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    What plans do you have this weekend with your friends? Certainly not the mall again!? Well, this is the perfect chance for you to join the exuberant team of mud lovers and adrenaline junkies on a thrilling adventure day out with the MUDRUSH TEAM! Break free from the mundane city life and leap into the dirt! You heard it! There are so many activities in store for you!

     Join the fun and win several prizes for your team! Enjoy untamed fun and excitement with your friends in team building activities and parties that will get your legs grooving to some exciting beats! Book your slots now! This is Asia’s first mud run –the Mud Rush! A one of a kind adrenaline infused event, the Mud Rush aims to give an exhilarating experience to all its participants. Designed and conceptualized by a team of experts with experience from similar events held across the globe, it will leave you spellbound.

    1. What is Mudrush about?

    The Mud Rush 2015 takes place at Silvassa, the capital of UT Dadra and Nagar Haveli and this adventurous event proves that Indians need to see adventurous sports in ways more than one. The Mud Rush is not just about games or crossing hurdles in a muddy landscape; it is proof that you needn’t go to foreign lands to experience adventure.  

    The 5km long muddy stretch brings with it a promise of stupendous fun combined with exciting new challenges at every step. Set amidst a wide number of obstacles and a whole lot of mud, the event has drawn in a varied crowd from all over the country. Every year, people from 10-70 years of age wholeheartedly enjoy themselves at The Mud Rush.

    There are a wide variety of adventure activities for you to do here along with crazy after parties, camping facilities and the fact alone that this is India’s premiere adventure festival makes it a must see for all those who love to spice up their life!

    2. What are the different events and prizes?

    The best thing about participating in mud sports is the fact that it doesn’t heat you up. Wallow in the cool mud and enjoy the relaxing monsoon climate as you participate in the all-terrain military and obstacle run! Participants at The Mud Rush 2015 will not only use their physical strength but will also have to put their mental abilities at test at to overcome -

    • Water bodies - don't worry there are no crocodiles in there!
    • Barrier Walls to test your agility
    • 100 feet stretch of tires to test your endurance
    • Hills inclined at 45 degrees to test your stamina
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • And a whole lot mud everywhere!

    The activities you can enjoy while on your visit here are:

    • Remote Car Jumping
    • Obstacle Course
    • Sundowner Party
    • Camping


    The different prizes are as per the categories to be given such as:

    The Mud Rush allows you to participate solo, but participating in a team is more fun and even more rewarding. A team must comprise of minimum 5 participants and the prizes are:


    • Prize category 1 - Come up with a wacky name for your team and win the "Best Team Name" award.
    • Prize category 2 - Who says fancy dresses are meant only for kids? Dress up your team in the most attractive costumes and win the award for the "Best Dressed Team".
    • Prize category 3 - A true mud rusher is one who has lots of mud on him. Ensure that your team is all rolled up in mud and take home the prize for "Dirtiest Team at Finish Line"
    • Prize category 4 - Bring in the most number of participants and win "Largest Number of Participants in One Team". Last year, there was an enthusiastic team of 100 participants from Surat.


     3. When does the event start?

    The runs will be in batches from 08:00AM to 02:00PM on first come first serve basis. Ensure that you arrive an hour earlier before the event actually begins.

     4. What type of accommodation will Mudrush provide?


    The accommodation during the event has been arranged for on ties with the luxurious and vast expanse of the Treat resorts. The arrangements have been made for in the following manner:


    • Tent for 2 – on August 7th 2015
    • Tent for 2 – on August 8th 2015
    • Tent for 4 - on August 7th 2015
    • Tent for 4 – on August 8th 2015
    • Tent for 6 – on August 7th 2015
    • Tent for 6 – on August 8th 2015

     5. What is the waiver form?

    It is mandatory that all participants running in The Mud Rush must complete their waiver entries either online, or at the registration desk upon entry in to the venue. A copy of the waiver can be downloaded. Those refusing to sign the waiver will not be able to participate in the Mud Rush. Please read carefully as signing the waiver confirms you comply with the rules.

     6. What is included and excluded in the package?

    In the package that will be made available for you so that you can engage in some mindless, fun, exciting adventure, there are a few inclusions and exclusions to be kept in mind before booking the package:


    • Participation Pass to enter the grounds
    • Sundowner Party at the end of the day
    • Cleaning Facilities during your stay



    • Food during the event
    • Alcohol provided during the mudrush event
    • Accommodation for the event

    7. What are the rules of ?


    For those who wish to revel in unlimited fun and adventure, keep in mind the different rules you need to adhere to so as to avoid any problems thereon.


    • The Mud Rush is all about fun, but all participants must make it a point to ensure Rushers look out for each other and give hands and support on demand.
    • While alcohol will be served at the end of the activity, using drugs or illegal substances will be strictly prohibited.
    • Kindly refrain from littering and polluting the environment on your stay here.
    • Stay on track. It is a must that all Rushers stay on the course trail at all times.
    • Signs, hoardings, posters, washrooms, water and so on will be outlined and properly communicated to you. Follow these rules and have a happier and more planned run.
    • It is not mandatory for participants to cross all obstacles. If you wish to, you can easily skip obstacles you have apprehensions about.
    • The Fancy Dress is the best part of the event. We want to see India’s finest costumes, outfits, and uniforms. However we do request that you wear only those costumes and outfits, which are suitable for the run and won’t cause any injury to you or another fellow Mud Rusher.


    • All Mud Rushers who’re running please arrive at least 1 hour before the start time. This will ensure enough time for registration, signing the waiver and warm up for the run ahead.


    • Remember to take into account traffic delays, petrol stops and food stops! If you can carpool, then do consider the possibility.


    • Please do drink responsibly during the after party organised for you. Preferably avail public transport to reach your home destination in case you are inebriated or drive home with a friend.


    • The running times for everyone will take place every 30 minutes between 07:00AM-03:00PM


    • The festival timings range from 07:00AM


    • Running times are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis


    • Children of all ages are allowed to come to spectate the event. Children aged 10 years and above will be allowed to run the event only with parent/guardian signing waiver.


    • Batches will be released between 07:00AM – 03:00PM, therefore, ensure that you arrive at least an hour prior to run at the venue 

     8. What are the common queries that people have with regard to Mudrush?

    • What’s the distance of The Mud Rush and how long will it take me?


    ANS: It’s a 5+ km course. You could be faster than some and slower than the others, so it’s tough to say how long it will actually take you to finish. Anyway, remember it’s less about time and more about completing the race without whining.


    • How do I Mud Rush?


    ANS: Walk, crawl and climb. Use all your ambition and sheer grit. That’s how you Mud Rush.


    • Why do The Mud Rush?


    ANS: Exercise. To compete. For the challenge. To spend some time with your friends. For the excitement. There are so many reasons, but the most important one is to have some unforgettable fun.


    • Is there an age limit?


    ANS: Yes, since there is a chance of bruises and scratches, not to mention the exorbitant amounts of alcohol around, all members, participants and spectators will be required to be 16 and up. Don’t worry kids! We’ll come up with a special race for you little Muddy Buddies soon enough!


    • What should I wear?


    ANS: As there is costume contest, we encourage you to wear the most creative and funky clothes you can muddily manage. However, for safety purposes we suggest all of you wear old sneakers or boots that will be comfortable for running and messing up. Feel free to dress up as a superhero, cartoon character, Super Man, Rajnikanth, or police officer or anything else that will accentuate that mud in your eyes. It’s a fun run though, so be creative and have good time doing it. We'll be walking around all day showering prizes on people we see evolving into true Mud Rushers.


    • Can my friends and family watch?


    ANS: Yes. In the event you can’t convince someone to participate despite all attempts, there will be spectator passes available for sale. We will try to keep as many viewing points as possible so they don’t miss a moment.


    • How do I invite my friends to the mud rush?


    ANS: Like us on Facebook page. This will let everyone that you’re one bad Mudder Rusher. Join our twitter gang and tweet your heart out. @themudrush


    • Can we just come to watch and party?


    ANS: Separate spectator/sundowner tickets are available, even while purchasing through thrillophilia. Besides the entry into the recreational zone, as a spectator, you will have constant live entertainment available throughout the day. Sadly you won’t get the title of Mud Rusher.


    • When should I show up?


    ANS: All Mud Rushers are requested to come with as much ample time prior to the race as possible. Leave early and avoid traffic. Besides that you will need time to park, stretch, warm up, and maybe get a quick bite before you embark on your adventure of the year. A mandatory of 1hr. is required prior to your run time to deal with box office registration and your arrangement in the holding area. All participants are to arrive at the venue no later than 12PM.


    • What should I bring?


    ANS: Good question! Please see the checklist in the BIBLE so you don’t miss out on anything. Basic requirements are a towel, a change of clothes, socks, shoes, your wallet to purchase food and beverages. A cleaning zone and an enclosed changing room will be provided.


    • I hear there's beer involved?


    ANS: With your participation into The Mud Rush race, each runner will be awarded Welcome Kit full of special goodies from our sponsors, A runners Bib, A refreshingly cold Energy Drink before the run, The Run encompassed of 5+ and 21 obstacles, Water during the run, Medals so that you can prove you're a Mud Rusher, A frosty Beer at the finish line, and access to after party full of homegrown VJ's and awesome EDM DJ's.


    • What do I get as a Mud Rusher?


    ANS: Being a Mud Rusher is uber cool. Along with your participation to the run and the recreation zone, your free beer, you will also receive a T-shirt, a bib, a medal at the finish line, and some great stuff from our sponsors. Don’t forget your certificate, stamping you a Mud Rusher.


    • Is this run a party or should I run home afterwards?


    ANS: The people who came up with this event wouldn’t have done The Mud Rush if it wasn’t for the Sundowner Party. Think live cover bands, kick ass Music, cold brews, awesome food, constant prizes and flowing entertainment.


    • What do I do with my old shoes and muddy clothes?


    ANS: Just bring a large enough plastic bag and dump your used shoes, stinky socks, and muddy clothes into it. This and other further details are issued in the Pre Race Documents/Bible.



    • Do I have to sign a waiver?


    ANS: It is mandatory that all participants running in the Mud Run must complete their waiver manually and submit them registration desk A copy of the Terms Conditions and Waiver can be downloaded. The waiver will be offered to you in our terms and conditions during your ticket registration page Should you disagree then you will not be asked to pay. But, you’ll lose out on an experience of a lifetime.


    • What if the weather is bad?


    ANS: Then your dreams have come true. Come on! The Mud Rush is not about staying clean and dry! Rain or shine, The Mud Rush is happening. So, let go and say “bring it on”!


    • Is there a place I can leave my stuff while I race?


    ANS: Yes. There will be an area for you to lock and store your personal items. But the area will be open for till a certain time. It is your responsibility to pick up your items after your run.


    • Will there be water stations on the course?


    ANS: Yup. There will be plenty of water stations along with loos throughout the course. They will be marked prior on the map interface. Please plan to re-hydrate throughout your day!


    • How can I become a sponsor of The Mud Rush?


    ANS: We would love the opportunity to give your brand and image the muddy footage it deserves. Get in touch with Mudrush and choose sponsorship category while completing the form! 


    • I’m with the press. How can my organization cover The Mud Rush?


    ANS: Contact Mudrush. Get in touch. We won’t say no if you want to cover an amazing, historic event called The Mud Rush!


    • How can I volunteer for The Mud Rush?


    ANS: Please feel free to Email at . TMR is  always looking for people ready to lend a hand. The volunteer package will be further discussed through enrolment.

    9. Where is the event and how to get there?


    Amidst Silvassa's beautiful landscape with small villages, winding rivers, gorgeous waterfalls and patches of tall green trees, stands the large and beautiful Dudhni Lake. The grand Dudhni Lake is situated at around 40kms away from Silvassa and 17kms away from Khanvel and serves as the location for the events that take place for the Mudrush 2015!


    A Water Sports Complex has been made just beside the Dudhni Lake by the government to attract tourists in love with adventure sports. This complex offers visitors with varied range of water sports like Water Scooters, Water Jets, Rowing Boats, Kayaks and Canoes.

     10. What should you bring to the Mudrush event?


    • For runners bring everything you need in 1 backpack standard size to store your fresh clothes so you can change post your run.
    • You may want to bring floor mats to sit on and enjoy and relax to the afternoon festivities. Post your run you will want to relax, hence these items are highly suggested for your comfort and well being.

     11. What should you wear to the Mudrush event?


    • All runners must wear sports clothes that you would to the gym.


    • Good fabrics that don’t absorb too much water are an all time plus! You can only imagine how dirty your clothes may get so wear clothes that you don’t mind getting rid off!


    Your shoes should have sufficient grip so you don’t fall and twist your ankle. If you have a pair of gloves it could also help for grip purposes while tackling obstacles and over all so your hands don’t get hurt.



Tawang Monastery

Famous as the largest monastery in India, Tawang Monastery is one of the most incredible places to visit in Tawang. Also famous as Galden Namgyal Lhatse, Tawang Monastery is one of the most holy sites for the faith of Mahayana Buddhism. Belonging to the Gelugpa sect of Buddhism, Tawang Monastery is home to over 300 monks and holds 17 gompas in the region. 

Offering a serene view of the Himalayan valley, Tawang Monastery is renowned for its 16th century architecture. Some of the famous things to look forward to at Tawang Monastery are sketches and paintings of Bodhisattvas, silver silk casket dedicated to Goddess Shri Devi and many other works of art. The most favourable time to visit Tawang Monastery is during the Losar festival held in the beginning of new year.

 Location: Tawang Monastery, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Tawang War Memorial

Situated at a distance of 25 kilometres from Tawang, Tawang War Memorial is a wonderful spot among places to visit in Tawang to cherish some patriotic fervour in Tawang. 

Commemorating the bravery of martyred Indian soldiers who laid down their lives in the 1962 Indo-China War, Tawang War Memorial is an important place to visit when you are there. Built in the memory of 2140 Indian soldiers who laid down their lives in the war, Tawang War Memorial is a fitting place to show your love for the nation and relive those historical events.

Location: Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Nuranang Falls

Often reckoned as one of the most fascinating waterfalls in India, Nuranang Falls is one of the hidden gems of Tawang. Originating in Sela Pass, Nuranang Falls is a serene place where you can behold a stunning landscape. 

Located at a height of 6000 ft above sea level, Nuranang Falls takes you in the middle of untouched forests as you the enjoy the wonder of nature. Encompassed by pristine hills, verdant greenery and a thick cover of mist, Nuranang Falls is one of the must-visit tourist places in Tawang if you are a nature lover looking to relax and unwind.

Location: Nuranag Falls, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Timings: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm


Jaswant Garh

One of the must visit places in Tawang, Jaswant Garh is a popular attraction drawing in a number of tourists. The memorial is built in the memory of Jaswant Singh who continuously fought for 72 hours against the invaders from China in the Indo Sino War of 1962. 

The memorial pays tribute to this remarkable warrior who was posthumously honoured Mahavir Chakra for showing his valour in the war. The memorial houses many interesting exhibits like a portrait of Jaswant Singh, his army uniform, cap, watch, belt etc. It is one of the places which you should visit to ignite the fire of patriotism in yourself and learn more about the history of India.

Location: Jaswant Garh, Nuranag, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Peng Teng Tso Lake

Encompassed by blue lapis flowers, Peng Teng Tso Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Tawang. The place boasts of picturesque natural beauty and makes a surreal landscape with the flowers and snow. The calm waters of this serene lake offer a splendid view of the Himalayas that adorn the background. 

Maintained by the Indian army, this lake is located 17 km away from the main town and attracts a number of tourists. Replete with a charming landscape comprising of snow-clad Himalayas, a breathtaking trail of rhododendrons and tranquil waters, Peng Teng Tso Lake is a beautiful tourist attraction that must not be missed when you are in Tawang.

Location: Pankang Teng Tso Lake, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Urgelling Gompa

Built in the 14th century, Urgelling Gompa is believed to be the birthplace of his Holiness the 6th Dalai Lama. Located at a distance of 3 km from the town of Tawang, Urgelling Gompa is one of the most peaceful places that you will get to visit in Tawang. If you are seeking a respite from the troubles of life, Urgelling Gompa is the place to be where you should definitely spend some time. 

The small monastery is considered to be one of the most important places for followers of Buddhism and attracts a number of tourists. The tranquil ambience of this place will take you by surprise and help you enjoy a wonderful day in the serene surroundings.

Location: Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Taktsang Gompa

Considered to be the place of where Guru Padmasambhava meditated in 8th century, Taktsang Gompa is a popular monastery in Tawang. Taktsang Gompa is located at a distance of 50 km from Tawang and boasts of an exquisite landscape filled with thick conifers and lofty hills. 

The place is known for its mesmerising backdrop and is a pure delight for shutterbugs in Tawang. The idyllic surroundings of the place add to the spiritual retreat and offers a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of cities. The popular tourist spot promises to be an enthralling escape to cherish the natural beauty and take back home some captivating memories.

 Location: Taktang Gompa, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Sela Pass

One of the most visited tourist places in Tawang, Sela Pass boasts of stunning natural beauty. Reckoned for its geographical importance, Sela Pass is located at a height of 4170 metres in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The awe-inspiring landcapes will help you relax and unwind in the midst of marvellous surroundings. 

Blessed with a blanket of snow throughout the year, Sela Pass offers some of the most magnificent views of the Himalayan range. Along with being a popular tourist attraction, the place is also known for being a prominent religious site for Buddhists. The enchanting natural beauty of this rocky pass off your sights of some of the most glorious lakes like the frozen Sela Lake.

Location: Sela Pass, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Bumla Pass

Explore one of the most off the beaten paths when you see Bumla Pass in Tawang. Famous as the pass which was used by Dalai Lama to enter India, this historical pass is a wonderful place to test your spirit of adventure among tourist places in Tawang. 

One can visit Bumla Pass after obtaining a special permit and get to roam in breathtaking wilderness here. Covered with snow throughout the year, Bumla Pass is a famous spot for picnics at an elevation of 5000 m above sea level. Bumla Pass is best visited from the month of May to October.

Location: Bum La Pass, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Samten Yongcha Monastery

One of the most famous monasteries among places to visit in Tawang, Samten Yongcha Monastery is an ancient monastery located on a hilltop. With a landscape that appears to be straight out from an artist’s book, Samten Yongcha Monastery is a delightful getaway to enjoy the beautiful mountains and lush green hills. 

The monastery is renowned for having a golden statue of Lord Buddha and many other interesting exhibits like carvings, sculptures, Buddhist artefacts etc. Samten Yongcha Monastery is a very important place for the locals and is a home to many monks who are struggling to perpetuate the culture and tradition of this place.

Location:  Samten Yongcha Monastery, Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh


Gorichen Peak

Bring out the adventurer in you by visiting Gorichen Peak in Tawang. One of the most amazing places to visit in Tawang for thrill seekers and nature sweethearts, Gorichen Peak boasts of being the highest peak in Arunachal Pradesh. Drawing in a number of trekkers, Gorichen Peak is known for offering some splendid views of the mountains. 

The unparalleled beauty of this peak makes a breathtaking landscape. Also reckoned as Sa-Nga-Phu meaning Kingdom of Deity, Gorichen Peak is believed to be a sacred peal guarding the people against evils. The most favourable time to visit Gorichen Peak is during the month of April, May, September and October.

Location: Gorichen Peak, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Geshila Peak

Behold the highest peak in Tawang by visiting Geshila Peak with your loved ones. Offering the most tranquil ambience, Geshila Peak is known to be the guardian angel for the locals in Tawang. 

Visited by the people for worship and to seek blessing for themselves, Geshila Peak is a serene spot that you should not miss when you are in Tawang. The place will captivate you with its quiet and relaxing atmosphere and enjoy some fantastic time in solitude. Geshila Peak is also known to offer a thrilling view of the beautiful surroundings from the top.

Location: Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Nagula Lake

One of the most picturesque places to visit in Tawang, Nagula Lake is a high altitude lake that is a delight for nature lovers. With some alluring reflections of the mountain waters in its serene waters, Nagula Lale is a captivating tourist attraction in Tawang. 

The scenic landscape of the lake will leave you to spellbind and one can spot a number of Brahminy ducks around the lake. Although the lake is known for heavy military presence owing to its location near the border, the place attracts a number of tourists. The best time to visit the lake is during the summer months of April to May and during September and October.

Location: Nagula Lake, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Shonga-Tser Lake

Often famous as Madhuri Lake, Shonga-Tser Lake is known to be the place where the famous Bollywood song from the movie Koyala was shot. The lake is known for offering panoramic views of the landscape and has been quite a popular tourist spot with wonderful scenic beauty. 

The vista comprises of the serene hills and mountains that surround the lake and the place charms the tourists with its tranquil ambience. A photographer’s delight, Shonga Tser Lake is a remarkable place to enjoy a casual stroll and bask in the serene atmosphere. The awe-inspiring lake is a great crowd puller in Tawang and offers a respite from the noise and pollution of the cities.

 Location: Shonga Tser Lake, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

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