of the powerful waterfalls practically takes the breath away while the music made by the water falling over the rocks spreads a unique meditative peace over the spectator. Lush natural beauty surrounds the waterfalls and the chirping of distance birds adds to the depth of the experience.

    Location: Cona, Shannan, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 18Gorichen Peak

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    Another popular site close to Tawang, Gorichen Peak is a wonderful adventure destination in Arunachal. Gorichen peak is the highest peak in Arunachal Pradesh, located at an altitude of 22,500 feet. The peak is referenced by the local population, who have termed it Sa-Nga Phu, which translates to “Kingdom of Deity”. 

    Its situation makes it a fantastic natural destination with panoramic views, flourishing wildlife, and enjoyable climatic conditions. Trekking and wildlife tours are the best way to enjoy this peak. Visiting the peak is best done in the months of April to October since the summer months will make trekking easier and the weather more bearable.

    Location: Between Tawang and West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 19Nagula Lake

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    One of the prettiest sights of Tawang, this lake is a must visit in Arunachal Pradesh. The high-altitude lake, which is situated at nearly 4300 feet, is a picturesque natural body with a fascinating ambience. Natural life flourishes all around the shores of the lake, making it a very good place to enjoy the serenity and calm reflection.

    The lake is frozen through most part of the year except in the summer months from April to May. You can easily trek up to the lake and have a fun-filled picnic by its shores.

    Best time to visit: April to May

    Timings: Visitors can visit it any time of the day.

    Price: Entry to the lake is free of cost.

    Location: Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, India

  • 20Bomdila Monastery

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    Bomdila monastery is an important Buddhist monastery in Arunachal Pradesh that belongs to the Lamaistic faith of Mahayana Buddhism. Visiting the monastery should be on your travel plans for Arunachal, especially if you want to understand the cultural and spiritual pulse of the state. 

    Not only is the spiritual aspect of the monastery worth a visit, the panoramic views to be seen from here are also significant tourist draws. Enjoying the monastery over a few hours is a good way to spend some time in Bomdila.

    Location: Cona, Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 21Roing

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    Roing is an important township in Arunachal Pradesh, being the last settlement on the Indian frontier before China begins. It is a beautiful place with magnificent destinations all around it. You can enjoy the adventures of Mayudia’s skiing resorts, the riverfront of Nehru van Udayan, the treks of Hunli, the picturesque serenity of Mehao Lake and the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, and so much more.

    The famous Itapakhur and Padum Pukhri ponds should not be missed either. Roing is a place full of adventures, and bursting with fun things to do.

    Location: Roing, Lower Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 22Jaswant Garh War Memorial

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    Located near Tawang, the Jaswant Garh War Memorial is a good place to stop for an hour or so while enjoying the region around Tawang. A member of the 4 Garhwal Rifles, Uttarakhand, Jaswant Rawat was killed defending the Indian borders during the war with China. 

    He was honoured for his bravery by the Indian army and this memorial was built to commemorate his courage. The memorial is a major tourist attraction in the region owing to its intriguing history and interesting architecture. The building is built in the shape of a temple but with the addition of the colours of the army to its walls. This is what makes it a unique memorial in Tawang.

    Location: 25 kilometres from Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 23Sangti Valley

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    One of the most underappreciated regions of Arunachal Pradesh, Sangti Valley is a dreamy destination full of a subtle charm unique to itself. Serenity reigns over the landscape, and the lack of touristic commercialization adds further to its appeal. Fruit orchards of kiwis, apples, apricots, and oranges flourish beautifully in the valley, magical dense forests cover the slopes, an unabated peace fills the air amidst the music of gurgling brooks and rivers. 

    The time you spend in this valley will be among the most memorable occasions of your life because the chance to be a part of such a location, even if for a few days, is a blessing indeed.

    Location: Sangti Valley, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 24Parshuram Kund

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    Situated on the Brahmaputra plateau, Parshuram Plateau is an important Hindu pilgrimage spot in Arunachal Pradesh. 

    This temple has legendary roots which add to the importance of the site. Dedicated to the sage Parshuram, this site is especially visited during the winter months by pilgrims from all over India, but especially from Manipur, Assam and Nepal. Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great zest here in the month of January.

    Location: 21 km north of Tezu, Lohit district, Arunachal Pradesh, India 

  • 25Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

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    Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is a good place o visit when you are touring Arunachal Pradesh. This sanctuary is actually located in Bhutan, covering a large part of its Trashigang District. The diversity of the natural landscape in this sanctuary surpasses comparison, and a visit to the place will leave you gasping in wonder and awe. 

    Delightful Alpine meadows, temperate forests, and warm broadleaf forests fill the length of the sanctuary, housing creatures like snow leopards, red pandas, Himalayan black bears, barking deer, Himalayan red foxes, grey backed shrike, grey headed woodpecker, common hoopoe among others. The pristine nature of this place is untouched by man-made interruptions, and the hours spent here will be among the most peaceful and reposeful of your life.

    Location: Trashigang District, Bhutan 


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