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About Nagaland

Nagaland, a lush green mountainous state in the north eastern India which borders Myanmar is a home to diverse culture, traditions and lifestyle of tribal groups who live their life amid the naturally blessed land. When you visit this place, you will like you are on a completely different planet because the serenity and tranquility which you will experience here is like nowhere else in the world and you will surely be awestruck with the mesmerizing views of the nature here.

This state celebrates natural beauty, serenity, tribal culture, festivals and markets which is filled with a unique charm and simplicity and it will leave you mesmerized. You can experience authentic local tribal culture which has some of its most unique as well as strange and bizarre aspects, which will leave you stunned.

Nagaland is a truly fascinating land which will leave your wanderlust soul totally mesmerized. The land is not at all invaded by infrastructural development thanks to the tribes who have worked their best to preserve culture. If you want to visit a destination to seek some solace and enjoy in the laps of nature, you should visit Nagaland for your next holidays.

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Nagaland FAQ's

Travel advice:

  • Figure out your stay facilities well in advance.

  • There are not many luxury stay resorts in Nagaland and hence, you should look for decent hotels and stays.

  • Do not try to offend the local tribal culture in any way.

  • Do not litter anywhere and respect the beauty of nature.

  • When you are going out on treks, take care of the trekking routes and do not get off the route.

  • Carry cash with you as there might not be ATMs available everywhere but make sure you keep the cash safe.

Drinking laws

It is totally illegal to consume alcoholic drinks in the state of Nagaland, be it mild or hard alcoholic drinks.

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Famous s the entry point of the state, Dimapur officially welcomes you to this scenic state. This town boasts of amazing scenic landscape and a village undisturbed with urbanization. Some of the most famous tourist places here are Kuki Dolong Village, Chumukedima, Sethekima Village and Medziphema. You should also visit the culture of various native tribes like Angami, Lotha, Chakehsang, Sumi, Sangtam, Rengma Pouchury and Zeliang.


Famous for being the liveliest city in the state of Nagaland, Mokukchung is a home of the Ao tribe. This tribe is famous for its hospitality, culture, traditions and most importantly, their festival. Longkhum is a destination in Mokukchung which is known for the local handloom it produces and Ungma is another destination which you should visit when you are here, in order to witness the tribal culture in the most authentic way.


Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is without any doubt the most charming place in Nagaland. Though it is a commercial hub, it has got a lot of natural wonders and this town has different shades of ancient as well as modern culture. This is a destination where you can enjoy adventure like trekking on the Japfu Peak, witness ancient culture of the Angami Tribe and visit Kohima War Cemetery, Kohima Zoo, Dzukou Valley and Pulebadze Park.


This is one of the most interesting places to visit in Nagaland. Famous for ethnic group of warriors with tattoos on face, blackened teeth and head hunting prowess, this place will really fascinate you. The people here follow ethnic tribal culture and live in naturally constructed houses, celebrate harvest festivals and also make trophies from animal heads. The main attraction at this place is the chief’s house, where he lives with his 60 wives.


Wokha is a place bestowed with nature’s blessings. Ornamented with colorful flowering orchards, covered b hills and rivers, Wokha is nothing less than a pilgrimage site for nature lovers. Located at a 4 hour drive from Kohima, Wokha is a place which offers some of the most splendid landscape views in Nagaland. The important sight-seeing places here are Doyang Hydro Project, Liphanyan Governor’s Camp and Mount Tiyi.

Dzukou Valley

The Dzokou Valley, situated at an altitude of 2438 meter is at a 30 km distance from Kohima. This splendid valley is a treat from any trekking enthusiast’s soul and is said to be the best trekking circuit of the country. The best part of this valley is that it is not at all over-crowded like other tourist places and hence, you can enjoy the heavenly nature at its best.

Tuophema Village

Tuophema is a tourist village, located at a distance of 42 km from Kohima. Built around and ethnic model of tourism, the village has stylish thatched huts, traditional artifacts, jewelry and clothing, along with some traditional Naga delicacies to relish on! To get the best of this place, you should visit from 25th to 27th of February each year to be a part of the traditional tribal Angami Sekrenyi festival.

Khonoma Green Village

The Khonoma Green Village, which is maintained by the Naga tribes is one of its kind in India. This village houses the Angami tribe who practice only agriculture and make a living through natural ways, without having a touch of infrastructural development to their lifestyle. Some of the places will surely take you back to your roots of existence and you will surely feel much attached to this place.

What you will like here?

Plethora of Adventure

Nagaland is a state where you can have adventure activities like trekking, camping and mountaineering amid some of the best nature in the country. If you want to have your adventure activities away from the over-crowded tourist places, this is an ideal destination for you.

Natural Beauty

Nagaland is a state which is blessed with some of the best wonders of nature in the country. The lush green dense forests, grasslands amid which streams and rivers flow will leave you mesmerized and awestruck with its beauty.

Cultural preservation

Thanks to the tribal groups of Nagaland, the culture, traditions and lifestyle is authentically preserved and is protected from the negativities of urbanization and because of this, you will get to sense the charm of being connected to your own natural roots.


The weather in Nagaland is not at all extreme in any way and hence, you can totally enjoy your stay in this calm and serene weather and completely unwind your soul by surrendering yourself to nature.

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